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First of all Copyright costs on 123 and others? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Ronald Regging states an important fact. If a person had or inherited tons of money and then went into domaining, he/ she could have a great advantage in making their first million from domains, so I too agree making a million in domaining is not a good way to measure success in this field...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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Yea but no matter what you start with if you have not made at least $1 million in profit from domaining then you are definitely NOT a success in this field IMO. So it is a decent measure for success...

Comment #2

The thing is, it's much easier to start off with 1 million bucks and make 2 million dollars than it is to start off with $10 and end up with $1 000 010..

When you start off with the means to buy most domains, it's definitely an asset...

Comment #3

Yea but even if you start with $1 million and make another $1 million in profit you still made a successful move. Of course it much easier to make money with money...

Comment #4

Yes, you are successful, but you are not nearly as successful as the person who started off with 10 bucks..

Hahaha we should try and formulate something that measures success as a proportion of the amount of money one started out with compared with what one ended...

Comment #5

This debate reminds me of a documentary that was all hyped up on one of the more educational tv channels a while back. I remember them saying on the commercials things like "a brilliant rags-to-riches story." It was about the founder of By the time the show aired I was on the edge of my seat thirsting in anticipation. About 15 minutes into the show they revealed that his business was a complete flop from his own lack of funds. It wasn't until his wife's parents "gifted" them $100,000 that they were able to build amazon into anything of real value. The story just doesn't carry any impact when you hear it for what it really is..

It kills me to even imagine where I would be now if I had started with 100k, instead of a boot out the door. I know for a fact I missed out on a real estate deal that would have netted me 2.5 million for less than a 100k investment. At the time 100k was beyond my financial reach. Though I admit I didn't realize the scope of it then. Perhaps I could have tried just a bit harder....

There's no question in my mind that having access to funds makes all the difference. Even now, twelve years after graduation I don't have access to enough cash that I could jump at a deal in the 100k range. The way I approach a deal has completely changed when something comes along that is within my reach. It makes a huge difference to be able to yell "Sold" instead of thinking to myself can I afford to risk that much while someone else is yelling "Sold" in my place...

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I doubt anyone would say that someone who made $100k, or $500k wasn't a success... Numbers are arbitrary..

To put this in a better perspective. There are a lot of people who lose money from domaining... I know a few people who aren't millionares, but they've started with nothing, have progressed at a nice pace and have managed to make nice profits, 5-10k in their first year. I consider these domainers as successful, because not only did they come into this as beginners with hardly any money, but they were able to harness the information and analyze the market enough to make a very nice profit their first year in. Many many more new domainers see tremendous losses when starting out, because they just don't understand the industry, or rush into it thinking they can be millionaires overnight. That's not how it works when you start with nothing.

Maybe these people who have only made 5-10k their first year aren't considered successful in the grand scheme of things... But when you observe people, their actions, and decisions, it's not hard to see which people WILL be successful in the future. But the same people who fail to recognize success, even in it's budding state, are the same people who won't recognize an opportunity when it presents itself...

Comment #7

I would be one of the people who says they arent a success at all. Everyone measures success in different amounts though. $100k is not even a decent 1 year salary so making a total of $100k in your entire time domaining is not a success. It would of course be nice to make an extra $100k domaining but I dont think it means you are successful. Spending a few years and a ton of time domaining just to make $5k or $10k profit is not worth it IMO, you can make more from having an extra part-time job delivering pizza from all the time you spent. $1 million starts the bare minimum level of success in business and investments no matter what you start with IMO...

Comment #8

We must be living in different realms of existence if you think that $100k a year isn't a decent salary, especially for sitting at home on your ass doing something you love (domaining). If I ever achieve $100k a year from domaining, believe me, that would be absolute success in my eyes. And I'm not talking about 5-10k over a few years, but in the first year. For someone just starting out with very little money ($xx-low xxx), that is success. Especially considering the learning curve and the number of people who fail miserably at this business. As far as I am concerned, anyone who makes a nice profit and is satisfied with the current progress of their business development is a success story...

Comment #9

Nrmillions, I can tell from your attitude that you're making millions per year with your $20 sales and names with 17k OVT!! $100k/yr is a great salary for domaining..

With a "real" job that makes a lot of money, a million dollars still takes years to reach...

Comment #10

I think $100,000 is a very decent yearly salary. The only way you don't look at it that way is if you never had to work in your life. Of course making more is better and 100K shouldn't be your life target goal, but it is a very decent salary if you started in the working world and weren't given most of your money..

Of course I think millionaire domainers could make for an interesting list whether they were given the money or they earned it..


Those are lifetime averages. So if they worked for 30 years (30-60 years old) it would average to 100K give or take. What about their teens and 20's (they made nothing or little)? I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my ass so I had to earn every penny I made and started working at 14. The big money (a lot of times) goes to entrepeneurs and people that take risks in life. By the way this last part wasn't meant to be mean to you or judgemental, but some people start working early and I know doctors and other professionals who started working when they were pre-teen age. It was more to show other people that 100K is a decent yearly salary if you worked for a living..

Your lifestyle usually outgrows your salary no matter how much you make, but that's another story...

Comment #11

JP- Your already on "the list" in my book...

Comment #12

You can legally use a silver plated spoon and be exempt (it can't be more than 95% pure)...

Comment #13

With a "real" job that makes a lot of money it would take less than 1 year to reach. I didnt say that I was one of the people making millions per year from domaining yet or that I was a successful domainer. I just said that I draw the line of success for anything at $1 million and I dont think $100k is a big salary in general (not just domaining). A school teacher making $100k would be a lot for a school teacher but not a lot overall. Obviously $20 sales are to filter out the names I have no development use for myself anymore. We all have those kind of names.

No need to insult my names just because I have different salary expectations for myself. I didnt mean to insult anyone just because I am greedy and have high goals. I do think that I will end up making over a million just from my HostGator names, but not from selling them though, and I hope everyone else on this forum makes their $1+ million too. I personally wont consider myself successful until I have made my $100+ million!!..

Comment #14

I understand what you're saying and that was my point. People who went through all of that college or whatever make $100k/yr. But to nrmillions, they aren't successful. They might as well quit their jobs and work at McDonalds instead..

What jobs make more than a million dollars per year? If you think so many people can just be millionaires, why aren't you one? You make it seem as though $1,000,000 is nothing but you don't that much money. It will take you years and years to get there...

Comment #15

A lot of jobs pay more than that. If you dont know which ones then that is too bad for you. Why dont you come up to Boston's financial district here and ask people in the street what they think about making $100k. How do you know I am not one right now? I just said I havent made $1 million from DOMAINING. I am only in my 20's by the way. What makes you think it will take me years and years to make $1 mill? Why dont you come up here to Harvard and ask the other grad student how long they think it will take to make $1 million and tell them how it's so impossible, lol.

A lot more people are millionaires than you think and a lot of people make A LOT more money than you think they do, trust me...

Comment #16


If you don't want to answer my question that you think is so easy, that's okay. Don't worry, I believe everything you say. People in Boston are loaded and go to Harvard so they are obviously millionaires so easily and don't need to work hard..

People can just pick the millionaire careers. That's all you have to do! Just pick that career and you can be a millionare!..

Comment #17

I didnt say it doesnt take working hard. Those kind of careers demand very long hours per day and very stressful work. I didnt say all people in Boston are loaded and I didnt say all people in Boston go to Harvard (I do though by the way). Yes it is just about as easy as picking your career. Are you a highschool kid or something? You make the term "millionaire" seem like it's this impossible thing. There are millions of millionaires...

Comment #18


You've gone from making millions is easy to it's hard work. Now I'm sad..

(Last post in this thread.)..

Comment #19

Getting a job that pays minimum wage is.


But your job might be.


You might have to bust your ass in a factory or something and be in a bad working environment. this is the same thing. getting a job that leads to becoming a millionaire is.


But the work you do might be.


As well. I am done trying to explain things to you since you obviously dont understand me or how the world is. This thread has gotten way off track..

By the way, almost anyone can.


Be a millionaire. Even a married couple who each make $60k per year will end up retiring with a net worth of well over $1 million as long as they are smart about their savings and retirement plans, so they will become "millionaires". Regular looking people that you see on the street driving their toyotas can very well be "millionaires". I am not talking about those kind of jobs though. I am talking about the fast ways to million...

Comment #20

So why do people take minimum wage jobs?.

(Last post in thread again. The last post stuff never seems to work...).

The list seems to be people with major websites as opposed to selling HostGator names alone. I guess they still belong on the list but it's not really the same thing as just domaining...

Comment #21

...and just when I swore that I wouldn't jump into this thread....

Anyways, here goes. So, you're going to Harvard? Congrats. Overpaid education is always something i've been extremely partial towards. Not to rain on your parade here, but it doesn't quite matter what name is placed in front of your school, but rather what type of knowledge and attitude you're taking from there once you graduated..

Is 1 Million a lot or any type of benchmark? I'd say no, absolutely not. The benchmark is: % of ROI. Depending on what your major is, you know where i'm taking this..

Accumulation of funds, whether that's a million, 10 millions or 100 dollars all trickles down to the single element that contributes to it. Same goes for current salaries, i'm not making 100k/year, even though I hold a post grad degree. Does it make me any less of a domainer? Again, i'd say no. My salary level doesn't matter, my total funds have no influence, what you should ask is: What's your ROI on your sales or your extended/concurrent ROI on parked domains? Once you're done compiling the percentage answers you've received, you will have the true winners of this game. There's one thing I agree with; many of the high level ROI players are probably millionaires. However, unless you take in consideration where their funding came from, how long they've been in the game, etc.

Certainly, it's always nice to dream about Bill Gates' fortune, but until then, I'm content with the one HostGator that I have that's making $2/day and attempt to replicate this with all my other domains. The key is to keep the goal in mind but travel your road in manageable small steps. And for the list of hotshot domainers, i'll read Forbes and all the other magazines that like to rub millions of others in our, mortal faces...

Comment #22

Nice post. ROI is certainly important, but what if someone invests $5 and has a 100% ROI and ends up with $10? Would that be a "successful" person overall? Would society now call them a big success? I think we have all learned something from this thread, lol. There is no definitive way to measure success and everyone has their own opinion of what a lot of money is and what they consider success to be. One more thing, it's not necessarily the education that you are paying for, it's the connections...

Comment #23

Indeed. In this "internet age", one realistically doesn't need to go to University for many other things....

I believe we should put things in perspective, but at the same time, be realistic about how it's put into perspective..

IMO, it's preposterous to say that someone who turned a.


Reg fee name into $100, $1000, or even $1 million is a hell of a domainer, if all they did was sit on that one name (ie for a period of years, doing nothing with it whatsoever (ie parking) and getting lucky..

A good investor? Definitely. A good domainer? Someone who's knowledge I feel could enhance my understanding; my grasp of domaining? No. Wouldn't even have the time of day to listen to such a person..

I have much more respect (although this may not be universal) for the guy who bought a name for $100 on the aftermarket, flipped it for $500, reinvested that $500 and came out with a grand,... and ends up with $100k+ in such a fashion. To me, that's a.


Domainer. Someone sitting on a single name that happens to become something big (iphone example again) is nothing worthy of being called a domainer IMO, nor is someone achieving modest ROIs which are boasted as huge profits granted their multimillion dollar entry into the domaining field..

As for Bill Gates... He had a multimillion (not adjusted for 1955 inflation.

) dollar trust fund set up from birth not exactly a rags to riches story afterall. Had he never created Microsoft, he'd still have somewhere in the vicinity of $1 billion just off having invested that money in your average (at a by no means exceptional 12 % annual ROI) stock..

Just thought I should point out something I read recently so as to smash the dreams of those thinking they're going to make millions overnight....

NR, just some words of advice from someone who makes more off real world investments (not HostGator names) than at his real world job....

The #1 way to make >1 million per year is to become a professional athlete. How many of them do you see around? Certainly isn't all that common... Not like every family's hardest worker becomes a professional athlete? And real careers, like doctors, lawyers, investment bankers,... have a very slim chance of making >1 million per year. It's quite common at a young age to be extremely optimistic as a matter of fact, most (.


) college students think they'll become millionaires, and a disturbing percentage actually claim they'll make $1 million per year, which by the way, is exceptionally hard to do without a large trust fund or a lot of interest accumulated on.


Of good saving and investments..

If you're setting your benchmark at that, you better be prepared to fail, Harvard educated or not. Use some of that Harvardian intelligence to pick out the next Berkshire Hathaway, rather than attempt what is statistically improbable.....

Comment #24

It's funny to read about these things. Have you guys ever wondered what is outside of Boston, or oh might as well outside the US and A? I will tell you what, in my country the average salary is around 8k$/year. BUT, the quality of life is still similar to what is in USA, just with less murders haha. So, yes 100k$/year is a TOP NOTCH salary in here. The minimum wage is 350$/month. And I was only talking about my country, which is part of the European Union and has one of the best HDI (human developement index) figures etc. I've seen domainers from Nepal, imagine their salary...

Comment #25

In the rush to make a million dollars don't forget the most precious resource of all - time. You can make a couple of million dollars, you cannot make a couple of million hours in your life, so make them all count..

Easy to write, harder to live by, but I keep on trying..

Comment #26

I'm afraid there may only be enough room for one of those and it's taken..

Personally, I would vote you in, but that would leave even less lazy time for Mark...

Comment #27

Anything you make over what you paid for a HostGator is a success...

Comment #28

I disagree. When you look purely at numbers I've done pretty well with domains this year (mid-high xxxxx). When you factor in the value of time spent domaining, I could have made more doing other things..

What isn't counted in this of course is the value of future sales from domains I've acquired in the past year that will still happen even if I put zero further time into domains other than managing renewals on what I have. The picture probably looks better when that is added but would be based on estimates at best...

Comment #29

This is especially true. If I factor in the hours I've spent over the past year, I've been working for pennies on the dollar.

But the real question is, would you have spent that time doing other things? I know I wouldn't. I'd be watching TV, or playing a game, or surfing the net, none of which would bring me extra income. And it's not like I would have taken on a second job just because I'd earn more money by doing so....

So you sort of have to factor these things into it when determining the value of time. Financially speaking, not all time is equally valuable...

Comment #30

What planet are you from?.

You make it sound soooo easy, casual even - Have you done it yet ??.


Comment #31

If you are wise and make a million or you win the lottery and make a million, what good is it if you cannot keep it and enjoy it or use it to make more?..

I have known people who gained riches and only lost it quickly because they had no idea how to keep it. Everyone will want a piece of that million and the parasites, and this includes the taxman will bring you down faster then termites will destroy a house..

If you made a million, would you be able to hold on to it?.

Remember, only coolie can afford to be rich...

Comment #32

If you started bigger you would probably be HUGE - You sure have had some luvely ones from what I have seen you post..

Was there a certain point that a great sale really helped get the ball rolling alot faster for you ? .


Comment #33

Dan, Most of the people I have come across that have done very well with domains have done it either along side something else from the get go or they move into other things - ie to make use of the domains they have. There are an increasing number of domainers that don't sell domains. They don't need to. Development or offering related services is a natural step. It's the same thing as traditional real estate investors. What do the top tier people do? They buy property and develop, they buy existing developed property - they will then generate a revenue stream from it and leverage that to get more property.

How did he build his wealth? He has created a brand around his name and developed properties to match an image he wanted to convey. How many times do you hear of Trump selling properties?.

You CAN make a decent income from simply trading domains, but to create REAL wealth, there's a little more to it than that. The market is getting increasingly crowded and if you aren't thinking a few steps ahead, you'll find yourself coming up short... especially if your only sources of income are parking revenue and HostGator sales...

Comment #34

Listen to this guy, people. He is an inspiration to us all. I have been in this game for less time than JP but I was able to learn from his advice and business methods. An initial $250 has turned into 'lots' more and there is plenty to come. Of course there is some luck required.

Also, unfortunately I have a busy, somewhat high profile, day job so the 6am bedtimes are not so easy for me!.

Peace and love to all!..

Comment #35

If you give me 999,999.00 dollars, il chip in the other dollar and you can add me to the list...

Comment #36

I think pick a niche is great advice...if you wander around buying any HostGator that "sounds cool" it hurts you...imo. I recently picked a niche and within 2 months feel much more also lets your research time be more focused, making you an expert in your niche and thus you'll instantly know what a name is worth when you see it..


Comment #37

I will eventually become a millionaire domainer. One dollar at a time!.

And notta one here will ever be informed when I do..

Comment #38

This is an excellent observation. I have never understood any reason (aside from financial liquidity) why a profit making 123 reg website would be sold. Like killing the goose that laid the golden egg..

Right. Real wealth comes from leveraging your best domains for more than sales. I'd prefer a 24% ROI per year than a 200% ROI on a sale anyday...

Comment #39

I think I can do it still really young and I think ive got the determination and the talent to do it. But as long as I have my family and friends, I'll be happy..

Comment #40

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.