Could I loose a lot of weight on the Medifast Diet?

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Question I have... Could I loose a lot of weight on the Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question I got... Welcome to the home of the SHORTIES.

All those vertically challenged MFers..

We are newbies and goals met successes, young and well seasoned, single and married or divorced, we are diverse. We cover every area except the tall ones - you know the ones, the overhead bins in airplanes, the top shelf in the grocery store, the light bulb in the dark closet, those elusive lofty places.

Some people call us.


, and we actually think that is a compliment, as we are.

Slim Hotties On the Road To Intelligent Eating and Stability.

We have to deal with special issues due to our height (or lack there of), and we can really relate to each other. We like that saying, The best things come in small packages, and people often say that about us we are small but mighty! We also tend to be feisty, daring, passionate, vocal, and we have a lot of love to give..

We are always welcoming new SHORTIES to the group (and anyone else that wants to hang out with us), so come on in, introduce yourself, let's get acquainted, pull up a chair and sit a spell! We're here to help each other as we travel together down that road to health!.

Heres our banner, so you can add it to your signature. Just copy & paste, then edit it to delete all the little * in the text:.


The Questions of the Day:.

"Creation Sunday" What is something you plan to do this week to make a change in your life?.

"Measuring Monday" What are your measurements this week (bust, waist, hips) and your total inches, all measurements, lost since you started?.

"Tempation Tuesday" What temptation did you face this week & how did you handle it?.

"Wonderful Wednesday" What victories are you celebrating this week?.

"Telling Thursday" Anything you want to tell about areas that you are less than happy with your decisions, behaviors, strength, etc. - where can we help you?.

"Favorite Friday" What was a new food that you tried this week that you consider one of your Favs now?.

"Sharing Saturday" Whatever you want to share with the group....

To see July's posts go to:..

Comments (88)

Of course! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

Comment #1

Shelly - No offense taken - It's not a course I'd recommend to anyone!..

Comment #2

Hi!! I was wondering if anyone else goes through this... As I get close to weigh in day (Mondays) I tend to get overly nervous about having to get on the scale and get very worried that I will not lose any weight or that I failed for this week.... even though I have been 100% on plan since the day I started in June. It's this overwhelming feeling that comes over me by Friday evenings, such a sense of worry and almost fear of getting on that scale. Fear of disappointment really is what it is.... I've been so slow to lose that I fear not losing anything at all....

I have to weigh in once a week to keep myself honest... not weighing or weighing once a month allows me to many freedoms that I do not want to fall back into..

I don't know, I think it's weird but I can't seem stop it at the moment.... Just wondering if anyone else goes through this?..

Comment #3

I definitely have scale anxiety sometimes but at this point I would be thankful not to gain! I guess we all have to remember that the scale isn't the ultimate authority on how well we are doing. Are we losing inches? Do we feel better? Are we more in control? I've been trying really hard during my journey to not let the scale rule me but I still like to see the number going down!.

I can't believe it's just about August already! I hope everyone has a great month and reaches all their goals!..

Comment #4

Hey all Shorties,.

Been MIA for a few dayssummer finals are here. After Wednesday evening, I will be done for 3 weeks! Just have to hang in there for the last few days...

Yes, I get "scale anxiety" big time, too. I typically weigh on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, so I start feeling anxious Sunday night..The deal I keep telling myself is that the scale offers me one more measure of my progress. If the numbers go up (which haven't happened too often while on MF) or stay the same (more likely to happen) then I can reflect and think about my week. The most important thing to keep in mind, at least for me, are my end goals: eating healthier, making beter choices, and not using food to feed my emotions..

This week, in fact today, I have been soooooo munchy! Perhaps the impending final exams have me a bit anxous? Pre-MF, I probably would have snacked on all sorts of bad things because of my nerves.. ON a non-anxious day, I typically finish my last Medifast S'more bar around 8:30 PM; it is my "dessert." I was so hungry today, though, that I ate ALL my meals by 7:00 PMand have been drinking more water ever since. Not as satisfying as some thing snack-y thing, but very filling..

Right now I am feeling about just right.. So, I guess part of the Medifast program for me is to learn to listenif I am hungry, then I should eat. Sometimes I cut a Medifast bar in half and eat every houra few rare other times I have "forgotten to eat" and found myself eating two Medifast meals at the same time..

Mostly, I have been able to regulate to every 2-3 hours per Medifast meal. If I keep following MF, I trust (and trust we ALL will) achieve the goals we have set for ourselves..

Watch out, thoughtoday is a day I could gnaw off my left leg..

I enjoyed a NSV today! I was at the gym (I took a-very-take-it-easy-spin class) and a gal I have not seen for a few months came up and said, "Have you lost a bunch of weight? I almost did not recognize you! You look great" I felt myself blush and graciously accepted her compliment. Though I sometimes glimpse the new "me" in the mirror, it feels really good to hear that others can see the results of my hard work!.

Staying the course and hoping your Saturdays are super!..

Comment #5

Happy August Shorties! Wow, where is the summer going?!.

Shelly - thanks for getting us "moved" for the new month!.

Kimberly - good luck on your re-start, today right? Ready for a month of stars, and pounds lost!.

Hi Adrienne, Grace, gkrism, woozy, sunflower and all the other fabulous Shorties! Everyone have a great Sunday!..

Comment #6

Happy Sunday morning to you all..


, I never really experienced scale anxiety while on 5&1. I did a lot while doing WW. I have to admit, after the first month of 5&1, I had so much faith in the program I had considered not weighing at all until I felt I was at or close to my goal. I was in the habit though so kept on. As the months went by I realized there were other slow losers too and I put my weekly losses in my sig. I kind of made myself into the poster child for slow losses to try and help others keep going.

I needed that time to break many bad food habits. Now I'm building new good food habits..


, congratulations on the NSV! Those are the kind we like..

I've decided to move on to week 3 of transition. I've weight during these 2 weeks (unexpected given my track record) and as of this morning (I had to peek), I'm down to 105 which is my bottom number. I'm now starting to look too thin to me. I feel great though and in control of my food. I'm not stress eating, I'm dealing with stress in other more productive ways (huge victory). So on to dairy this week.

I'm expecting this to also make a lot of the hunger I had this week disappear. So onward I go..

Hoping everyone has a good start to their week. Hugs!..

Comment #7

Salutations Shorties!.

MT CUPyou continue to inspire me. In particular, your comment about "my bottom weight of 105.. I look too thin.." is keeping me grounded about what life may be like once T & M starts for me and the duration of my time on this planet. Most importantly, I appreciate the candor with which you have shared your experiences with the Shortie crew. Being able to look at ourselves objectively and without judgement should be an on-going goal we support throughout our society, not just in our little Medifast world. When I think about the lost hours and mental energy spent on worry about my looks, I want to scream.

Lately, I have been reading about the increase in men's weight issues/appearances/eating disorders. This saddens me, as I know all-too-well the state one can work herself into when obsessing about numbers on the scale. No more conscious "scale anxiety!".

Thanks for indulging my musings. Sunday is definitely a day for reflection and celebration of all our baby and BIG steps..

Cheers to keeping a balanced perspective..

Happy Sunday, Shorties...

Comment #8

So how do I join your group. New to the program. I am only 5'2" do I qualify? lol..

Comment #9

Jk_atencio, welcome! LOL Anyone can join but us petite people are nearer and dearer to our hearts, as we have our own particular challenges. Since you posted here, that makes you a member..

Woozy, you make me blush, thanks for your kind words. I am, however grateful if my words can help anyone...

Comment #10

Four weeks after crashing my bike and shattering/dislocating my left wrist, I have been pondering on some of the things that I miss while having a cast beyond the elbow..

I look forward to:.

- Taking a shower without a trash bag on my arm.

- Wearing clothes with buttons.

- Having the use of an opposable thumb.

- Using the hair dryer without holding it between my knees.

- Being able to cut my own food with a knife and fork.

- Washing both hands with soap and water.

- Being completely off the "controlled" pain meds.

- No longer having to keep my left wrist elevated above my heart 24/7.

- Sleeping with my arm by my side, not on 2-3 pillows.

- Typing with two hands.

- Putting my hair in a ponytail.

- Clipping my fingernails.

- Driving with two hands.

But I have so much to be thankful for - family, friends, NOT breaking the right wrist, a fantastic surgeon, health insurance, understanding clients, and last, but not least, Medifast - because I've been able to remain on plan, and to continue with the weight losses in spite of it all...

Comment #11

Welcome jk_atencio! You are among many friends!!!!!!!! Glad you found us. I think you will find much support and humor while traveling along your Medifast journey on this blog..

Dear "Princess gkrism"you crack me up! Putting your hair in a pony tail AND washing both hands? C'mon girl, let's not go crazy!!!! But seriously, your list reminds me about all that I take for granted. Though I am in the midst of final exams (and taking a teensy study break to chat with the Shorties) you have reminded me of the wonders of a healthy body, a solid health care plan, and the beauty of accepting whatever life throws your way. The elan with which you have handled your challenges amazes all of us who read your postings. If I had been presented with a similar set of circumstances, I think the hardest thing for me would be to learn to ask for help. I have a greater appreciation for my independence..

Cheers to continuing your recovery. Looking forward to the day your cast is FINALLY OFF and you can wash your hand/wrist etc. (I have heard from others that the skin underneath the cast gets pretty stinky despite the patient's best efforts.)..

Comment #12

Woozy thank you for expressing my thoughts far more eloquently than I could do..

Gkrism, thanks for reminding us to appreciate the little things in life. What has me amazed is despite all that you still took the time to type it all out for us! A shortie group hug for you is in order!..

Comment #13

Wow, so much is going on..

Gkrism, thank you for putting everything in perspective. I think we lose sight of the little things, such as cutting one's own food with a knife and fork, because of all the big things going on in our lives. I guess this has been a humbling experience and we all feel for you and the things you have learned to appreciate along the way..

Adrienne, good luck on week 3..

Woozy good luck with the finals. DD has her last final today and though she did great in her first class, I pray she passes this one. I can't complain - I know she did her work and worked hard and studied. Somethings are just not for everyone..

Welcome JK..

Many of you know that DD came home from school in mid May with a lot of extra pounds and at 4'9", she could ill afford to keep them. I am happy to say that she is down 16 lbs since then! She's looking so much better and is enjoying the compliments she is receiving from everyone. She is beginning to look like her old self..

Happy August to all the remaining Shorties: Marble, Kimberly, Motivated (where have you been?), Shelly, and, Sunflower. If I left anyone out, it's just my 50 year old mind being lost. Sorry...

Comment #14



, good to see you again and good to hear that DD is doing so well!.

Hello to our new "shorties" too - Welcome!.


- how are you doing? I have done my own "re-commit" starting today too, and, my "day 1" back 100% OP has been no fun I have been hungry today. I am eating my Medifast meals every 2 and 1/2 hours between (I'll have all 5 in before I leave work), and have had a few extra cups of coffee to try to appease my stomach! And of course water, water everywhere! Speaking of which, let me get a gulp now! I brought Dr.As book into work, and while I don't have time to read it - just looking at it gets me saying "Optimal Health is my Primary Choice!" And remind myself that my secondary choices to get to my primary choice will fall into: 1) Doing some things we don't like doing and 2) Not doing some things we like doing. So, while I wanted to eat more things today, I didn't, and I don't really feel like swimming, but I will (and actually with that, once I am in the pool, I am fine). So this too shall pass..

I have noticed that the boards have not been as abuzz with activity lately, everyone must be on vacation!..

Comment #15

Welcome, Jk!.

I'm glad your daughter seems to be doing better, Grace!.

I'm on Day 4 of my recommit now. I've been hungry and headachey the past few days but I'm getting through it. I have Dr. A's book too but haven't really read it too much yet. It looks like good stuff...

Comment #16

S to all my fellow shorties!.

Grace, glad to hear DD is doing so much better. You made the right choices for her..

Kimberly, sorry you need to go through all the first week stuff again..

Ok week 3 of Transition is a lot easier than week 2 was. So glad I decided to continue. That.

And the fact my weight is at my absolute bottom. I think I can do this...

Comment #17

Hello everyone....

I have been on Medifast for six weeks now...and after receiving such helpful tips and inspiration from this board...have finally decided to take a "BIG," step for me and start posting...This scares me so much because I feel like if I mess up...I am letting people down...I have a MAJOR guilt complex.

I want to take a moment and thank all of the posters for the motivation that they provide to all of those like me...Too timid or scared to post...You have helped me survive these past six-weeks!.

I was hoping to be included in this wonderful "SHORTIES," I too am vertically challenged at 5ft 2"....

Thanks so much for reading my ramble and have a great day..

Comment #18

Welcome Shapeup!.

We don't bite here so no stress...

Comment #19

My NSV today - wearing a size 10 skirt. Haven't done that in a really long time..

And I know all about "vanity sizing" so don't bust that bubble for me!.

Hope everyone is having a great OP day today!..

Comment #20

Hi Fellow Shorties!.

I had a bumpy start to Medifast a couple of weeks ago, but am recommitted & restarting today. So far so good & I'm determined to stay 100% this time around. I've learned that veering off plan just makes the whole process so much harder. I'm ready to do this, so I hope I can join you all here. Going to go & read up on the posts...

Comment #21

Welcome back.


! Please let us know what we can do to help keep you on plan..

So it's day 2 of week three. What a difference the added dairy makes! Last week it was all I could do to keep hunger at bay. This week, I feel like I'm in the groove again. I've still got a little bit of lingering hunger, especially right before a meal time, but it's nothing that's not easily ignored or dealt with by drinking a little more water. I am definitely out of ketosis. Still struggling to change gears and go by calories per day and ignoring the carbs now.

My long term maintenance objective for now is 2 Medifast meals, 1 grain, 3 green, 1 fruit, 2 four oz leans, 2 dairy and 1 fat. Eventually I will work out how to drop the two Medifast meals but with a 1200 calorie per day allowance this will work for a long time...

Comment #22

MT Cup - I sure hope you will still be around and posting on the boards when I reach T&M because I'll need a low calorie plan forever too..

Or I need to start saving your posts now!.

Congratulations on getting control of the hungries!..

Comment #23

Gkrism, I hope to still be here like the other successful vets..

I want to be the first shortie 2%er. The great thing is, it's all in the T&M book. It's learning how to read it. LOL Medifast was very helpful when I called them a couple of months ago. Now I have a great coach who's invaluable. I would be a wreck right now if it wasn't for her advice and cheering me on. So if anyone needs a new or good coach, please let me know I'm happy to recommend mine...

Comment #24

GKRISM...Congratulatons on the size 10...That is FAB U LOUS.

What a great feeling!.

MT_CUP...I am sure that figuring out T&M is a struggle...but it sounds like you are rocking it! I hope to be in your shoes someday.

Dolores...Welcome back...I just joined this wonderful group yesterday and am on my 6th week of MF...It is not easy alone...but with support from one another we can do it..

Comment #25

Hi Friends,.

Well, I was just about at my breaking point yesterday when I weighed in and saw a gain.. NOT POSSIBLE!!!! Its not TOM, I have been 100% OP, I have not deviated, I drink more than 100 oz of water a day, cut out the one or two diet sodas I had a week AND any crystal light I may have had.. didn't over exercise.. I was FURIOUS and ready to say forget it this isn't the right diet for me... BUT... then...

Maybe it's just a bad "scale" day.... wait and see what tomorrow says and give it another week at least.....

WELL.. yesterday was a moment of weakness.. today the scale showed a -1.8 lb loss from my weight last week, not the 1 lb gain... (with the so called gain, it would have been -2.8) that was more like it!!! WHEW! LOL.. I don't know why it upsets me so much to lose so slowly, but it does!.

I am however, continuing to be committed to the plan and stay on track.. I was hoping to be in the 180's by my birthday next week (I'm at 191.6) but I don't think that will happen though!.

This is why I do not set mini goals... but deep inside I was sooo hoping... Since I only lose maybe 1 lb a week on average the chances are very slim.. but I'd take 189.9!!! LOL.

Hope you are all having a great day! Welcome to all the newcomers!..

Comment #26

So glad you stuck with it!.

I know the slow losses can be heart rending, but it's worth it. You're worth it! Stay with us and stay on plan, you'll get there! One thing I've learned is never put a date on weight loss. Go ahead and set mini-goals, just don't attach anything date or food related to them. Keep going! You can do it...

Comment #27

Welcome to all the new and Veteran Shorties!.

Well, once again I surprise my 48 year old self. Three finals down, one to go, and a 2-3 page reflection paper to write. I am laughing to myself, as so many of my classmates are the young pups of 20-30 years old. I keep wondering if I was that distracted when I was their age?.. They bemoan our deadlines, but still joke about "drinking a few" the night before our exams. Well, if sipping a Medifast Banana shake is your idea of a good time (extra ice because I am feeling wild and crazy) then you can count me among the revelers (NOT!).

While it is stressful to be in the midst of testing, there is no better way to keep the mind active, the fingers busy, and THE MIND OFF OF FOOD!!!!! If all goes well, this life-long penchant for learning will be my antidote to staving off Alzheimers..

Okay, so with one more final to go, I better get busy with the review of notes. Just wanted to welcome all of our new (and brave) Shortie members. Whenver I get upset, I know that this group will pull me though and give me the space to think aloud..

Happy Tuesday, Shorties...

Comment #28

Welcome to all the newcomers!.

That's a great NSV, gkrism! I feel good when I lose sizes because the size I started in was probably vanity sized too so it's all relative!.

Mysunflower, there's still a chance you can make it but mini goals are just something to shoot for. You aren't a failure if you can't lose weight by a certain date. You are so close!.

Good luck on finals/papers, Woozy! I definitely think older, more mature students have an advantage over the standard college party student. They come in with a much better mindset..

Hope everyone is having a great week! I think I'm through the worst of my first week back OP and I'm feeling really good. I do hope the scale shows a loss on Friday but it's honestly worth it just to feel better physically...

Comment #29


Good luck with all your papers and finals. I agree with Kimberly, I think older students bring a great perspective to the class room you don't get from younger students. I got to experience and benefit from some of that when I was in college. Good for you for being in school no matter what your age..


, glad you're over the hump and feeling good. I'm with you on the feeling better than the scale report. We'll get sunflower into seeing it our way eventually!.

I am going away to visit friends across country for a long weekend, leaving very late tonight. I will be back with you all late Sunday or early Monday. I'll have no PC access while I'm away. I will be going through withdrawal of a different kind..

Not looking forward to flying (but I know the seat belt will fit!) but I am so looking forward to seeing friends. Already have my food packed including an apple or two in case I can't find something op to eat. I should be able to find at least a yogurt somewhere in the airports to go with it...

Comment #30

Hey, if the skirt is smaller than what you were previously wearing, who cares what number is on the label!.


Comment #31

Hello! Just popppin by to see how you all are doing (which looks like great) and say "hello"! This week has been really busy at work, which is a good thing, but it doesn't give me time to hang out here as much as I'd like. After waking up 5:45am, excercising, working all day, getting home, doing "home" stuff (laundry, make, eat, clean up dinner, etc...) by the time I sit down (8:30 ish), I am done for the day! I am glad I make the effort to excercise in the AM, because I am really good at talking myself out of it by the days end!.

Did I mention the "Food Orgie Fridays" that we have here at work? Basically a different employee brings breakfast into work every Friday (company reimburses $$), but as you can imagine, it is all NOT OP items - tons of carbs, sugar, white flour, etc... Well, tomorrow is my day to bring in for "FOF", so I actually went to Sam's Club during the day today, bought muffins and danish (I know - so bad for folks) and I am leaving them all here overnight. I know if I took them home they'd start talking to me and telliing me how good they are! I will pick up fruit on the way in tomorrow and I already have my greek yogurt and granola for my meal. Once people pick over stuff I am pretty turned off by it (that is my sneezing theory - that it all was sneezed on - LOL!)..



- we are glad to have you join us. Congrats on 6 weeks!.


- Size 10 - woo hoo!.


- Welcome back. A lot of us have learned that lesson the hard way, but now you know!.


- sorry with your scale struggles. I read a funny story on another thread that a lady kicked her scale so hard the scale broke and left a mark on her wall. She had to buy a new scale, and the new scale weighed her about 1/2 pound less!.


- is your final behind you? You should be very proud of yourself for going for your educational dream. My DH (42 YO) is talking about going back to college (on-line probably) and finish up what he started..


- enjoy your trip! We will miss you over the next few days!.


- glad you are feeling better and back on track!.


- Hello!.

Where has.



Everyone have a great night!..

Comment #32

Hello all,.

Yes, summer finals are behind me and I have a month until the next semester starts. I have to say that I ROCKED them.

You have all been so busy and full of thoughts..

MarbleGreat strategy for FOF! I like that you left the food at work and planned your own meal. The question remains, will the food be there overnight? I know when I worked at another place, the food sometimes "mysteriously" disappeared and/or got opened before serving..

Have a safe trip MT-Cup! Travel is fun and stressful. I will enjoy reading about how you negotiated the transition phase of Medifast even with the delights of airport options..

Kimberlywelcome back! Glad you have found your [MF] groove..

Great NSV! I concur with all who shared that a smaller sizeno mattrer the numberis what we want (size 10, size 2 petite, no longer extra large size..).

And yet, the number on the scale can be discouraging. I weighed in yesterday. While I am pleased I did not gain, I am exactly at the same number I was last week101and last week I had a 3.8 lb loss! Just keep telling myself that the body needs to catch up. At the same time, it is a little frustrating to be so close to my wedding weight, but not be there YET. I WANT TO SEE THE NUMBER, d_mn it! Okay, let's gather our collective Shortie feet and KICK the Medifast scale! If that will get me 1/2 more pound, I'll be great.

But seriously, I am excited that I am so close. I want to do some reading to get my mind ready. Any titles to recommendgiven my month-long hiatus, I want to fill my brain with strong thoughts for transition and beyond..

Not much else to report. Off to the paint store. DH, DS, and Dd(dog) are off camping for a week. I am getting the carpets shampoo-ed, applying touch-up paint to the walls, renting movies and getting a long overdue massage..

Have a great Friday, Shorties...

Comment #33

Hi Everyone,.

Thanks for the support on the scale frustrations and setting min-goals!! I don't want to jinx myself, but I am now a 1/2 lb away from meeting my first mini goal that I had mentioned before of being in the 180's and losing 20 lbs by my birthday (which is next Thursday). I still have 7 days left to go until then and 3 until my weigh in on Monday!! HOPEFULLY I can shed a half pound and get out of the 190's by then!! FINGERS CROSSED!! LOL.

I hope everyone is having a great week and is ready for the weekend!!..

Comment #34


- I'm all for setting mini goals - I just try not to attach dates to the goals. Notice I said "try" - I still mentally think, "wouldn't it be nice if... ".

As it is, since I'm such an accounting geek, I've got a spreadsheet that I'm using to track my losses. And yes, I've "projected" how long it'll take to reach my goal weight if I average 2.5 pounds a week (which is probably not doable) and also if I average 1 pound a week..

So that's anywhere between Christmas of 2010 and Hallowe'en of 2011. But if it takes longer, then so be it!.

This week, I lost one pound, so my total is now 30.5 pounds in 13 weeks..

My next mini-goal is to get to "overweight" BMI, not "obese" BMI, and I think my body is going to fight like crazy to hang onto this one little measly pound!.

My reward is a manicure - I'll get that at the later of the cast removal or reaching the "OW" BMI...

Comment #35

Hey everyone!.

It sounds like you are all doing so great! MT, you've got to tell me how you managed through the airport...I'm flying to Alabama on Tuesday and I'll be living out of a hotel for a few weeks for some work-related training so any tips would be appreciated!.

I Will have my computer and internet access, thank goodness, so my DH and I can Skype and I can say night-night to my boys and keep up with my on-line log-ins. I have to say that I'm much more of a reader than poster and I've found the on-line log of food and exercise the best thing in the world...but even if I don't say much this group really makes my day!.

Thank you all for that!.

"Official Weigh in tomorrow, but I'm sooo happy that today I "unofficially" weighed in at 151.2! I can almost feel the 140's calling my name. I haven't weighed less than 147 since, well, my freshman year of college...and though at the time I thought I was SOOO fat, I can't help but be excited to know it's within reach again...not a stopping point, just a happier place on this journey than I've been in much too long..

So I'm setting a new mini-goal...147, pre-wedding, pre-baby, middle of my weight-loss journey weight. When I make it there I'm gonna buy me a nice new outfit and take new pictures to put on my page.

I hope you all have a great week this week, and please, if you have any advice for living out of a hotel for 2 weeks and making it through the airport totally OP, please let me know!! (I am bringing my magic bullet and I have a microwave, so that helps!).


Comment #36

Hi guys! I'm back and I will try to catch up later today or tomorrow as time allows..

I think I lost even more weight! Argh! I feel waaaay too thin. On the good side though, I did manage pretty well with my T&M food plan while away..

I packed my bars and puffs into my carry on, and bought water in the air port. I didn't touch airport food at all..

At my destination l I modified my plan a bit. I ate two restaurant meals a day, breakfast and dinner. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and a little fruit. I would take a small carton of 2% milk and an apple with me back to my room for later. Bar for mid-morning. The milk and apple for lunch.

Dinner was a L&G. I had steak two nights, salmon the another. Made sure I got the salad bar and loaded up on my veggies. Kept refilling my water bottle that I bought in the airport on the way in and sipped on that all the time. Had water with every meal.

Oh and of course my friends all wanted me to belly dance for them! So that was on top of everything else. I'll know for certain when I weigh in tomorrow morning..

Overall, I find it harder to travel (and stay OP) in T&M than I did on 5&1 since I have to fend for myself for more meals. I'm glad the places we ate and the hotel breakfast bar had good choices for me though and that I could smuggle on plan foods back to my room for later. I avoided the bacon, the french toast, the hash browns, the sugary cereals and the sugary fruit juices. I think I did pretty good...

Comment #37

Hi everyone. I'm Amy and I'm kinda new here. I'm on day 5 of my 2nd go around. First time was in 2005. I've been trolling the boards looking for a good group for me..

Hope you don't mind if I hang out here a little while...

Comment #38

Hi and Welcome, Amy..

How much of a shortie are you?..

Comment #39

First......Hi Amy, welcome!!.

Well, I think I've had a complete break through and I have really learned a LOT this week about myself and how important it is that behaviors need to change in order to succeed with weight loss and keep it off. Granted, I have a LONG way to go before goal, but I think my mind set is where it needs to be and I'm so happy about it, I have to share.. granted, this will be a little long......

It's funny, I'm learning so very much through all of you and others on this plan it's amazing and I think I've sort of been enlightened a little bit. As some of you may know, I have a friend who recently got the Lap Band. She was introduced to it when she went to a few seminars with me, to support me. I had wanted it so desperately, but long story short, my insurance wouldn't cover a thing and her's covered 100%! I was very upset that she could have it and I couldn't.. VERY VERY UPSET!!!.

Well, I'm beyond over that and glad I didn't do it!! I was listening to her the other day and have gone out to dinner with her a few times since her surgery. First, she doesn't have the band filled yet...... so she is still eating very similarly to what she was before... slower yes, no liquid with her meals, yes... etc.... BUT she still put bluecheese dressing all over her salad etc.

And she was.


Excited because she could have sweets and it was only 100 calories...

Next she was talking about when we go to Florida (in Nov) having to get her dole whip (soft serve ice cream that is pineapple flavored..very good) and when we ate at this one Hawaii themed restaurant she had to at least try to have the bread (which I must say is the BEST bread I've ever tasted)... I said to her really?? Well, I'm not doing the dole whip or the bread and she said, "well I have to have my dole whip and at least try to see if I can have the bread, if I get sick, I get sick....I won't finish it all"... I sat there thinking WOW... so here we are, she got the surgery and she's not changing ANY of her bad habits or behaviors...she's looking for 100 calorie crap foods loaded with sugar and thinks because it's only 100 calories, it's ok to have... She's not learning anything... she will lose the weight, but if she keeps the same behaviors, eventually it will come back on..

I had read a blog from someone here at Medifast who had gastric bypass and said that she never changed her behaviors, ate all the wrong foods and while she couldn't eat white meat, she could eat doritos, cupcakes, brownies etc.. and she gained ALL the weight back plus MORE and that is why she's here on Medifast now. That blog resinates in my head.... I'm learning how to avoid the bad things, change my tastes and cravings and lose the weight the right way and keep the weight off.. why go back to what I was just because I'm on vacation or to taste it and ruin the defeat of the sugar cravings etc.... just for a 100 calorie muffin or instant gratification? NO WAY!! NEVER AGAIN!!!! My husband was shocked that she wanted to eat all of that!.

Had to share, I've learned a lot and I finally feel strong enough to never go back!!!..

Comment #40

Welcome Amy and way to go sunflower!.

I tried a social experiment at Costco today: who would volunteer to help me put a case of diet coke and a case of water in my cart when they noticed that my left arm is in a cast?.


Have a great day!..

Comment #41

MT_Cup ==> Congrats on doing your best while traveling! I was worried about when my family and I will be flying home for a visit. Now I'm not. I just need to make sure I plan and prepare as best as I can..

Albowen==> Hi Amy and welcome!.

Marieregency==> good luck living out of a hotel! Please come back and post your experience..

Mysunflower621==> WOW!.

I am shocked myself..


Hello fellow shorties! Just popping in. I'm on day 28 today and things are getting better. I've retried oatmeal, I like it now, except for blueberry. I haven't gotten the nerve to try it again. Also retried the honey mustard pretzel sticks and they don't taste so bad now..

You know what's so funny, tonite I decided to treat myself to 8oz. of diet root beer. I was going to mix it with one of my shakes but decided not to. Anyway, I started sipping my root beer and ended up not liking it. This is the same root beer I was drinking before I started Medifast and I thought it was really sweet then..

I ended up having my DH taste it, of course he said it was fine and then I ended up just giving it to my daughter. I guess my taste buds have really changed..

Wednesday is my official weigh-in, can't wait to see where I am on the scale. I have noticed that my clothes are not fitting me as tight as they were..

Well it's getting late and I want to check out the boards for some more recipes..

I'll try to check back in on Wed. and let you gals know how my weigh-in went...

Comment #42


, if you're on 5&1, it's a snap. Pack your foods in your carry on. I always try to have two bars with me at all times. Buy a big bottle of water. Most of the coffee shops will sell you one. I just refill it at the water fountains..

I buy the first bottle, though so I can measure. I don't want to short change myself and I tend to..

On 5&1 grilled steak, chicken or sushimi with veggies/salad is mostly what I eat when I'm away. I travel a lot for work too and always found it easy to work a L&G at any restaurant. I had to make demands to the wait staff in very clear terms at times and even had to send foods back that didn't conform to my wishes, but I always managed. Transition is what makes it harder as I have more choices. LOL. If wasn't so far below my ideal weight, I'd have just done 5&1 for those 4 days.

Key thing is to have that bottle of water with you at all times and use it!..

Comment #43

Wow, Sunflower that is a fantastic revelation. Congratulations! It's an NSV of epic proportions, really. I am so happy for you...

Comment #44


, love how you handled FOF! A recipe for success if I ever saw one. I use the "dirty hands" mind trick myself. I picture someone fingering all the food with dirty hands straight from the bathroom..

No thanks! LOL..


, Congratulations on rocking those finals! I'm so excited for you! Don't worry you'll get there soon. It's the shortie way. Decent drop one week, two weeks of agonizing nothing or near nothing, then boom off you go again..

Hang in there! Hope you enjoyed the massage..

Happy Monday to you all, hope you're all doing well, Shelly, Grace, Kimberly and any other shorties I missed and haven't seen for a while...

Comment #45


Your friend needs to get it through her head that a lap band or other bypass surgery is not the magical cure she thinks it is. If she doesn't change her lifestyle, she will have gone through the surgery for nothing. The weight may drop temporarily, but it will come right back and bring lots of friends..

I'm glad you've already figured this out. It will save you a ton of heartache..

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got."..

Comment #46

Howdy Shorties! Hope everyone had a good weekend..

Woozy - enjoy your break from school.

Gkrism - maybe change that next goal to a Pedi?.

Rachael - good luck with the Travel, MT gave you all the information I could think of! I went to Disney World for 5 days and lost 2 pounds - it was very easy to stay OP and all the walking was great!.

MT - welcome back from you trip - it sounds like it was the perfect time!.

Amy - Welcome!.

Satae719 - glad you are doing well and taste buds are changing. I still love Diet Soda though!.

AFM the weekend was great - a good mix of chores, relaxing, visiting with friends, oh, and shopping. In Maryland every once and awhile (it has been 9 years) we get a break on State Taxes (6%) on clothing items for "back-to-school". Well, I don't have kids, but the tax savings work on "ME" clothes too! So DH and I went to Kohl's yesterday loaded with our 20% off coupon. We pretty much stayed in the Clearance Racks so got some nice stuff for pretty cheap! Even got a new pair of running shoes that were on sale, plus my 20% off, plus no state taxes of 6%! But wait - there's more...I earned $30 Kohl's bucks that I can go back and use later this week - still tax free shopping! Life is good!.

Hi Sunflower, Kimberly, Shelly and all the other great Shorties!..

Comment #47

MT Cup.

- two ladies helped me. Several men passed by and noticed the arm, and noticed I was trying to get the case and didn't help. I did ask for help to put the cases in my car..

Oh and welcome back from your trip..


- my left hand is all crusty (gross, I know), so I really want the manicure for that hand. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I'm really hoping for a velcro cast - then I could take it off for a manicure..

Congrats on the Kohl's finds!.


- I still like my diet coke and diet root beer. But if they are too sweet for you then good for you!.


- the lady in the house next door to me had lap band surgery a few months ago (about the same time I started Medifast). At this point, I think we are losing at about the same pace. I haven't asked her what she's eating though.....

Comment #48

Hi Everyone.

I've been reading but not posting lately. I've been so busy at work I couldn't afford the time to stick in my 2 cents (has anyone else noticed that the cents sign is no longer on the keyboard)..

Gkrism, I hope you get good news at the doctor's office. I have always noticed that the male animal is not as kind as the female. I think the females have more empathy. Though I try to train DS to open doors for people and help people if they drop something, he still doesn't do it unless prompted. And then you have DH who will always come to everyone's rescue. Just recently we were in the supermarket and some lady knocked over a display of peaches and he ran over to help her pick them up...

Comment #49

Stopping by to say hi! I've been reading this thread for a while and you all make me laugh! Hopefully I qualify - I'm 5'3", but have resigned myself to the fact that I am probably shrinking in height as well as width. My mom (who is an awesome 85) used to be 5'2" if she stood very, very tall. She's under 5' now, maybe 4'10" or 4'11". So shortness is coming..

I'm on week 3, no week 4, and having fun. I am actually enjoying watching the clock for my next Medifast meal. And excited that two of my daughters may be joining me. We are all racing toward taking a family portrait at Christmas. The last one we did was 15 years ago, so it is about time!.

Hope you're having a Tasty Tuesday!..

Comment #50

Happy Tuesday Shorties - just a quick fly by at lunch..

Grace - good to see you! I hadn't noticed the cents symbol is gone from the keyboard - wow!.

Gkrism - good luck at Dr. tomorrow - hope you get your velcro cast!.

Donna - Welcome! I am 5' 3" too - and they haven't thrown me out yet! I won't tell my DH that your goal is 125 - he insists that is where I should be, but I am really happy at my 135(ish) weight now..

Hello to Adrienne, Shelly, Kimberly, Motivatedsister (where have you been), woozy and all the other great Shorties!..

Comment #51

Hi Marble!.

Hey does the fact that someone (Grace) has quoted me in their sig make me Medifamous? *snicker*..

Comment #52

Shelly, I had to smile when I read your tag line as it is something I say CONSTANTLY to the point where I make those that work for me cringe when they know it's coming!!.

If you always do what you've always will always get what you've always gotten"... I LOVE IT!.

Well, I made my first mini-goal!! I know I shouldn't put a date on it and normally I wouldn't but I made it!!! I wanted to have lost 20 lbs and be in the 180's by my birthday this week... I DID IT!.

I'm now -21.2 and weighed in at 188.8 yesterday! I will weigh again on Thursday (my actual bday) as I am going away for a long weekend and want to know where I am at before I leave. No worries, there will be no deviation off of plan from this gal!.

100% OP!.

Have a great day!!..

Comment #53

Marble - The idea is to be happy at your weight/size, regardless of what others think (right?) I'm hoping I can maintain successfully at 125. The lowest I've been post-children has been 127 and I still had the "baby fat" poochie stomach and I still felt hungry. But that weight was 10+ years ago. I'm more shooting for a size 8-10. And not the current size 8-10, because I swear the sizes have been getting bigger. There is no way I am a size 14 at my weight.

Sunflower - Huzzah for making mini-goals! That's what keeps us going. And I know you'll have an awesome birthday! (pswhat's the next goal?)..

Comment #54

Marble ==> Thank you, I tried diet 7-up yesterday and I actually liked it! Considering I did not like it before MF. I can't wait to go shopping myself. Sounds like you and your husband made out like bandits..

Gkrism ==> I think I'm going to have to try diet coke. Haven't yet and never considered it since I absolutely hated it before MF. But since my taste buds have changed I might actually like it now. I hope your DR.s visit goes well..

Morada ==> Hi Donna! You're lucky to be 5'3", to me anyway! I'm only 5' but with 3" heals I can still be a little bit taller. Congrats on making it to week 4, I just finished week 4 myself and I'm looking forward to completing week 5. My daughter is currently doing Medifast with me and I find it alot easier to stay OP. Its nice being able to confer with her about L&G meals (we cook them together) and I really enjoy our walks..

Mysunflower621 ==> Congrats on making your 1st mini-goal! Also Happy Birthday and enjoy your getaway..

================================================== ====.

Today was my official weigh-in and measurements log-in. I've lost 2.5 lbs. giving me a total of 17 lbs. I am so close to my 2nd mini goal!.

I've lost 10 inches overall. I also tried waffles today using my Medifast oatmeal. Yummy! I'm still waiting on my shipment from MF, I'm hoping it'll be here today or at least sometime this week. I'm getting low on shakes and with TOM visiting I like to do mostly shakes. Well I've got chores to do. I'll try to pop in later, enjoy your day everyone!..

Comment #55

Today I graduated to a Velcro splint. The surgeon is happy with the results so far from his repair of my "potato chip" wrist (it was in little bitty pieces like a potato chip) except for the "clicking" when I turn my wrist. Hope to start physical therapy next week..

This means I can start using my hand some, although it is hurting more today than it has in a while..

No more plastic bags in the shower! No more elevation 24/7! I get to peel off 5 weeks worth of dead skin!..

Comment #56

Woot! Congratulations on the great healing gkrism! I will do a celebratory belly dance in your wrists honor...

Comment #57

Thank you for all the congrats on my mini goal!!! I'm so excited!.

Gkrism I'm glad to hear your moving along in your healing!!!.

My next mini goal you ask? I would love to be in the 170's by my daughter's bday next month, but I'm just going to say by end of Sept. I'd also love to finally get out of the Obese BMI category, but that seems to move soooo slowly!!!.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!..

Comment #58

Gkrism ==> Congrats on graduating to a Velcro splint!.


Well, my Medifast shipment came in the same day I posted last, Wed. WooHoo!.

I was so happy! And to top that off, my WF syrup order came in. I love, love that syrup. No more Cary's for me..

Enjoy your week everyone!..

Comment #59

Ok this has been stuck in my head for two days. I'm passing it on so it gets out of mine..


I'll be the round about.

The words will make you out 'n' out.

I'll spend the day your way.......

Call it morning driving thru the sound and.

In and out the valley.......

The muses dance and sing.

They make the children really ring.

I'll spend the day your way.

Call it morning driving thru the sound and.

In and out the valley......

In and around the lake.

Mountains come out of the sky.

And they Stand there.

One mile over we'll be there and we'll see you.

Ten true summers we'll be there and.

Laughing too.

Twenty four before my love you'll see I'll be.

There with you.

I will remember you.

Your silhouette will charge the view.

Of distance atmosphere.......

Call it morning driving thru the sound and.

Even in the valley.......

In and around the lake.

Mountains come out of the sky.

And they Stand there.

One mile over we'll be there and we'll see you.

Ten true summers we'll be there and.

Laughing too ooo oo oo.

Twenty four before my love you'll see I'll be.

There with you.

Along the drifting cloud the eagle searching.

Down on the land.

Catching the swirling wind the sailor sees.

The rim of the land.

The eagle's dancing wings create as weather.

Spins out of hand.

Go closer hold the land feel partly no more.

Than grains of sand.

We stand to lose all time a thousand answers.

By in our hand.

Next to your deeper fears we stand.

Surrounded by million years.

I'll be the roundabout.

The words will make you out 'n' out.

I'll be the roundabout.

The words will make you out 'n' out.........

In and around the lake.

Mountains come out of the sky they.

Stand there.

Twenty four before my love and I'll be.


I'll be the roundabout.

The words will make you out 'n' out.

We spend the day your way.

Call it morning driving thru the sound and.

In and out the valley.... eh.

In and around the lake.

Mountains come out of the sky and they.

Stand there.

One mile over we'll be there and we'll see You.

Ten true summers we'll be there and.

Laughing too ooo.

Twenty four before my love you'll see I'll be.

There with you......

Da da da da daaa da da.

Da da da da daaa da da.

Da da da da daaa da da.

Da da da da daaa da da.

Da da da da daaa da da.

Da da da da daaa da da.

Da da da da daaa da da.

Da da da da daaa da da..

Comment #60

Cary's is the brand of SF syrup (maple flavored) I was using. It's all my grocery store here has. Didn't like the taste but it was better than nothing, unfortunately it has carbs so I used very little 1/2 to 1 TbSp. But no more...

Comment #61

Ah ok thanks! I had never heard of them before..

The WF syrup isn't bad. It's about the only product of theirs that I don't feel like I'm licking the gulf coast oil slick when I use it...

Comment #62

Hi Shorties and Happy Thursday!.

Gkrism - yea for the velcro cast!.

Hello sunflower, donna, setae719, adrienne, stacy, grace, woozy and all the other shorties!.

We had really bad thunder storms this morning and I was trying to do my step aerobics DVD, and the power kept flicking off, so every few minutes I had to re-boot the computer and it took forever, so needless to say, not a very good work-out this morning. Then the commute into work took 2 hours because of trees down, street lights not working - it was chaos! It makes you think, have you all heard all the talk about 2012? What I have heard is there will be abnormal solar flare-ups and it could cause trouble with our power grids. If today is any example of how things turn crazy with a simple thunder storm - yikes!.

Football fans - tonight is the Ravens first home Pre-Season game - woo hoo - we are ready for some football!.

Oh, fun NSV today, I got a new pair of pants from Coldwater Creek (size 8P!) and wore them for the first time today, DH said my rear view was very good - so that put a pep in my step!.

Everyone have a great day and DRINK UP (water of course!)..

Comment #63

TGIF Shorties! Hope everyone has a great on plan weekend..


, everything ok in your neck of the woods? Sounds like it was pretty nasty. Oooh I love CWC clothes! Nice NSV! Especially with DH's compliment!..

Comment #64

My physical therapy appointment got moved up to today. I was anticipating Pain & Torture, but it wasn't that bad - maybe because it was the first appointment and I loaded up on Advil before going too..

Now I have homework for the weekend - and she said I should go around the house without the velcro splint - only wear it at night (in case I flop around in the bed, I guess) and when I'm driving or going out. That way, I'll start moving it, even when I'm not trying to. Have to admit, I feel sort of naked without it!.

I forgot to ask about using it to type, but since she approved my manicure (mini-goal reward for no longer being obese), I can't think she would mind the typing. Which means that I'm typing at about 40% now..

As an aside, I don't think that the fingernails on my left hand have ever looked this good, or lasted this long, without any breakage. Goes to show you what 5 weeks of not using it can do. But the fingers and the arm are all crusty with dead skin! Sorry, that was probably TMI!.

Now that I've made you lose your Medifast meal... here's wishing an OP weekend for you!..

Comment #65

LOL! just so glad things are going well for you, gkrism! That is fantastic news that you're going without the splint for long periods of time. Congratulations on the manicure too! What a great milestone to celebrate...

Comment #66

I still cannot recommend my personal path for anyone (I mean the biking accident and subsequent issues - surgery, physical therapy, etc), but I lost another 4 pounds this week! So I'm still averaging 2.5 pounds a week losses since the accident!.

Wow, Wow, Wow (and of course Ow, Ow, Ow, when everything hurts!)..

Comment #67

Happy Monday Shorties!.

This is my weigh-in day and I am thrilled that another 2.9# of me is gone forever. But more than the number, I love how I feel and how relatively simple it has been to lose almost 14# in 4 weeks. It was a good week, especially since I added 30 minutes of walking three times a week. I noticed that I slept better on the nights I walked, so I must have alot of energy that needs expending. I'm sure going back to work a week from tomorrow will take care of THAT. But I found that I wasn't in as bad shape as I thought - I can walk 1.3 miles in a half hour.

(that's about the only good thing I retain from that period).

How was everyone's weekend? I was at my parent's and cooked an OP L/G for dinner and they never even suspected! The only thing I added was some rice for everyone else. They were surprised at how full my plate was, and how tasty...

Comment #68

Happy Monday! Things are nuts and time consuming on my end..


, LOL on following your path. No thank you I think you broke the mold on that one! You did it so well none of us could aspire to reach your height! (ok mixed a short joke in, what do you expect?)..


, so glad your weekend went well for you and congratulations on indoctrinating your extended family!.

You are such a wily woman! I bow to your sneakiness..

How are things going with your daughters and the plan?.

So first week of week 4 transition done. I only gained .2 for the week. I was hoping to gain a bit more but glad it's coming on slowly, it will be easier for me to halt it when I'm back where I want to be. I have to admit I'm not feeling quite a bony and thin now as I was last week. I like fitting into size 6 clothes. I still have my saddle bags and I guess that's just genetics since weight loss and dancing haven't gotten rid of them.

The best part is I'm still not hungry. I'm comfortable. I feel so in control and healthy. My transition to maintenance calorie range feels right for my body and I feel confident it's sustainable long term. I have to say I'm so very very glad I moved to Medifast...

Comment #69

MT - congrats on the.


? Never thought I'd be saying THAT! Nice to know that you are into transition and not hungry, and still in control. Hallelujah!.

About my daughter. I haven't talked to her since she expressed interest in MF. When it comes to food, I am waiting for her to contact me. The last thing I want to be is pushy. And if you were my daughter you would be spraying liquid all over your computer at that bold face lie..

Plus, there is lots happening around our houseDD1 needing to be moved home, school/work starting next week, dog's health that is up and down, etc. But DD1 may be driving up to see her sister, and if she does, I'm sending some boxes of Medifast with her! That way, if DD2 does not like it, the boxes can come home to me! (and that idea just came to me, so I'm glad you asked!)..

Comment #70

Hello All Shorties!.

I'm very new here. I just started Medifast last Thurs. I'm still learning the ropes and all the abbreviations and such. I'm 5'1" so I hope I qualify to hang out with you guys and get know you all; provide some support if I can and receive it as well. Everyone seems so open hearted and compassionate. I guess sharing a common goal tends to bring people together! I look forward to sharing and caring with you all!..

Comment #71

Hi Everyone!.

Was away for a long weekend with my DH for a "no kids" lovely weekend at the shore to celebrate my birthday! It was great, beautiful weather and just a lovely time. I stayed OP 100% and biked probably another 15 miles or so this weekend. My weigh in this morning was a little odd, so I will wait until Wed to try it again, not a gain, but not a loss, so I'm wondering if the biking everwhere we went did me in.... but if I didn't bike I would have been walking anyway.....

Congrats to everyone who had NSVs and losses this week!! Great job!! WOW, size 8P CWC jeans!!! I can only imagine, what a wonderful feeling along with the DH compliment!.

Welcome to all the newbees too!..

Comment #72



! Glad to have you join us. Right now some of us are on 5&1 and some of us are in transition so a nice breadth of experience here to help you on your way..

Happy belated birthday,.


! Glad you had a good time and yes all that sun, fun and exercise might have you retaining water. I'd try and drink a little more tomorrow and see what you weigh in looks like. You should be fine. So who missed who more? You missing the kids or the kids missing you?..

Comment #73

Hello Shorties! I hope everyone is having a good week. My official weigh-in is tomorrow. I hope the scale goes down. Thought I'd pop in real quick....

Gkrism ==> Congrats on your 4 pounds loss! Keep up the good work!.

Morada ==> Congratulations on dropping 2.9 pounds! Keep up the good work!.

MT_Cup ==> Glad to hear you are not hungry while in transitions. Congrats on completing week 4 and staying in control!.

My Sunflower612 ==> Congrats on staying 100% OP while on UR weekend getaway!.

Breathemysoul ==> Welcome! so how is Medifast going for you? Have you weighed in yet?..

Comment #74

Sunflower Happy Birthday. When my girls were little they would go to Camp Grandma for a week during the summer. I loved that week! Hope your scale starts behaving this week..

Breathe I started Medifast just a month ago and am still learning. I love this internet place to hang out because everyone is so supportive and positive..

Happy OP Tuesday everyone!..

Comment #75






For staying OP..

I had a few NSVs - yesterday I went to a "going away" lunch at Mimi's - I had the blackened chicken caesar salad and it comes with a muffin! So I told the server to put it in a To Go box right away (so I wouldn't have to look at it) and then gave it to my dad last night. When he called raving about how good it was, I cut him short and said I didn't want to listen to food porn!.

Also, I've moved a couple of times in the last 4 years, and in the first one, one I downsized a lot of square footage - so I got rid of basically all of my smaller clothes since I had given up on ever getting smaller - except for two really nice/flattering dresses. Just for grins, I took them out today - one fits and the other almost fits!.

Finally, I'm actually trying to type with two hands right now! So nice not to have to hunt and peck! Of course it's painful, but I've got so much more motion in my fingers and hand now than I did even last Friday when I started the physical therapy!..

Comment #76


- Wow listen to you! Typing with two hands and wearing a skinny dress, it doesn't get any better than that! I'm amazed at your progress and really really happy for you..


, how did you weigh in go?.



! Nice to see you. Sounds like you're still on track and doing well..

Hi ya everyone! Still seem to be doing ok with the shortie modified transition week 4 that Medifast gave me. Hope everyone is else is having some great on plan days...

Comment #77

Hi Setae! Thank you for the welcome! Medifast is going pretty well. I originally ordered 2 weeks of variety pack just to make sure that this was something I could do/stomach. After 1 day, I went ahead and ordered 4 wks. It just came today. I'm looking forward to incorporating more options. However, I just tried the first thing that I find hard to swallow (PB soft serve).

It'll be 1 week tomorrow that I started and I'm starting to feel slightly nervous about being able to stay with Medifast for as long as it takes to get to my goal. I know that's going to be several months. Not sure what you mean by "weigh in"? Is this something done here on the boards/group?..

Comment #78

I'm 5'2" also! I laughed so hard when I found Shorties, because in the past couple of weeks I have really begun to notice how lack of height accentuates my girth (or maybe it's the other way around?). While visiting my hometown, I ran into several people who knew me in my thin days...and EVERY ONE OF THEM made the comment, "I always thought you were taller."..

Comment #79

MT Cup.

- I didn't say skinny - I said smaller! But it's exciting either way! Thanks.

Welcome - happydragon!..

Comment #80

I know what you said... I also know what I meant..

Welcome Happydragon! LOL The good thing with us little folk is a smaller loss can look like more. The bad part is, it doesn't take much to show up on us. LOL We can't win!..

Comment #81

Hi shorties!!.

My name is Melissa, I am 4'11 and 218lbs!!! My goal is to get down to 135 then decide how much further to go. Today is day 2 on my Medifast journey and so far I'm doing pretty good. No headaches or anything. Just missing the junk food lol. I could really go for a cheeseburger and chocolate shake. But it will be worth it in the end. I look forward to getting to know all of you!..

Comment #82

Welcome Mel! I'm 4'11" as well. Glad you have you with us...

Comment #83

Hi there Melissa. Cheeseburger and chocolate shake? I'm with you on that one. Give it a week and you'll find something on Medifast that will help you take your mind off yummies like that. I find that when I am being hit with the "must put alot of ANYTHING in my mouth" I grab a diet soda, preferably diet A&W Rootbeer - it is nice and sweet..

You'll love MF, especially after your first week weigh in!.

Welcome happydragon! Weird how we look shorter when we're heavier. Can't wait to start looking taller!.

Glad to have both of you on MF!..

Comment #84

Thanks for the warm welcome and encouragement ladies! I can't wait for my 1st weigh in!! (I didn't know we could have diet soda!?!) I might stay OP after all!! lol..

Comment #85

I am also vertically challenged - 5'3". Weighted in Friday at 159 pounds, today after my first four days on Medifast I am down to 153.38!.

This is so much easier than I anticipated, and I'm one happy camper!..

Comment #86

Welcome MommyMel & happydragon!.

Gkrism ==>.

I'm really glad to hear you've got more motion in UR fingers. Congrats on resisting the muffin and fitting into a smaller dress! Keep up the good work..

Breathemysoul ==>.

I weigh-in weekly to keep track of my progress and update my ticker. Another group that I participate in have WIW (Weigh in Wednesdays). We weigh-in every Wed..

Okay, weighed-in this morning and I'm down 2lbs. Yippee! Which is more than what I was expecting. But I'm alittle disappointed, 2 lbs. are better than nothing. I was really hoping to make my goal today. So I should reach it sometime before my next weigh-in.

This is killing me, I'm gonna end up jumping on the scale every morning, just to see if I made goal. LOL! okay got to go, DD1 and I are gonna do some walking real quick before it rains and thunders again..

Have a great OP day everyone!..

Comment #87

You may have it after you've drank all your water. It's a reward for staying on plan..

Soda also contains a lot of sodium so if you drink more than 1 you might see a slowing of your losses..


, welcome! Congratulations on your losses so far!.


You crack me up! Nice to see someone else using smilies here besides me! I know how you feel with falling just short of a mini-goal. So frustrating! Fantastic loss though, more than for a normal shortie. We do tend to lose <2/week. Always nice to see someone who's losing in the higher range..


, it's funny after the first couple of months on plan, not only did I not crave a cheeseburger but I actually got nauseous driving past a fast food place and smelling all that grease. Now I could have one of those burger if I really wanted and I don't. The idea disgusts me. The mind is a funny thing. Now the chocolate shake thing I totally rocked with by getting the Dark chocolate antioxidant shakes. I make them up ahead of time and let them soak (non-soy food, too).

Wizz it up and omg it's heaven. They even taste better than the hot chocolate hot. I drank one hot every night before bedtime all winter and now cold all summer...

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MT_Cup- Thanks for the idea, I'll have to get some of the dark chocolate antioxidant shakes!..

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