Creating a website, homestead or 123 reg? which is better?

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First question I got is Creating a website, homestead or 123 reg? which is better? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question of mine... I sold one name on sedo and I bought one using sedo escrow serviceIt has been almost three weeks and nothing doneI have sent an email to sedo officer who directly contacts with me but he/she do not response. It has been about three days now since I push HostGator to sedo escrow account and it has been about 8-9 day since I paid for the name I bought. I do not understand why she/he doesn't reply to my emailAre there too many transaction to keep these people so busy to not answer their customer ? So disappointed..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

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I cancelled a sale of one of my domains 2 weeks ago because the buyer and sedo both acted way too slow to send any info on transferring the domain. They (sedo) threatened to put my account "under review" if I cancelled the sale. I relocked the HostGator and told sedo I had enough and heard one too many complaints from other domainers about their service and would be more then happy to move my domains elsewhere. My account never went under review and sedo ended up being the one to actually cancel the sale in my account..

I am now telling all interested in my domains to make an offer either at moniker or afternic. Enough is enough, they seriously need to get a grip and also add a time frame in the contracts so buyers and sellers can look forward to ending the transactions at a certain point in time. No more one plus months waiting for money or transfer requests..

Sedo even says, "transfers typically take between 5 and 14 days" not 30 plus..

Now you got me started..

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I d be happy to end my future sales there after 15 days I dont get paid..

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In my view, the main reason Sedo transactions tend to be slow is a cultural difference ... anyone who has been to various parts of Europe knows what I mean - not all areas / businesses there are like that of course, but many are - they get around to things when they feel like it; the customer be damned..

The other big reason for extreme slowness is that Sedo's escrow service typically involves a registrar transfer - such transfers can be sped up (ie. getting it ACKed faster), but that requires effort, which Sedo doesn't seem willing to put in - likely again due to cultural differences, lack of staffing, etc..


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I tried to contact sedo by contactus link in 123 reg website more than 24 hours agoAgain, they ignore meMaybe ,all sedo staffs are so busy by auction .They do not care $x,xxx transaction like mineI hate sedo..

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I canceled a sale once before also. The buyer paid immediately, which is very unusual, so I figured it would be a quick transaction. Sedo asked me for the AUTH code, which I sent within hours. 30 days go by, with absolutely no further action and many unanswered emails to Sedo. It was only a $70 sale, so I wasn't too worried about getting the money, but the whole process was angering me. I got a random email for the HostGator offering about the same price so I sold it within the day.

I emailed them and told them that I no longer owned the HostGator and that I had sent the AUTH code over a month ago and many emails and had never heard a single thing back from them. They didn't threaten to review my account or anything of the sort. In fact, they really didn't say much at all. What are they going to say?.

Since Sedo handles it's own Escrow, I imagine they purposely stall transactions to ensure that the money they receive is valid. I'm sure they've taken a few hits from fraud. Still, they either need to start providing good service or get out of the business....

Sedo pales in comparison to Afternic in my opinion, on many points...

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I have emailed Sedo 2 time sregarding a transaction and have never heard from them either. Sucks that such a good resource can be so slow or even ignore it's visitors/customers...

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They probably have an account where all the money is held for as long as possible to collect as much interest on it..

All this sedo talk and the ranting from myself and others here really has me thinking about just closing my sedo account anyway. Their service really is horrible. How they managed to become what they are is beyond me...

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SEDO is a MSN.....I never visit MSN but it`s still there and millions of people use it and will continue to do so until some other big player will destroy it..

I won my first name on auction 2 months ago. I payed after 7 days due to a problem with my Credit Card. After another 4 weeks the HostGator was in my control..

Now I sold a name 10 days ago on auction. Nothing happened so far except 1 e-mail that I got from them asking to confirm my e-mail address..

I guess , the average time is 1 month...

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My HostGator sales with them have been fairly fast, One week on average to a week and a half to get paid...

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