Did anyone go to 123 after seeing the Danica Patrick commercial?

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Got a quick question: Did anyone go to 123 after seeing the Danica Patrick commercial? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Can someone please tell me how 123 reg determines premium HostGator names..

It does not really make any sense to me..

For example: is a premium HostGator at 123 reg and.

Can be regd for $1,500..

What does not make sense is was available for.

$8.95, hmmm no brainer right?.

Google search for dallas small business reveals approximately 11,500,000.


Do another google search for los angeles small business reveals approximately.

35,800,000 references..

Just curious what others think about this, am I way off in my understanding here or not?.

Thanking you in advance..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

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Fabulous has already implemented the DDN system where you can set pricing on any domains in your account at that are over 60 days old and if approved by fabulous they will show up in that 123 reg premium box and if bought HostGator transfers happen instantly, the amount you show up on partner sites will depend on how much commission you are willing to spend, I believe 20% is recommended for maximum exposure, look for other registrars to roll this out in the upcoming months as well, for maximum exposure you should list at sedo, afternic, moniker, use expanded promotion at afternic to get on, use the ddn at fabulous to get on godaddy, this is exactly what I currently do and generate quite a few offers weekly, tdnam and a few others out there just haven't gotten around to them yet as 5 outlets and my own site and leads is good for now, if the DDN turns out to work nice and 123 reg & enom don't implement it then I will probably slide a couple hundred domains over to fabulous in order to use it, still new but have heard the testing from fabulous wen't well and with 123 reg as 1 of the partners that's a lot of eyeballs on your domains...

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Thank you for your answer and education on this matter..

I am just trying to learn all I can and things sure change quick in this.


As I step through the process that you outlined below, may I post some additional questions to you as they come up?.

Thanks again!.


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The DDN is a game changer and any registrar would have to be crazy not to implement it. Think about the profit margin to the registrar for a regfee name, versus their commission on a 1k DDN name (even if their cut is as low as 5%)..

It is in their interests to promote the heck out of the DDN names over regular names. The name gets transferred immediately to the buyer (no 5 day wait) and the registrar keeps their client without having to send them off through Sedo or some other business..

Making more money = good. Sending your customers to someone else's business = bad. DDN = genius...

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For Premium Domains go to

We advertise much more this site in Google, Yahoo, ... than other marketplaces listed above..

So that's strange some "old" domainers and supposed "experienced" ignore it!.


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Different markets, DDN isn't about premium domains. It's about selling to end users in the $500-$5000 "sweet spot"..

It's about the millions of end users who to go GD/Enom every year and enter something like "" and presenting them with an option that says "Hey! For $1500 you can have"...

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The reason is quite simple Cybertonic... although you provide a great service.. bottom line is traffic. The more people who see your HostGator for sale, the more likely they will purchase. Also consider this... are end users visiting your site or HostGator resellers?.

I have attached a screen shot of the traffic comparison from 123 reg ot PremiumDomains - I think this says it all...

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Lasher is dead on, I think it will be good for quick sales in the low to mid range and not something where you list a HostGator for 100,000 and it sells with an instant DDN push, if you look at some of the sales fabulous posted using the system during their test they will be more along the lines of 500-5000, I do see your advertisements all over but comparing yourself to a 123 reg who spends millions on superbowl ads plus google & yahoo ads is a stretch and turning a DDN conversation into your own self promotion, love 123 reg or hate them but there is no doubt that end user eyeballs are all over their site and when similiar domains show up in a premium HostGator box right when that end user has their credit card out is the best promotion possible as they don't have to search for the alternatives, if they see a HostGator listed at $500 or $1000 right below the one they are about to buy and they like it better and can afford it consider it sold...

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Yeah, Justin hit the nail on the head. To be honest, most of the prices I've seen for those "premium" domains seem very inflated. But I bet 123 reg makes some nice cash off the sales, so more power to them...

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It would be interesting to see how many of those names actually sells at those prices- they are very inflated- and I guess it is a great way to pull the wool over a newbies eyes- lets pay $1450.00 for 1550 google pages, 229 overture..

Comment #10

You're missing the point of the service - "newbies" to what? Those listings aren't aimed at domainers, newbies or not. They're aimed at people looking for a name for their business or latest project. To the market they're targetting OVT and existing google pages is irrelevant, it's all about whether or not the name catches their eye..

Snowman plates? Could easily be worth $1500 to a company that makes holiday decorations. "Snowman plates" in google brings up plenty of product listings..

The existing problem is there might only be 20 companies in the world that make "snowman plates" so how do you get the HostGator in front of them to be noticed? The DDN is aimed at promoting such names in the places where.

Business owners.

Go to register their names, not domainers...

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Unless I am mistaken, dpari is a domainer- as well as many others who reg with godaddy, and see that, and if they are new have no idea if that is a good deal or not-.

The prices are inflated- that was my point- the service is a rip off- that was my point-.

I dont care who they are aimed at- if they are aimed at the business owner, then they are ripping off the business owner-..

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I still maintain the point that at $1500 (not my domain) is a good deal to the right buyer who can leverage it to help their business. If you don't see how or why, I can't help there..

Declaring it a ripoff is just childish. If I offer you a rock for $1,000,000 and you buy it, you have not been ripped off, you have been foolish. You have only been ripped off if I provide false information to justify the price...

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Of course if someone can pay it! good lord we can do that with ANY domain- but do we do it? no. well, you might..

The fact is- just because there might be a buyer for some name that is long, has very little google presence and few searches just might be out there, does not mean you go around charging crazy prices for a HostGator like that..

If that were the case then we all could charge a grand for anything, waiting for that one buyer who just might pay that insane amount..

Declaring it ripoff isnt childish dear, it is common sense-.

Yes anybody can charge whatever they want for a name, and pray they get it. just may have a buyer someday too but you can't charge a grand for it- lets be realistic.

Hey- it's sunday- it looks like I am trying to fight with you here, and I am not :-) we just have differnt opinions on this-.

You have a great rest of the day lasher!..

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Selling at a HostGator forum will get you lower pricing or reseller pricing as your selling to another domainer who has to seek out that end user, selling a HostGator in a premium box right in front of the businessman who has a plan to market their product with it can turn a $50 reseller priced HostGator into a $500 or $1500 HostGator rather quickly, a HostGator is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it or what it is worth to their business model, overture, google results matter to domainers as there looking for pay per click income to justify the price, end users are looking at how much the HostGator name costs and how much profit 1 of their product sales will generate on the new HostGator to determine how much the HostGator is worth to them, traffic, google results may still matter to an end user to some degree but not nearly as much as a domainer as their development and advertising will bring in those results, 500-5000 is almost nothing to any business if the HostGator fits their product they will have no regrets and won't mind paying for a domainers hard work in securing a HostGator they like...

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Great point smash, justin and everyone who contributed to this thread.. sucks, period!.

At least has some clear meaning and purpose..

I appreciate the clarity, 123 reg is just making money where they can anyway they can. Not to mention DECEPTIVE advertising!.

Thanks again!.


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I can see use in the name above - and if someone has a plan for it , I can't see a problem with the price really. By all means - People should not bother with these LONG 2 and 3 word .com's.



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Ok- let me say this just ooooooone more time-.

You can pick and choose what you want from a post- whatever you need to do to pop a zing-.

ALL I was saying is the names are overpriced- just because some business owner who knows nothing about domains buys it, doesnt make it any less over priced- the original question was about the names at godaddy- those names are not carefully chosen via the hard work of domainers- they are run thru the system with keywords regging just about anything avail for the name..

Yes, people will buy them- just like the same fools that pay twice as much for the same item at macys instead of jcpenny-.

If some person pays $3000.00 for $300.00 pair of jeans- no, they are not worth that much folks- they just overpaid - sometimes because they did not know any better..

I am not disputing WHO buys the domains, altho domainers who do not know any better will question them and wonder if they should hook a "premium" domain- THAT is the rip off in my eyes- jusy MY own opinion- 123 reg can go crazy- names will sell-.

You can call crap manure- doesnt mean it stinks any less..

Comment #18

Hi all,.

As some have already mentioned we have recently launched our HostGator Distribution Network (DDN) that allows access for HostGator portfolio owners to list their domains across multiple aftermarket HostGator sales platforms..

Some of these platforms include Registrars, Aftermarket Portals, WhoIs query websites, and Lead Generation Affiliates. In addition, Fabulous also enables HostGator owners the ability to have HostGator sale functionality embedded on their own parked domains with only a 3% (bank fees*) transactional cost for successful HostGator sales..

Our current implementations include a real time aftermarket sales process (during registration attempts) with the world’s largest registrar. We also expect live implementations to extend to four of the top five ICANN registrars progressively between the next few weeks and October. The sales to date have been very encouraging..

The advantages of the HostGator Distribution Network:.

• Dramatic increases in HostGator sale exposure through registrar registration processes.

• Access to new Lead Generators.

• Real time settlement “Instant Transfer Protocol” (60 second settlement).

• Use of HostGator classification, pricing tools and live customer support.

• Centralized management of HostGator sales and traffic.

• Discounted fees for sales generated by your own domains (3%)*.

• High commissions for generating leads as an Affiliate.

• Fixed and/or Make Offer pricing**.

*Please read the full HostGator Distribution Network Terms & Conditions for details..

** Registrars typically won’t display domains without fixed pricing.

Individuals set HostGator prices themselves, however, we can provide Price Guidance if required. Ultimately the customers have final say of how they price their domains..

The commission per sale is variable and again is specified by individuals. That being said, the higher the commission rate you offer, the increased visibility your domains will receive across our Distribution Network..

If anyone has any specific questions or would like more information about the program, feel free to contact me directly..



Comment #19

Thanks for the post Mike.

PLEASE Let us know when the list of Registrars onboard with DDN updates (ENOM Wake UP!.

) I like what I see so far.

PS - Smash , I really think you may be in the wrong industry honestly .... You're saying these "Business Owners" don't know what they are doing for paying these prices ? Ask them what one Ad spot on TV for 30 seconds will run them (Local or Network). Ask them what one Flyer or Ad spot in Local or National Print media will run them. Ask them what they pay for ANY Advertising ATM ...... These domains are a STEAL for them IMO ..... Pay the upfront cost once and renew for 8-35$ per year after..

I really mean No offense - But you sound like someone who hasn't been watching what is going on around the World for the past few years. PRINT Media = On the way out .... Go search around and you'll see several MAJOR newspapers are closing their doors as far as printed media goes. The Corporate World is BARELY waking up now as far as "Domains" are concerned IMO..

Comment #20

I emailed 123 reg as per Mikes request... no response as of yet on their status with DDN...

Comment #21

I believe 123 reg and Fabulous(obviously) are already on board -..

Comment #22

Well.. it appears 123 reg is part of the DDN - Yet, you cannot offer 123 reg domains yet through the DDN (atleast, thats my understanding after speaking with mike)..

So DDN Domains appears on GoDaddy.

But 123 reg domains are not yet allowed on DDN.....

Atleast thats what Ive been told until clarified by GoDaddy...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.