Did Nutrisystem change their number?

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Quick question: Did Nutrisystem change their number? Looking forward for any answer. Second question.. First, my apologies for butting in on the Men's room but I need some help. My husband has just started Nutrisystem with me and he's having trouble figuring out what to put together for breakfast. Since he gets a Nutrisystem entree + a carb (in addition to the fruit and dairy protein) what do you all have as your carb? It seems odd to have a muffin or a scone + a piece of toast. Hope my question makes sense..

Any of your breakfast ideas would be welcome. I'm sure most of you share the same need to have a quick and easy breakfast before heading out the door. HELP!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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Yeah, but it counts though. Seems most of the b'fast entrees have carbs in them too but the Men's plan says to add an extra carb, protein, and fruit..

So on my on-the-go days either a muffin, scone, apple strudel bar, etc. Then for the carb and protein I'll throw a 1oz piece of deli turkey or roast beef on a whole wheat roll. This "sandwich" might seem a little odd for b'fast but it's quick, and for me I don't know, I just like sandwiches...

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Best option is to break brekkie into two meals. Have half later in the office for a mid-morning snack. The granola bars (and sometimes a fruit) work well here. A slice of Arnold's Double Protein bread, toasted tastes good as the brekkie carb..

Another option is to have a cup of milk for protein, a cup of specialK, berries on the cereal, and then have whatever Nutrisystem entree comes that day..

Another good option is oatmeal. On the days when the Nutrisystem entree is oatmeal, that just becomes a bigger overall portion (use boiling water, save the 4 o of milk for elsewhere in the day). Belavita recommends this...

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I have a sandwich almost every morning for breakfast. One slice of whole wheat bread, low sodium roast beef, and whatever other free items you desire. I eat this along with my Nutrisystem breakfast item, and a piece of fruit. At dinner time I often have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...

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I have a piece of toast on the way out the door to the gym or work. Later I have a yogurt mixed in with one of the cereals and some fruit. Morning snack is usually hard boiled egg whites with some fruit...

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Thank you, thank you for helping me out! I knew you guys would have some great ideas! I've been pretty creative with the women's plan I'm on but could not help my husband figure out what to do with that extra carb he gets at breakfast. Must be jealousy..

Good luck to you all and thanks again for the awesome ideas!..

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Every morning for breakfast I eat - whatever Nutrisystem breakfast I pick, 1/2 a medium banana, and egg (usually fried, but not with butter and stuff) and a piece of whole wheat toast. Then my snack is usually low fat string cheese and the other 1/2 of the banana from breakfast. It seems like a lot, but it works for me!..

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For my on the go mornings, I will have a Nutrisystem entree usually one of the granola bars, a hard boiled egg, apple for my fruit and a piece of WW toast. All of which can be eaten in the car...

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Susan, looking at your Avatar...shouldn't you be making your husband sit down for a breakfast of tea and a European breakfast cereal (that the Dutch royal family eats, of course)? And then, brush his coat on the way out...

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You do know that's not me right? That's Hyacinth Bucket, a character off of Keeping Up Appearances (BBC). I'm younger and can't pull of the glove/hat combo quite yet. I hope..

I see a common breakfast theme coming through though. Some sort of breakfast "sandwich" using the carb + a protein seems to be the easiest and quickest answer. Thanks again!..

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Yeah, we know. Dave just made a funny..

Ok cool. Good luck. Guys love sandwiches..


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Late to the topic but I like to tear a piece of toast in half and place a MorningStar veggie sausage between the two halves for a breakfast sandwich...

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I use a low carb wrap and instead of a dairy I chose egg beater(protein) and make a wrap with onions and green peppers...

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Here's a typical breakfast for me.


Nutrisystem Low fat granola + skim milk.

1/2 banana.

Then I eat the following about 1 and 1/2 or 2 hours later.


1 Orowheat Sandwich Thin.

(100 calories) (.

This is the added Carb serving for those with 100+ lbs to lose.


1 boiled egg.

(1 protein serving, sliced and placed onto the sandwich thin).

1 package of string cheese.

(60 caloriesplaced onto the sandwich and microwaved to melt)(.

This is my mid-morning snack dairy serving added to the sandwich.


2 slices of low-fat Jennie Lee Turkey Bacon.

(2 of my free foods for the dayplaced onto the sandwich).

Makes for a great breakfast sandwich!..

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I eat "on the run" at my desk every day. 1 orange, 1 Apple strudel scone (or other Nutrisystem breakfast pastry) and 1 slice of whole grain bread. My morning coffee is 8 oz espresso w/8 oz skim (dairy protein) and sweet n low..

Simple, no prep, and good!.


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When I need to add an extra quick carb more often than not I will just grab a low fat graham cracker...

Comment #16

Thanks guys! Your help is much appreciated. Husband is surprised how "doable" Nutrisystem is even with a busy schedule which I know you all have too. Hoping he has as much success as the crowd here in the Men's Room..

Packing up my estrogen now and heading back to Glitterville but wanted to say a last thank you...

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You did it the right way. Much respect to you hat-gloves lady!..

Comment #18


... and now back to talking about more manly things ... like counting calories, white chocolate chunk cookies.


Low-carb flat bread and, uhm .... big, big t*tties!!!.



(sorry, men - way too much coffee this morning)..

Comment #19

So where the heck is he? Tell him to get his butt here in the Men's Room as it will help him along the way!..

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Thanks to the OP for posting this. My husband just started Nutrisystem too (after seeing me do well after a month on the program). I was trying to help him figure out what to eat and said, "oh, crap, you get a lot more than me!" lol...

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He needs more! Keep in mind you will not be able to lose weight for him. He has got to want to do it. Get him here and have him ask one simple question: "Does this really work?" He will be surprised by the answers and maybe that will motivate him...

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Heh heh heh... t*tties....

Got my own pair thanks. trying to get rid of them..


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