Did Santa go on the Nutrisystem diet?

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First of all Did Santa go on the Nutrisystem diet? Thanks for any answer. Another question I got... I am considering trying to build 10 pounds of muscle over the new year. I don't want to just add 10 pounds of fat and then "displace it". Sorta like being ripped. So my thinking is to add a pound per month (start with an immediate pound now).

But realistically take a few months to notice differences given the slow addition of weight limit as well as how long it takes me to add muscle. Thoughts?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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I'm doing it. 161 immediate. And a pound per month for next few months. It's actually a really slow addition and will motivate me to up my lifts (and I go hard...but still...little extra motivation!)..

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Will try to visit my YMCA "guy" for a bf% measurement every 2 months (2# increase)..

I think this should keep me on top of things, Dick. And I sure know how to power down. Although there is a part of me that toys with going to 155 and just being ripped to all get out. Obviously, I'm moving away from that. But still...I will make it a motivation thing to try to build muscle as fast or faster than the weight increase (so bf% does not climb)...

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It's kind of wild to think how ginormous I would be if I had done roids the last 6 months of regular lifting. Of course, my nuts would be dinky...

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Sounds like a great plan, Poly!! I know you'll find the balance to enable it. My only word of advice: Protein.


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Remember polyboy, we didn't get fat eating good protein (fish, baked/grilled chicken, egg whites, etc). and not by eating too much fruit and salad. stick with that and you'll gain muscle and not fat every time. just keep the processed foods and the bad drinks out of the picture and you should do fine - of course I am talking to someone that already knows that i'm sure....

And do you want to get bulky muscle or ripped? ripped is lower cals more reps. bulky is low reps high weight and lots of protein...u know the drill sargeant..

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I want it ALL! will take what I can get..

I basically think being ripped comes from low bf% on whatever muscle you have. Gaining muscle mass is what allows heavy lifting. I don't think there is much effective difference in doing 1 set super heavy or 2 moderate or the like. Or doing bench versus dips versus pushups, etc. (yes there are subtle differences...but not major ones). I think all that stuff generates bulk and strength. Think that rippedness just comes from dieting off the fat...

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I think getting ripped is easy...just diet the fat off. Getting big is hard (sans roids). and I mean muscle big, not fat big. and it is easy to tell if you gained real muscle, DID THE LIFTS GO UP?..

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Check that bf% often. You may gain a lb of muscle a month as well as gain or lose a lb of fat at the same time. IMHO as long as your lean muscle mass is increasing, you are good...

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Yea, it is harder now I think as we get older to get big. I am on your plan - get to 185 then start building - I usually don't have a problem building but I have not done it in 15 years...may have a lower testosterone level now? I dunno we'll see when I get there - agreed do the bf% thing.

Also, a lifting buddy is probably the best thing you can have. if you don't have one, and you have some cash, get a personal trainer...? spotting on those last sets is the biggest return on muscle building IMO..

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Getting ripped requires some muscle. Otherwise you just look like a chicken..

There is a huge difference in how you train your muscles (how many reps/how many sets/how much weight). Time to work a bit with a qualified trainer that can help you with a program incorporating not only lifting, but nutrition and cardio. After all of the effort and angst you just put into losing weight (great job) you should put serious effort into this as well...

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+1 After many months of randomly throwing weights around, thinking I was doing good I took just a bit of advise from a trainer that caused 'em to literally pop out! Surprised me! BOO!!.


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What I did for the last 6 months was FAR from random throwing around. I kept records, ran a consistent repeated program...never missed a workout for 6 months, LITERALLY never missed one, was able not to get injured despite a post-dislocation shoulder and patella arthritis, etc. Did a mix of remnant PT and large muscle group lifts. Gained 40% strength (and even had a base from previous work). I'm sure with some genetics or Dianabol, I would be a monster now..

That said...sure, I could and should research it more..

I'm kinda leery of the trainers since they all push a different method and don't cite peer-reviewed statistically sound methodology. Almost as bad as orthopods!.

I'm also concerned that they will not appreciate my physical limitations from injuries and how carefully I do things to still get muscle failure without getting injured and needing to miss a workout...

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Knowing your analytical approach, Poly, you're no doubt doing things right. I've never had a trainer per se either, preferring to do things "my way", but was surprised by how a couple simple tips and principles took my results to the next level. Fast. You've probably already gotten those basics (focus on 1 muscle group/day, 3 consecutive sets, etc) that were revelation to me..

Carry on!.


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Poly, I look forward to hearing about your progress and what you learn. As I'm planning to do about the same thing, get to goal weight and then work on some upper body muscle definition. I'll just continue to be 3 months behind you...

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Sure RadsDad..

I lifted very regularly for the last 6 months. (And it was a similar workout "plan" to something that I had been doing irregularly for years.).

There is so much stuff out there: single set versus double versus three versus five. Multi-joint versus isolation, etc. etc. Whole body versus broken body areas..

I just wrote and followed a plan that seemed to make sense to me and steer down the middle of all the options. Is rooted in.

*2 sets of ten (I know, very boring and "high school"...but I really do think that following any program consistently is more important than which flavor of fad you follow. Strength training takes months of really does...sans 'roids and after you have neurological gains created.).

*alternate push/pull so that there is very little "resting time" but the muscle gets some rest. For instance I do a set of bench, then immediately a set of curls, then right back to bench, then right back to curls. If someone is sitting on the apparatus (HATE THAT), I ask to work in. I can also juggle that if for instance curls are occupied after bench, I go to rows (it's a pull also). Capisce?.

* I chose to do 6 lifts a week. Alternating upper body with lower body (3 of each a week). One rest day. This may be somewhat excessive. I don't believe it "hurt me". But I might have made similar gains with 4 lifts a week.

The other benefit is the lifts actually do burn some calories. Really they do..

*I split simply into upper/lower. I think a lot of upper body muscles are engaged even when you think they aren't...for instance gymnasts get huge biceps without any curl motion, just from shoulder related exercise and the whole arm tightening sympathetically. Also that way I hit legs a lot. Of course, there are people who say you should break up back and front and all that...I just ran simple..

* I mixed in some things that are more PT related since I have a bad shoulder and bad knee. But I have plenty of large muscle lifts as well. And even the small muscle weird stuff still gives you some looks benefits. I figure I am beefing up some stabilizers and even the large muscles have some stabilizer effect (for instance for knees, there is a theory to build the whole train up from lower leg all the way to the hips)..

* At one point (long in the long ago) I tried doing swimming on the same day as arms lift and leg cardio on the same day as legs lift. But I found this over-stressed my shoulder and knee. So I went to alternating them. Yes, you don't have a perfect "rest day" then for the body parts...but it's still decent and keeps you active..

* I used to keep a simple log sheet, but shifting to posting online a while ago..

* I only go up on the exercises after two weeks. I restrict myself this way. I found if I tried every single workout to go higher and higher, that I would get injured. I still have had very SOLID gains and tough lifts. But I just wait until the "two weeker" to up the lifts. I still get to lots of failure though.

* I do a pretty non-ballistic lift and like to pause for a one count at point of max exertion (sort of the theory of a negative). For instance at the end point of a hamstring curl...I pause. This might mean the weight lifted is less impressive, but I get a nice burn and feel safer..

I don't have any peer-reviewed science for my practices, but it just felt right for me. There are a lot of guys inherently stronger, but I am really very happy with my documented gains...

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There are some (that I disagree with) that say lifting weights will make you lose weight slower and/or be useless since you can't gain strength in deficit. Sometimes people seem to hold both these beliefs at same time! (Wierd, cause at least they cut against each other.).

1. There is NO WAY that lifting will make you "lose slower". It is it burns more calories just from the motion. Also any muscle that you add, must cause extra fat to have to go away...just from thermodynamics..

2. There might be some truth to the view that you won't build as fast in deficit or at low bf%. However, I gained strength just fine. I think most men, especially if they have not been lifting muchthus have some gains more readily accessible inherentlycan make real strength gains while on a very tough diet (I was losing 3# per week...I did up the protein a little and even the cals though...or would have been losing 4# per week!) Certainly, regular lifting will help reduce the danger of "losing muscle" although even that I think is over-dramatized by most men..

3. After neurological gainst are done, I think documented strength gain is the way to tell if you added muscle. If you are fat, you can get way too confused trying to figure out if the beef is fat or muscle. Bf% is a nice double check, especialy when you get very lean. But most of the time, if you want to know if you got stronger, are you lifting more weight? That is a simple thing to monitor!.

4. Finally once you do it long enough, it starts to get soulful and even fun. This took months for me...but now I'm there. And I just am amazed how I walk through gyms now feeling like "I belong"! It blows my mind!..

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Thanks for all of your program in the past few posts. You have certainly thought about it quite a bit, and should be congratulated for doing some reading. But, if you want to get ripped..... should find a trainer. I have been a gym rat for years. I thought I knew what I was doing based on a sports background and my occupation. I started working with a trainer 5 months ago and she has completely changed my program around. Because of my schedule, we meet every other week. She kicks my butt, and then I incorporate what she gives me into my workouts until the next meeting.

I have actually had to go back to bigger shirts, not for the belly but for the shoulders and chest..

It makes a huge difference. Interview a few, find someone you are comfortable with, and have at it. Hard to be against something you haven't tried...

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