Did the Medifast Diet work for you..?

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Question I have... Did the Medifast Diet work for you..? Thanks for any response. Another question I got... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY.


For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while..

An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Good early morning everyone!.

I'm sorry I was MIA yesterday. I woke up in a total fog, very tired, and running late to get Nevan to school. Made it in time, but I don't like that "rushed" feeling. From there, I went back to mom's to try to get those damn quads going. I got them started and running...but not going. The little one, that I've had all the trouble with, actually moved...but the one that used to move...wouldn't.

Then, mad dash back to pick up Nev from school. My mom lives 40 miles or so from Nev's school and his school is only 2.5 the "rushing" didn't stop. The kids wanted to go to the Mall, which I was happy to do, cuz I needed some sleep BADLY. I slept for 1/2 hour increments for a bit, then took my night-night pills and was out from 3:00 or so until 7:30...pretty good for me..

There sure was a Shammy Shortage yesterday. I think bonus "stars" should go to: Andrea; Andi; Ang; Sandy; Darlene; and Barb...and Lori & Dawn. I think that was everyone from yesterday..

I was OP yesterday...not 'feedin' my face'...I think that was the funny phrase Ang used one day. I miss you guys when I'm not here..

I don't expect any bonus star for submitting my Thanksgiving Day plans, because I'm so late, but I do want to share it..

It's quite simple actually. My mom does all of the cooking, at her house, so I don't have to deal with any leftovers. When I do go back over, my brother and his family will have eaten most everything, but I know there will be green beans and turkey left..

I will be dining on turkey and green beans for the main part of my meal. I do intend to make either the mock apple crisp OR the "pumpkin pie" recipe from Ang. I am TOTALLY good with the turkey and green beans and won't feel deprived. I know I will feel amazing after I eat and everyone else will be miserable..

Ang, did you post the one without Medifast food? I think I missed it. Could you/would you post it one more time? I don't have any of the Medifast food that the other one called for. If you don't have time, I'll do the apple family will be jealous, cuz I won't share...maybe a bite...maybe..

My mom always wants to taste what I'm eating, but there isn't enough to share. lol So, I tell her "no". I guess I could charge her a $1 or something for a bite..

Sand ~ I think it was you who has the drink portion cared for...can you share what it is again? I know it was a sparking something..

Craig bought a turkey from Harry & David today...they are SO good. Very expensive, but he gets a discount, so it makes it more reasonable. He also bought a spiral ham for my mom..

Andrea ~ As far as Christmas decorations go...if you lived in Southern Oregon, they'd still be up from prior years. lol Not mine, of course. I LOVED the NSV stories! I don't think people "saw" you like you're thinking they did before...they are shocked at what you look like now because it's so different...even they didn't realize a problem until they see how great and healthy you look now. Does that make sense?.

Kori ~ Have a safe trip and wonderful time with BF. I wonder how many airports will make you choose between the "body scan" or the "pat down/groping". Which will you choose? I'm guessing the groping, if you have time...but the body scan if you're in a hurry. lol I appreciate hearing the body image stories. It's so interesting how we see ourselves before and after. I have mental stuff to work on, too (of course)...even at my thinnest (145), I still saw myself as heavy.

Ang ~ I hope life starts gettin' back to normal soon. How is Kaitlyn doing with the mama drama? I hope she's hanging in there. Poor Olivia with the sprain...I've heard those are more painful than an actual break. How's your azz? I hope it's getting better..

Sand (again) ~ Do you feel better after getting the donation stuff done? I know you have one more day...the truck comes today, right? Congrats to you, too on the compliment from your beautician. I can REALLY see a difference in your pictures. I love the pics you posted on the Challenge thread. There is such a difference in your face...beautiful!.

Barb ~ I am so proud of you for doing the Wii! Have you done the bowling on Wii Sports? I love the game where you start with knocking down a few pins; then it eventually goes to 100 pins. It's fun to be your high score..

Andi ~ YEAH on the downsizing again! That's got to feel great!.

Lori ~ It was nice to see you yesterday (this morning by the time I got to read back). If I remember, I'm going to send you a PM..

Darlene ~ I know the cardiologist called early yesterday, but did you tell us what he said? I think I must be getting tired again..

Dawn ~ I hope your sick one is better today...usually the weekend helps. But it was nice seeing you here a few times...sorry I wasn't here..

As for the weekend...I'll be working on those damn quads. lol I need the money to pay the new friendly IRS next week..

I think that's all I have for now. I hope I didn't miss anyone..

Much love to you all!!!..

Comment #2

No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals...

Comment #3

Sitting here thinking that I can not believe it's been 2 years since I got to my goal weight..

What a journey this has been on so many levels..

I hope you're all doing well and have a great weekend...

Comment #4

So true! That's how/why I came across you and Ang in "my" beginning...

Comment #5

Happy almost anniversary Captain!.

Good morning shammies..

Crazy busy day today as mom is coming in on Wednesday for the holiday. I have ten million errands to run today, lol..

Lauri - here is the pumpkin pie recipe:.


1 8 oz pkg cream cheese -.

I use the lowfat kind.

1/4 C Splenda.

1 egg.

1 tsp almond extract -.

I didn't have this so I used a few tbsps of SF Hazelnut coffee syrup.


1 egg.

2 egg whites.

1 15 oz can pumpkin.

2/3 C Splenda.

I only used 1/2 cup.

1 C whipping cream or Half and Half -.

I used nonfat Half and half.

3 tsp pumpkin pie spice -.

I doubled this b/c I really like cinnamon flavor, lol.

1 tsp vanilla.

Tsp salt.

How To Prepare: Preheat oven to 400 degrees..

Spray bottom of pan pie pan or 8x8 glass pan..

Combine first 4 ingredients and mix well until smooth..

Spoon into pan to make bottom layer..

Beat eggs. Add remaining ingredients. Mix..

Pour over cream cheese layer.

Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes..

Then lower oven temperature to 325 degrees..

Bake an additional 45 minutes..


Refrigerate left-overs...

Comment #6

I forgot to add this makes an actual huge pie...I put the whole mess into a regular size pie tin...

Comment #7

Thanks Ang!.

So...I'd like to amend my Turkey Day Challenge to include nothing but the entire pie mentioned above.

Thank you...

Comment #8

LOL. I really love pumpkin pie, so I was searching high and low for a suitable healthy alternative. Also, please note that I ALWAYS tend to be on the lower carb side of things...I stick with mostly lowest carb veggies and Medifast meals - i.e. the 10 carb meals such as the soups, eggs and diabetic shakes so I usually have room for the extra 10/12 carbs a slice of pie has...

Comment #9

Okay for all the late rising shams ... have a great day. I'm bouncing to go run my 80 million errands...check back later..

Comment #10


Where'd you pick that up from?.

I just ran some errands and went to the gym..

Taking S'Dad in to NY today to Peter Luger's for steak dinner for his b'day. He turned 71 on 11/16..


Comment #11

Lauri - thanks for the great shout outs. Rock star. You get your Thanksgiving plan bonus star fo sure. I sold from Darlene having sparkling water in a nice wine glass and I like diet root beer..

Lori - hope you have a good day. Exercise feels so good. Thanks for the quotes..

Angela - thanks for the recipe..

Morning Shammies when you get here..

I have a Francophile event today - Cart (golf) rally and then wines of the world. We are bringing an Italian appetizer. I will have salad and shrimp and sparkling water. It is a fun group of people...

Comment #12

Lauri - the donations went fine. The lady at the resale story was very appreciative. They donate the proceed to a special needy group and got a ruling from the IRS that because of the charity role of the boutique then can no longer take consignments only donations. She said the amount of merchandise has really dropped off since the ruling. I figured my tax deductions vs. portion I would get if consigned were close enough.

So they should get a nice return. I have not dealt with my St. John suits yet. We sold a bunch on ebay when I retired. But I still have a bunch.

John store and get them altered and then maybe back to ebay with the others. I am hoping what we get on ebay will pay for the alteration. Ok, more blah, blah then you wanted..

I am so pleased you are on this thread. You are so supportive and "listen". Thank you...

Comment #13

Lori - I am so proud of you and maintenance. You are my hero. I think if Lori can do this then maybe she will help me and I can do this. Thank you...

Comment #14

Thank you Sandy (and Darlene). I forgot...I haven't had a diet Pepsi in forever, so I'd probably like that, too. I wonder how one of the flavor infusers would taste with diet 7-up. May have to try that. Silly sparkling water found with the soda pop stuff?.

I'm glad you have cart rally AND then wines of the world. Could be dangerous the other way around...but perhaps more entertaining. lol.

Your planning ahead is what makes you such a great success!!!.

Love ya!..

Comment #15

Andi - YAY on undergrowing your clothes..

Angela - thanks for posting on the challenge..

Lauri - yes in the soda section...

Comment #16

Hey, I'm all about the blah-blah...I invented the don't ever feel like I don't appreciate the blah-blah..

That is a real bummer about the consignment ruling. It would be nice to get a little something...but I am super proud of you for donating. Someone will surely appreciate all of your nice things..

When I left the bank, I went through my closets...only it was not a good idea, because it was all my skinny clothes (skinny for me). The good part was that I took ALL of my work clothes to the bank and gave them to my former co-workers. Most of the employees didn't make much...banks are the pits as far as pay, unless you're in Mgt. (I was lucky to have the position that I had). Some of them had such potential, but needed some help with the "dress for success" part. They were all thrilled to be digging through stuff and picking out what they wanted..

Perfect timing for the holiday sweaters, too (for everyone but you)..

I'm glad you got that task done. It must feel good..

Have a wonderful time this afternoon/evening with golf and sparkling water...

Comment #17

Remind me to tell you all about my adventure at Easter Seals when I picked Nathan up the other night. It was quite my opinion. I believe I was getting hit on. Sand, you will think it's very funny because of the subject matter..

Be back in a few...

Comment #18

Just rediscovered diet RB... I like Barq's and hubbie prefers A&W - you?..

Comment #19

Morning lovelies!.

Done with my Saturday 'Ra run - it felt pretty good but I was TIRED today. need to map my run to see how far we went but if it was 2 miles I'll be VERY surprised. but stiull - every little bbit!.

Headingt o the car store today - hubbie is finally thinking about getting his "graduation" car... but he wants what he wants so we will see......

Then back to our psych project - we have found that we get more done when we work together - believe it or not!!! got 3 slides finished yesterday and hope for 4 more today. maybe 4 more tomorrow while he is at work....

Finally - a party for my landlord's hubbie tonight. should be interesting but since it's on property - we don't have to stay long which will make it easier to be....

Super OP today - no BLTs...weighing it all.... low sodium. and of course water, water, water! so on to it!..

Comment #20

Ok, I won't make you wait any longer. lol.

So, I went to pick Nate up at Easter Seals, the night of their Thanksgiving dinner and a movie. It was over at 9 p.m., but I left a little early (I was nervous to drive, because I can't see very well at night). I got there around 8:45 and sat right behind Nate. He was talking to a young lady and I didn't want to drag him out early. He didn't see or hear me. Anyway, one of the young men who goes there is blind.

I didn't want to interrupt him either, but he started talking about Glenn Beck...not favorably. lol I can't even remember what he said, but he was sort of yelling it and no one was responding, then he said "I'm crazy". Nate told me later that the guy (Matt) does that all the time (sort of yells out random things). Anyway, I jokingly said, "wait a second", about the Glenn Beck comment. I immediately got his attention and he turned to me.

I'm Lauri, Nathan's mom.". He asked me why I liked Glenn Beck. He said, "he's an alcoholic, coke snorting, mormon". I went on to say that he was a recovering alcoholic and doesn't do drugs any longer. He was so funny...everything I said, he replied with "how do you know?".

He said "I've heard he's a 'weeper', what does that mean?". I explained that he gets a bit passionate about things and does get emotional about what he believes in. Anyway, he would not let it go...all in good fun though. I told him that Glenn Beck has written several books. His response? "Were they about how he drinks; snorts coke; and he's a morman?" He had me so flustered, I couldn't even think about what books he's written other than his Christmas book.

I said that I used to drink, but not so much anymore. He asked if I've ever gotten drunk and then, how many times I've been drunk and how much it takes me to get drunk. I said, I don't know how much it takes me to get drunk. He said, "like 12 beers?". I said, oh gosh no, more like 6.

I found the whole thing pretty entertaining. It's probably one of those things where you would have had to be there. Nathan said, "was he hitting on you?". lol I said "I'm not sure". Nate replied with "he's an inquisitive fella"..

Ok...that's my story...

Comment #21

Morning everyone,.

Andi, I really like diet A&W but don't think I've tried Barq's. Have you ever had diet Vernors (if you even have that brand of ginger ale) and a splash of low-fat half & half? It's great! Also works with diet root beer. Nice treat for a change. Lori, have fun in NY. We're just gonna hang around here for the day and watch the football game. Holly asked me to watch the boys tomorrow so she can paint her living room.

Plus, I have to tie down the cupboards, etc. to keep their little hands outlol. It's amazing how you have to child-proof your house to keep them safe and your good things intact. Hope everyone gets a little fun time in from running around this weekend. See ya later...

Comment #22

Andi ~ I'm glad the project is going well. WAY cool that it's more productive with hubby!.

What kind of car is hubby looking for? That'll be fun..

I'm tired and the day hasn't even started yet..

Have fun tonight! You guys will do great staying OP! How much has DH lost thus far?.

Much love to ya!..

Comment #23

Toyota FJ. it's the boxy SUC-ish thing Toyota makes. and in addition to the features he wants - it also must be green. his rule - not mine...but I like it.

He's lost about 7# - same as me more or less..

And "inquisitive fella" made me giggle..

Comment #24

Barb ~ You are so brave! It's funny as the children get older how quickly they can get into those childproof cabinets. Nevan had them figured out before I did. lol.

You're such a great mom and g-ma..

When do you get to see your son again?.

Enjoy the football game..

Is it cold there? I am freezing here. We are supposed to get a sprinkling of snow...but the weather person is never right. I like to look at it, but am scared to drive in it without my SUV. I don't think Mustang's were necessarily built for snow. I guess we'll see. lol..

Comment #25

Very cool! Best of luck..

AWESOME on the 7 pounds, too! It's sure a better feeling going down...

Comment #26

I think I'm going to take a little nap...I hope it's little...and then go back to the quads. Fun-fun-fun!..

Comment #27

It's been in the 20s and 30s this past week and we've had a few flakes of snow. They're saying we could get some rough weather the middle of next week but I hope not cuz of holiday travelers, etc. Besides, my 22# turkey will already be thawedlol. I think we're going to TN in Jan. to see my son and grandson. It's my grandson's BD at the end of the month so we usually go then. Don't hurt yourself today Lauri...

Comment #28

I like A&W..

Love all the chatting..

Lauri - thanks for the story..

Barb - have fun with kiddos..

Andi - YAY on run and slides. What is your project about? Are slides - power point or medical?.


Comment #29

Just a quick hello and a thanks for those that have checked on me. Ill be back soon once I have myself back on a good track and feel I can provide positive things to this board. Hope you all understand...

Comment #30

This is why you are so amazing and have been an inspiration to me from the very beginning. Hope you have a wonderful weekend also...

Comment #31

Hope you get all those errands done. Seems like I am constantly running errands these days...

Comment #32

Have a great dinner with S'Dad. How have you been feeling physically? Sounds like you are doing a bit better since you are up rocking the gym on a Saturday...

Comment #33

Morning all and I will be first to say hang tough Lara- hugs from everyone and check back soon and often..

Comment #34

I only have time for a quickie ;-) story of my poor DH life lol.

No really - out the door for errands between rain storms-gotta get while the getting is good. I want to use the great quote backs like Kori and Lauri and others use, because I have I didnt take my "dontforgetitall" medication today =) not to be confused with Geritol which I probably need as well..

Like my state leader says...I'll be back and need to bounce to the challenge board too..


Comment #35

Lara - we are here to help. Thanks for posting...

Comment #36

Thanks for checking in Lara. We know you will be back when you can, we will be here...

Comment #37

Hey all.. just checkin. sorry I was missing part of the day yesterday and now the most of today. all is good, just busy with kids. going to try to catch up.....

Comment #38

Hi all...

Hey lara... no worries. just know that we care about you..

Hi ang... thanks for the recipe..

Hi lori... hope your dinner is nice.

Sandy... enjoy the italian night.

Hi andi... oh men and their cars..

Hey lauri... crazy story. LOl about the christmas decorations up all along..

Hi barb... good luck with those little ones. 22# turkey... yum!..

Comment #39

Sorry about the stinky shout outs. headed to BF house then soccer tomm and baking with kids at home tomm. try to check in asap....

Love to all shammies here and not here!..

Comment #40

Do you realize you lost the equivalent of.


'22' pound turkeys.


Love ya! Have a good evening!!!..

Comment #41

Quick fly in to say hi and now it's back to dinner. Love ya...

Comment #42

Hi everybody! Errands are mostly I'm moving on to the housecleaning portion of my day since I was a lazy butt this afternoon and rented sex and the city 2. Not that good..

Lauri - I love your stories. They make my whole day..

Comment #43

Hi Barb!.

Hi Ang! Thank you!.

Love you all,..

Comment #44

Been a LONG day here...DS was awake a LOT in the night with his cough and then awake at 5 a.m. with high fever. We went to the dr. this morning. He has bronchitis. So...a BIG dose of antibiotics and an afternoon of movies later, here I am.

Off to watch Toy Story 3...just wanted to say hi quick. Have a GREAT night everyone...

Comment #45

A&W doesn't have the "bite" barq's has... I like both....

Project is pre-formatting for PPT - we have to do it in a word doc but similar concept... we are working on psych medications. it will be part of a larger online product for emergency nurses. depending on content - may be marketed to other nursing specialities so we are trying to keep it pretty general but forused on crisis stuff and not chronic issues as much. Kind of fun but wish we had started sooner and also that we had more time......

Comment #46

Evening lovelies!.

Hubbie has a grin ear to ear from driving his new Toyota FJ - rides SO Smoothly! we are really going to enjoy it and I will feel better knowing he is a bit safer on the road than in his old Honda Accord - especially in the coming snows.......

Comment #47

Hi Andi and congrates on the new car.

Dawn...sorry your son is sick...that's always sad..

I am very tired but my tub is scrubbed and the 1st of many loads of laundry have been started..

Tomorrow it's all about the outside exercise baby...we're hopefully going to start on the lights and we have all the leaves in all the world in by backyard, lol..

Have a great night all...

Comment #48

Had a nice day. A long day. Am just settling in now..

Got to Brooklyn for 2:00 and had an amazing lunch/dinner..

Stupid expensive - but amazing food and stellar service..

Took a little joy ride thru Manhattan afterwards..

Took S'Dad home, went to the mall, came back here, went to Target and then to try and find a pair of boots. I found a pair, but not sure if I love them..

That's it from here..

Hope e'one's doing well..

Mad love...

Comment #49

Thank you so much..

If you want the help and you want to keep the weight off, you will..

But you know you gotz to want it..

And I'm always here to help you...

Comment #50

Thank you for saying so, Ms. I've Only Got 23 Pounds Left to Lose...cause you inspire the sh!tz out of me, too...

Comment #51


I've been trying to do better with the exercise and I'm feeling okay..

Except the crazies in my head and bloat from all of the hormonal insanity..

But I'm doing okay..


Comment #52

Evening Shammies,.

We had a lot of fun at the golf cart rally and came in third place. So we got a nice bottle of wine and a purse key fob thing. The food looked great. Talked to lot's of friends and was full after eating my shrimp and salad. Number of people commented on my weight and wanted to know how I did it. But before you can answer they are off to something else.

Bad news is a lost one of my pearl earrings. I love them and wear them most days. Life goes on. Need to go and practice piano. I will post on the challenge thread in the morning..

Comment #53

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.