Did the Medifast Diet work for you? and...?

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Got a quick question: Did the Medifast Diet work for you? and...? Looking forward for any response. My other question... Welcome to the thread for Daily Weighers Clubhouse team. Here's a place you can hold your head up high and jump on that scale as much as you want without judgment !.

To Join:.

Just Reply to this thread and introduce yourself.

We like to name our scales (mine is "Bones") Tell us what yours is..

Post your Daily Weigh and support your fellow DW's.

Have Fun!.


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Comments (93)

I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Well I'm up a bit today, not unexpected... 202.6.

I took a benadryl to sleep (I have no clue if this bloats me or not), I ate too much salt, and going by the way my chest feels PMS is starting to invade my body. I am off the scale until Friday now..

Heading to Curves this am, and then dishes and laundry, what an exciting life..

Comment #2

Good Morning!!!.

Thanks for the Feb post Anna!! Drink your water today girl!!!.

Can't talk too much this morning. I have to take the little DD to a new neurologist this morning. We are really hoping to get some answers for her!.

I was up as well. 192.6 today..

Not a good trend.. I have to watch my L&G closer, I know I've gotten a little too much Lean and not enough Green!!.

Catch you all later!!..

Comment #3

Yay!!! JANUARY IS OVER!!! It's my least favorite month of the year...dark and cold. However, it is 11 BELOW zero right now, and the windchill is 31 below. I think it's the coldest I've been in ever, and it's supposed to be almost 20 below tomorrow morning..

So I was thinking that we should post our "hopes" for the month with weight. We had some awesome things happen in January, Mia reaching goal, EMT reaching Onederland, people lost a lot of weight and saw new decades. What is your hope for Feb?.

For me, I lost 6.2 pounds for the month of January. It would be a stretch goal for me to see the 170's by the end of the month...but that's my goal. That would mean I need to lose 8 this month to get there. Weight is the same for me this morning...

Comment #4

Good morning DWers,.

Anna - thanks for starting the Feb thread!.

WL and I aren't speaking today.. he has me up 1.6 pounds (yeesh!) this morning. Lack of sleep, too much sodium, eating my last meal too late, exercising at 11pm, stress from clinicals starting this morning (delayed entry gave me a long nap after I got up the first time).. but yucky nonetheless. Should whoosh back off soon as I can get some solid sleep..

Have a great day everyone.. cheers,..

Comment #5

Good Morning everyone! Today is my "official" weigh in day and Lesster has me UP at 177 this morning. This is why I weigh daily, I've been at 176.4 - 176.6 for a couple of days. If I only weighed on Tuesdays I wouldn't know that! No idea why I was up this morning..

It is snowing here and supposed to snow/sleet/rain through tomorrow. I am not going to work - I have an hour commute and it will only be worse on the way home. Gonna try to do some work from home (even though I will still have to take a sick day, working from home is not allowed).

I am thinking of starting P90x - I am going to post on the January starters p90x thread with some questions so if anyone here is doing it would you mind checking out my post over there?..

Comment #6

Morning Dw's.

AHHHH!! There's a bad trend going on! Dude has me up as well. 1.2lbs. I didn't have any salt. I think I fell into some old habits. I have not eaten breakfast at my normal time for the last two mornings. Eating late for me is dangerous.

Thankfully with Medifast I carry my foods with me.BLAH>.

Ok, It's snowing!.

I will check in later when I'm awake more and have my glasses on. Have a great day...

Comment #7


I think that's a great idea and I will post mine at the end of this post.


Eat on time!!!.


Have fun with P90X once I get mine back (dh has it in Iraq) and get well under 200 I think I may start it again.


L drink your water and I hope you get to sleep soon !.


I hope yours whooshes of too.

My hopes for FEB: The big one is UNDER 200 lbs, I hope to lose 10 lbs in my 4 feb weigh ins also..

I just got back from my workout and am going to catch up on all my DVR shows now..

Comment #8

Good Morning! I finally feel like I'm getting back to the routine. Sassy has me at 158. Two more pounds till I'm back to losing 40!.

Getting ready for the big snow event today and tomorrow. I live in northern NY, about 30 miles from Albany. Here it should be all snow. The meteorologist said that this storm will hit 33 states, so it's a big one! I love snow, but I have to admit when someone posted that they were laying out in the sun I was slightly jealous! I love the beach/sun just as much as I love the snow..


, great idea for posting our hopes. I'm going to be conservative since I'm just getting back into the routine. I hope to stay OP and have an 9 pound loss this month. That will bring me into the 140's..


Y- Good luck with the neurologist. Thinking good thoughts for you and your daughter.


L- You'll get the whoosh soon. Lack of sleep and decreased water and increased sodium are killers for dw. You'll be down again in no time..


- If I don't eat breakfast at my normal time it makes it too easy for me to skip meals then eat too much later in the day. The great thing with Medifast is that it only takes a day or 2 OP to see the scale go down again. We're gearing up for the storm too. Should make for great skiing/boarding conditions this weekend though (as long as the ice stays south)!.


Love the pictures you post!.


- I am thinking of P90 too, I'll check out your posts..

Have a great day & stay warm!!!..

Comment #9


I meant to add good luck at the neurologist too!!!! I'm glad Zuzu reminded me.



Stay warm all of yo with snow/ice/etc..

Comment #10

Just realized I may have made it sound like Lesster was showing me a gain for the WEEK - not the case. For the week I was down 1.6, it just would have been 2.2 if yesterday (or Sunday?) had been my official weigh in..

Oh, and as for Feb. goals - if I do start p90x I suspect it may affect my losses but best case scenerio I'd love to be down 8 lbs. by March 1st!..

Comment #11

I would like to wear a 10 and have it big on me! That too me would be a perfect 10...

Comment #12

Happy February dear DW's! We are all one more month toward skinny, fit and healthy! I am not only firmly entrenched in ONEderland, but I am well over 1 month No Smoking! I feel better. Very cold here -17 this morning. Snow and ice last to play with a couple of "bumper cars" (a Motor Vehicle Accident) in the ditch last night when the temperature was -23. Didn't sleep, and came home and had an extra Medifast meal. I needed fuel, but eating just a couple hours before WI and NO SLEEP has Epstein up .4. (But that.

'1" in front of the number is....idk, a happy place!) Today's plan has me with tons of water, limited salt, limited coffee, and 100% OP! I even got a new stretching/power yoga DVD that I'm looking forward to starting..


~Thanks again for taking care of all of us and starting the February thread! Sounds like you had a rough day yesterday too....Today will be a great day, drink your water, rest a bit, and think ONEderland thoughts. Enjoy watching your DVR shows. As cold as it is here, I'm staying in and watching all my old BONES DVD's!.


~Good Luck with the neuro! Hugs coming your way!.


~Water, sleep, and less stress are the "orders" for the day! Have fun with your clinicals!.


~I'm working up to I'm adding a 1/2 hour "power yoga" routine to my (DVD) 30 Day Shred! As soon as I'm below 189 I can start the C25K, and as soon as I'm in the routine of the C25K, I'm thinking P90X. Can't wait to hear @ your progress..


~Stay on Plan and on SCHEDULE and the scale will "reward" you! That's my goal for today too! (being at the hospital all day yesterday threw me off, BIG TIME!).


~Putting down a goal is a great idea! (Thanks!) I want to lose 11 pounds and start the C25K...a bit ambitious but there it is! Whether I make it or not, that's the goal I have to focus on right now! I'm chomping at the bit to run but need a bit more weight off the knees first. Oh, and I got 4 pair of size 12 Levi's on eBay...I'd like to be comfortably in those soon! (AND, the goal dress arrived!) I actually put a hook up and it hangs on my bedroom wall now! First thing I see when I wake up and last thing I see before I go to sleep!.


~It's been a CRAZY winter here in Montana! Not a ton of snow here in the valley (lots at elevation). My friends back in Connecticut(and NY, MA, ME and VT)are getting slammed! Here, I've got the sub-Zero temps (-44 in Havre last night) and ice! Stay safe, and stay WARM! I'm glad you're back....You'll be back to your 40 here soon!.

OK....time for my morning coffee! Sorry if I missed anyone! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #13

Hi ladies,.

I didn't get on the scale again today. I feel miserable and bloated right now. Hubby was getting on my nerves this AM. He has been home WAY to much already with being home. Usually I have a night to myself when he does his Tang Soo Do but Mondays he is home. They also haven't had a couple of classes because when school gets cancelled so no class..

My goal for February is to get firmly into the 160's...

Comment #14

Happy February DW'ers!.

Anna - thanks for getting us started..

Wow! I don't remember a time when so many people were UP. I was exactly 255.0 again today. Same as yesterday, on the button. I figure a whoosh is in order by my official Thursday weigh-in..

We're in blizzard conditions in Oklahoma too. Everything is closed and I'm glad (I think) that I can work from home. I imagine we'll all be here tomorrow too. I have no desire to get out by DH and my sons are always antsy and want to go..

My biggest hurdle in times like this is to not munch around in boredom. Luckily there are chores to be done here at home and plenty of work I can do as well..

Wishing everyone a warm and safe and OP day!..

Comment #15


Glad you weren't in our trend of gains today.

Hope you're keeping warm..

Are you all frozen, it's quiet in here today !..

Comment #16

Happy/funny Nvs. I tried the dh's pants on earlier (don't ask) and they fit! They were actually a bit big. There is a first ever! Dh takes a 33/32 pant. When we met in 1983 he was 98lbs. I did my job and fatten him up.hehehe!..

Comment #17


That is one of my goals too, although even when I'm thin I have hips so men's jeans are not usually a good fit...

Comment #18

I love mens jean shorts! I have hips and a big butt! Ok, well I use to. I made a really good chili tonight for dinner...

Comment #19

Just got back from another MVA on the icy roads and let me tell you: IT IS DANGED COLD OUT! (-12 right now, but the windchill is much colder) I am prett'near froze! (doesn't shivering and trying to warm your body burn lots of calories? I wonder if the Bugg would track that kind of thing....hmmmm.) Well I'm off to bed....thinking I'm going to sleep in tomorrow, if possible, so I may not catch up with most of y'all 'til your afternoon/evening! Hugs! ~ML..

Comment #20

Good morning DWers,.

Just a quick hello on my way out for clinicals - no such luck for a delay today. Only got a couple of hours of sleep.. I hate this part of nursing school - all paperwork and stress, not a lot of sleep. WL has me down 0.4, probably only because there was no where else to go, LOL..

EMT - Glad you made it safe and sound, and yes I would think you'd have to burn more energy when it is that cold out and your body is working to stay warm! I just ordered the BodyMedia Fit (Bugg-like object) and hope UPS is going to deliver it today. I guess I"ll find out about that cold = more energy thing soon..

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #21


Hope you get/got some sleep..


, sorry you didn't get much sleep and have to go out on the roads..

Phrog took back the water weight so I'm back to 201.5.

It's really really windy here but at least it's not cold...

Comment #22

Lesster had me back to 176.4 today. He is playing games with me - being up yesterday so on weigh in day my loss was .6 less and I just missed the half way mark for my total loss..

Ethel and Cali - hope you get a chance to catch up on the missed sleep! We have a 2 hour delay today due to ice so I have to go get ready to go in and brave the ice...

Comment #23

Morning Ladies,.

Well I stepped on the scale today. I am up 2 lbs which is OK because I seem to have had to much salt yesterday. My boots and ring were pretty snug this AM so that mean TO much salt. I am drinking my water today as always....

Tomorrow is a dr appt with a new dr. I was hoping to be down another 10 lbs before my appt but it isn't working that way. I am running out of medication and need to get either a refill or try a new round of meds. I REALLY need my diuretic that I take. It helps immensely with the water retention and I haven't taken it for a while due to being out of it. My happy pills I have another 30 days but I can't wait that long..

I am a great lesson last night. My tall boots which last summer were so tight that I couldn't wear anything but the slimmest pants and socks with them. Slid over top a thick pair of breeches and I had room to put my entire hand in them. That is a great feeling!!!..

Comment #24

Lots of updates to do!. were clinicals yesterday?.

Hi Sugar! Are you going to join our P90X group? We'd love to have you! 8 pounds is my goal too for the month...we'll see! I do an extra hour of cardio every day in addition to p90X...we'll see if that helps!.

Hi'll lose that weight fast. I've found routine is really important for me for staing on track. I love your goal for the month! DH wears the exact same size! I should try them on (but I need a 36" inseam!).

Hi ZuZu...that's a great goal for the month!!.

Hi EMT! The next best thing about hitting Onederland is when your highs are still in Onederland...not just the lows! You listed some great goals for the month! Hey, congrats on the smoking!!! I guess I didn't realize or remember you were going through that. That is a great accomplishment!.

Katie...nice goal for the month!.

Hi TKD. You talked about boredom munching...that is a huge problem for me, too. Plus when it's this cold (-18 right now) I have this general feeling of anxiousness. "What is going to break?" "Will the city run out of natural gas?" "Will my furnace break?" "Why do I smell gas in the basement?"....yeah I can tend to be a worrierwhich is a dangerous thing for me for eating..

Cali...yay on the scale. It'll come!.

Katie...awesome on the boots!!!.

Whew! lots of updates! It's -18 here (not windchill!). Scale has been the exact same for 3 days in a row. Tomorrow is my official + closes out the 4th month for today is my "Last Chance Workout!" ...

Comment #25



!!! Hopefully you'll get some movement tomorrow on your scale. How's your hand doing?.


, great on your boots, what a great NSV..

Comment #26

Hi Cali! I'm not sure it's healing much's been splinted for a week now, I have to take the splint off every 5 minutes to wash a dish or something. Mabye it is a little. If it's not better in 3 more weeks they'll do an MRI and shoot dye into the hand/wrist. I kinda don't want that!.

Hey...NSV here...I love that my jeans are still loose with long underwear on!!..

Comment #27

Keep warm, -19 is pretty darn cold. It's going to be here but man is it WINDY!..

Comment #28

Good Morning DW'ers!.

EMT - I forgot to congratulate you on being an ex-smoker too!! Thanks Smasty for the reminder. EMT - I am always amazed at the number of EMT folks who smoke. I see them standing outside the ambulance smoking all the time. Of course my state has one of the highest smoking rates in the nation, but still. I assume it's the stress, and can certainly understand that, but it seems like it would be very tough to quit if everyone around you is smoking. Like, it's really rare that one spouse can quit if the other doesn't because the smoking spouse triggers the non-smoking spouse at every turn.

If you guys are out battling to get to sick folks in all the snow, Thank You!.

Anna - Congrats on letting go of the water. Your whoosh is on it's way!!.

Katie - Love the boot story. I can't even get trouser socks to stay up on my calves so boots seem like a far away goal. But hopefully it will come one day!.

Smasty - I love the "last chance workout" analogy. I've been sitting at about the same weight for three or four days now after a whoosh earlier in the week, and Thursday is also my official weigh-in day. After I finished the personal training sessions before New Year, I haven't done any exercise, apart from hiking in the nature park near my home on two different Saturdays. Today, since I'm still snowed in, I am committing to do a workout video. I'll think of it as my last chance workout too!.

Mia - that's cool about putting on your hubby's jeans! My hubby has gotten so skinny I don't even think that is a goal of mine. I don't mind a few womanly curves, just so long as they're not a bunch of fat lumps and rolls! LOL.

So "Live" had me at 254.8 today so down .2 lbs. I just keep hovering around 255, but I will workout today and I hope that will make a difference for my weigh-in tomorrow. I also learned that the Extra sugar-free "desserts" gum has 2 carbs per stick! I won't be chewing that anymore! I only had 3 pieces a day, as allowed, but that's 6 carbs that I can't afford..

Have a wonderful OP day Everyone!..

Comment #29

Epstein is still holding steady at 199.2, but I'm ok with that b/c "IT'S ONEDERLAND, BABY!" I've proved to myself that lack of sleep does affect weightloss, so I'm back to bed. (Had a VERY LONG night with accidents and sick people!).


~In the negative double digits here too! Hope the wrist heals well and fast..


~Your BIG WHooSH is coming! Are you ready?.


~Great NSV! I'm thinking I need to dig out all my tall boots and try them on again..


~Wow! Your hubby's jeans. That's pretty cool!.


~Have fun with clinicals! I'm getting ready to start an online nursing program. (Paramedic to RN) It's kind of a cool thing. I get credit for my years of patient care experience and just have to take the actual nursing classes. Then make it through the exams!.


~That extra desserts gum is so good, that I can't let myself buy it! I tend to want to do my condiments with a meal! tho' I will admit that I keep the ambulance supplied with one of those Eclipse go-cups of gum.....A few carbs are a small price to pay for not breathing "dragon breath" on a patient in the middle of the night! So basically I ONLY chew gum on midnight runs! (when I roll out of bed to go on a call without brushing my teeth!) And you are right! A surprising number of health care workers smoke. I know when I was going through P-school, as a single mother to a toddler, and working a full time job, I LIVED on Mt. Dew and Cigarettes. Kept me functioning until I could crash! (and I wonder when/where I got so un-fit and un-healthy!).

Good Morning.




! Sorry if I missed anyone!.

Electric bed warmer on...check. 1 water bottle down, spare on nightstand....check. Medifast meal order placed.....check. L&G in crockpot......check. Okay then, I'm back to bed for a couple hours sleep. Then back to work! I'm still on call and I'm teaching the EMT-Basic Refresher Class over the next couple weeks so I must prepare! (A 24 hour class that every EMT needs to take, every 2 years for recert....) Busy afternoon ahead, must sleep now. Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #30

TKD. yell at me, I'll yell at you, we'll have a killer workout today!.

EMT...have a good sleep, dear! You deserve it!.

Thanks EMT said's not just cold, it's DANERGOUS! Poor doggie doesn't understand why she can't go to the park..

I love that gum too!!! (watermelon, lime, and strawberry are my favs) I keep a pack all the time in the car, so that's the only time I chew it...but I have about 10 sticks a week I think...

Comment #31

Morning Dw's.

Dude is still playing games. I think a little extra hot tea or more water is going to be the norm for a few extra days. My body is liking 160.2lbs. I quess I'll change my ticker to reflect it..

I'm off to the mall. They didn't close. ;(.

Have a great day all...

Comment #32


Got some rest..


Sorry you have to work...

Comment #33

This was almost on page 3, we're so boring lately LOL!.

Gum gives me horrible gas, I wish I could chew it...

Comment #34

Heee Anna - I think we are so slow because I've been slammed with school - not as much time for me to fill up white space ;-).

Speaking of which, I"m just checking in because I was posting to the C25K thread and couldn't resist sticking my nose in too. Lots of homework tonight though, so I"d best get to it if I want to try for bed at midnight (hey, a girl can dream!). Clinicals again tomorrow..

Cheers to all,..

Comment #35

Work was slow today due to the snow and ice..

Ethel- hope you get your homework done and some sleep before your next class..

Cali-it is quiet today..

Have a great night all...

Comment #36

Cali - no, not a teacher. I work for the state. I am an attorney, I represent abused and neglected children in Child Protective Services cases...

Comment #37

Morning DW's jumpy has me at 139.2 so glad it's February.... January sucked!!!! I decided to change my goal to 127 so I have 12.2lbs to go.. That would be a great spring present... Anyway have to drive my son to school check back later.


Comment #38


I hope you got some sleep..


I'm shocked they didn't close you all up..


Thanks for the answer, I just wondered b/c of the delay. I am in awe that you can do that job, it'd make me emotionally drained all the time..


You are doing great!.

Good Morning! I am still at 201.5, hopefully when I get my TOM I'll lose a bit. Meeting a friend for coffee and tonight we have Middle School Family Book club. Have a great one everybody!..

Comment #39

Good morning! Lesster had me down to 175.8! That's .6 from yesterday! Interestingly yesterday I purposely ate on the high end of the carb and calorie range. I'm wondering if that isn't what my body needs, a least every so often. In the beginning of the program (we're talking months not weeks) I was REALLY tired at night frequently. I think I'll play around with it for a few weeks - all high days for a little while and then alternating a couple high with a couple low..

Cindy - looking good!.

Anna - maybe once TOM comes you will get your whoosh down to onederland!.

Hope everyone is dug out of the snow by now. It looks like we got spared - some of the pics on the news were crazy!..

Comment #40


It could just be the switch up, maybe you can try that once or twice a week to shake things up.


Comment #41

Morning DW'ers!.

"Live" must be sluggish due to the weather. I was 254.8 again today. I've been either 254.8 to 255 for four days in a row. Something's gotta give soon. Just gotta keep on truckin. I was just really hoping to be 252 today - which would be 30 pounds in five weeks.

No complaints!.

Anna - you seem to be in the same boat with that 201.5. Maybe we'll both get a whoosh SOON!.

Cindy - Congrats on the loss!!.

Sugar - I think your plan to shake things up is a good one. I know on WW someone created the "Wendie Plan" where they vary eating low points and high points in a sort of pattern throughout the week to keep the metabolism guessing. So maybe your varying the carbs will be successful too!.

Mia - For .2lbs do you really think you need to adjust your ticker? It seems like anything less than half a pound really is just normal variation. Just my two cents. Doesn't seem worth feeling "punished" or defeated..

Looks like we're all back to work today. Everyone have a Healthy Day!!..

Comment #42

Tkd - the "Wendie" plan - that brings back memories! I am definitely going to try cycling the carbs from high end of range to low - now all I have to do is figure out what to eat to get them to the high end - yesterday I had salad dressing that I know is higher in carbs and then had a sf popsicle that is 5 carbs but I'd rather something more OP and nutritious. Its the high carb days that I expect will be more difficult!..

Comment #43


Do you have infusers? If you do and don't use them they have a couple of carbs too..

Comment #44

Hi...mind if I join you? I'm a daily weigher who just finally found her groove..

My start weight was 202 on 11/29. I weighed in this morning at 186.4. It's been a bit of a roller coaster, but I'm sailing pretty smoothly now. (For more info, see my thread on the Recommit Board.).

Wishing you all a great day..


Comment #45

Morning Dw's.

Dude is not playing nice. There's no stress, no cheating and I've been good with my water. Yesterday I had over 100 oz. Up again 160.8lbs..

I will win! It is just water weight. I had a good thing going a couple of weeks ago with losing now my body is trying to recover from it. I will win!.

I really need to get some housework done before work today..

I'll try to shout out later..

Have a Great day...

Comment #46

Hi Everyone! I haven't read yesterday's updates yet, but will and post. Been crunching numbers this morning since today ends a week and month for me. Lost .2 for a new low..

For the week: Lost 1.2 pounds, Dropped 1% in body fat, Lost 1/2" on my hips, Lost another year on physical age (vs. chronological). I'm now 40 years old physically vs. 48.6 chronologically (started at 53 years old in Oct...I've lost 13 years!). 5.8 pounds for the month..

So...this is a lesson about looking at the bigger picture when you have a slow week! If I looked at weight only, I'd be bummed...but looking at everything else gives me huge satisfaction!..

Comment #47

Mwirth-I really admire your resolve..

We have all had weeks like this, when you've done everything right and you don't see it on the scale. I try to think of these days as "deposits" in the bank that you don't see until you get the "monthly statement" (in my case, two days after TOM has ended..

My all-time favorite swing was a zero-loss week, followed by a SEVEN pound loss, and when I was really not very far from goal (this was five years ago on WW.).

If it's in the "bank"...the dividends are coming. E...

Comment #48

I'll be lurking today and will get to some shout outs....eventually!.

Epstein hanging on to 199.2~but this head cold is kicking my A*$$! I almost took a shot of Nyquil in the middle of the night, I was so miserable....glad, GLAD I didn't. 93 calories and 19g of carbs! That more that a whole Medifast meal! So now I'm just sniffly, sneezy, stuffy head (no) fever (thank goodness) going to rest. ***TMI ALERT***I think all the water and extra fluids I drank yesterday are in my head, and dripping out my nose!.

Just so y'all know...I rarely get sick! I work with sick and injured people and am pretty healthy! (and thanks to MF, getting healthier every day!) This virus is just kicking my butt. Everytime I think I'm over it, it comes back with a vengence to wreak havoc on some other part of my body....first as a stomach bug, then into my chest, now my head....I'm sorry if I sound like a whiner. Really not trying to, just letting you guys know where my head is....which right now is headed for coffee! Hugs and Smiles!.

Elizabeth~I love the dividend analogy!..

Comment #49

Welcome Elizabeth!.

Sue - great job! YOu are so right on other measures of progress. I have to do more of that. I am going to get a body fat measurer thingy as soon as I can either find one in a store or order from Amazon..

Cali - I don't have the infusers. I assume they are like the Crystal light to go but with caffeine and something else I can't remember the name of. The reason I haven't ordered them is I use the crystal light to go but do not like the taste full strength. I put 1/4 to 1/3 of a packet into a 32 oz bottle of water - (they are made for a 16 oz bottle) so they are watered down to 1/8 to 1/6th the strength. I figure at that rate the infusers wouldn't make much difference anyway..

Mwirth - hang in there! I've been dealing with a lot of that lately too - even though you know all the right things in your head it still gets frustrating!.

EMT - feel better! Make sure you get enough rest so you can shake this thing once and for all! You aren't any good to anyone else if you don't take care of yourself first!..

Comment #50

Hi ladies,.

The appt went well. Of course his scale is completely different than mine so I am believing mine since that is the one I get on daily. His is an old fashioned one that used to cause me to have panic attacks thinking about it..

No matter what scale I use he jsut wants me to lose at the maximum is 30-45 lbs. The 5 lbs is for transistion. I do need to start adding more exercise. I love to exercise but when I slack for a couple weeks it is like getting a teenaged boy to take a shower. Tonight I have plans so my plan is to hit the gym after work tomorrow and do 35-45 minutes on the treadmill. After I get to goal I am really going to work hard at getting into the best physical shape that I can.

I had some medication changes which needed to get done...

Comment #51


Sorry about the scale, hope you are warmed up!.


It's good to see the measurements too and the big difference..


Hope you feel better and HOly crud on the carbs in Nyquil!.


They are I use mine in 2 bottles b/c they are sweet..


Glad your appt went well..

I put this in my blog but do you all want to give suggestions on what to do with my hair? Picture of current hair attached.. fine with cutting but not short short, shoulderish is probably hair is fine but I have copious amounts of it...

Comment #52

Your hair is beautiful the way it is! I love it! (...and no kidding on the Nyquil! It would make me feel SO MUCH BETTER! but not at that cost!) Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #53

Ok, feeling better. I was having a FAT moment! I don't know why. I felt fat this morning. What did I do? You''ll love this....I put my size 10 dress pants on for work. I;ve had them for a while but didn't want to put them on because the touch me. I like big pants! They are not tight.

Emt- hope your head cold goes away soon. I hate being sick. No, you are not whining..

Cali- shoulder length with the highlites..

Ooops I brain farted..

Hello to everyone I forgot. Now to run some errands...

Comment #54

Hi Everyone! I finally have time to catch up on posts!.

Hi Mia! Don't worry...your body is maybe just adjusting to the new weight. Remember..."a pint is a pound the world around" and it's awfully easy to hold a pint of water!.

Hi Ethel...I'll bet you're looking forward to a nice calm weekend!., that's an amazing calling you have. Thank you for your service in that area! Congrats on the weight loss today! Fat calipers are super $5.00. Amazon!.

Hi Cindy! 127 would be a nice spring present indeed!.

Cali...oh baby! it's got to break soon! Hey..I would do a Heather Locklear look! Take it to just below your collar bone and add in a little layering. You are beautiful!.

Hi's a bummer when the weight hangs like that but it'll break soon!.

Hi Elizabeth! Welcome to our group!!!.

EMT...I had no idea nyquil had that many cals! Man, I hope you feel better soon!.

Katie...I totally understand how hard it is to start up exercising after a break. Once I do though, it feels so totally amazing that I kick myself for putting it off. When I used to coach women bodybuilders, the big thing i'd tell them is "get your head OUT of the game"'s our minds that make us procrastinate on it. If a person just puts on the shoes, the clothes, drives to the gym without thinking about it, and intentionally NOT asking if it's something she wants to do...then there's no discussion, it just happens. Given the choice, our minds will talk us out of it every time...

Comment #55

Anna - I like the Heather Locklear idea! you are beautiful so whatever you chose it will look great!.

Sue - I was thinking about one of those handheld things - I don't know if I will be able to do the calipers accurately!..

Comment #56

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.



I wonder if the pill form is like that too?.


It's awesome that your pants fit!.

Phrog finally moved !!!! I was at 200.8 this am! The last few weeks have been this way lose, then gain Tuesday, then lose back to Monday then nothing again until Friday then sometimes a whoosh on Monday.9 lbs that's all I need..

Yesterday I had two challenges and won them both! First, I went for coffee (tea) with a friend and forgot my Medifast food so I just had tea and water. Then we had family book club last night (they feed us). I ate my turkey burger at home, assuming they'd have salad or green beans, they didnt' so I ate my Medifast bar and then had tomatoes when I got home..

Today is laundry and pick up the house day. Fun time.

Have a great one...

Comment #57

Good morning DWers,.

Sorry no time for shout outs (or even to read up on older posts) this morning. WL was down another 0.6 this morning - not down as far as it had been but at least going in the right direction..

The BodyMedia Fit armband thingie says I got 4 hours and 49 min of sleep the night before last, restful! (not!) I will be taking a mega nap today after my exam..

Have a great day everyone, and I"ll look forward to actually catching up later today or tomorrow..


Comment #58

Hi Friends!!!.

So many posts to read!! I don't have time now but I'll make sure I hit everyone up this weekend! I really hope everyone is doing well!.

It's been a busy week. Little DD's neuro appt was very good. Lots of new directions to go in to help her! Too bad my company switched to a high deductible health plan this year. Hope I don't have to remortgage my house!!.

Down to 191.0 this morning!! And I fit into a pair of jeans that I couldn't button two weeks ago and a winter coat I bought on sale last year finally fits!!! Good time, good times!.

Catch you all this weekend!! Have a great on plan day!!!!..

Comment #59

Anna - I haven't tried it before but you might want to upload your picture at.


And check out some styles digitally before you make a decision. I believe they let you play with makeup too. Your hair is GORGEOUS (and you're so cute!!), so I'm sure the color and texture alone will make any style look great!!.

And CONGRATULATIONS on your WHOOSH. Oh my goodness, you are right on the razor's edge. You go girl!!.

EMT - I swear I have your exact same cold with the exact same pattern. This has done on for at least two weeks with me. I keep saying if we could make money off snot, I'd be a billionaire (sorry it's gross but true). Nyquil makes gel capsules, and I think they don't have carbs. Might be worth it to check..

Smasty - I did my Walk AWay the Pounds DVD day before yesterday (don't remember if I already reported it). It isn't a rigorous workout but just about right for me right now. Couldn't do it last night because the boys had a houseful of friends. Hard to workout in the living room with guests.

OH, but I'm pretty excited. Apparently the YMCA is opening a branch right down the street from my house. It is in a little strip mall so maybe it will be more like a YMCA Express (no pool, etc.) but that's okay. I can get a free membership through work. Looking forward to having that free resource soon!.

Mia - hang in there. It will come. You've heard my sob story where the scale has stayed the same for days and days. I finally had a breakthrough this morning..

In fact, "Live" first weighed me at 254.8 AGAIN. Then I spent a little more time in the bathroom and was so relieved, I figured it might be worth it to step on the scale once more. Sure enough, I was down to 253.7 a whole 1.1lb difference! It's not the 252 I was looking for, but I will gladly take it. I want to see the 240's so badly!! I really REALLY want to be in the 230's before my big meeting on February 23rd, but it will be what it will be..

Big shout out to everyone else I missed. And Elizabeth - WELCOME!..

Comment #60


, glad the appointment went well!.


Thanks and woo hoo on the scale moving today!..

Comment #61

Good morning! I have one super-sore quad and veritas put me up .8 this morning. Having a super bowl bowl party tomorrow night (yeah...Sat night instead of Sunday, DH wanted to focus on the game on Sun). So...gotta shop and make food for the next 2 days. Today is a rest day for me. I'll do the p90x stretch disc...but I am forcing myself to stay off the treadmill today...I need a bit of recovery..

TKD...awesome news this morning w/ the scale! Great idea on the Y!.

Hi Lisa...glad to hear that about the appt...sorry about the deductible. Icky stuff happening to a lot of health insurance policies right now!.

Cali! Yay on the close!!! I'll be jumping up and down for you!. should check out my scale. It's on Omron on Amazon. It has the hand held thingy and is really good. It calculates body fat% (it is about 4% high, but consistent, which is what matters), muscle %, physcical age, BMI, metabolism, visceral fat, and more. I highly recommend it!.

Hi Ethel...catch up on sleep this weekend!..

Comment #62


Sorry you're sore, hope it goes away with some stretching. Enjoy your party..

Comment #63

Lesster had me up .4 today at 176.2 - still bouncing around so I guess yesterday was a fluke and maybe not attributable to the higher end of the carb range. (although I am going to do a couple of low days now just to see if the cycling has any affect). I think my body just needs an adjustment period after losing almost 50 lbs. I know mentally I am at the point where I need to catch up to what I look like now compared to what I look like when I started so it stands to reason that physically my body is doing the same thing. I've been OP so I know it's not that and I wear a body bugg so I know my metabolism hasn't screeched to a halt. I'm getting my water in and until this morning I hadn't really added exercise except here and there so all I can do is keep on keeping on and wait it out - hopefully there will be a whoosh at some point! If not, I guess I will be on 5&1 longer than I originally planned - which is okay too - I really do like the food and it is so easy...

Comment #64

Great attitude.


Keep on keepin' on!.


~ Sorry you are sore. Your workout would have me BEYOND sore! I think I would be closer to dead!.


~ This cold just sucks doesn't it!?!?!? Kleenex is my friend. The capsules don't have the calories or carbs that the liquid does BUT, the capsules don't work as well either. I'll just "keep on keepin' on," like Sugar says. **TMI Alert*** I always hit the bathroom FIRST then visit with Epstein. Great loss this morning..


~ Glad to hear that the neuro appt. went well. New doctors can be difficult, but there are some GREAT ones out there!.


~If you see a rabbit today.....FOLLOW HIM! You'll be down that rabbit hole and into ONEderland within the next HOURS!.

Epstein had me down .8 this morning to 198.6. Not a HUGE loss, but a loss is a loss and I'll take it! Not to sound LAZY, but this cold is kicking my butt, STILL! I've got an awards banquet to attend tomorrow, and not only am I the 'HOST," (I'm in charge of all the arrangements and such) I'm also getting an award, so I must attend! Excited to say, I borrowed a sweater dress from my DD to wear AND my OLD high boots are NEW again, meaning they fit over my calves now! WooHoo! Hopefully I can get an OK picture to share! I also start teaching my EMT Re-fresher class tomorrow morning,(48 hours total over the next several weekends) bright and early! Should be fun. (I may have to try the Dayquil capsules!) Anyway, back to the LAZY part....I'm going to be LAZY today (again) and spend my time moving from naps on the couch, to the bathroom, to naps in bed, with trips to the kitchen for my Medifast meals ever couple hours! Have a ONEderful day my DDW's! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #65

Evening Dw's..

Sounds like we all need a hot tea and a day off! Warm blankets as well..

I have a question. How do the Anti-oxidant shakes work? Can I have them in replace of the other shakes or in addition to?.

Dude is still holding strong at 160.2lbs.That's still ok. It tells me that my body likes this weight and I need to start toning the body now..

Have a great night all and get some sleep...

Comment #66

Mia they count as a meal just like the reg shakes..if you do he dark choc one it tastes good made with diet orange soda..

Comment #67

Morning sunshines!!! Wish I had some sunshine, it's foggy here..

Well I got another .2 down so now I'm 200.6, my TOM is trying to start I hope it does today so that Monday I have a little whoosh to the 100s.

My oldest is going to a paintball bday party today, my youngest and I are going through his clothes and room..

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #68

Oh Anna you are sooooo close! Right before New Years I had a goal of being down 40 lbs. by Jan. 1 - so I drank a ton of water, kept my carbs lower than usual and drank some Smooth Move Tea before weigh in - it worked! (although then it did pop back up a little for a few days as is always the pattern once I see a low number) but anyway... maybe up your water (with TOM it's prob not a bad idea anyway).

Lesster had me back down at 175.8 today. I've done the high end of the carb range for 3 days or so - for the next 3 I will do the low end and see if it jolts my body into a whoosh for my Tuesday weigh in. I am sooo close to the 50 lb mark but it's like my body just doesn't want to go there.

People keep asking me how much I've lost and I say "just under 50lbs). I just want to be able to say "a little over 50 lbs" or "50 lbs"!). But like I said yesterday, if I am destined to be a slow loser, so be it...

Comment #69

Oh, just to clarify - I'm not saying I've been a slow loser up till now - it just very recently the scale started to slow down- I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining and if you look at my stats I had many 3 lb weeks which I do NOT consider to be slow!..

Comment #70

You are doing great... I think it always feels like it's taking forever when you get to a milestone weight..

TMI I don't have bathroom issues, actually I used to pop Immodium like candy and I have taken one in the last twelve weeks. I used to go through a box a month. I did remember to buy infusers this order, they got left off my last one so I've got one going now and will do one more later ... hopefully that'll help!!..

Comment #71

Morning Daily Weighers!.

At last I got the bigger whoosh I was hoping for. I'm 252.3 this morning. At 252, that's exactly 30 pounds for me (40 if we count the 10 I lost before MF). AND it is a huge milestone to be this close to getting under 250. VERY excited to see the 240's again. And get the sound of this.

Sugar - glad you're back down again today. I like seeing your stats too. You're right a 3 pound week is not slow. Heck a single pound or more is not slow compared to some WW weeks of half a pound, etc..

Anna - Wow Wow Wow, it is really happening girlie. You're gonna be in Onederland and have new hair and everything! Have you gotten some good ideas about what to do with your hair?.

EMT - to be honest, I am beginning to fear that I've developed an allergy to soy. This has gone on since January 19th. That's two weeks. If It is, I don't care. I would rather have uncontrolled sneezing and a chapped nose and lips from blowing my nose so much than to even dream of stopping MF. And there are so few products that don't contain soy that I think it would be far too limiting to just eat those few.

If this continues another week, I will see about going in for allergy testing and pray that it is anything but soy..

In the meantime, I will keep Clariton-D in business!!.

Mia - I got the dark chocolate shakes as part of my free Medifast meals witht his last shipment. I like them, but I've heard other people don't. I thought about making a shake cake out of them sometimes for a variation, but so far I like them as is or with a little sugar-free carmel syrup. Wish I had coconut syrup. I think that would taste heavenly!.

Have a wonderful day my friends!..

Comment #72


, the weight loss is awesome!!! I did I post at two other message boards (I've been on them for 10 years almost) and someone posted the perfect picture so I think I'm going to go with it, it's about 4-5 inches shorter with some shape to it, I'm still deciding if I'm going to switch to my summer color already. My appt is the 16th so I'll post pics when I get it done...

Comment #73

The dark chocolate are DD and my favorite shake! Its the only one I dont' need to add a SF syrup to!.

TKD- yay for whooshes!!!!!!!! I hope you aren't allergic to soy! A lot of the soy allergies I've read about were more itching and skin related than sinus type of symptoms so maybe it's something else. Or if it is soy maybe if you can sub out some of the non-soy products for a few meals your body will be able to handle a reduced amount of soy...

Comment #74

Anna - I cant wait to see it! I am toying with the idea of coloring my hair again (back to a reddish brown) but it is a big commitment and believe it or not, when I let it go grey I got a ton of compliments from people who thought I lightened it! My DS is getting married next March so if I do it I have to do it soon in case I hate it and want to let it grow back out before the wedding...

Comment #75

Good morning lovlies! Back to ticker weight this morning. I had a rest day yesterday and danced around the house all day while cooking and cleaning for a party here tonight. I was doing a lot of plyo moves from P90X while dancing and felt strong and weightless!.

Everyone with a loss this morning (TKD, Cali)...good job!!..

Comment #76

Anna - I'm with Sugar. Can't wait to see it. Glad you found the perfect one!.

Sugar - I vote for coloring it and here's why. My mother always looked 10 years younger than she was, from the time she was 30 until the day she died. But at some point in her 60's she decided to let her hair go gray, and I encouraged her to do it. She had a pretty gray and it was no fuss no muss. And even with the gray she still looked 10 years younger than she was. But then she was preparing to go on a cruise with our cousin, and our cousin said she would not go unless mom colored her hair (cousin never liked the gray).

I'm 52, and she was 73 when she died a year and a half ago. We would go for pedicures together and other places and everyone thought she was my sister. And I have inherited her youthful face gene, so you can imagine how great she looked. From that moment on I decided I would never go completely gray. I say color it.

I bet you won't regret it...

Comment #77

Oh Sugar - thanks for letting me know how the soy allergies usually appear. that's a huge relief! Okay, then I have to figure out what ELSE might be doing this to me...

Comment #78

Morning Dw's.

Awesome job everyone with the losses! I hope everyone has a great day and weekend...

Comment #79

Good morning DWers,.

WideLoad and I were both thrilled to be able to take a nice nap yesterday afternoon and then sleep in today. I'm sure my new toy (BodyMedia Fit) is gonna tell me I didn't have wonderful sleep quality, what with the getting up to pee twice - LOL, but I enjoyed every minute spent in that bed... mmmmm, Memory Foam..

WL celebrated with a 0.8 pound loss, which puts me finally back down to where I was last Monday. I hope I get a loss tomorrow so I don't have my first non-loss week, but I"ll take what I get and keep on rolling..

Speaking of continuing to roll. DH and I took a long hard look at the summer calendar and gave ourselves a couple of windows of possible times we can take that trip to England. The first of which isn't until mid-June. So I"m delaying my entry to Transition (woo hoo!) and continuing on 5&1 until sometime in early April. I'm glad to put off the start of transition because (1) I'm not done losing, baby!, and (2) because I'm scared of leaving the stability of 5&1..

I got my BodyMedia Fit device a few days ago and have been really enjoying looking at the data it is providing. I figure the more information I have about how my body burns calories, the better prepared I will be for transition and maintenance. I"m such a geeky girl and I like my toys!.

There is no way to go back as far as I"m behind to comment on all the shout outs I would like to make - but I"ll take a stab at catching up a little here..

Mia - I really like the anti-oxidant shakes for taste and as a chance away from soy protein both. I like the dark chocolate, and LOVE the Cherry-Pom flavor. They are normal meals, and very tasty. I make mine in my ninja with lots of ice as a slushy, but I keep thinking of making them as icecream instead. I bet they'd be yummy that way too. The Cherry-Pom flavor is totally unlike any other Medifast meal I've had, and it makes a nice refreshing change from time to time.

Yay for liking a GOAL weight! :-).

Anna/cali - Here comes ONEderland! I'm hoping you cross that line in tomorrow's weigh-in, but if it is stubborn you'll still be there very very soon. Come on over, the water is fine! Good luck going through your son's room - that could be a scary adventure there, LOL..

Sugargirl - I keep meaning to say a heartfelt hello to you! Thank you for the hard work you do as a child's advocate. A good friend of mine was involved in that work, but she passed away in a very untimely accident. I'm not sure who will be taking on her case load, but I know all the kids and families she served are going to really miss her caring, careful, supportive and kind help. Hang in there and keep on keeping on. I've never actually experiemented with purposesful cycling of carbs/calories - but it is interesting to hear how that is going for you. I occasionally trend high or low for a while, and so far the high carbs work better for me than the low (always under 100 a day though!) I'll be interested to hear if your cycling goes along with a whoooosh.

Tkd - great whooosh! Congratulations on the fabulous 30 (40) pound milestone! I hope you aren't allergic to soy either, but if you are at least there are a few non-soy options available on MF. I'm currently addicted to the hot cocoa, and I"m a big fan of the anti-oxidant shakes too. At least a soy allergy isn't a total deal breaker, even if it is awkward and pretty limiting. Maybe try a routine of 3 whey meals and 2 soy for a while and see if that helps? I was so busy with school work I'm not sure I ever heard how your flight went at the end of the month. Were you more comfortable?? (I hope that Sugar is right and you aren't really reacting to the Soy - but it prob wont hurt to mix things up a little anyway, just for some variety in life)..

Sue - Glad you had a rest day (although I bet your actvity level on a day of rest is still awesome). What a great feeling to be strong and weightless! That reminds me, I should go swimming.. talk about weighlessness! I bet I'm a whole lot less boyant now. When I started Medifast I could just float upright (like standing position) in a pool with my nose and mouth just above the water line I had so much body fat. I might actually have to work to stay alive now! LOL.

Glad everyone pretty much had a loss day today - lets keep that trend going! :-).

DH has promised to go play racquetball with me sometime today/tonight.. hopefully he'll keep his promise..

Cheers to all,..

Comment #80

Tkd - I'm no expert on the soy allergies! Just know what I've read on the boards here - you might want to search posts and/or post yourself on Medifast and ask about it..

Re the gray - if I hadn't gotten a TON of compliments when I let it go gray I wouldn't hesitate for a second - it's just that so many people went on and on about how great my new "color" looked LOL! On the other hand I am only 45 and I am pretty darn gray and I think it makes me look a lot older - so I may give it a shot - worse comes to worse I let it go back to gray - luckily I have short hair so it's not a long process...

Comment #81

Ethel - we were posting at the same time - thanks for your kind words. I love my work, it is very rewarding and actually more fun than it would appear to be. You will love your bodymedia I have the bodybugg and am a gadget girl too and I love mine!..

Comment #82


Great to see you, hope we both get a whoosh on our WI day..

Comment #83

My pleasure sugargirl,.

BTW - how long does it take for the obsessive desire to dump data from the gadget onto the computer several times a day to fade? I"m always wanting to push more data out so I can see how I'm doing mid-day. LOL.

Edited to add: Thanks Anna - I've got my fingers crossed for both of us tomorrow! Lets go Whooshing Weigh-in! Come on ONEderland for you!..

Comment #84

I have 2 more days, my "official" WI day is Monday.

But I'll take it tomorow.. my darn TOM finally started so tomorrow may be bad but Monday should be good...

Comment #85

LOL! Ethel - it goes away pretty quickly. After a week or two you start to see the same pattern every day so you don't need to upload constantly. Now I just have that desire after doing some exercise that I haven't done with the bugg so I can see how much it burned...

Comment #86

LOL - My weigh-in day is Monday too.. I just lost track of the days (again). School has me all kinds of confused lately! Go us for the next two mornings then!..

Comment #87

Good morning DWers,.

I haven't been around on the boards for a while. Life is so busy, and something had to give!.

I see a few of you have a BodyBugg/BodyMedia Fit. I have been looking at those and really want to get one. I think that is going to be my reward for losing 75lb total (when I get to 145lb)..

I am getting very discouraged with my slow weight loss lately. I only lost 1.2lb again this week (-4.6 total in the last four weeks). I have been reevaluating everything. I am still weighing my L&G (usually either chicken or fish and veggies, sometimes the stuffed portabella mushroom recipe from the cookbook, steak once a week), and I have had nothing off-plan. I have tried a couple of days of all shakes, plus my L&G. Normally I have either oatmeal or pancakes for breakfast, hot cocoa, a bar, or a shake for mid-morning, soup for lunch, soup, pretzels, or a shake for mid-afternoon, L&G for dinner, and either pudding, brownies, or soft serve for evening.

I am drinking between 96 and 128 ounces of water every day. My average numbers as far as nutrition for the last four weeks: 907 calories, 85 gram carb, 113 gram protein, 21 gram fat, 27mg fiber, 1765mg sodium. As far as exercise, my focus has been mostly cardio (although I do the Biggest Loser circuit training workouts periodically), so this week I decided to start adding strength training a few times a week and see if that helps. I did ChaLEAN Extreme on Thursday (30 minutes weight training) and plan to do burn circuit 2 today. I also tried the calorie burn infuser a couple of days this week (didn't like the way it made me feel - I seem to be sensitive to caffeine).


Comment #88

Ethel - YES - the seatbelt clicked closed!! I sat on that plane for an hour and half with a cheshire cat grin.

On the way back, though, there was someone sitting next to me and my thigh was still creeping into his seat under the armrest (which started levitating toward our shoulders the longer the flight went on. So I fly again March 1st and I hope by then I might not have thigh creep, but that's less than a month away. Oh well, if I do have thigh creep at least it might be the last time!.

I will try to mix up the whey with the soy products and see if that helps. I started Medifast on December 30th, and my symptoms didn't start till January 19th (I remember because I was on my way to a meeting and wanted to pull off the highway because I was sneezing like 40 times in a row - but there were no shoulders to pull over). I've been racking my brain about what changed around that time and I can't think of a thing..

I used to love to play raquetball when I was under 200 lbs. Not competitively, mind you, but I had a lot of fun just keeping the ball in play. Hope you enjoy your game!!.

Jodi - I'm too new to really have good advice. I'm just shooting in the dark, here but if you're working out very hard, I know a lot of people move to the 4 & 2. Hard to believe it's possible to have two few calories to lose weight, but we have to keep stoking the furnace if we expect the engine to run. The only other thing I might suggest is to try having your L&G earlier in the day and/or try the eggbeaters for one or two L&G's per week..

Sugar - yes - you can always let it go gray again. That IS the beauty of short hair! And I thank you for your work too. I'm actually a social worker by education (MSW) but never worked in child welfare. I just don't think I could have taken it. I'm in administration in a public health agency now, and love working on change from the big picture level. I admire what you do, and it's very cool that you enjoy it..

Okay ladies, I'm going to sneeze and blow my way through some housework. AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh CHOOooooooooooooooo!..

Comment #89

I taught a class all day, and am hosting a banquet this evening, where I am also getting an award! Home for all of about 5 minutes, just to change clothes, but wanted to pop on and send hugs! Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #90

Hi Ladies,.

Sorry I have been kind of in and out this week. I am doing better today. I was in a serious funk this entire week. I took the sleeping pill the dr gave me and had the best nights sleep that I have had in ages. I also started the new pills. I am hopeful that they will help.

The scale is still at 177 which is OK with me..

I took all my old show clothes today to the conisgnment store and bought a new to me pair of expensive show boots. THANKS to Medifast I don't have to get a 1200 pair of custom boots. I called my trainer and asked her if I should get them, because I was just going to get a pair of half chaps since my calf size will change agian. She is like GRAB them you can wear two pairs of socks..

I tried on some new show coats also. I am in size 16 coats now which is about a 10/12 here. The coats are from England and are SMALL. I didn't want to buy a new coat today. I am trying to stick to my budget and the boots were bad enough...

Comment #91


, yay on the new boots, hope the new meds work out for you too.


, hope your dinner/awards ceremony was great!.


I adore racquetball, I end up brusied up but it's so much fun..

Phrog has me up .2 to 200.8 again.. my stupid period needs to start for real, it started but it's just weird this month. Hopefully that'll be today since I volunteer all day at school tomorrow...

Comment #92

Hi Everyone!.

Ethel...I LOVE my BMF...been using it for about 2 weeks now. It is a fabulous tool for maintenance I think! So, that being said, I burned 2996 cals yesterday. but...I ate 1660 cals yesterday. It's the first day in 4 months that I went outside the bounds of my program. I had a party last night and did BLT's of everything. I captured and tracked all cals to the best of my ability.

I gained 1 pound this morning and felt disappointed in myself. I think today's workout is a double right back on track with a huge calorie burn and tons of water. 4 days before official WI to recover!.

Hi Cali! You're going to be like me with the big crossover. Everyone was crusing right by me (ETHEL for one!) and I was just stuck there for what seemed the longest time! It actually hasn't been that long for just kind of seems like it when you're so close! Persevere! It makes it that much more sweet when it happens..

Hi Katie! Sorry to hear you're feeling down. It's been awfully gray here too, which is unlike Colorado. Weather has a big impact on how we feel. Congrats on the new duds!.

EMT! What award are you getting?! Congratulations!! I'll bet you look and feel great..

Hi TKD...atchoo!.

Hi Jodi! Weight training will slow you down but the results are so rewarding! Muscles feed on glycogen, and each molecule of glycogen attaches with 3-4 molecules of water, so water goes up in your system as a result of gycogen increases along with inflammation in the muscles (that's what causes the muscles to grow and stregthen). Definitely put a BMF on your reward list!!..

Comment #93



, how was your party fun I hope. and it's funny you should say that about getting to 199, I wrote my blog about it today, how it seems like forever, but it really hasnt' been..

Comment #94

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.