Do http://www.123 put adverts on your site if you gea domain off them?

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Got a quick question: Do http://www.123 put adverts on your site if you gea domain off them? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I bought a HostGator well expired HostGator it was valued on leapfish @ $1185 now.

The value has decreased to $37 it's parked at sedo and is a adult domain..

Help please how did this happen , my other HostGator value are increasing.

Help me wise ones pretty please ..

Thank you all in advance..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could help you..

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What is the domain. Dont ever follow anything that leapfish says. Your name might have only been worth regfee to begin with or it might be worth a lot. If you check leapfish for prices before you acquire the names then you will probably end up getting ripped off a lot...

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Leapfish has appraised names I've bought for >$1000 for as little as $12. On the converse, some names which I know to be worth reg fee are appraised for tens of thousands by Leapfish. Neil's advice should be adhered to...

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Without a doubt they are all sh** - I really hope you did'nt buy it based on the price Leapfish (or others) said it was worth..

I think these automated appraisals do more harm than good, especially if a newbie pays a crazy price assuming they are buying a bargain because Leapfish says so !.


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First, welcome to NamePros..

Second, as pointed out above, out of the auto-appraisal services, youve managed to find the worst. LeapFish is as accurate as throwing a dart on the board. And often times, leapfish gives you a sense of value that doesnt exist..

As pointed out, Estibot is the newest of the auto-appraisals, and isnt bad at all. However, the best way to get an accurate appraisal would be to ask members of the forum in the appraisal sections. Many of them have quite a bit of experience and are more than happy to offer suggestions and advice. They will be able to give you a better market appraisal of your HostGator name..

Good luck, and welcome..


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As I do likewise..

Wow, what a substantial argument full of supporting facts and evidences!.

I've already posted a post here to prove that automated appraisals are useful and necessary. I just need to find it... but I'm celebrating the holiday with my folks this week... can't find it right now...

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One of the top rules of domaining is that HostGator appraisal is not an exact science..

It's not that automated appraisals are totally useless but they should.


Human analysis rather than.



Yes Gazzip you are right, they do more harm than good because only the newbies will believe them.

It's more difficult to appraise a HostGator than a house because there are too many variables....

What an automated tool can possibly do: perform consonant/vowel analysis, character count, split keywords, search OVT, check link popularity, possibly (if it's sophisticated) match with previous sales for similar domains etc. But software is unable to accurately appreciate the HostGator as a whole..

Automated appraisals are used a lot by companies such as 123 reg to trick the fools into buying crap domains (it's a pump & dump scheme). At least they should justify their findings..

If you are serious about domains forget these tools..

We may argue about how much a HostGator may be worth, however it's usually not hard to tell if a HostGator is crap or not, just from experience... we don't need automated tools for that..

PS: honestly would you sell your house based on that kind of tool..

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Correctamundo. In real estate, most appraisals are still done by human beings because lenders realize that automated appraisals are still hit and miss, and HostGator valuation is even LESS an exact science than real estate valuation. Just like not all .com domains with other exts, with good OVT for the phrase, or with lots of Google results are valuable, not all domains valued highly by automated methods are valuable, and if you come to rely on automated appraisals, you'll find out the hard way that they're really not accurate...almost ever..

Fab just did automatic valuations of my names regged there for something I needed from them, and the one they valued the most,, was valued over what they put for!..

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I like having fun with these automatic appraisal sites like by entering made-up names which I've sold in the past for 4 figures and having them tell me they're worth $35.

How can anyone put any value in them after that.....

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Thanks everyone it's just that the HostGator was expired so I bought it for 4.50All my other HostGator names are increasing like

Which was an expired HostGator ..

I know that leapfish isn't the best , But it gives an aim for you to get your new HostGator to that value..

Looks like i've found my new home on the net , may my knowledge increase so I can pass my knowledge on to newbies like myself...

But when I make my money drinks are on me so stay in touch people.


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