Do Nutrisystem Recommended Supplementations and Exercise ?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Do Nutrisystem Recommended Supplementations and Exercise ? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another quick question... This will be my first of 9 lunch appointments scheduled for this month. Starting next month I will look to schedule more early morning meetings..

My plan is to not drink booze AT ALL, go with the biggest salad they have and a protien while bringing half of the protien home with me..

Then an espresso no sugar no cakes or anything..

I will let you know how it goes later on today..

BTW it has been 4 days no drinking. That may not seem like alot but I usually would have a couple drinks at lunch and a couple at night every day...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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Good job on the drinking man. I am liking how you are planning and organizing your weight loss plan with similar care as your sales campaigns. Good things will result from that pre-work!.

I was doing 3 GnTs a night. And when on expence and travel, just going crazy. Have been off the sauce for 4 months now..

If it helps you psychologically (does me) think about the athletic benefit of soberness. How much better you work out and how much more of an athlete you are when clean. I gaurantee workouts are more effective when in "training mode" and not having booze, even night before..

I'm never going to play corner for the Redskins or wrestle at a D1 school or go to the Olympics. But I have been amazed how much better my fitness level is with the combination of taking off pounds, eschewing alcohol and running a diligent, safe exercise plan...where I NEVER miss a workout (intensity not the key...attendance the key.) I have 5# higher muscle mass then when I was 22 and a (poor, non-competitive, bench-riding but still there) D1 athlete. Even my sac hangs looser and better...

Comment #2

I agree with the diet soda. It can be a lifesaver at night. And buy the big huge bottles. They are like a dollar a peice with all the price competition. I like diet A&W. On ice, it is almost like a float.

Life is gooood!..

Comment #3

I gotta change my id to something cooler...bob__m is so lame..

Comment #4

What are you trying to say?.

It's 3pm in NYC. How was lunch?..

Comment #5



How about .... Oh, I don't know ... may be.

"The Hoff".


Might Work...

Comment #6

As long as everyone knows I changed my name...maybe we can take a vote on it, i'm up for anything...even my avatar after I lose this challenge...damn sickness.

Oh and robert_c sounds better than bob__m......

Comment #7

I agree about the booze. Every major upspike in my ticker can pretty much be linked to getting lazy about watching the booze intake!..

Comment #8

Ok here it is..

Ended up at Legal Seafood..

My customer had 3 gin gimlets to my 3 unsweetend ice teas..

I ate a dozen clams on the halfshell and a piece of grilled tuna with a seaweed salad..

Double espresso to finish..

I wanted to drink so bad as I do right now for the yankees game..

Any good snack ideas for the baseball game tonight?..

Comment #9

Way to hang, Alnit! These are the times that try men's souls. If you have any of your daily Nutrisystem snacks left, eat it at the start of the game, then switch to carrots or other veggie. Have a hugmongous cup of water at your elbow and bend it a lot..

Good luck!.


Comment #10

That's great! Way to have sticktoitivness! One lunch down, eight more to go. For snacks I eat no sugar added sweet pickles. I also eat my dessert later along with one of my daily fruits...

Comment #11

I was at a lunch meeting myself today, and a bit worried about blowing it. In the past I'd have made a pig of myself. Today I went with a half a Turkey sandwich, open face with lettuce, tomato, and very light mustered, no mayo. I also had fresh fruit and a diet soda. Amazingly, I felt full when done. I had had a Nutrisystem Blueberry-lemon bar and a small V8 as a snack 1.5 hours before lunch, which I'm sure helped with my portion control at lunch.

I'm planning on seeing 196 on the scale in the morning, keeping my fingers crossed!..

Comment #12

I found those micro-goals to be extrememly motiviating. Good job rads!.


Comment #13

Had water and carrots but then had some low sodium turkey breast no bread with a pickle...

Comment #14

Yeh, Man! You've gotten past two BIG potential stumbling blocks. Way to go! You're going to rock the progam!.


Comment #15

Robert, I think he needs to buy a new scale. Something is not kosher in Oz!..

Comment #16

My dates are off and I can fixt it..


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