Do u lose weight quicker on the Medifast Diet or the atkins diet?

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Got a question... Do you lose weight quicker on the Medifast Diet or the atkins diet? Looking forward for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. So I decided to start the new thread for the New Year for us, in the old thread we wrote all year and I hope we do the same in this new thread..

Happy New Year !!.


In 2010 we are going to get it right !! That's will be our motto..

We have another opportunity to do it, to reach our goals and/or at least be better women, better mothers, daugthers, friends, wives. I am hopeful that we will achieve "greatness" in 2010. The only thing I ask is that we stick together, I really need this group and I really would like for us to stay together and I hope you sexy ladies feel the same..

Here is to a great NEW YEAR !!!!!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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I agree that we should all stick together this year. We are a small group, but maybe that is better anyway. We had a nice NYE at DS's house, although we did eat rather late, since all the guys wanted to finish the work. This morning we had some sausage and egg casserole before everyone left here, so that is why I decided to start Medifast tomorrow, rather than today. Now DH and I are just watching a James Bond movie and chilling. We will watch the football games all day and evening, and then probably fall asleep ten times throughout the day/evening.

All the little ones are fun, but they can be exhausting as well. I think everyone needs a down day to recoup today..

Thanks Ilopez for starting the new thread and getting us going in 2010..

Kty: Happy that you made it back safely from your travels..

Holly: I am looking for that Your Shape thing for my Wii. Happy that you had a great holiday as well..

Keish and Daph: I hope you are both well and will stick with the group this year. Please check in as soon as you can. Hugs to everyone and Happy New Year. Here is to a new beginning for all of us!!..

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Beautiful my Sexy Ladies.


I send you all a big hug Ktycat, Keisha, Fairgirl, Dimples and Susan a big hug for all..

Much Love.

I am all smiles, I have been sick since New Year's Eve, came back from this not so good party at my sister in law's house and have been sick all day with sinus and headaches, it is freezing in NYC. What a way to start the new year but no big deal cause my year really starts on Tuesday the 5th that's my b-day so am resting now to be in full gear for the new year. I will talk to you ladies on Monday. I hope it wasn't difficult to find our new thread since I didn't see or couldn't find a way to link it to the old one. I hope to see all of us again chatting and supporting one another. Hugs !..

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Dimples-Let me know how you like YOUR SHAPE. I am going to get mine out in a little while. It is snowing outside and is a perfect day to stay in and take an exercise break. Actually, I could see how it could take the place of a gym. A very cost-effective way to exercise. I am considering doing the bikini workout today.

There are a couple of other special workouts to choose but I forget what they are..

Ilopez-Happy Birthday (tomorrow). I am hoping it is a wonderful one that leaves you with great memories to carry..

I am both excited and nervous about this year. I know there will be many changes in my life. As of this moment I have no idea what any of them are. Life is good though and I am blessed. I look forward to getting out of the limbo that has been my life for the last couple of years. Here's to 2010!.

Kty, Susan, & Keish- Hope to hear from you soon!.

Hugs to you all!..

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Hi Ladies on this very COLD Monday morning>.

Happy BIrthday a day early Ilopez. I hope you have a wonderful birthday..

Holly: I have a doctor appt. tomorrow morning, so I think I am going to see if I can get Your Shape while I am out. I am back on 5/1 today and have my humongous water bottle on the counter, so I am good to go. It is HARD to get back in the swing of things. I think if I make it through the first three days, I should be ok..

Gotta go; I am on a cleaning binge. Started yesterday in the kitchen, so I want to get back at it before the feeling goes away. See you all later...

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Hello My sexy ladies!!.

Happy New YEar!!!.

I as per usual have been working since the 1st. Finally off today!! This week I am switching to working 3p-3a for a couple weeks to see if that schedule will get me more on a routine, help me sleep better and get regular exercise. I have been doing nights for 6 years and as much as I enjoy being on night shift (and the extra money) I don't sleep as good as I used to. Today I finally crashed and slept about 7 hours since I had only been getting about 4 the days I was working... HOpe it works. I plan on cleaning my house tomorrow, organizing my kitchen and setting up a meal plan schedule.

So I am so glad we are starting fresh this year! New thread, new goals....but same wonderful special group of women!!!.

I"ll be back tomorrow to check in.....

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Glad to see you back Ktycat-Keep coming back and we will find good results together I am sure!.

Dimples-Yay for YOUR SHAPEdo you want to hold each other accountable with it? The workout options are 15, 30, and 45 minutes or the special workouts. Just a tipthere is a warm-up at the beginning of each so it is best to stick with one body part or choose a special workout. It is different from the Wii Fit games in that you do not have to pause between short workouts. I do enjoy Wii Fit for steps, etc. ~ YAY for you and your water. Oh my is that my downfall! In the summer I am much better but when it is cold water is the last thing I want to drink.

I am glad we are keeping at it in 2010!..

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My Sexy Ladies - HAPPY NEW YEAR and THANK YOU for the birthday wishes..

Today is my birthday the beginning of another birth year for me and the beginning of good things. I feel good. I wasn't feel all that good yesterday thinking about this birthday but thank God I have talked myself into thinking #1 I am blessed to be alive this long and.

#2 I am healthy and I have a chance to change whatever I don't like about my life. Some things I cann't do anything about like my DD growing up and becoming more independent and thinking she knows better. Right (let me hear from the other moms) LOL !! So I'll have to take that with a grain of salt..

I am glad to see we are up and running and back on the wagon, preparing ourselves to be back on the wagon, with one leg on the wagon LOL !! Whatever it is, I am glad we are here and we are together..

Ktycat, Susan, Dimples, Keisha and Fairgirl - BIG HUGS !!!.

Much Love..

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Hello ladies!!!.

I finally feel rested, slept enough that I am finally not dragging. I woke up today with a renewed sense of positive attitude, like I can conquer anything. I started my "clean eating" diet today...had oatmeal and eggwhites for breakfast (at 4, remember i'm on a weird schedule still-trying to transition to more day schedule) and already drank 1 liter of water!.

I am trying at this moment to stay warm! WIth this freezing weather coming thru this week in texas I am not looking forward to it...i thought I left Canada in Canada last week when I came home...apparently the weather followed me here! IT is gonna get below zero this week and work on thurs/fri is not gonna be pretty...i can just imagine the hypothermia & accidents d/t freezing rain..

Dimples, girls liking the Your Shape? I was thinking of getting it but i'm still not convinced....lemme know how it goes!.

Fairgirl...i used to have water I love it! Although I am very picky which water I drink, I notice flavor differences. I am very happy b/c I bought myself a new fridge for xmas and it has a water/ice dispenser in the door, and I LOVE the flavor! So no more buying bottled water..i can just fill my own!!! And it makes it easy at home too! I do add lemon juice sometimes to mix things up. I have done the cucumber thing too but I prefer lemon. I am sure you'll find something that works! And I totally agree with it being harder to drink water when it's cold! That's when I drink room temp water....not sure if you'll like that but it's not so hard to get down when it's cold out..

Ilopez...i hope you are having a wonderful birthday. And you're positive attitude is great!! Control the things you can change and let go of what you can't. Although won't a good smack show you're DD that she doesn't know everything? LOL!!! My parents tried with me...didn't work but hey, it was a valiant effort!.

Keish, Daph...hope you ladies are doing well!!!.

Well, I have to get ready, going to meet my girls for a late Girls Xmas Dinner. We decided that from this year on we were gonna exchange beads from Pandora. We each bought a bracelet for ourselves. A few years from now it'll be full! There are 4 of us so we'll have 4 beads per xmas. And the odd ones on bdays etc. We figured it'll be something we can have just the 4 of us and never struggle with what to buy each other in the future!.

Have a wonderful evening ladies...till tomorrow!!..

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Good Morning, Sexies!.

Today is an OP day. We are expecting lots of snow tonight so I am purposefully not going to the grocery. I have enough Medifast food for 10 days (down to the ones I don't particularly like), and am running out of diet cokes. I am determining to force myself to drink more water..

As part of accountability I want to commit to 45 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week..

I am doing this to: feel better in my clothes, to experience the excitement of feeling the absence of belly fat, and to look good in picturesany picture, no matter what the angle..

Why are you doing this, Ladies?.

Here is to recommitment! Hugs to you all-..

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Good Morning Sexy Ladies and Happy Wednesday !!.

The third working day of the year (P.S. for some of us LOL!! some of us have been working forever right Ktycat). Anyway, I had a lovely b-day thank God. I was very grateful and very pleased..


You are right a good smack probably won't help - some people are like that, they have to learn the hard way, I think my DD is one of those people she has been since she was a baby "don't touch that" "oh I touched it and it was hot" LOL !! So I will just be there for guidance and keep her from making a big mess and to listen and to help.only God knows. You turned out to be a pretty good girl and that's all I am hoping for her. I love the new fridge with the water dispenser love it !! I am happy you are doing your clean eating..


I am so happy to hear you are OP today and counting. Very happy. I am taking my time with the being totally OP because I don't want to stop and start again. Yesterday was my b-day and then Sunday is my husband's b-day and on top of all this I am waiting for TOM so am waiting to be 100% OP. Why am I doing this: I want to fit better in my clothes, and honestly after my 41st b-day I want to feel younger and look younger. I told someone if it wasn't cause I don't want to wear a mumu all the time I would not be on a diet all of the time.

How is everyone else doing -.

Susan (who it seems we lost again), Dimples and Keisha hope you ladies are doing well. Hugs..

Comment #11

Yuk; It is cold again and we are also expecting a lot of snow tonight..

I had to wait for almost two hours at the doc's office yesterday, they were really running late. My BP was WAAAYY up, so I have to check it more often to see if it was a fluke or something I have to do something about. Stress, running around, my cold, and the added weight didn't help, I am sure. Have to see the eye doc today to recheck my eye problem. I also have to go to the dentist for an overdue cleaning appt. Never ends.....

Holly: I couldn't find any Your Shapes yesterday, so will have to wait or just order one. I may do that if I find a good deal on one. I am going to look today while I am out. I will let you know when I get it. I agree with the water thing. I was flavoring mine with some lemon or lime juice; otherwise it is very hard to get down, esp.

It helps thin out this gunk in my head/nose/throat though, AND it keeps me from drinking Pepsi (my downfall). Plus it fills me up so I am not tempted to eat....

Ilopez: Hope you had a really good birthday yesterday. I wished you one early on FB because I knew I wouldn't be around yesterday. I need to get going today so I can be home before the snow starts flying..

Hi to Kty, Keish and Susan...

Comment #12


Its a wonderfully cold day here in galveston....but not as cold as it'll get tomorrow...UGHH!!!.

Dimples...sorry about your BP being up, hopefully it's not something regular which needs treatment. You mentioned having a cold, have you been taking over the counter cold meds? You know lots of them will increase your BP. Just curious.... i'm sure your doc has already asked you. You're so much better than I going to doctors, dentists...i know better but yet can't seem to make the appts....

Ilopez....glad you had a great b-day! And yeah some of us jump right into work dont' we? Seems sometimes my life revolves around it..bleh~ I am trying to fix that this year...but when I have a chance to travel the rest of the year i'm a work horse..

Fairgirl...congrats being OP. And smart not heading to store when you don't need to...knowing where to stay away from helps! My new goal this year is to not go to the store hungry, make a list and stick to it!.

As for why i'm doing all this...ilopez i'm with you on the clothing...mumu's so not stylish unless you live in tonga or something, then you're an outcast if you're thin! May be a back up plan if this doesn't work...move to tonga! Seriously though...i wanna fit in my clothes again..the ones I worked so hard to get into the first time. I have a huge box of clothes which I wanna wear comfortably again. I wanna feel the way I felt wearing them...happy and proud of my progress. I wanna be an athlete..i wanna lose weight and get in shape so when someone describes me or I describe me "atheletic" is one of the terms used. I guess it all comes down to me feeling good about myself, loving myself.....

Well gottta run, errands to do....

Later ladies.

And to our missing gals, keish and daph... hope the new year treating you well!..

Comment #13

Darn-it!!! I was just about finished with a long message and I lost it!!! It was a good one too!.

Kty-Sorry I missed your earlier message. YOUR SHAPE is wonderful. (Dimples-I recommend Amazon/free shipping, and decent price). I am interested in hearing more about your new food program. I need something new after I finish this food..

Ilopez-You crack me up about the mumu. I am with you about loving clothes and I prefer to look good in them! All the best with your daughter..

Gosh I miss the days when I knew what was going on..

Dimples-Sorry about the BP-perhaps kty is right if you have taken cold meds..

Keish and Susan-Hope you are well..

This note is much less fantastic than my other one. I had written a book. Will check in later. Stay warm!..

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It finally started to snow this evening, but it is very fine right now. It will have to pick up during the night if we are to get that 3-6" that are predicted. I think St.L has more so far from the looks of it. I am supposed to go to a funeral at noon tomorrow. If I can get to the main road it will be ok. We shall see!.

Holly, I will try Amazon for the Your Shape. We did really well on there for Christmas. For a second, I thought you were talking to me about the new food program. Then I realized that you were talking to Kty. I was confused. Not unusual!!.

Kty: I am good at getting my annual gyn exam; hate going to the dentist though. Only went to the eye doctor because of the flashing lights because I was worried about a possible retinal detachment (luckily that didn't happen; at least not yet). I really should go get a cardiac workup with my recent symptoms and family history. Maybe I am afraid of what they will find. Stupid, right? My BP was a little better today (I took it myself)but I really need to stop at the doctor and have them monitor it for awhile. I had only taken some Tylenol Multi-symptom severe cold and flu meds a few nights ago, so that shouldn't have caused it yesterday.

Ilopez: My DD didn't start acting like that until lately; about 10 years after she should have. Be glad to get it over with now while she is young. I think it is easier to raise boys. I hate shopping because nothing looks good or fits right. It would be nice to actually ENJOY shopping for clothes again. Maybe 50 lbs.


Keish and Susan; do we have to send the search party out for you two? Hope you are well!.

I have to get some water, since I am behind for the day. I can drink a few glasses while I catch up on some shows that I taped this week. Good night everyone!..

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Good Morning Sexy Ladies and Happy Thursday !!.

I have been laughing while reading the post because we are all so much alike. Oh God no Mumus no way !! LOL !! Gosh it's so funny, we are all in the same boat - it feels so good to write something and there everybody gets it. We can be so honest with one another.


I hope your BP goes down and that you fully recover from your cold..


I plan on doing some exercise at home myself, I know myself enough to know that in the dead of winter in NYC riding the train and the bus back and forth from work I am not going to the gym but I can certainly do a tape at home. I am going to check out some from Amazon..


You are too cute, yes I know you work hard and that you work long long hours..

Hello to Susan (please come back and say hello) and to Ms. Keisha..

Hugs !!.

It is also very cold in NYC with snow coming tonight into tomorrow morning so it should be a nice commute to work tomorrow. God help us with this winter. I heard that even in India it was cold that the cold weather has caused deaths in India. Can you believe that? What happened to global warming?.

Well my sexy ladies have a great day !!..

Comment #16

Happy New Years Girls!.

I'm so very sorry for going MIA.....between the holiday, work and networking like a maniac to get my makeup game to the next level I've been well, swamped. I did a quick "read by" and see you ladies have all planned your work and are working your plans!.

I too planned to work out and get back on the wagon but well, have been bad about letting life sidetrack me..

I'm so on cloud 9 right now b/c I FINALLY got face time with the head of a TV network's makeup room here and, ROCKED my trial so I'm going to be working there partime!.

I'm HOPING to get enough sleep this weekend so I can try working out in the am before coming to my day job since I KNOW I won't be able to do so in the evenings and can't during lunch..

I'm so happy the group is hanging tough and sticking together it's time to "Get It In, In 2010".

HUGS to you all!..

Comment #17

DimplesSorry to confuse you! I had written a long, detailed post with lots to each of you and I didn't want to forget to suggest Amazon. I can be confusing!.

I hope you are able to find it. Part of what I was saying about it that I like is the length of workouts and the way the game adjusts according to your progress. I like that..

Ilopez-I totally hear you with the no-gym in winter. I also am with you on the global warming. Not so much... We are certainly all in the same boat and I appreciate that. I need that. I need that a lot.

I know they will may me walk in a door or something for b-roll. Talk about motivating. I actually thought about videotaping myself at home walking away for a little extra motivation lest I start feeling like I look too good. Otherwise I may have to wear a mumu and blame the width on the fabric and the bumps on the microphone. Think that will work? neither! Guess I better work this program.

I like the Biggest Loser workout and believe it or not, Self has some really good ones. Yoga Booty Ballet is fun but I haven't had the patience or persistence to learn the steps well enough to benefit. I am still a fan of the kettle bell for arms..

Keish-Glad to hear from you and a big CONGRATULATIONS for the job!!! I am so happy for you and the contacts you are making. As for the program, just keep coming back here and we will keep each other on the wagon..

Speaking of wagon....

Just a funny story-my aunt who will turn 70 in a few days (but hardly looks or acts 50) works with a man who is an alcoholic and although he has been on the wagon for a while, she cannot forget a time when he literally pooped his pants and would not acknowledge it for an entire day. Anyway, his wife (age 65) commented to her husband that she was getting to old to carry things in and work like she does. This man repeated this to her and asked if she thinks it is time to retire "since she will be 70". She said she has been saying for a while that one day he is going to make her so mad she is going to knock him off that wagon he has been riding; then added his wife has been on oxygen and she is in her early 60's... She cracks me up. She gets so irritated when people try to tell her what to do and it is hard not to crack up.

She said about his returning after the honeymoon, "He just walks around like Studly Hungwell". Oh my...this just made me laugh so I thought I would share..

Have a great day, Ladies! Kty and Susan-Hope to hear from you soon!..

Comment #18

Ok now that I've read the 2010 postings.....


- it's great to hear from you!.

I too can't do Medifast right now so I have my trusty HungryGirl daily emails and cookbook to help me get to get to the grocery store. Kudos on the new fridge w/ water! I'm with you on tasting water flavors and loving water with lemon....I can only drink mine at room temp all year round. For some reason cold water tastes too metallic or bitter or something. I just can't get with it. As for being a workhorse, it's all good as long as you play just as hard - from your extensive travel, I think you can safely say you do so hehehe..


- so happy you had a great birthday & are feeling better....i also love that you stopped yourself from going down the negative path. I constantly stop myself and look for the positives among other things. I also think you've got a solid plan regarding how to deal with's like my granna and mom always said - "sometimes you have to hit a brick wall before you can believe fat meat is greasy" LOLOL all in all it sounds like you've done a good job thus far so trust in what you've instilled etc....


- sounds like you had a hectic but great holiday with the family. I'm very happy to hear you are back on track plan's the wedding and gym visits coming? Do you think it's something you ate over the holiday that caused your BP to spike? Hopefully it goes down soon but what a great incentive for working help get it down *cough nudge wink* sorry to sound pushy but I know you want to be fab for the wedding and I want you to be too *smiles*.


- how are things coming along with you? have you been sticking to the 45 min for 5 days/week. That was my goal and I still hope to manage to make that happen. With my new evening/weekend gig, I'm just not sure how that's going to happen. What is the You Shape? I'll have to google it since you like it..


- wherever you are, you are loved and missed! Guess it's time to call the dogs and send them out after you..

Why am I pursuing weight loss.


1) vanity - my own and for the thrill of hearing people say "wow you look amazing". I also want my outter to match my inner. For years it was the other way that I think/believe I'm pretty darn great, I want my outter to reflect this feeling/confidence..

2) because I'm not getting younger and know the more I put it off a) the harder becomes and b) the more I will regret not doing something later down the road.

3) I want to look great in clothes and wear color again. (I guess this is really "1a") - everything in my closet is black, black w/ white accent, grey, or some combination there of. I can count on both hands what I have that's white, pink or some other color...

Comment #19


- that's too funny. Your aunt sounds like my kinda woman.

I promise to check in. Hopefully I'll be able to get the new "droid" phone so I can check in more regularly etc... Thanks for the support and congrats! I'm really hoping/praying this turns into something bigger and well, paid!..

Comment #20



Here are links to YOUR SHAPE. It is currently on sale at Amazon. This is $20 cheaper than mine..

It is so worth it though..

Keish-I am doing 5 days a week except for the time I was in such great pain from my 45 minute legs strength training. Oh my! KILLER. Yet, I love it. I just do bike on the days I cannot move. You can also use the disk on a PC which I think is great. It comes with the camera and there is no equipment required although you can use hand weights, a ball, or step to increase the difficulty.

(With me, seeing evidence of an emerging two-pack does not mean I have a flat stomach). I do like it calculates calories burned. If you sit out one exercise or miss a few steps it will not give you credit for moving. ~ I am glad you enjoyed the story about my aunt. She is a hoot.

She has talked about him for months. He smiles at her and it is adorable. She had the waitress do some intel gathering and found out he is retired from American Airlines. She refuses to date a man who just wants to live off her retirement and it cracks me up how many men think dating means she cooks dinner for him and lets him move in. She has prepared well for retirement but has no plans to retire.

She could have retired at 55 easily but I think she is afraid of going downhill if she quits. I think it is fun to hear her talk about men but I also am disheartened that dating issues don't get easier as you get older..

Dimples-I hope the links above help you. There is a bikini workout that I am sure can double for wedding preparation..

Ktycat-I hope you are getting some rest between your shifts. How is your food plan working with your schedule? I look forward to hearing more about it..

Ilopez-It is snowing lots here. I had court this morning so I had to get out in this mess but thankfully the heavy accumulation was a few hours behind the weatherman's prediction. I am wishing I could be somewhere overlooking Central Park. I really enjoy New York and haven't had a chance to go in a couple of years. Enjoy it enough for me or just make up stories so I can live vicariously..

Susan-Hope you are warm and well...

Comment #21

Hey Holly.

- lolol I LOVE IT (regarding your aunt). Thanks for the links, You Shape look VERY cool!.

As for the snow, where are you located? In the midwest? They are calling for snow here tonight tapering off tomorrow. I'd love to have the day off so I could sleep in etc but I don't think that's going to happen...

Comment #22

Hey Keish-I am in KYvery close to you. We usually get today what you get tomorrow. Six inches here now and it is still coming down pretty steadily. I really need to do my workout. I haven't done it today but I am 100% OP. Yay me..

My aunt is funny. She said last week he waited in his car until she got there and walked with her to open the door of the restaurant for her. I asked why she didn't ask him to sit with her and she said it is because her friends are so *old* they just ask "huh" and "what" because none of them can hear and they refuse to admit it. Another lady is going blind because of macular degeneration and also can't hear. Too funny. She is dying to actually meet him though.

I told her I will fly to OK and do my own introductions if she doesn't make a move soon. I really want her to find a companion. She says he a nice looking man. Oh to be young again...

Comment #23

Morning Ladies -.


- I'm with you, she should atleast say good morning or SOMETHING to the man LOL. He may be a really great catch that wants to pamper her etc...That's what happend with one of my aunt's when she moved to Mississippi after retiring and losing her husband. A cousin of hers introduced them b/c he'd also lost his wife. He is very vibrant and loves to go all the time and sings in a blues band LOL. She's been on cloud 9 since meeting him because he's way more adventurous than she is etc...I says he sould "Go on honey & take a chance"! ;D.

After you sent me the link, I was watching Bravo last night and a commercial came on for You Shape. It does look good!.

I did pretty well food wise yesterday and got 1 liter of water I was rewarded w/ a 3lb loss...

Comment #24

Hello, Ladies!.

Keish-That does it, I am drinking water. More, that is. I have lemon juice and packets of orange crystals. I know I need to drink. I will be out of food next Thursday and I am trying to decide if I should order new food or to try eating Hungry Girl recipes or the Abs Diet Cookbook. I need something I can do for life.

For now it does feel good to be on program. I feel more in control and look forward to losing the pounds I have regained. Arghhh! I have literally lost all the pounds I have wanted to lose, but I keep losing the same pounds because of the intermittent gains. This is why I really want to find something that is balanced but not necessarily restrictive. I like Medifast because I don't have to think but I realize I really do neeed to think. Not thinking makes my pants tight and gives me muffin top..

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #25

Morning Ladies -.

Where are you? LOL I have SOME nerve hahahahahaha..


- wow, who knew. I'm going to keep the water going. I've also started having at least one mug for green tea a day. I wanna try to get two in b/c it's also a thermagenic and helps burn belly fat! As for the plan, I TOTALLY agree! I also noticed that I gained a few lbs almost instantly when I stopped using MF. I don't want to be dependent on it "for life" you know what I mean? You should really try the HG recipes, I think you'll like them plus she has tips for eating on the go at restaurants and fast food places. Since I'm bad some day getting breakfast in, I'm thinking of getting the Medifast bars and RTD shakes again because they are great and low cal..

Have a great weekend lovely ladies! *hug*..

Comment #26

Good Morning, Ladies!.

Keish-I am with you..

I want to get on here and brag that I have been so compliant! I have organized my remaining meals and found 9 additional ones in the back of the cabinet. I have two Hungry Girl cookbooks and have been making notes of ones I would like to try. Her breakfasts are a bit more time consuming that realistic for my schedule (when I work outside home anyway). I do think they are very practical and tasty. My sister needs to lose weight too. Actually, she was always stick thin until her babies.

She eats soups mostly but her husband does not like anything remotely healthy. She and I are going to have a Hungry Girl cook-a-thon at her house to see if she can find options he will eat. He has gained about 40 pounds and is on medication. He is only 30 so she is trying to make some good changes for their family. Aren't we all..

I cannot thank you enough for posting your three pound loss and linking that to water. I haven't weighed yet, but I did drink water yesterday and I actually wanted water first thing this morning. I am sure I was dehydrated. I even feel better already and NO headaches!.

The snow is still coming down here so I guess I am going to take the opportunity at home to clean house. I am also watching the *news* (E!) to see the latest. I love hearing health tips from people you know don't eat much at all. Especially the ones that say they are naturally thin and have a high metabolism. So crazy..

Today I think I am going to try the YOUR SHAPE bikini ready workout. Hold me accountable, ladies...

Have a great day!..

Comment #27

Quick pop in.....

Heading out shopping with my friend's boyfriend for engagement rings!! Worked the last 2 days, off for 4 now! 4 whole days!!! YAHOO!! Will check in later and read over the posts....

Happy saturday!..

Comment #28

Good Morning, Sexies!.

I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend. I am very proud that I am still 100% OP. Yesterday I tried radishes sauted in olive oil with sea salt. Seriously, they taste like potatoes. 0 carbs, 20 calories for 7 which is more than enough. I just slice them thinly like potatoes.

I need practice to be able to travel with it. (Scary!) Tips are welcome!.

Kty-Congrats on the 4 day break! I know you must need it. I hope engagement ring shopping was a success. I assume this is going to be a complete surprise for your friend?.

Ilopez, Dimples, Keish, SusanI hope you are doing well and that you have a great day!.

-Just a quick off-topic update on my auntshe said she dressed to the nines for the man yesterday..

Black pants tucked into her knee high, high heeled black boots with a black turtleneck and a red jacket and a hat. See, I told you see was not like every other 70 year old..

And...(drumroll), she was excited that he quickly jumped up when she got up to leave and he asked her if she is the one that ordered all the snow. I love it!.


Comment #29

Good Morning Sexy Ladies and Happy Monday !!.


No dating doesn't get any easier as you get older, I work with alot of older ladies one that dates regularly and another who isn't interested, mainly cause of the "dating" turns into cooking dinner and moving in. The one that dates regularly you would be amazed at the stories these grown men give her am like "how old is he again" LOL !! You aunt is too cute and she should enjoy herself. I am happy that you are 100% OP and that you are doing so well..

As for me, am not doing so well, this new year as started for me with a little down/blue episode but I am just sitting it out until it passes cause I know it will. My DH and I are getting along and that is a big plus. Today was a bad morning for me, I couldn't find anything to wear, everything is too tight, too uncomfortable - I am with TOM and it makes me miserable. I have to take care of myself. I have a headache right now. My boss is in a bad mood and acting stupid.

Hello Keisha, Ktycat, Susan and Dimples.

I send you girls all a big hug...

Comment #30

Hola Chicas.


- Lolololoolololol @ your aunt! LOL so does this mean they've chatted or plan to have a chat soon!? Keep the stories coming. I LOVE the outfit! I'm with.


On the meal KUDOS!!!! Thanks for idea on the radishes. Where'd you find that recipe? In Hungry Girl? Once I get paid, I'm going to go grocery shopping for all the stuff I neeed to make some of those recipes and have things to eat while on the go. I'm jealous you get to share the cooking with your sister. I'm so happy for you that you are on plan and in the zone. I haven't done so hot on the water today. Totally off zone..


- oh no regarding the mood. I'm guessing it's all TOM related. I'm happy you & DH are getting along though, that's a huge plus! Hang in there with the boss, don't let his energy steal your joy! Focus on the positives...that always helps get me through those kinda moments. I know what you mean about clothes. I feel so @$E@#$#%# when I look at my closet LOL..


- hope you are doing well and able to get rest..

Susan, Dimples.

- Holla Chicks!..

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Hello Ladies: Had a crappy weekend. Don't ask. BP was sky high for over a week (that I am aware of), so I went to the doctor's office early this morning for a reading; it was very high again. Doc had an open time today, so I went in to see him later in the morning. Of course, it was the best reading I had in a year. DUH.

We did discuss a few things, so I have 2 months to get some weight off, cut down the salt, exercise, yada yada. He wants to do that first, of course. He has no problem with Medifast either for now. Now if that isn't an incentive to stay on track, what is? I should be down at least 20 lbs. by then, right? I have also felt great today and have decided to not let other people get me down anymore.

Its stupid. I like Keish's idea of not letting someone else's energy steal your joy. Something to remember..

I checked out the Hungry Girl site: There is some interesting stuff on there; I like the food comparison things that are on there. I will keep checking it out; maybe I will be inspired. The radish dish sounds interesting..

Ladies: I hear you on the clothes situation. I have about four things that I can wear at the moment. Not good!.

Holly: Your Aunt stories crack me up. I have this great visual of her in that outfit. Keep us posted. I think she should just have some fun; keep things on the up and up you know!.

I have some outdated food, but I was reading somewhere on here that is is still good for quite awhile. I may take a vitamin pill just in case. As long as they taste ok, I can't see wasting them, can you? Gotta go for now. See you all later...

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Hello ladies!.

So being on this sort of day schedule (getting up at noon and bed bw 4-5am) things are going well. I have been following the clean eating plan for a week now...getting slowly better at it. I have to eat every 3 hours which is hard at work when sometimes 6 hours or more pass before I even get a chance to go pee! Other than that I feel pretty good about having no processed foods in me! I am drinking only water, cut back on my coffee intake too! And as of dec 23 I have quit smoking (again!) I know i've quit before but from sept 08 till this past dec I had been smoking again. But so far i'm smoke free for 19 days and counting..

I have also caught up on sleep, I feel much more rested. Now I just need to start exercising!! I don't know if i've lost weight yet...i have not been on a scale since before xmas...but it wasn't good then! So i'm just going to let my body adjust and see how I feel, how my clothes fit. This plan is nice, no calorie countin, as long as you stick to the portion sizes you should be within your approx cal range. So i've been using a food journal, tracking everything, preparing food in my kitchen so i'm not caught off gaurd and starving. So far so good!.

Ooh, gotta run, kitchen timer going off....i'll be back soon..

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Hi Ladies, Good to see some action on this board!.

Ilopez-I am glad the marriage is better. I am sorry about you being in the dumps. I had a few really rough days last week as well. I finally got out of the funk by Sunday and actually have been able to look at things more rationally. I hear you about the clothing issue! There is a sweater I bought a couple of months ago that really did look good. I put it on this weekend and I could have cried.

Needless to say it was returned to my closet. And I thought I hadn't made progress!! We must make a pact to not resort to creating some type of business that offers stylish mumus. Just say NO to mumus!!!.

Keish-I found the radish recipe on the website. Ingenius, huh? I don't think I have ever eaten a radish before yesterday. At least not on purpose. Just be sure to cook them well, until they are translucent and just a bit beyond, so the peppery "bite" is cooked out of them. The recipe is simple, a splash of olive oil and sea salt. Pretty tasty.

Coat squash and bake. YUM. Very low carb and about 90 calories but also high fiber. I used it as my other vegetable with my radish potato dish. ~ My sister lives 2 hours away but we try to get together often and do something *fun*.

I try to schedule visits when her husband is working a long shift on the weekend. He leaves early, comes home and collapses on those days so it brightens her day..

She did tell me I have to bring my own groceries because I am so picky about ingredients. I can't wait though..

Dimples-So sorry you had a rough weekend! You can absolutely be down 20 but one pound at a time. (I say that for myself as much as for you). It is so frustrating to me to realize I have probably lost 55 pounds in the last year. Over and over again. Not good. I agree with you and Keish about keeping your joy.

As we know..

Ktycat-Glad you have caught up on sleep. I am cheering for you to be able to stop smoking. It seems like hospital employees have the most stress to stop smoking. I am impressed that you are finding ways to stick with the eating plan with your crazy schedule..

I am glad you ladies have enjoyed the stories about my aunt. She is a trip. Last year she bought a pair of leather pants in a size 9 because they recommended a motivational wardrobe item at her WW meeting. She is tinymaybe 5'1" so it doesn't take much on her. She does belly dancing to have ripped abs. She is a six year breast cancer survivor and a nine year widow but she has a lot of life left in her.

I loved that she got dressed up for him Sunday. I want her to have a little romance. Ilopez-your friends must be funny talking about dating older men. It cracks me up some of them think they need a 20 year old when they can hardly keep up with a 40 year old. I really just want my aunt to be romanced.

I have four days of Medifast food remaining. After that I am not sure what I will do. I am contemplating the Abs Diet. The recipes seem quick, easy, although I worry about the portability. I have been looking at the calories in salads and discovered that one of my favorites has 1800 calories. YIKES..

I forgot to mention that the New Years Workout on YOUR SHAPE is really good. You can burn 280 calories in 15 minutes. Intense but worth it..

Have a great evening!..

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FYI Ladies,8599,1950896,00.html.

Get paid to lose weight. I suppose there are sponsors. This is sponsored by companies who hope to lower health care costs...

Comment #35

Dimplesyou could totally do this challengeyour doctor can sign and qualify you. I am considering it for extra incentive...

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Hi Girls -.

Quick Check in...feeling good. I FINALLY got myself up at a little before 5am and did 45 min of cardio!.

I feel great and mentally clearer. I'm not as tired as I thought I'd be (my reason for NOT working out in the am before). I'm going to try to do it again tomorrow..


- I too am thinking about joining Healthy Wage...gotta see if I can make this am work out thing stick first..

Hope everyone's doing well and will write more later. OH before I forget, do any of you have.


's outside info. I really thought I had her email but can't find it and can't find her on FB either. She's been gone long's time to go after her...

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Good Morning Sexy Ladies and Happy Wednesday..


I want to start with you today, Wow you are doing amazing. Congratulations on your clean eating and specially on quitting smoking. I have picked a quit date myself and hope to stick with it. I am very happy for you..


No we are saying no to Mumus that's for sure. Your aunt is cute. You don't want to do medifast anymore?.


You know I don't have to tell you - you have to watch your BP. I hope you feel better soon and take it easy. Yes Keisha is right don't let someone else steal your joy and I will add to that - you know you get all worked up and sick and they stay as if nothing has happened. Cause nobody can take care of you expect you. Be good to yourself. ((Hugs)).


How are you doing? How are things going?.

Where is.


I hope she returns and says Hello to us..

As for me I am on a mission to get my "swagger on". I have a burning question: "How does a 41 year old woman get her swagger back or get her groove back". I want to be energetic, fashionable, pretty, exciting and inviting. That is my mission. Any ideas?.

Hugs to all my sexy ladies...

Comment #38

Hi Girls -.

Working on the project from hell and thought I'd do a quick pop in..


- I'm really sorry to hear you haven't been doing so well. I can't echo.


Sentiments enough. I think you should do the HealthyWage challenge as well...look at it as insurance that you look fab for DD's wedding! *big HUG* b/c I want you healthy, feeling better and HAPPY!.


- Your sis sounds like mine in terms of distance from me. You gave me a thought though...maybe I'll take my HG cookbook up there one weekend and cook with her to make sure I make enough meals for the week and then some etc... then bring them all back home. She, unlike me, LOVES to cook. I'd rather clean so together we make a perfect pair. LOL As for your Aunt, DO keep us posted! I LOVE it!!.


- 1st it starts from within, try to set yourself up for success meal and exercise wise. To help you, I always find some sort of pampering helps, whether it's a waxing, spa mani/pedi, getting my hair cut, colored, or done when it hasn't been in a while or something along those lines. I saw once on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style that underwear also helps. I ALWAYS feel super "IT" after a visit to Linda the Bra Lady (on the East Side) for an expert fitting and new bras that make me look fab under my clothes. Also buy yourself something that makes you feel like you have a dirty little secret. It's been known to give women an extra pep in their step...last but CERTAINLY not least....revamp your makeup!..

Comment #39

Hit send too soon.


- your plan sounds like an excellent one!.

I'm with.



Comment #40

Hi ladies,.

I'm looking for a new group to join, and have recommitted myself to make 2010 the BEST year of my life so far! I'm a newly single mom who's put herself LAST for too long. I'm ready for my turn!.

I like the encouragement this thread has, and hope to help others along the way. I mostly need encouragement and accountability. If I don't get on the boards at least once a day, I find my old habits returning. So you'll usually see me in the AM's, and I'll post what my Medifast plan is for the day. Today looks like this:.

1: Blueberry Oatmeal.

2: PB Crunch Bar.

3: Chili Nacho puffs, iced tea w/lemon.

4: ready to drink chocolate shake.

5: strawberry shake.

L&G: Pork chop and salad w/italian dressing.


K girls, I'm off to earn the big bucks (ha!)! Have a great OP day!!!.


Comment #41

First, WELCOME Caligirl! We are a nice bunch here and we do encourage one another. Please come back and help us maintain accountability..

Keish-Congrats on the workout! It does feel great, doesn't it? I am really looking forward to the Hungry Girl weekend with my sister. I am going to have to put it off for a couple of weeks though because I have some volunteer projects that will occupy my next two weekends. It may be the weekend falls just before her birthday which will be fun. Perhaps we can do an extra healthy cake for her as well. I don't like cake so there is no temptation for me either way in that regard..

Ilopez-I am not quitting the boards, but I really would like to try and teach myself ways to eat and manage life eating actual food. I cannot keep riding the weight rollercoaster. Like Ktycat, I will keep coming here for support. I may order more food in the future, but I have a freezer full of fish, chicken, turkey and vegetables that are begging to be eaten. It doesn't make sense to spend the money on additional food. Regarding the mumu's, we are certainly staying away from them.

I need to make a visit to the east side myself! (Keishcan you offer directions?).

Dimples-How is your BP this week? You have been on my mind. There are so many meaningful reasons for each of us to do this and see it to the end. Here is to our many healthy years..

Susan-You are missed!.

I do not have Susan's contact information. Hopefully she will drop in soon to let us know what is going on with her..

Ktycat-I am sure you are back at work and working hard. See you back when you can catch a break..

Today I had a delicious lunch of parm puffs, a banana shake breakfast and I am soaking soup for an afternoon snack. Considerations for dinner are strawberry shake or eggs. Perhaps pudding in there somewhere as well. I think broccoli and talapia for dinner..

Big HUGS to my sexy ladies!..

Comment #42

My sexy ladies,.


You are absolutely right and I was thinking along those same lines..

I have to same something, when I get home from work and I put on my house clothes, I look in the mirror and I see my mother, now that creeps me out..

Then the other night I was so tired and lying up in the bed and my DD came in and said "oh my mom is getting old look how cute she looks". As turning old is cute..

I wanted to die inside cause that's just how I felt and to have my own 16 year old tell me that scared me..

Last night on the Oprah show Tom Hank's wife was on doing make overs and she said that one of the things we should do each year is to buy new PJs. That we shouldn't walk around the house in old worn out sweats..

Be cute for you.

Is the motto..

So yes am going to start with getting back 100% and cleaning my closet..

My hair is another sore spot. I am already about 50% gray and I hate it. I am not one to go the hair salon all the time so my grays show up immediately. I am too young to go all gray. A nice hair color will lift my moods I know that for sure..


I know you aren't going to quit us. We are the best group around. And I totally understand that you dont' want to continue on the rollercoaster. I am with you. This is my third time doing Medifast 100% and this is the last time..


Welcome to our group, you will find that we are an unorthodox group but we keep it "real" - so you don't mind that, come on. We encourage each other and offer great support. Thank you for sharing your daily intake of Medifast. I plan on continuing with Medifast foods for another four or five months. It offers me so much confidence with the quick weight off and so much ease without having to think about food..



Is the girl this week, you are doing so well. Congrats again !.



How are you feeling?..

Comment #43


- huge welcome! it's always nice to have a new member and always funny to realize that other people read our rants and raves..

Tell us more about you! Well, if you are comfy doing so..


- it really does feel good. I never worked out in the am b/c of how tired I felt when I'd do so in the evening. I was always physically tired but mentally charged. It made me feel very "zen" this am mentally though I hit a wall a couple of times where I wanted a nap but a strong cup (or 2) of green tea has remedied that. Your cooking weekend with your sis sounds very fun and come on out to the East Coast anytime. I wish I had a big house and could host this group for a "sleep over".

Some of my friends have started doing those and make them coincide w/ events at a local winery..


- I was JUST about to add the new PJs to the list of ways to get ya sexy on! As for hair, you should look into going to one of the schools. I know when I was at Aveda in NYC, you could get a $300-$500 color job for $150-$190 (prices may have gone up) b/c students were doing it but they are supervised. As for DD calling you cute, that struck a nerve...I will stop calling my mom that b/c I tell her she's "Soo cute" all the time. We've even given her pet names. I never thought about it making her feel old or bad..


- I hope the silence means you are busy girlfriend!..

Comment #44

Ilopez-Your daughter's brain is not fully developed..

Please take what she said as a compliment or at least a bit of joking that had good intentions but poor timing. I continue to go through my closet with that very thing in mind. I rid myself of ALL pj's that are flannel or have anything on them. For some reason, my oldest sister went through a phase of getting me pj's because I gave my mom a pair. Differencemy mom LOVES pj's and I don't. I got rid of these last weekend.

I have made the decision to get rid of anything that does not make me feel at my best. My closet will have many fewer things but I don't care. I recently got rid of 15 pairs of shoes as well. I don't know about you, but I find that some things hold memories and that is not good. Anything baggy is GONE.

I have been wearing yoga pants and tank tops around the house. They are good for working out and expose enough that I stay motivated. Sometimes I get really crazy and wear high heels to do laundry. Even if it feels ridiculous there is nothing like lipstick and heels to make even the most mundane task a special event..

Now, is that a commercial from the 60's or what! *Hugs* to you. You are beautiful. Inside and OUT..

Keish-New make-up tricks! I need a consultation with you! I also need to meet your bra lady. I have seriously always wanted to do that. Where is she? ~.

Caligirl, Yes, please do come back and let us know about you. We are just, well, us. I love these ladies. I laughed when Ilopez called us unorthodox. I began to deny it but then I realized how right she is..

We tell the truth and enjoy sharing life with one another. We each want to be the best versions of ourselves we can be and we help each other with life and weightloss. Welcome to our group!..

Comment #45

Hi LadiesWhere are you today?.

Just getting creative with my last few mealsI will be out of food on Saturday. Interesting because it is clear which are my least favorites. Lots of soup remains. I am amused that the first time I made a soup "bread" that I could stand is today. Darn-it! That is the way the ball bounces I suppose. Here is to an over abundance of strawberry shakes and soup..

I am working late tonight, hopefully I can be creative with meals that I can take with me. Hmmm......

Comment #46

HEy ladies!.

In the middle of a 3 day stretch of work. About to leave and drive to houston. I'll check in again once i'm done...after friday..

HOpe you ladies have a great day!..

Comment #47

Good Morning Sexy Ladies - Happy Friday !!.

I was busy at work yesterday and didn't show my face..

I have decided to start with the basic # 1 today am getting my hair colored (covering my grays) and tomorrow am going 100% OP again. God help me this time..


This time is the last time for me no more this is my third gig with Medifast and after this one I am going for something else that I can handle more appropriately and long term. I know you know that feeling..


Thank you for all the suggestions, that's the 3rd on the list get new PJs. I hate the thought of looking like my mother LOL !!.


, have a great weekend and a great work week..


How are you doing? I just read a blog by a lady here on medifast about her 24 year old son's girlfriend and her behaviour and how she is dealing with this and how "angry" she is about her ways towards her son. It made me think about you..

Big kids big problems right. I hope you are feeling ok and that your BP is under control. ((hugs)) for you..


I hope you come back to say hello to us. ((hugs for you)) I hope things are ok with you..

I hope all my sexy ladies have a great weekend and we will talk on Tuesday. Monday is a holiday and I usually don't get on the computer during the weekend...

Comment #48

Hi Ladies -.

Sorry yesterday was crazy and it's always extra crazy when I have to leave work right on time to get to the TV network. *sighs* Anyway.....


- LOLOLOL @ the heels for laundry! Not only did that sound like something out of the early 60's/late50's but it also sounds like my deceased grandmother. Even if she wasn't going anywhere and just sat in the house w/ her housecoat on all day, she always had her lipstick, earrings, hair and nails done. The crazy part is my MOM is now the same way....she has all that going on even w/ her pjs on! LOL Kudos for cleaning out your closet! I know organizing and throwing out always gives me a sense of accomplishment and I have a "fresh" know like you purged. I hope that made sense. As for make-up, how can I help. I'm about to post on the blog some fantastic sets for "Giving Good Face" everyday and in less than 10 min.

I don't always do the tank though b/c I get cold but I wear the fitted tshirts that still show the fat, like you said, to keep me motivated. Oh Linda the Bra Lady is in NYC on the Upper East Side...but there should be a similar type store where you live. They have one here in DC that has a fancy french name..



I'm not mad at ya. I wish I still lived there so I could do your make up to complete the whole thing..

Oh well, one day! How's your DD? How are you feeling? You WILL BE SUCCESSFUL - 3rd times a charm AND you have us!.


- I too am worried about you. I'm going to bug you on FB b/c it's not like you to be MIA this long..


- drive safely! Hope you get to rest and relax for part of the weekend atleast..

Susan or lurkers who may know Susan & Her email address.

- PLEASE COME BACK. I am SOOOO annoyed that I do NOT have your email address and really thought sure I did..


- Completed my 3rd day of working out at 5 am! Did the Calorie Burn on the treadmill and burned 254 calories.

Now I'm tired and fighting sleep! LOL..

Comment #49

Hi Ladies-.

Kty, Susan, Dimples-Good morning to you! I hope you are having a good day! *Hugs*.

Ilopez-I am SO with you on the "this is the last time" sentiment. The weight is hanging on but it certainly won't go away if I go nuts. I have been 100% OP. Just two days of food left. I am pretty excited actually. I am going to stick with a plan of eating things from my freezer before I buy groceries.

It is something I can see building a lifestyle around, not just a time of feeling deprived. With that plan there is one meal a week you eat whatever you want. Some weeks I may not even want to have anything crazy, but just something that is a treat. I just want my body to know it is not starving only to binge later. I once heard a person on the radio ask people to hold their breath until she told them to stop.

People of course said they inhaled deeply. She then said, "That's right. You all binged on air and immediately felt the urge to purge." That visual really has stuck with me. It completely and accurately describes my relationship with food. I deny myself, then reward myself, feel guilty and want to correct my over-doing it.

After that first breath your body exhales harder. I want to break that cycle in my life!.

Keish-Yay for your workout schedule!! You are doing great. 5am, wow. I am not sure I could be that person. Perhaps one day. Today, I will try to take a walk and I will eat 100% OP. That is waht I can do today..

Let's keep on keeping on!...

Comment #50

Hi Ladies -.


- I hear you and Ilopez on cultivating a lifestyle. I'm fighting hard to make healthy and smart choices so that I'm not voiding the effort of getting up and working out for 45 min - 1 hour at 5 am. Valerie Bertinelli said adopting the lifestyle change was her key to success and maintaining her fab bikini bod. Kirsty said she didn't and that's why she's starting over again. I too am hoping to make this a permanent change b/c I'm tired of being on the yoyo/roller coaster.

As for the early ams, I too thought I wasn't and would've thought someone was crazy if they'd told me a) I would do it and b) that I would actually like it. I prefer it over the evenings b/c it's done and over with. I only started it after waking up for no reason the other am at 4:45. I was like, well, might as well try it. We'll see how long I can keep it up..

Have a great weekend chicks..

Comment #51

Just checking in for a second; had a busy week. I need to catch up on all the previous posts and then I will return, maybe by tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone!..

Comment #52

DimplesGlad you are back! Looking forward to hearing what is going on. I hope it is a wonderful stuff!.

Keish-I have been paying attention to those things too. Even Oprah seems to have given up! I do not want to be a Kirstie! I don't think 5am will work for me, but I agree that morning workouts are much better. I need to get on a routine and schedule it so I stick to it. I hope it is pretty enough to walk tomorrow..

I have a friend who weighs 340 pounds. She called me today to talk about how bad she feels. She sweats if she stands too long. She is a well-kept woman and that bothers her. She is a nurse and hates her job but thinks no one will hire a 340 pound nurse. I have tried to encourage her but I don't even know how.

Any thoughts on exercises she can do while sitting? She wants to do the gastric bypass surgery, but I don't think the results will be maintained. She eats a lot of food. Two McDonalds meals and coke for lunch...etc. Soup, salad and sandwich at a lunch. She knows this and doesn't think she can stop.

She works for Hospice so she spends much of her time in the car and has lots of access to drive-thrus. I almost suggested the Biggest Loser for she and her husband, but she can't be gone from work that long. I just hate she is so depressed. She said if it weren't for her husband she wouldn't want to live. Thoughts?..

Comment #53

Ladies, Where are you? Enjoying MLK day I hope..

Just moving us up on the boards and hoping each of you is well...

Comment #54


Been busy this weekend catching up with old friends. Have one over right now so will check in tomorrow and catch up...I PROMISE! Just wanted to let y'all know i'm here!.

Hope everyone had a happy monday!..

Comment #55

Good Morning Sexy Ladies and Happy Tuesday !.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I got myself ready for today - 100% OP with medifast for the last time. And that's a promise. I have to say last year I lost 25 pounds I went from 212 to 187 and today I got on the scale I was 207 - that's 20 pounds I gained unbelievable. This is no way to live. There has to be a better way, a maintaining way..

About Oprah and Kristie Alley, Oprah did confess in her January 2010 magazine that she did nothing about her weight for the entire year despite saying that she would. That she was going back on the wagon unbelievable, it goes to show you we all have the same problem when it comes to weight no matter our social background, financial background. It is bad and it is sad all at the same time..


I feel really bad for your friend cause the worst part about it is that once you get to a certain weight you start feeling helpless, that could happen to anyone. I also have a friend who is miserable wieghs about 260 but cann't find the way to start anything. Why won't she do medifast? My friend won't do it because she thinks it is too hard. Honestly I don't think medifast is hard, I think it is difficult to keep up after a while - meaning not a long term thing but I think it can be great for your self-esteem and to get that push that yes you can do it..


I am glad you are back and yes please come back and let us know how you are doing..





Comment #56

Hi Ladies!.

Thanks for the pop-in Kty!.

Ilopez-I am in the same boat! What a horrible feeling it is. I agree Medifast isn't hard, or even bad to do, but I find myself having "on" days or completely "off" days. Not good. I bought several new healthy cookbooks and have been having a blast. I haven't been hungry and was amazed to see how good I feel. THIS is something I can live with.

After a week of 100% OP, I lost three pounds, then TOM so who knows. However, my calories now, not depriving myself but eating healthy foods, my calorie intake has been between 1000-1100. Not too bad. I also like some of the "Cook This, Not That" options. I actually enjoy cooking.

It was so delicious. I just know what I do have to work for me for life..

I am proud of Oprah for telling the truth. It isn't like it isn't obvious that she wasn't working a program. You know Art cooks fried chicken and waffles for breakfast. That can't be low-cal. Same with Kirstieshe was even supposed to create her own diet. Who would go on that one? How different could it be from any other? I don't see how it could be much different at all.

That is my goal and I'm sticking to it..

Susan, Keish, DimplesPop in soon!..

Comment #57

Hi everyone> Had a few family and friend outings last week and this weekend, and caught up on some things at home today. Should probably go to bed, but am watching the results from the Massachusetts special election. I still haven't watched some things that I taped. Better do that before the DVR gets full and deletes some shows. (I think I watch too many shows). Trying to stay OP, but finding it more difficult this time around..

I don't know what is going on with my dd anymore. She has been avoiding us and spending more and more time with fiancee and his family. I have talked to her only twice since Christmas. She still hasn't gotten much done with the wedding, or at least she hasn't included me in anything. She never calls us or comes by when she is here in town, so I give up. The ball is in her court.

Holly and Ilopez: I don't know what to say about your friends who are so heavy and depressed. I completely understand how they are feeling helpless and hopeless. When they look at how much they have to lose, it can be so overwhelming. Its like a mountain too high to climb, so why bother? The circle just keeps going round and round and nothing changes, unless things just get worse. Both of these people are probably past the point of doing anything for themselves and do need some outside help to get things to change. It certainly is not easy.

Another thing, do they have any support at home with family? That is a big thing to consider too..

I know what I need to do and why and how: It should be easy to just step back into this and get going, but I am not finding it easy either. Every morning I get up with these great intentions, but I don't always do what I am supposed to do. Oh well, tomorrow I will start in again. I do seem to be stuck on cappucino, oatmeal and tomato soup right now, so I think I will order that stuff and a few bars or pretzels. Maybe that will keep me on the program: I could actually drink the cappucino 5 times a day. Weird, I know!! I have been looking at the Hungry Girl website.

I think I better get to bed at a decent hour so I can get up early and get some things done tomorrow. It seems that if I don't start working early, I never get going at all. First I am going to have some more water. I have been so thirsty the past two days. MMMMMMMM....

Hi Keish, Kty and Susan: Hope you are all well too. What happened to our new girl? I only saw one post from her. Tune in tomorrow>>>..

Comment #58

Good Morning Sexy Ladies - Happy Wednesday !!.

Well I have one day 100% OP with Medifast and down .4 Wow !!.

OK well I am trying to make myself feel better..


It is very difficult to get back on track, I had been trying to get back OP since September when I felt the weigh creeping up but didn't till yesterday. Unbelievable..

What is going on with your DD? She must be going thru something within herself, am sure it has nothing to do with you. Take it easy with that - that stress can raise your BP and you don't need that. Your health is more important, she will come around. Keep in mind that you have done everything you can as a mother. My friend thinks Medifast is too hard, that's why she doesn't do it..


How much have you gained if you don't mind me asking? I am so tired of losing and gaining and losing and gaining the same 20 pounds over and over again. I have been on this for three years now. February it will be 3 years since I first did Medifast I was 198 I lost 20 pounds. Back in 2009 weighing 212 unbelievable. I cann't do it anymore, the more I think about it the more I say I cann't do it anymore. I am going to do Medifast till May - in May I am going to do WW.

Gosh can you see how frustrated I am. I am not letting the frustration freeze me or keep me from doing Medifast because I know that's what I need right now. I am so frustrated I don't have time for another "slow" program. But I need a program for life. OK that's enough of that..

Hello to Keisha, Ktycat and Susan..

And yes our new girl, embrassing how are you doing? Are you staying with us or not?.

Hugs to all my sexy ladies...

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Hola Ladies -.

It's been a nutty few days and times at my parents means no internet...this will be short but I promise to write more soon! Love and miss ya..

Comment #60

Hi everyone on this rainy, gloomy, foggy Thursday. I don't remember the last time we saw the sun around here. Yuk. S.A.D. weather, for sure..

Not much to say today. Just trying to be op and going into the basement so my DH doesn't pitch everything while I am not looking. We should really be on that Clean House show. We would drive them crazy! Too bad they are in California. LOL.

I guess that new girl didn't stay with our group? Maybe she found a more suitable group..

I tried to get ahold of Susan by email, but no response so far. I really hope she is ok. I am worried now. Has anyone heard from her?.

Ilopez: I am just going with the flow, regarding the DD. Can't do much else anyway. Don't we need a good swift kick for gaining that weight back? I found some more tomato soup and peach oatmeal yesterday, so I am good, because I love both of them. I actually like the peach muffins too. I am running out of cappucino though, so I will need to order a ton of it soon. Have you (or any of you) tried the momentum cappucino? I need to see how it differs from the regular one..

Holly: How are things going with your friend and your aunt? I also hope your job situation is better these days. I agree that Medifast is actually pretty easy, once you get back on the wagon. I saw that there is a competitor to Medifast now? ANother program using the meals and all. Does anyone know how it compares? Maybe I should ask that on the Medifast threads..

Anyway; HELLO to everyone else. I hope you are all having a wonderful day!.

I hope the rest of you are doing well. Check in when you can...

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Good Morning Sexy Ladies and Happy Thursday !!.


Honestly, I am so frustrated and honestly so ANGRY that I have gained that weight back and to make matters worst in such a short time. Less than 6 months. Unbelievable !! that's the main reason I say this is my last shot with Medifast. I tried the momentum cappucinno but had to give them away because they gave me "migraines" I suffer from migraines and cann't take the additional caffeine in them. I understand about your DD take everything in stride..


Hello !!.


Where are you?.


How are you?.


We are still waiting for you..

There is nothing else for me to say about me other than that # 1 I am so ANGRY at myself and # 2 I have been OP 100% with Medifast for three days. Such frustration, I am hoping it will go away once I see the scale moving in my favor. Have a great day ladies !!..

Comment #62

Dimples-I am so sorry about the weirdness with your daughter. Families can be weird. I hope she isn't hiding something about her relationship. How is the BP? Work seems to be slowly coming together, at least I am getting jobs. I want to look good and feel good as this moves forward. It is important to my health and my quality of life..

Ilopez-Congrats on the 3-days OP! I don't mind you asking how much I have gained. Today, I am 199 at TOM. So 20 pounds up from my lowest. I did weigh 208 after Christmas which FREAKED ME OUT. Not good. I can tell I have lost but I am doing real food.

I am staying 100% on healthy balanced meals. 2 grains, lean meats and vegetables, some fruits and nuts. I have averaged 1000 calories each day. I have discovered almond milk (Almond Breeze) which has 1 gram of carbs. I really miss milk and it tastes just like the real thing only 40 calories instead of 90.

I stay full all day and have not had the desire to binge at all. Even eating out has been manageable. I was on the road yesterdayI got home at 1amFiber One bars in the car were perfect. I had two and stopped at Taco Bell for 2 chicken fresco soft tacos. It feels really great.

I honestly believe I have realized the self destructive role I have allowed food to have in my life. Why on earth? I like to look good and feel good. I also realize how important appearance is with work. Especially public work. I want to feel great in my body. I know I can do this and I know we can do this together.

I remember those days even though they may be a very faint memory..

I have great hope for each of us to be able to finally make a lifestyle change..

I really have great sympathy for my friend, yet I understand her struggles. I also know she was once a size 6. Not so much now. She is very large and literally sweats if she stands too long. Yet, I know I cannot judge or ask why she won't do things to make it better. I ask myself the same things.

She cannot even sleep with him anymore because of her sleep apnea and snoring. As well as the size. I cannot even see how it would physically be possible to have sex. I didn't ask either but I can see how that would diminish quality of life as well. I really do need to call her and check on her.

I want to lose this weight slowly. I want to be very healthy and to be able to buy new clothes in a size I haven't seen in years. I wore a 5 in high school, sometimes a 16 junior. I don't think I need to be that small again, but I always felt great at 165. I felt my most healthy. I don't like to be too little.

Keish-Check in when you can..

SusanYou are missed and we are beginning to worry! Just check in when you can..

KtyTalk to you soon!..

Comment #63

Good Morning Sexy Ladies and Happy Friday !!.

Fairgirl, I remember you and I had about the same goal last year. It seems like you and I are struggling with the same 20 pounds up and down. How many times can you lose and gain 20 pounds? Right? Anyways, I agree with you and I feel just like you 100% agree..

I have decided to continue with Medifast for half of this year but I am going to switch over to something I can live with. I think I said that before but most importantly something I haven't said yet, I am going to quit smoking so that I can return to the gym full-time. Last year I had a little gig with the gym - it was good but it was difficult not only because I was out of shape or I am out of shape but because I cann't breathe. I have a quit date !!.

I want to be healthy, I want to have a small body and I want to breathe and I want it for the rest of my life not only for half a year. That's what happened to me last year, I did so well and when the Summer came I so wanted to have a good time I wasn't thinking that I need to do something to maintain my weight. This year I will !!!.

Hello to Keisha, Dimples, Susan, and Ktycat.


I hope all my sexy ladies have a great weekend. Day 4 100% OP. About to place another order. God helps us this time around enough is enough...

Comment #64

Good Morning, Ladies!.

Ilopez-Arrgh with the 20 pound yo-yo. I am so over it! I am very happy with my current plan. It is healthy food that is very delicious. I actually believe this is a lifestyle I can maintain. All yummy and practical. One thing I read even recommended a *cheat* meal.

Not even a little. My sister and I have committed to do this together. I gave her my Eat This, Not That cookbook to help. Her husband insists on eating three of those horrible chicken pot pies. He refuses to eat healthy.

His father had gastric by-pass and his mother was morbidly obese until she had a life-threatening condition and got down to a normal weight. She worries about it because he is already on cholesterol meds and has dangerously high BP even with meds. They are 30. My sister has always been the thinnest of us all. Not after the babies.

She agreed to give me a room in her house so I don't have to store it all here. After that I am going to buy new clothes. I really will have only a few things left. I can't wait. I see what my family used to look likeall of us normal weight, even my mom was always thin.

The last pj's we got her were size 22 and they gap. I want to enjoy every moment of this life to the fullest. I don't want a single memory in my future to be jaded by my feeling fat during the event. In looking at old pictures that is what I remember. How sad is that..

It is so great to have you ladies because we all understand. I appreciate you all!.

We really can do this..

In case you are curious, a day of meals is like this for me:.

1 Kashi waffle.

1 turkey sausage patty.

Log cabin sugar free syrup.

1 caesar salad with chicken.

Replace caesar dressing with tangerine vinegrette (50 cals).

1 Fiber One apple bar.

Hungry Girl chicken strips.

Baked butternut squash.

Baked green bean ("fries").

10 almonds.

As usual for me, water intake is a constant struggle..

Hope you all have a wonderful day!..

Comment #65

Hi Hot Chicks -.

This week has been nucking futs but I'm hangin tough. I want to just drop a note to let you know I'm thinking of you all and will pop in later and write more...

Comment #66


Another question how old are you?.

That menu sounds really good, that is what I would like to do but am going to try with Medifast for a couple of months mainly cause it's Winter and I seriously don't want to think about food. I'll wait till the Summer when I am in a better mood, I still do alot of cooking in the Summer because I use my slower cooker alot..


I hope next week is better for you. Thank you for stopping by...

Comment #67

You guys are just babes in the woods yet! I thiink the older you get the harder it is to lose and keep it off! I still try. Now that I think I have all of my crazy little medical issues taken care of or at least figured out, I am going back to the gym on Monday; at least to walk or ride the bike for now. I need to get off my duff for sure. I know that being active helps me stick with the plan much more..

Spent the day with one DS, DGD and new DGS. They came over while my DIL and older GD went shopping. It was fun as usual. The 3 yr. old is a hoot and never stops talking. The baby just sleeps and eats, looks around for awhile and goes back to sleep.

They don't stay little for long though..

Quiet weekend otherwise. Will probably watch football tomorrow. Weather is cold but still wet and gloomy. I am looking forward to a sunny day. Can't remember the last time I saw the sun..

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. See you Monday!!..

Comment #68

Dimples-So glad your health problems are getting sorted out! It sounds like you had quite a busy but fun weekend. They do grow up fast don't they? I am not encouraged that weight loss gets HARDER as we get older..

I suppose I knew that anyway but it still isn't fun. I am still doing well with my eating plan. I hope it keeps up. As long as I plan ahead I think it should be fine. I am frustrated that I am at a plateau. I was on a lower one before Christmas.

Where are you Ladies????..

Comment #69

Hello ladies!.

I have just skimmed thru the previous posts...seems like the days got away from me working and I got behind...but i'm still around!.

So i've been struggling with the same 20lb yo yo as well...except being the over achiever that I am I gained even more than the 20lbs this time! I have been following the Eat-Clean diet for almost 3 weeks now. Have lost 5lbs, really slow weight loss but the eating is something I think I can do for life, not a diet that I go on and off. I have been eating really clean, no processed foods for 3 weeks. I feel so much better except I want the weight to come off faster. I guess it's that whole instant gratification that i'm wanting, which many other plans offer. I am slowly changing my eating, now i'm also working on slowly changing my thought process.

Anyways...sorry for rambling. I have so many other things on my mind I feel like i'm jumping from one thought to the other by the minute....

Speaking of...gotta run...again..

I promise that someday soon I will be able to be here and focused and my postings will actually make sense!..

Comment #70

Good Morning Sexy Ladies and Happy Monday.

I am very very sad today, I cann't even talk about it. It has to do with my DD..

I don't even want to write anymore because I am afraid I will cry and I don't want to make a scene in the office. I am 100% OP with my medifast..

Thank you, I will write later on in the week when I feel better. I have to have a serious conversation with that girl one which I really don't want to have but I must..

I send you all my sexy Ladies a big Hug !!..

Comment #71

Ktycat-Congrats on the clean eating! I agree that weight loss is SLOW, but like you, I am sticking with healthy eating, very balanced, and within a 1000-1200 cal/day range. This is my lifestyle. It may come slowly, but I know it will come and I believe it will stay..

Ilopez-I am so sorry you are sad. Whatever it is with DD, I am praying for you now, to have peace and to have the words to bring about the change that is needed. I am glad you are OP. Please let us know how it goes..

Dimples, Keish, SusanWhere you are today, I hope you are well...

Comment #72

Hi ladies:.

I still feel like I need the Medifast quick loss thing going right now. If I just do the slow thing, nothing will happen! I just need that jump start again!.

Ilopez: I am so sorry to hear you are having issues with your DD. I don't know your story, but I DO know how the mother-daughter thing goes, like it or not! If you ever do want to share, you can pm me or you know where I am on FB. I hope things are not as serious as it sounds. My DD came by yesterday with the BF. There seems to be this wall or something in the way. Still have not had a chance to just sit her down and have a discussion.

Can't say why!!.

I am glad that you are OP and that this has not derailed you in that regard!!.

I heard from Susan. She said she was ok, but has been extremely busy. She hopes to check in soon. I am glad that she is ok. I was getting worried..

Holly: I also have a problem getting in all the water, but I keep trying. I have been trying different containers that will keep it cold for longer than an hour at a time. Our water supply has been leaving a metal taste in my mouth, so I have to try the bottled water again for now. Your menu sounded good btw. I know my biggest problem is the emotional eating. I can do so well and then I screw up.

Dumb, dumb, dumb!!!.

Hi Keish and Kty. Sounds like you two are busier than anyone these days. Hope all is well with you two. Gotta watch 24 now. Bye for now...

Comment #73

Hi Girls -.

I'm sorry to have been MIA. I had to work over the weekend for my day gig and this week is pretty busy at the network b/c of the supreme court decision that basically said "corporations are people too" (b/s) and the myriad of other issues. I kinda feel bad for this administration b/c they inherited a colossal cluster @#$% and are expected to produce instant results. Ofcourse it doesn't help that none of the legislation/policies that have been implemented actually are giving relief to the middle class. Ok I'm off the soap box. I'm learning lots and been on my plan.

My evening boss introduced me to a VERY handsome guy and I feel like a cow. LOL.

Ok time to catch up on what I've missed. *HUGS*.


- so glad you heard from Susan...

Comment #74

Hey ladies!.

Late post from me...just got home from work in houston. Been crazy busy with driving the hour commute plus a 12 hour shift! Anyways, despite my crazy busy schedule I have managed to stay on my plan as best I can. SOmedays I think my calorie intake is a bit on the low side cuz i've get so busy at work I don't have time to think about getting some intake every 3 hours...sometimes 6 passes before I know today! Oh well, i'll keep trying..

Keish, I know how you feel...COW! I met a really hot guy at work (still trying to figure out if he's single or not) but I really am attracted to him and we get along pretty well. I wanna get to know him more but my confidence is being masked by the weight that I gained! I know that i'm still the same person on the inside but the fat girl on the outside is hiding her pretty well!.

Dimples...sorry you still having trouble with your DD. I'm really not one to give advice on that subject cuz i'm not a mom...but from a daughters prespective i'd say don't give up on her just yet...find the time to talk. Also i'm glad you heard from susan...i was worrying too. We miss her around here!.

Ilopez...hope everything turns out ok with your DD. Again, not sure what to say but just that you're in my thoughts. Great work staying on plan though!!!.

Holly...i'm with you on the balanced diet..its is slow but it's something I can do for life. I can really see myself eating like this forever...without any problems. I'm sure there will be temptations along the way...but everything in moderation. I am also learning to cook more with this diet and discovering new new love/obsession which I can't get enough of...QUINOA! I love it!! All these low carb diets i've done and i've missed out on this amazing grain which has protien and is fun to cook with. Have you tried it?.

Well, ladies i'm off to bed!.


Comment #75

Good Morning Sexy Ladies and Happy Tuesday..

Thank you for the well wishes and for the support. It is so difficult to be the parent of a teenager,.


I know you know this all too well. It is so so difficult. I am convinced that some kids cann't handle the pressure..

Just to report I have lost 3.6 pounds in the week since I started Medifast 100% again. I am not in celebration because of course those are the pounds I gained from last year. So in reality I am angry about that. I think you can understand this.


I have stayed OP I think that staying OP helps me in time of a crisis like now..

I don't know how to explain it but for now it just does..

I am glad to see all my ladies doing well. I send you all a big hug..

Dimples, Ktycat, Fairgirl and Keisha..

I am glad that we know that Susan is doing ok..

Thank you again..

Comment #76

Dimples-I hope you figure out what is going on with your DD. I worry when people "change" when in a relationship. Family should get better, not worse when there is a new person. I hope you see some improvement there. As for the MF, I certainly understand the need for fast results. For me, I needed some more travel-friendly options.

Keish-You are NOT a cow. Like you and ktycat, I can totally relate to feeling like one. The drama at the station sounds, well, like something I will not even watch on tv. Thanks for the warning..

Ktycat-I have tried quinoa-I like it with chicken and mushrooms. Yummy! I have some but I haven't cooked it in a while. I am glad you are finding a way to make it work. I don't see how you are keeping up with your schedule and with healthy eating. Glad you are popping in though..

Ilopez-You sound sad. I hope things get better soon. I can SOOO relate to the frustration of the weight loss *not* counting because they are the same pounds you lost before..

It really frustrates me when I think that I would already be beyond goal weight if I had stayed focused. Actually, I was focused, but on the wrong thing. I was a punishment-reward eater. I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been to eat healthily. I eat when I am hungry and I make healthy options. I cook only what I will eat, and freeze leftovers immediately.

No doubt. I am refocusing on what I want my life to be inside and out. Isn't this what we are all looking for? I say we find it this year and refuse to give it away. Are you in, Ladies?..

Comment #77

Quick pop in.....

Getting ready for work again. somedays I just don't feel like driving into houston, and today is one of them. my stomach has been acting up today...probably something to do with what I ate yesterday. I did not do so hot...ate all clean foods just didn't comply with volumes, in other words....I at too darn much! And today I have an upset stomach...lesson learned!!.

Will check in later my sexy ladies!..

Comment #78

Ktycat-Thanks for checking in! Be safe on the road. Out of curiosity, what is a typical day on your clean-eating plan? Oprah is covering food now. Food Inc. is the documentary she is using as a feature. I saw it on Netflix a couple of months ago and it is compelling. Actually, it is what motivated me to start eating actual food and being healthier.

By the way, I have discovered that Almond Breeze is yummy! A great lactose free, low carb milk substitute..

I also found this article which will not shock any of us but I thought I would share:.



Comment #79


Holly I too have discovered almond it!! I make my protein shakes with it. The only "processed" that I use is a whey protein. so a typical day for me includes the following....

Breakfast: oatmeal with flaxseed poweder, wheat germ and bee pollen. 3 egg whites..

Snack: nonfat plain greek yogurt with fresh strawberries.

Lunch: protein (tuna, chicken) on salad and veggies.

Snack: protein shake and fruit (apple, pear, or berries).

Dinner: Carb (quinoa, rice, sweet potato) Protein (chicken, fish) & veggies.

Prebed snack (if hungry): nuts, or piece of fruit.

So that's an idea of what I eat...more or less...lemme know if you need more info..

So i'm heading to bed now.....its almost 5am. I'll check back in later ladies!..

Comment #80

Ktycat-Do you cook the egg whites separately from the yogurt? This actually sounds like exactly how I have been eating! Too funny..

Today it is/will be:.

Breakfast: Kashi waffle, turkey, yogurt.

Snack: Vegan fig and wheat germ bar.

Lunch: chicken, butternut squash, broccoli.

Snack: apple with 1 tsp almond butter.

Dinner: quinoa stir fry with peas carrots, and chicken + Kahiki egg roll (FABULOUS if you haven't had them), the wrapper is flax seed and wheat.

Prebed snacknot sure, but yesterday I had lime flavored ricotta cheese sprinkled with ground Fiber One cereal. It was so yummy. I only had two tablespoons and it was amazingly filling.

I can honestly say I have never been so satisfied by food in my life. I cook, I eat, and I even have no desire to eat junk. None whatsoever. I like it..

Where are you other Sexies? Missing you!.

I saw something today on the Dr. Oz show that resonated with me. A couple on there lost weight together (NOT alone), and they talked about keeping their motivation. One is when they think of what they have lost, they pick up ten pound weights that represent what they have lost. They then try to carry it and it is a reminder of how much easier it is to move with less weight to hold them down. The other thing Dr.

He said people say they keep them as a "reminder" but really it is a crutch. A silent expectation that you will not stay where you are and there will be a day you will one day *need* that size again. Well, I am moving now to get rid of any baggy or saggy clothes. I am guilty of that. I even admit taking my "loose" clothes over Christmas and it is just this week they are loose again.

Then I was thinking how much I love those jeans and how they were a good deal. I washed them and will dry them so they will shrink a little, but I know the reality is I need to get rid of them. Hanging on to those clothes is like emotionally hanging on to the extra pounds that keep me from having the body that I feel best represents who I am. I am not a roll of fat around my middle or thighs that touch. I am not arms that have fat that cover muscle I know is there.

I WILL reach my goal and I will buy new clothes that will *fit* into my future. What will YOU do?.

Yes, my Sexies, this is a challenge!.


Comment #81

Good Morning Sexy Ladies Happy Thursday !!.

I am doing OK hanging in there. I have been 100% OP with Medifast..

Holly and Ktycat,.

I cann't believe what you ladies are doing. That is really something. I want to go that route once I decide to stop Medifast. For now I just feel like I gained this weight after Medifast I need to use Medifast again to get rid of it..

I am happy to see you here.


You have a really tight schedule and I bet it is challenging to keep up with the clean eating with that schedule. Thanks for sharing..

Holly, thank you for your support and concern, yes I am sad but I have to keep trying to dust myself off and do what I can -Only my very best. Everything in life is fixable right?.

How are my other sexy ladies.

Keisha, Dimples and Susan,.

Hope all is well...

Comment #82

Hi Ladies:.

I spent yesterday afternoon with my new GS while DH and his parents went somewhere. It was a great way to think and marvel at life's little miracles! He is only 5 weeks old and so cuddly. I love the way he watches when I sing and talk to him. He is really alert! THen his 3 yr. old sister and her little 2 1/2 yr. old cousin came home.

Kty and Holly: Your meal plans sound interesting. Are you both using the Hungry Girl recipes or something else? Are you hungry at all with that menu? And where do you find the Almond Breeze in your stores? I couldn't find any last week. I may have to go to a larger store. I got rid of all of my fat clothes the first go around with MF, except for a few pairs of jeans/slacks that were sort of in between sizes. Good thing, because I am now wearing them. I am purging closet and dresser drawers now, so I have extra incentive to stay OP or I will not have anything to wear.

Ilopez: I certainly can identify with what you are going through with the DD, although I can't remember too many issues 10 yrs. ago. I do wonder if it has to do with the person she is with because it always seems to center around a guy. Makes me wonder if I did or didn't do something when she was younger to make her better able to deal with things. Holly mentioned something about changing in a relationship. That is what she has done in the past, and I am hoping that is not what is going on now.

I am just letting things go and decided not to stress myself out. What is that saying about only dealing with the things you CAN control? I am going to have to get her alone so we can really discuss some things soon..

ANyway, I hope things are better for you. Remember if you want to vent further, you know where I am. I am so glad that you are remaining OP through it all. I am still trying to work on that issue, but getting better. I am actually focusing on other things that are positive and happy: that helps immensely!.

I have been doing the Flylady thing of doing a chore for 15 minutes; then moving on. It works well with me, since I tend to start a project and then get into something else, or flit around to another thing. Maybe I am ADHD and don't know it. It keeps me from getting bored though..

Speaking of that; my break is over and I have to get back at it. I hope you all have a great day. Hi to Susan and Keish. Hope you check in soon...

Comment #83

Ilopez-I understand about wanting to get the weight of with Medifast and fast. I just realized that with my travel schedule ramping up I needed to make a lifestyle change. I believe I can do it. I am really digging deep with all that is going on inside me that keeps tripping me up. I just don't want to be fat another year of my life. Not even months.

At the same time, I do not plan to change my eating any either. I just know that choosing a balanced eating plan I will lose slowly, but I think it will be a smaller shock to my system. I realized that I live my life on a yo-yo. I have busy work days and then I crash. I eat little, then I eat lots.

I know people who do this successfully so why can't I? Why can't we?.

Dimples-Hearing you talk about the grandchildren make me want kids really badly. Hearing you and Ilopez talk about teenagers remind me to relish my singleness..

I am laughing about you burning the mumu. I feel that there are a few items in my wardrobe that need to be burned as well. There are a couple of dresses that are not mumu's but they do allow me to "hide". I actually have kept them because they will make good maternity dresses. (How horrific is that!!!). I do hope to one day in the relatively near future have a need for them.

I have been trying to spend one hour a day cleaning so my house is more under control. I have been reorganizing and creating piles of stuff I need to purge. This includes books. I have many, many of them. Those decisions are hard to make.

I am glad tomorrow is Friday. We are supposed to get an ice/snow storm. I anticipate being stuck inside so I will have no excuse but to make some progress on the downstairs. I have piles of donations covering both couches. I just need to determine who will be the lucky recipient of all my fat clothes. No more crutches in this house!.

Stay warm, Ladies~..

Comment #84

Good Morning Sexy Ladies and Happy Friday !!.


You made me laugh with your what you said about children, no they are very cute when they are little but "big kids big problems".

It's difficult - hard work being a parent!!.

I totally understand what you are saying about eating healthy and not eat to live. I think I am a better position now to not trip myself up and make this another yo-yo diet period. I am looking inside of me to make sure I get it done right this time..

I told you I have picked a quit date and once that is taken care of I am going to exercise, I hope that with exercise not only will I lose faster but it will stick with me, reduce my stress and help me maintain..


Yes it has to do with boys of course, what else makes us women all of us no matter what age crazy. God help us. I think she will be alright. I feel a little better that things are going to resolve themselves..

Hello to.

Ktycat, Keshia and Susan..

As for me I have to total loss of 4.8 (no please no celebrations) We will celebrate when I get to my lowest of last year OK am just sharing with you ladies so you can see am on the wagon..


I meant to tell you I have bought some new clothes size 14(they might fit me big by Spring right?) for the Spring, I am excited abot Spring clothing...

Comment #85

IlopezNo congrats on the loss. Understood. I am also not congratulating the 10 pounds I have lots since Christmas. I will have to lose 12 pounds to be able to celebrate. I am 100% with you. So happy for you choosing a quit date.

I am looking forward to a the Big Celebration for the Sexyback Ladies. (I almost said Celebration for Big Sexies, but that is someone else!.


So glad you are on the wagon. It feels good doesn't it! I do agree about spring clothes. I can't wait! It is hard for me to get rid of saggy, baggy clothes that I like and spent a lot of money for, but I know I must. I don't need to fit in there again..

Dimples, Keish, Ktycat, Susan-How are you?.

Check back in later..

Comment #86

Hi Everyone -.

Sorry I've been a horrid board friend and was MIA. This week was a challenging but fun one. Was very busy with State of the Union then had car issues. Thankfully the car will be ready later today and hoping for a not so busy night at the studio since State of the Union is over..

Hugs to you all. I'm going to try to catch up on the thread this weekend.....after I catch some long overdue sleep...

Comment #87

So, I just wrote this long post and lost the stupid thing!!! Frustrating....

I had written a novel. I will pop back in later but hope you are having a great day...

Comment #88

So, I am going to try this again..

Keish-I hope you have been able to catch up on sleep..

Ilopez-I hope you are having a great weekend. I am inspired by you so I updated my ticker. It sucks to do it, but it is about being honest and facing the scale. It also helps to see it. What is sad is I have lost 12 pounds since Christmas. Like you it is weight I have lost for a second time.

I have been thinking about what I have learned. Although I am losing weight slowly, I am losing and I know I will continue to lose just because I am making healthy choices. I have released myself from the "rules" and I go with cravings. I hope these things help you as well. In looking at what trips me up and makes me fall, cheese sticks, chicken fingers, pizza, and chinese food are the comfort foods I go to in time of, well, stress. I have a lot of stress now but I am unwilling to be fat and stressed.

I searched out healthier ways to get this taste. I have been amazed at the result. Hungry Girl does have a great chicken finger recipe and a cheese stick recipe. Pizza is a treat I can give myself by using Arnold wheat buns. These are a lifesaver.

I like feeling like I am taking care of my body and that I am nurturing it..

From being on MF, I have learned to eat small meals throughout the day. With MF, however, there was always this sense of being *good* some days and thus being deserving of a reward. I have found that giving myself permission to eat whatever I want I have not overdone it. I am seriously shocked that I don't even want to overdo it. Not even a little. I hope to carry this through all aspects of my life.

Although I would love to drop 10 pounds in a week, I know that I need to move inthe the lifestyle. I cannot afford the food anyway. Eating at home and cooking for myself saves a lot of money and I am amazed at some of the delicous, healthy things I have learned to make. Kahiki egg rolls are yummy-130 cals; and I make my own rice with either quinoa or brown rice. A serving of quinoa is 1/4 cup and 190 calories, but half of that is more than enough when I add broccoli, peas, carrots and chicken.

Dimples-I believe you asked if I have been hungry. I honestly have not. In fact, like MF, sometimes I have to force myself to have another snack. I always make sure I have a carbohydrate with a protein. Apple with 1 tsp of almond butter is a favorite. Celery with the Cow cheese (what is that kind???, cubes and triangles of soft cheese).

My biggest challenge remains to be water. I still have to make *rules* about water..

I am taking advantage of the snow to clean out my closet and prepare to update my wardrobe. I can't wait and I know it will be worth it..

*Hugs* to you all!..

Comment #89

Well hi ladies: DH and I went to Target today to get a zero water pitcher, since I had to pitch my cracked Brita pitcher. Now I am home, so I thought I would check in before going to bed. We came home with that pitcher and filter and also a new 55" TV from another store. I should know that when DH decides on something and thinks about it and talks about it that he is going to end up with it. (Remember the MAC computers that we both ended up with?) This TV is supposed to be for the basement, but since that isn't anywhere near finished, I'll bet that he puts that big screen TV in the living room "just for now". Oh well! I guess the currrent TV will go in our bedroom.

Maybe I can watch it in bed and fall asleep there instead of on the couch..

I will be babysitting for the next few days, so may not be able to get on here. The kids go to bed pretty early, but I probably will too or I won't last three days with them..

I packed my Medifast meals to take along. I have a hard time eliminating fruit when I am OP. that is probably the hardest thing, especially when these little ones eat a ton of it..

Ilopez, I am glad that things seem to be going better with your dd. I get you on those celebrations about losing a few lbs. I probably won't even start feeling good about it until I lose at least 20. Mini celebration when I get back to where I was before. After that, we shall see!!! I still kick myself for gaining this weight back.. Stupid me!!.

Holly, it sounds like you are really getting a lot of things in order. Good for you and keep it up girl. Are you talking about Laughing Cow cheese? Talking about Spring clothes makes me really want to stick with this. I won't be able to hide under sweaters or coats when it warms up. I better get on it!!.

I have to get a few things done before I can go to bed, so I better get with it. Have a great week!! Hi Keish and Kty. I hope you get some r&r soon!..

Comment #90

So, as I was complaining about my recent habit of hitting some key that makes my post disappear just as I am finishing it, I did it again. What is up with that?! How obnoxious..


Dimples-I was laughing about your husband's TV. Men do love their electronics. It sounds like you have quite a week coming up. I am with you on fruitI like apples the best. They are perfect snacks. You are correct about the Laughing Cow cheese.

I am getting my life in order slowly but surely. I am really enjoying cooking. I am making great headway with my closets. It actually feels good to get rid of things I won't wear again. I am just taking this one day at a time. I really do feel like this is my new life.

My challenge remains regarding water intake and the fact that I am on the couch all day working. I need to give myself permission to get up and exercise during the day. I guess I feel guilty, but I end up working long, long hours. This isn't good. I did get out my old PT equipment so I can do some exercises a few times throughout the day and I sit on my Fit Ball through part of the day so I can work my core..

Sleep tight, Sexies!.

Ilopez,Ktycat, Keish, Susan-I hope you have had a great weekend...

Comment #91

Good Morning Sexy Ladies and Happy Tuesday !!.

I didnt come to the boards earlier because yesterday I was so busy at work. They terminated a lady who had been working here for 15 years and I was assigned her boss. The lady wasn't well mentally but I felt terrible that they let her go and she was very very upset. So I have to deal with learning a new sets of habits for a new boss. I have never worked for this man before and in all honesty am a little nervous. He is the new managing partner of the firm..

As for my weight loss, it is going well, I am struggling now because am waiting for TOM. But I am sure after this week I will be fine. I wake up everyday and say to myself Lopez you have to challenge yourself, you have to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. And that is what am trying to do..

As for my personal life, well things are better or stable. You cann't change things and I guess I just have to realize my DD is growing up, she isn't a baby anymore..


I didn't know you had lost 10 pounds since Christmas, I know you feel like I do but I am glad for you. That is very good. I feel the same way I need to get my life in order. I feel so old sometimes..


Have fun babysitting. It must feel good to just watch them for a little while and then be able to go back home and to your own life. It must feel good to be finished with "raising kids"..

Hello to Keisha, Ktycat and Susan,.

I hope you ladies are doing well..

Hugs to everyone and have a wonderful day...

Comment #92

Ilopez-Wow. Sounds like a lot of unwanted drama at work. So this was your boss who is no longer there? AWKWARD. I hope she is okay. I am glad things at home are stable. I suppose kids do grow up.

Where is everyone? Dimples-I know you have the grands..

Keish, Kty, SusanI hope you are busy doing something exciting..

I have lost 10 and my calorie intake has never been above 1200. I did have a weird overnight spike 6 pounds. It is close to TOM and I did have a bit more sodium that usual so I hope that is the cause. Not good. I KNOW it has to be water because I haven't even come close to going nuts. I haven't even wanted to.

Protein may be a bit low, at least from meat sources but I am working on that as well. It is frustrating. I need to increase my exercise I suppose. I also must remember that my body is used to low calories so I may need to reassure my body there is no need to have a reserve. SERIOUSLY..

Well, HUGS to each of you. Hope to see you on here soon...

Comment #93

Hi Girls -.

Sorry I've been MIA. It's rough trying to get things done at my day gig so I can leave on-time to head on over to the network to work there through the evening, then get up and do it all over again early..

I promised to come write more later. It's snowing again here and I'm thinking I may stay home and work..

We'll see..

Hope you guys are doing well....I'm sure you all are pressing in and pressing on! HUGS..

Comment #94

Good Afternoon Sexy Ladies - Happy Hump Day !!.

Thank God this week is in the middle already - last week was so long, actually the entire month of January was so long..

I am doing ok. Drama at work is under control. Drama at home is also under control..

I really just have to learn that my DD is growing and that I treat her still like a baby..

It's so hard to let go. And there is a fine line between "privacy" and "motherhood" LOL !!.

I am 100% OP although yesterday with the craziness I missed about 2 meals..

I have to say doing Medifast is so good to my stomach, I don't feel bloated at all. Its amazing how I don't have those digestive problems, no bloating, no gas. Even now that I am with TOM. I am happy to be back on Medifast. I just hope to maintain my weight lost..

How is everyone else doing?.


How are you doing?.


, [/b]nice to hear from you what is going on? so you don't have a full-time job now?.


How are you doing? Are you exercising any? I think you are doing so well with the clean eating. I so want to get started with exercising myself but I know it would be suicide if I don't stop smoking..


, how are you? How are the grandkids?.


, hope all is well. I send each of my sexy ladies a big old hug !!..

Comment #95

Happy Wednesday!.

Keish-Good to hear from you! Sounds like you are working very crazy hours. It is nice you can do some work from home. It is quite a wonderful perk when it is cold outside..

Ilopez-Yes, teenagers do not like to be thought of or treated like a baby. That is so true and I am not good at that either. Actually, my neices want me to treat them like they are little and they want their parents to treat them like adults. Aunts and grandparents have it easier I am sure. My exercising schedule is a bit off. I have been working a lot and I have had evening meetings.

Also, a couple of days I have struggled to get in 750 calories. Not good. As for the eating, I am amazed at how much I enjoy cooking and eating healthy food. I am learning how to plan meals and it is all really delicious. It is amazing how many ways you can make a vegetable taste with some simple seasoning.

I am actually looking forward to TOMit is coming soon. I have packed on the preview pounds already..

I am going to get back on it today though. I have used the balance ball and my kettle bells but I need to increase my cardio..

Dimples-Hope you are enjoying your time with the little ones. Hope to hear from you soon!.

Ktycat-How are you?..

Comment #96

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.