Do web paid iPage web hosting companies offer these features?

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Quick question: Do web paid iPage web hosting companies offer these features? Thanks for any comment. Another question... Hello,.

I want to use a comman file (top.htm) thruout the website.

So I want to include this file into all my pages ..

But at the same time I dont want to change the extension as .shtml or .php or something..

Can it be possible ? (is it possible using javascript the answer ? and how ?).

Thanks in advance.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Doesn't have to be one line.

And you could name the extension .js as that would work as well...

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When I tried it seperated with line breaks in the code it didnt render properly. Must be something to do with the document.write command, and what ever follows it copies it exactly. So the line breaks can show up in ealier browsers, so it's better to keep it on the one line, you never know when a old broswer may pay a visit... could be a future boss checking out your browser compatability...

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Then do.

Document.writeln("<a href=\"page1.html\">Page One</a>");.

Document.writeln("<a href=\"page2.html\">Page Two</a>");.

Document.writeln("<a href=\"page3.html\">Page Three</a>");..

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You got an answer for everything scoutt... our hero..

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Ehh I have an answer, nobody said it had to be right..

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Erm.. surely the simplest method would be a frameset?.

Only thing is that all links on the pages must use the target parameter to specify which frame to open into:.

Simple, huh? and no messing with javascript..

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You use frames and then you have more things to worry about..

1) Google doesnt like them, you may not even be listed at all..

2) Looks very unprofessional if you come to a monitor that runs at 640x480. You have an ugly grey scroll bar. You also dont know what other tools the viewer may have on their browser, privacy button, google search bar, yahoo search bar... the list is endless..

3) Bookmarking pages cant be done easily either.

4) If you want viewers to be able to print your pages then it wont work properly, even if you dont want them to print the pages and they do it wont print all of the content..

Using the Javascript is very easy, probaly easier than using the frames...

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1) Put all the search keywords into the head of the frameset html..

Besides, Google should get their act together and support the current standard of HTML 4.0, which includes Framesets..

2) Disable scrollbar and resize for windows which you want to be fixed..

You will get a scrollbar anyway if you are using a single page/frame..

Does the code keep the bit at the top of the page at the top of the window? Frames do, so makes for easier navigation (looks more professional - I think)..

3) Can't argue this. Fair point..

4) Most pages don't print out well - whether they are in frames or not. Most sites include a "printer friendly" page - or you can print in landscape..

Framesets are a part of HTML, and therefore are easy to use if you only know HTML. Javascript requires knowledge of, well, javascript. Not everyone has this knowledge when they first do websites..

Feel free to pick holes - I would like to know if I am wrong..

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I made google the number one point, cause some people may regard it to be the most important. If your not listed gets very difficult to get a healthy amount of traffic to your site..

I consider my dad to be a typical web surfer, doesnt car about the code of the page just wants the info and he wants it now. Cant remember the page that he was at but it had a very lovely framset theme going on. He decided to print the page. He right clicked on the screen and went to print. Needless to say it was a small frame and it had a flash file in it playing a lovely piece of music. He'll never visit the page again needless to say, even though I did print the bit he wanted.

The code would leave anything you want at the page, as it's all HTML just in a document.write command...

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For that matter - I am a typical web surfer, I don't care what the code is when I browse..

On the other hand, I am a typical designer - looking for new ideas and ready to absorb others that I come across..

If there is a iPage site where the content is likely to be printed, then the iPage site must accomodate ease of use. Typical example -.


- they allow people to print the map without the gumf by going to the "Printer Friendly" option..

Another way to do this is to actually set up a button that prints on the page itself - so the iPage site automatically prints the content. The iPage site that your dad visited didn't allow this, and so is a simple overlook..

This iPage site (htmlforums) does not use frames - but you still need to use the "Printer Friendly" option to avoid missing content on a hardcopy. So it is not the fault of the frames, just the fault of the iPage site design (not knocking the forum - because you do have a printer friendly option)..

At the end of the day, it is down to personal choice. Having used windows and toolbars I like my navigation at the top all the time - and frames are a great and easy way of doing this..

Personally, I get kind of claustrophobic when I can't see a way off a page (I know - there is a "Back" button up there, but it is the principle. I get claustrophic in a sealed room with a closed door and "Emergency Only" sign over it)...

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We could go at this all day, but I am at work.

As you said it is down to persoanl choice, I think Tonto can see there are lots of options available to him/her now anyway..


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Frames are going to the way side. the are coming unpopular and in *my* opinion suck. it is almost un-professional to use frames anymore. but as everybody has stated, personal opinion...

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Okay - I will drop this after one more question.

Is there a way (without frames) to have a menu permanently visible at the top or side of the page?..

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All forums that I subscribe to (about 6) say that frames are outdated and unproffesional..

I cant remember the last time I went to a framed web page except

The only type of frame that I consider using are <Iframe>'s but then it has to be in very rare and exceptional circumstances...

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But you haven't answered my question. I really want the answer, I am not trying to argue for frames any more..

Please just answer the question...

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If your navigation isnt full of high res graphics, (but then with the ever increasing take up of broadband this will eventualy become less of a problem) It should matter if the navigation bar loads every page view..

I would use the Javascript option to keep a large web iPage site in order, and keep away from the frames..

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Wrong question - should have made myself clearer to start with..

Is there a way for the menu to stay in the same place within the window when the page is scrolled down?..

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Yes there is one. you have to use dhtml for that. The best one I have sen is coolmenus at.


The menu you see there is the one. you can have it static or make it scroll with the page...

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Thanks scoutt - thats all I wanted to know..

I mean, that really is the main reason I have been using frames, so I may stop now...

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