Do weight loss clinics such as Nutrisystem also cater for those who are underweight?

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First question I got is Do weight loss clinics such as Nutrisystem also cater for those who are underweight? Hoping for any answer or 2. My other question... So ive been on nutrisystem for a week and a half and it seems to be getting harder. Im still following the plan 100% but I find myself hungrier now where as before I felt myself being full more often. I havent started doing any excercise or anything majorly different. I simply started walking around with 5 pound ankle weights on during the day. Im curious as to if that is the reason for my hunger or is anyone else who has been on the program for a short while feel the same way?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Its likely just your body adjusting to the plan. If Im feeling hungry I head for the water...

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I have just been eating what the plan calls for. I dont think I fully understand the "free foods" thing. Is it that you can eat as much of that whenever you want? I was trying to follow the plan to the tee and eating maybe every 3-4 hours and only what it calls for...

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Yep there are some free foods listed in your planner. Celery is one that comes to mind. You can have these at any time. I know sugar free gum is an unlimited free food, but there are some free foods with limits. Sugar free hard candy they suggest a limit of 5 pieces a day, and I believe sugar free jello is listed with a limit of 1 cup..

I keep some of those prepacked Jello cups in the fridge for late night emergencies when I dont want to water up before bed...

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What is your water consumption like? Some of the feelings of hunger may be assuaged by making sure you stay well hydrated. Even now, I strive to imbibe about 1.5 gallons per day...

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I make sure I drink a minimum or 64 fl oz a day....

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As a suggestion, try upping the amount to at least a gallon and see what kind of results you get. You may be surprised. I would also suggest calling a counselor and have them walk you through your meals and add-ins. Hunger may also mean there is something missing from your intake. When I started the program, hunger was only an issue the first couple of days then went away. There were sporadic days when I would feel hunger but I also found those were part of my biggest fat loss periods. Obviously, feeling hunger on a regular basis is not good as it could lead you to consuming something way off plan...

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Here's the way this kind of problem have been solved here before..

List what you're eating. Give us a complete list of each meal and each snack for a day. Maybe we can find where the problem is...

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For breakfast a scone,banana,1 graham cracker and some yogurt. Morning snack would be yogurt and cherries. Lunch would be ham and beans soup with steamed carrots and broccoli and an apple. Afternoon Snack a cookie. Dinner Thick crust pizza with steamed carrots and broccoli and some almonds with cherries and 2 wheat rolls. For dessert a strawberry shortcake bar. Throughout the day I'm drinking about 8 glasses of water in addition..

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I think it's the ankle weights. Honestly, it may not seem like much exercise, but if it's more than you'd been getting in the past, then that's probably it. I agree with upping your water, but that alone is probably not going to get it. You need some fibrous roughage like broccoli and celery. Add a bunch of that into your day and you WILL see a difference. You didn't mention anything initially about being lethargic, so I don't think adding a 1/2 carb or protein will do you any good at this point, and it seems that it's your body adjusting and not needing more nutrients..

In summary, add more water, eat more green, fibrous vegetables found on your free foods list..

And stay away from stuff with artificial sweeteners for a couple of days because those can trigger cravings...

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Michael's point reminded me of something. I did (and still do sometimes) find myself hungry for specific foods (usually protein) and I take that to be a specific deficiency rather than "hunger" per se. I will eat an oz of some protein - usually fat free cheese - and that takes care of things. I guess that's not totally on plan but I am steadily losing weight so it's working for me...

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Where's the salad?.

You can eat as much veggies as you like. Double the amount and see if you are still hungry, or carry a bag of those tiny carrots and eat some anytime you get hungry...

Comment #12

I was thinking the same thing Robert. I eat a couple of big plates of salad twice a day...

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I ate salad for my first few days and I kinda need a break from it lol...I do however eat a ton of broccoli...I will stop wearing the ankle weights for the time being and start working on some cardio...I really appreciate all you guys information.....

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If you eat a roll, it needs to be either whole wheat or rye - it MUST be small - and you can only have one. Same thing with the banana - 1/2 of one and medium in size. If you're eating cherries, they have to be fresh and you can only have 12 (which, btw is a ton anyway). Almonds? you get 6..

You have to count everything ....

Every little bit helps. Go at this 100%, man..

I have to agree with everyone else re: the salads. I started on the same day as you and I eat about 1-head of lettuce a day. If I use low-fat dressing, I count it as fat (so no almonds on those nights for me). My weightloss has slowed down considerably but I've dropped 1 belt loop and am working out like a maniac so I'm upping my protein by eating tuna right out of the can. been around 1500-1800 calories daily and still losing...

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I have to chime in and agree about the vegies. When I was losing weight (and even now) I ate as many vegies as I wanted..

They provide a lot of fiber to fill you up and have very few calories..

My family makes fun of me when I sit down with a big plate of mixed vegetables, but the results (and my graph) speak for themselves..


Comment #16

I was never a fan of salads. However, I learned to enjoy them. I now eat a big spring-mix based salad at least once a day. Especially at lunch, it really helps me feel satiated during the afternoon...

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When I eat a role it's a wheat roll that is fairly small and I usually eat 2 because it says if you are trying to lose 100 than add a carb. I do a good job of eating exactly what the book says. I will start to add more veggies though. The book says eat a cup of carrots and broccoli and those are my two favorite in which I usually make. But now I'm hearing that you can eat as much veggies as you want. I think that will make a big difference. Thanx all for your help..

Comment #18

IMO, definately don't bother measuring anything in the veggy list. There is not one single solitary person who came to Nutrisystem because they had too many veggies in their diet..

I checked a couple bags of veggies in my fridge..

Alfalfa Sprouts........ 1.5 cups ....... the whole thing ..... 50 calories..

Asparagus spears ... 7.5 oz box ..... the whole thing ..... 60 calories..

Baby Carrots ......... 10 oz bag ...... the whole thing ..... 80 calories..

Snow Pea Pods ....... 6 oz bag ...... the whole thing ..... 70 calories..

Green Beans .......... 12 oz bag ..... the whole thing ..... 80 calories..

Pre-bagged salad ...... 8oz bag ..... the whole thing ..... 50 calories..

Go wild. You will be stuffed and bloated long before they add up to any meaningful weight gain. I mean compare any of these to a Snickers or bag of Doritos. It's the Protiens/Dairys/Carbs that I have to watch myself like a hawk with...

Comment #19

Oh, I forgot you could add a carb, sorry..

You and I started out the same, ATC - both lost I think 14 and 12 lbs the first week. My weightloss has slowed so much I feel like I should stop lifting weights and just do cardio - but I think it's because I'm thinking too much about the number on the scale instead of how I look/feel..

Do your cloths feel any different? I'm currently wearing my "fat shorts" that I vacation in (to accept my usual waist increase that went hand-in-hand with trips to New Orleans and the like) and I need to keep them on with a belt. That's a first since I bought this huge pair in August..

Off to the treadmill .....

Comment #20

Yep, eat al those veggies you want. don't forget fungus too...mushrooms - espeically portobellos - are great and can fill you up if you like them...

Comment #21

Do you want a break from salads or a break from being hungry?.

Eat your salads...stay full...keep the cheat monster whipped...

Comment #22

Last night I went and played basketball for about 3 hours and when I come home I ate at least 2 pounds in baby carrots lol. I woke up this morning and weighed myself and I'm down 3 pounds from yesterday's weight. Man only if I knew it was this easy lol...

Comment #23

Yea. I definitely think I was focusing too much about the number on the scale as well. I definitely have more energy and feel as though my clothes are a bit looser...

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I think you need to bulk up your breakfast a bit. That graham cracker at breakfast doesn't sound too filling. Try oatmeal instead. That should fill you up at the start of the day. And since you have 100 pounds to lose, don't you get a.


Carb serving at breakfast (not just one)? Eat more oatmeal..

I don't see a protein serving listed with your lunch. Don't men get a protein add-in here? (All that I have is the vegetarian meal planner to go by here.).

Also, when you're looking for your bread or roll to have with dinner, do you compare the ingredients labels on the packages at the grocery store to maximize the protein and fiber? Protein and fiber are both very important for feeling full..

Stick with the plan and you'll have great success. You're already off to a great start...

Comment #25

ATC, Sorry it has taken me so long to chime in. Here is what I saw. For Breakfast, you can sub a protein in. That is 1/2 cup of egg beater. This will sit in your stomach better than the yogurt. You can spice the egg beater up if you do not like the flavor..

Other than that, I see nothing wrong with your eating menu. So, free foods is step one and step two is water. When I was cranking down the weight, I was drinking as much as 2 Gallons of water a day. The perk to that was I was getting a lot of exercise running to the bathroom 20 times during the day also..

I will tell you that there are days (actually parts of days) when I "feel" hungry. I go for a glass of water and when that does not work, I get my butt out of my chair and do something to get my mind off of it. Your body takes some time to signal the brain to dissolve the fat for energy, instead of you putting it in via the pie hole. The "hunger pain time" was always followed by a great move lower on the scale, if you stay on course!..

Comment #26

ATC - now that you have less than 100 lbs to lose (only 90 to go, man - congrats on that btw) I'm pretty sure that you have to follow the program now without adding in extra carbs at breakfast and/or dinner - just 1 serving now instead of the 2 you were doing at those meals, right??.

Sorry bud..

You've already lost 17.2 lbs. and you're not working out??!! You're kicking ass!..

Comment #27

Most of what we offer is anecdotal. My favorite meal, as well as most important, is breakfast. I think your breakfast may be a little light as to volume even if calorically (I made that word up just now!) correct. For myself, I have 3 oz of low sodium lean ham, chicken breast, turkey breast or roast beef; a slice of FF cheese as my free food; one slice of wheat bread no more than 100 calories; 1 whole medium banana; Nutrisystem breakfast entree. Before I eat anything, I start my day with 32 oz of water and have coffee w/ breakfast. Hunger has rarely been an issue for me. Stay with it...

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