Do weight loss programs like Nutrisystem nutrisystem really work?

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My first question is Do weight loss programs like Nutrisystem nutrisystem really work? Thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Ok, Ive been on the program only one year..

Time to START OVER..

For example:.

FOLLOW THE PLAN, yes; I wondered why I had stopped losing?.

Well, using my own spins, not measuring, miss counting my NUTS and having a drink once or twice a week adds enough to maintain vs lose..

Yes, I started over. Read the books, measured the foods, took note of the times between meals and started drinking gallons of water..

Well, I have a head ache, piss all the time and lost 5 pounds this week..

Maybe theres something to be said about FOLLOWING THE PLAN. I eat all the foods now and find the ones I hated in the beginning are ok, even good. I even took a walk this afternoon. Go figure...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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I have been trying to lose weight from the 29th of December and have been on Nutrisystem since 1.12.2009. Those thoughts of not needing to measure or count nuts have been creeping in my head..

Thanks for helping me stay the course...

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Amen brother Steve. You speak honest talk. Bring the sheep back to the fold. For I have done as you say also. Thank you for your sage guidance...

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I put seven nuts on my plate the other night and felt really guilty. Still ate all seven anyway. Up a pound this morning..

Lesson learned. Count the nuts ... honestly...

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Good info Steve - Rule 1 - The Plan Works - Rule 2 - when you think the plan isn't working refer to Rule # 1. I'm amazed at how just a little deviation can make a huge difference. I'm at a stage where the pounds come and go quickly. Had family in town over the weekend and ended up 6 pounds on Monday - got back on track and 4 of it's gone this morning. I think each of us will need to "restart" periodically to catch those few pounds before they become much more than a few..

Thanks again for your inspiration Steve!..

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[quote=FitTom;3074997] Had family in town over the weekend and ended up 6 pounds on Monday - got back on track and 4 of it's gone this morning. I think each of us will need to "restart" periodically to catch those few pounds before they become much more than a few.QUOTE].


Well stated. Don't be like The Dean, and wait until it's more than a few. Listen to Tom...

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You're right Steve,.

Thanksgiving to Superbowl is a tough time of year for me food-wise. I didn't actually gain any weight but I stopped measuring, ate out more often, had a few light beers (no more than 2/day but it all counts) and did not enter my food on this site. What I noticed is I was stuck at 20lbs away from my goal and a couple of times went off-the-wagon completely. There was an especially bad incident on Superbowl Sunday regarding Nachos w/ Cheese followed by Chinese Food....

Got back On-Plan the day after Warner's last incomplete pass of his career was ruled a fumble and eventhough it took a little to ramp back up progess-wise, I'm only 10lbs from my goal this morning..

The Plan works and I'm even a little encouraged about not gaining any weight for the 2 months. But the actions of not-recording-food and not-weighing-food, and the occasional-light-beer, are (for me anyway) habits that I'll try again when I've been at or below my goal weight for 2 or 3 months. Then only a little at a time..

Slacking off when I did just cost me almost 3 months of progress, and it really was not worth it..


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This is my second time around on Nutrisystem and everything you say is correct. The year I was off Nutrisystem I re-gained 30 of the 60 lbs. I had lost the first time so I'm back on the program. Your right about getting back on the horse when you fall off. I have a modest wine collection and even one glass will cost me weight loss at the end of the week. Don't deny yourself anything but understand the consequences when you fall short of the Nutrisystem mark.

It pays to stay with the program...

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Old F*RT equates to anyone who's been on the plan long enough to get careless and sway from the program as presented by Nutrisystem and/or their staff..

USING MY OWN SPINS is the ability to interpret things to eat more or the wrong foods. For example; broken nuts don't count, an extra fruit will not hurt as the previous one was two small, diet soda vs water is OK, eating extra items when you don't have over 100 pounds to lose, etc...

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So no matter how you shake it, age or otherwise; I'm an Old F*rt...

Comment #10

I am so happy!!! According to the above definition, I'm not an old F*RT.

...Thank you NS...I am Young Again!!!!..

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I'm really glad that Nutrisystem has and is making me a "Young" farter.....

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OK now it's 18 months on program (OK, 18 months since I started) and the 12 months observations are still holding true AGAIN!.

Guess it's time to pay attention to what I sais six months ago. Dam I was smart back then. What happened?..

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I was thinking of starting a related thread to this earlier today... the difference being the subject of the dreaded "plateau"....

Basically, I don't think they exist....

Oh yeah, sure... folks will lose, get to a certain point and then have a hard time moving beyond that... so in the sense of looking at a trend chart of weight loss, sure, there's a "plateau"....



What is it really? we have a tendency to use the term and apply it as though we're still following the plan to the letter and for some reason it's just "stopped working" for us... i'm thinking that what it really comes down to is we've changed our behaviors somewhat, but not enough to continue on the downward trend... we get complacent and comfortable with our new smaller selves and figure, for whatever reason, that we know what we're doing now and can keep it up indefinitely....

Now i'm of the opinion that most of us who "plateau" aren't being honest with ourselves about how strictly we adhere to the plan... we eat more than we report... we don't measure... we don't exercise enough... we don't drink the water... invariably, it's something...

Plateaus... it's not them... it's us... and we're not doing it right....

As always, your mileage may vary, but that's the way I see it......

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I'm kind of new to the plan, but I do find that it is good. the measuring for instance, is a real discipline that is new and helpful. Also all the veggie eating (btw, it was like 2300 yesterday and I was too dead tired to eat a fruit that was missing from my day. Is that a sin? I had all the other junk...

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I do think that I'm behind in following the plan (am 6 weeks into Mindste makeover and have not done more than the intro.) Also have not taken before photos or measurements. I don't log the food either..

However, I do try to follow the plan pretty strictly in terms of doing all the veggies and such. Feel like I'm eating all the time. I do switch the morning and afternoon snack though. And I don't obsess on the water...

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Seriously guys. How hard is it to count your nuts? Just askin'..

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+1... and no, that doesn't mean i'm counting 3.....

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Maybe it's easier to have someone count them for you?..

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Sorry to disappoint you, but for close to 5 weeks, my weight did not move. I followed the letter of the plan. I did notice that my body shape changed during those five weeks even though the scale did not show anything. We call it a plateau and it does exist. The MAN who has not lost needs to evaluate whether it is their "cheating" or the body adjusting. I was 5 pounds from goal and that may be another reason!..

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Dude...I'm leaving the water as something to worry about if I stop losing or start getting tempted to go off plan. For now, just figuring out how to cook veggies is a victory...

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