Do Weight Watchers/Nutrisystem/LA Weight Loss work?

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First question I got is Do Weight Watchers/Nutrisystem/LA Weight Loss work? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... For you folks that have lost significant/noticeable amounts of weight; what have people said to you?.

Some folks are sensitive and others just crude..

The comments I get most often are:.

Gee youve lost a lot of weight.

Are you sick?.

How did you lose it?.

You use to be really fat/fatter.

What have people said to you?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

One I hear a lot is "Haven't you lost enough? Losing more can't be good for you.".

Yes, yes it can be good for me...

Comment #2

So far I have been lucky, It has all been positive...

"wow, you've lost some weight".

"what are you doing to lose weight?".

"looking good"..

Comment #3

I had one of my brothers who saw me for the first time say "how did you do it." I told him and he said he may try that since he is 80 pounds overweight. Nobody else really says anything because I carried the excess fat so well!..

Comment #4

I got into an accident and the person that I hit told the officer that it wasn't me on that drivers license. I also had my drivers license refused at an airport and I had to use my passport because they didn't believe the picture looked like me...

Comment #5

"I told you it wouldn't work...see, you've gained all your weight back. I told you it was just water weight anyway."..

Comment #6

Most people say, "God, you are one good looking man".... And after that, they will ask how much I have lost and how I did it......

Comment #7

I'm still a fatass so They only remark when I tell them I'm 'doing' NS. "Really?" "How's that working for you?" Needless to say, I stopped telling people...

Comment #8

I think you need to find more positvie people...geesh..

Comment #9

I also get the "are you sick" question a lot..

Most people want to know how I did it, but they seem not to believe me when I say "diet and exercise". It sounds too simple..

I have recently started to get the "you need to gain weight" (including my wife), which I don't agree with but it is interesting to me since I have been overweight my whole life..

I weight less now then when I started high school, which was many, many years ago...

Comment #10

Yeah, the "too skinny" comments bug me alot. I've worked hard to get here. I finally started saying "Well, I worked really hard to lose the weight over the course of several months. During that time I was pretty sure that the reason I was losing weight was because of my diet and exercise program. It seems likely to me, that now that I'm down to a reasonable weight I haven't suddenly developed pancreatic cancer or something to lose the additional 10 or 15 pounds that seem to be bothering you." Over time, your friends and family become used to the new you (faster, I think that you become to your own self) and that becomes the standard by which you will be measured...

Comment #11

Just today, our unit secretary asked me how I had lost weight (I've lost 95 pounds, but still have more to go). She had made no secret of having bariatric surgery last year; unfortunately it does not appear that she's changed much about her eating habits and so while she's lost some, she has been "stuck" at a still very considerable weight. So, when I told her I was using NS, she immediately said she couldn't afford it. Really? But you can afford to go through surgery? I know insurance probably paid for it, but I don't get why so many people are willing to go under the knife with all the risks you incur from both the immediate perioperative stage and the lifelong effects that gastric surgery brings. Whatever...

Comment #12

People don't want to put in the work these days....sounds too hard and time consuming. They want instant results...they want to take a pill (or have surgery) for everything that is wrong with them. Our whole society is pharmaceutically enhanced. Just look at the majority of the commercials you see and hear and read. Don't get me started..

When ever I get the response of "I can't afford it", I ask them how much they spend on grocery's right now. Most of them can't answer, but when I break it down for them, they seem surprised, but for the most part they have already made up their minds to not use NS. I have not been able to get one person (and plenty have enquired) to join NS...

Comment #13

Mine is usually positive. They are stoked for me, glad I like the program and interested in hearing about it. Have to admit...that I've volunteered what I was doing, just when talking about activities and have not really had any surprise factor viewings. And maybe my change is not that dramatic yet...

Comment #14

They have a pill?!?! I want some. Just kidding but I did go through a year of hell trying to save and pay for a Roux-n-y gastric by-pass. I got all the way to having it paid for and backed out. Got most of my money back. I figure if I can put all that effort into saving and testing and saving more for all that time, I can put similar effort to losing weight "on my own"(with the help of NS). It's not so much "If I get there" as it is "When I get there".

Wanna read more about that Journey here:.


Comment #15

Yesterday I got "Oh it's you. I didn't recognize you....." Sweet.

A few weeks back, a lady acquaintance who is also trying to lose weight hissed in my ear "You really should buy some new shirts, that one is far too big for you"..

And I'm only half way there...

Comment #16

I too have only experienced positive comments from family and friends. Several people I haven't seen since I started at the beginning of the year were very surprised. I always tell everyone how great Nutrisystem has been for me. Frankly, it's a lot cheaper than all that junk food I use eat!.

Which I love & miss.

But it's taken too long to lose & I'm not going back!.

Another 12 pounds to just being overweight...I can't wait to lose the "obese" label!!..

Comment #17

Most of my friends are really positive, I get told "You've lost a lot of weight!" quite often. I just smile knowing I still have a long way to go and think to myself "You ain't seen nothing yet.".

I have a friendly neighbor who happens to be a minister living next door. I never really talk to him, I just politely wave to him every now and then. A few weeks ago he came over to tell me he and his wife had been praying for me... apparently he assumed I had some kind of terminal weight stripping disease...

Comment #18

Dude, that's why you've been losing weight. They've been praying for you not to stray or give up on your commitment! Very cool, it's working too. Now that's the support I'd like to feel. Not my AH bro-in-law who says "stop it, have a cheese burger, you are making me feel guilty"...

Comment #19

Get passive aggressive on his ass. Lose weight to show him you are better. MWAHAHAHA!..

Comment #20

I have had several people come up to me and ask if I am trying to lose the weight. Thankfully all have been relieved when I told that I am rather than being disappointed because I do not have some dreaded disease..

I just take this in stride. I have had a couple of friends that had lost weight wtihout trying. Two of them are no longer here now because of cancer, the third is here because I made him go to the doctor..

Whatever they are saying to you now is not half as bad as what they were probably saying behind your back when your weight was higher...

Comment #21

I've got all the standard, you look good, or you are to skinny now comments. I've also heard things like I look old and wrinkled now, also that I have an iguana neck and doesn't that bother me. But the worst I heard was on vacation a couple weeks ago. I was on the high dive at a lake and I yelled to my friends "Should I dive or cannonball in?" One of them yelled up, just grab your loose skin and do the flying squirrel in. Everyone laughed pretty hard at that one. I gave him the cannonball...

Comment #22

WOW!! Rough crowd!! You mean one of your friends said that you?!.

Yikes!! I love sarcasm, but that definitely crosses the line, IMHO. I can't even imagine what one of your non-friends would have said. Too bad you couldn't put a real cannonball thru his thick skull!! J/K'g...sort of...

Comment #23

LOL! That's funny if you're not thin skinned, but then, I guess you are!.

Sounds like you took it for the humor. WTG! Flying squirrel, indeed. Still cracks me up. Sorry. I resemble that humor too..


Comment #24

I had the best comment of all the other day. Someone I worked with for 8 years came back to visit and didn't recognize me at all..

Comment #25

I have have been told "Wow, I didnt even reconize you" aslo had a few people just look at me and just say "Holy smokes!"..

Comment #26

Yeah. Well I haven't lost enough for any one to notice, except my wife and kid, and a couple of friends. More will notice later though..

Damon_: Your chart doesn't lie. You are one amazing guy. Keep on keeping on dude...

Comment #27

I received the best compliment yet. A guy I have known for 20 years who has not seen me in a while saw me playing tennis. He said "I did not even recognize you. You look like a male model." I of course said, "until I turned around and you saw my ugly a$$ face." We all laughed hard!..

Comment #28

People I see a lot haven't said much. I guess the change has been gradual. Saw a neighbor of my Mom, who had just the 10% loss to see...and he remarked that I had lost a lot..

Also had lunch with an old colleague. He made a nice remark, but always says motivating things. But two other colleagues came up who hadn't seen me much and they both shook hands and said what a great change...that I was a role model. One of them had lost a huge amount (like 300 to 150) years ago and we both mentioned truly that we had been chatting about that guy. He has even kept it off!..

Comment #29

For the last few weeks I have been getting a lot of "wow, I didn't even recognize you", which is nice. What has been kind of annoying is that for the last week or so it's starting to change to, "you shouldn't lose any more", when I tell people that I'm almost at goal but that I think I'll lose 10 more and then see if I'm happy with that. Some people have gotten kind of argumentative with me, which I find funny, that they think they know better than me what weight is healthy for me. I think people are threatened when others change too much. I have noticed that the closer the relationship I have with the person the more resistant to my changes they are. Weird, huh?.





Comment #30

Yeah...there is probably something psychological in there. I think you aced your program you are the best judge of your body. Probably best to just let it slide off and not argue...but I would be inclined to tell them, "look at me with my clothes off". Then strip if they confront you...

Comment #31

Stick to your guns. You are the best judge of what weight you should be. I look a whole lot different than I did when I started, in my opinion, anyway. I am happy to have gotten down to where I am and even though some people think it's too much, they're not seeing what I'm seeing in the mirror (like Poly says) and that's what I'm trying to make go away...

Comment #32

I am so stoked for you to start a safe lifting program, Dick. You may not become Arnie and it will take some time...but I bet it will harden you up. Probably very good gains at the beginning of your program. Bet in 6 weeks, you see a difference in upper arms and legs...

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