Do you have any Nutrisystem recipes?

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My first question is Do you have any Nutrisystem recipes? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question of mine... Hi Everyone,.

I just started on 1/10/07 and I thought some new guys would like to encourage each other along the way to our new goal weight. I know that I am ready to shed the 75 - 85 extra puonds I have packed on over the last 18 years. I am not sure how this board works, but we could use this post to answer each other. I'm 53 and live in CT. Lets hear from you!.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Hi my name is tracy I am 49 and I am from sunland california I have been on Nutrisystem for about 5 months and have lost 96lbs and have 43lbs to go and I already feel like a new man. I started out at 314lbs and as of today I am 218lbs. and went from a 48 inch waist and now at a 38 inch waist. one of my hobbies is old cars 1928 to 1931 ford model A's I have a 1930 ford model a deluxe roadster and I can now fit in it without my tummy rubbing on the steering wheel..

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Hey Sam,.

I am starting my program tomorrow. I have to lose between 50 and 55 lbs. (48 yo) I think having others to converse with is a great idea. I am in Miami Beach but originallly hail from NYC. I don't think my english bulldog is happy about the packaged meals but hey he doesn't need to lose any weight!!.

Good Luck, Keep me posted.


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Hi Rob, Tracy and Joe,.

Thanks for responding to my post. I started last wed. with about 75 lbs to loose. At 53 it is not easy. I feel like crap as my kids and wife walk my ass off Ans all I do is try to catch uup to them. I have been really strict since I started, but promised myself not to get on a scale for the first week.

I look forward to staying in touch and trying to help each other out as we go. I can tell you now, I think the apple pop tarts for breakfast really suck, but I am not a sweet eater in the morning. More of an egg guy. I sure wiuld like to know what Nutrisystem foods you guys like. I not sure how these posts work, but I guess we just keep adding to this by clicking on the "post reply" at the bottom of the message?.

Good luck all and keep the posts coming each day..

Sam from CT..

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Yea, just continue to click post reply at the bottom. Anyways, the foods I really like are:.


1) Both kinds of Oatmeals.

2) Any of the bars.

Stay away from-.



1) Chicken and Pasta in Cacciatore Sauce.

2) Cheese and Brocoli mashed Potatoes.

3) Cheese Tortellinis.

4) Pasta with Beef.

Stay away from any of the bars not because they are bad but you feel like you didnt eat a lunch afterwards and that sucks waiting til dinner..


1) Raviolis.

2) Chicken and Pasta in Florentine Sauce.

3) Chicken and Dumplings.

Actually, most of the dinners are actually pretty good. Havent come across one that I absolutely hate yet..


Stay away from cakes and soy products.

All of the bars, chocolates, and nacho crisps are pretty decent..

Drink all the diet soda and water that you want. Hope this helps...

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Hi Rob and all,.

Thanks for the food suggestions..

So far for breakfast all I like are the eggs. I am not a sweet eater in the am. I have the eggs with a piece of wholewheat toast (70 cal) and a slice of non-fat cheese (30 cal) and a small apple (65 cal). It is very satisfing and filling. I treid the apple pop tart and could not eat it. I have never had food before that I could not eat...even if I didn't care for it.

I am working on portion size, something I have not ever considered. before..

Lunch - the soups seem good, espically the chicken and the pea. I also like the stews..

Dinner - Pot Roast is my faviorate, as well as any of the beef dinners. I dump them on top of a large portion of steamed vegies...usually brocilli and then I add chopped lettuce. I can also have a piece of Whole wheat bread as my Low Glycemic carb. It seems like a lot of food..

I have been saving my "fats" (usually 12 almonds) to have with dessert, Then I have another apple before bed..

I like the oatmeal raisin cookie but itb is 160 cal. Also had the cho cho pudding. I like the pretzals as well..

I am trying to get off the diet coke habbit - probably drink 8 - 10 a day, and drink more than the 8 waters..

Have not got on the scale yet, but I will next week..

Thanks for your support..


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Hi.. I'm Rich.. Just started the program this morning. I'm shooting to lose 47 lbs and I believe this program can do it for me. I'm still trying to figure out how to get this into my lifestyle without major impact. Fo example, I don't usually eat breakfast so since I just had my Nutrisystem breakfast I'm now full.

I'm a from NY but now live IN CO. Best of luck everyone!!Oh.. Got a quick question... Are you allowed to move the items you eat in a day to a different mealtime? That may help me meet the intake goals without forcing myself to eat a meal....

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What does the Lehigh stand for? Did you go to Lehigh University? My brother graduated from there? Not sure if that is even what it means tho...

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Hey Sam,.

I think we started on the same day and like you I haven't weighed in yet.....tomorrow AM is the first time. I too am 53 (well about three weeks) and am originally from CT. but now live in Indianapolis. So I am a little conflicted over the Pats/Colts thing but have been rooting for one of the Mannings to finally win the big one! If the Pat's do it today I'll be in the RCA Dome for the Pats/Colts game next week..

As far as the food is concerned most of the pastas seem good. I've already modified my order to dropped the soy items and the "cardboard -tarts". Well good luck with your first weigh in! Looking forward to less of me!.


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Hey Ya'll,.

I just started on Friday ( day 3 for me). I started out at 292 (6'4"), my biggest ever due to back and knee injuriesI got to lose th weight for myself, my family, and my job (don' even ask). I tried running, atkins, hoodia, dieter's tea, myoplex meal replacments, body for life, smaller portions, starving and out of that I was able to get to 268 but I was really struggling and the weight went up and down everyday. I live close enough to work that I can bike, so I spent $500 on a bike and bike to the gym and to work everyday unless it is raining (wish it would rain more)haha..

So the day I started with Nutrisystem I got on the scale and weighed in at 272. I weigh in again on friday. My wife is doing this with me but we cheated last night and had breyers ice cream in bed, watching tv..

Good luck ya'll. I think we should make a challenge to see who loses the most each week, then share what you did to lose it. What do you think?.


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Hey guys, James here. I was just wondering do you have to eat the food in the order they list them or can you split it up throught the day?..

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Hi Guys,.

I'm Larry. I've been on Nutrisystem for a bit over 6 months. I've lost a great deal of weight and I'm all for a support group like this. I still have over 40 lbs to lose and I suspect it's just gonna get tougher as Spring rolls around!! I'm in Utah on business till this Friday and being on the road is pretty hard. I was able to upgrade to a suite so I have a kitchen Nothing will. BUT, if you are ready to take charge of your weight and your life, there is no better program....

Feel free to email me anytime....



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Hi GuysMy name is Bryan.

I just signed up todayshould get my food by the end of the week I would think..

I've got about 100 lbs. to loose and I'll be 46 years old on Wednesday. Now that I'm single again I'd like to look good enough to feel confident about asking a woman out! Tired of being fat and worried about diabetes as I get older. I look forward to getting to know you guys and sharing advice and support...

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Although I am still kinda young, 24, at 275 pounds I really need to get my butt in gear. I look forward to losing weight with all of you!..

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Hello Everyone,.

I am reading your posts trying to figure out if I should dive in and try Nutrisystem or not. I have never done anything like this before and want to make sure I am not out on another wild goose chase. I have a friend who just ordered the system last week and suggested that I order it too..

I have a few questions and hopefully some of you can answer them even though I haven't ordered the food yet..

Are any of you that have lost weight working out, and if so what type of workouts are you doing?.

The next question is what do you do if you are at a business function or at friends or family that are having you over for dinner?.

Thanks for your answers in advance..

I hope to order my food soon and get started. By reading all of your posts it is apparent I am not the only one struggling with what I eat..


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When I started NS, I bought an elliptical machine. It has made a big difference in my results. The first 6 months for me were all about numbers... Pounds lost and inches gone. Just after Xmas, I bought an weight machine and an Ab Lounge Ultra. My weight loss numbers will slow down but I have alot of loose skin that I need to tighten up.

It's time to build some muscle and tone what I've got..

As for business functions, I travel a rair amount for work. There are alternatives to Nutrisystem food. It's about making choices. At an Xmas party, I ate some chicken and grazed at a veggie platter. On the road, I'll frequent Applebees. They have a grilled Chicken Caesar that's delicious.

If you've made up your mind to do this, then you will eat accordingly... Good Luck.



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Hi guys,.

I'm from S.E Mass. I have not ordered as yet. I guess I'm like most - still wondering if this will be the answer............

I am not an exercise freak in fact I'm not too excited about the idea at all even though when I was in my 20's I thought lifting, pushup's, sit-ups, etc. was really great. I will walk & do some stuff though..

I don't feel I have anything to prove anymore... you guys know what I mean..

My biggest problem and one that Nutrisystem will not really help me with is; Eating @ night!.

I will eat a normal Hugh supper till I can't fit any more and an hour or 2 later... Hungry again. Not for a big meal but for something., a sandwich, cookies & milk & on & on till bedtime..

Then, because of my frequent bathroom breaks all night - I have to go by the Refrigerator and I stop to graze.......again..

This is my biggest challenge, All Nite Eating & of course Portion - Control..

Any advice out there?.

I'm a very beefy 275, (wow), @ 5'10" & need to drop 50 - 75....?.

I'm too old to carry this extra guy on my back anymore....

Really looking for support, Anybody ever have the same problems?.

Thanks for taking the time to listen guys, Paul..

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Hello Folks my name is Mark and I am from Sunny Wi (outside of Madison), well not sunny today we finally got some snow. 48 years young but need to loose 65 ponds. I am an x half miler, if I tried to run I would just roll down the hill. Recieved my first shipment on Friday and started today. Good luck to all the newbies, I am looking forward to help and recieve help. Anybody watch the games this past week end. I grew up in Chicago so I am a died hard Bear fan, boy they need to improve But a win is still good...

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The great thing about Nutrisystem is that it teaches you portion control. So if you are at a function where you absolutely have to eat to basically make other people happy and not think you are weird then you just have to remember the lessons you learn with NS, and eat what needs to be eaten but in moderation. You can eat other foods once in a while for your meal you just have to choose that chicken dish instead of the Steak smothered in A1 and you just eat one dish instead of 2...

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Hi Guys,.

It's me again Sam from CT..

Paul, Dave, don't wait, join today so you will be on your way to reaching your goal and getting healthy. My problem is portion control and I am hoping that Nutrisystem program will finally help me with that. I have going this for 5 days and I find it really managable. Once you wrap your arms around the idea that nothing else has worked ( I did Atkins, south beach, weight watchers, hospital based 400 cal a day liquid, deit center, a program with a heart doctor, a metabolic syndrome doctor diet, starvation, 2 weeks at Pritikin, Eat more weigh less, the Zone, Etc), this program is really not expensive and seems to work for a lot of people. From what I am reading, support groups like this one that we have started are a big help in success. I have gotten bigger and gigger each year and don't even recognize myself when I look in the mirror.

I know that I am committed for 30 days right now since I paid for the 5 weeks and have the food. I am sure once I see results and get encouragement from you guys we will all be successful!.

Good luck on your journey... we can di it..

PS I am 53 and have 75-80 lbs to loose. I want to live to see my kids grow up - don't you?.

Sam from CT..

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Hi Paul, and others as well......

I undersrand your dilemma about night grazing and portion control. I too used to graze from diner time on until all hour of the night. I have no idea about portion control - all I know is about eating until all the food is gone and then getting more of something else. I am olny 5'7" on a good day and weigh 261. I have gone fron 175 to 261 in 18 years. A year and a half ago I was 204 after my last diet.

Nutrisystem gives me a sence of how much food "normal" people eat and what kinds of food they eat. For the past 5 days I have only eaten what Nutrisystem says I can have, although I di not eat it in the same order as they suggest. I will weigh myself for the first time on Wed am to see if I have lost anything. I stretch out the food so I still have something to eat later at night. I have been eating a lot of salad and vegies.

I mix the gravy over all of it. I think it's great and filling. I don't eat the dinner protien/dairy or carb at dinner (well sometimes I do) and save it for later. I also save my snack for later as well. I drink all my water plus some and I find coffee with non-fat cream and equal to be a good fix.

I find eating every few hours helps me get thru the day. As for the nights, I find I am sleeping better and stay away from the kitchen. If I get up (and I do) I don't eat ...I drink a glass of water instead..

Hay Listen...I'm a newbee at this and don't know if I will succeed, but this is a good alternative to dropping dead. It provides a map of how to do it and I like using the "electronic" stuff to track my food and weight as well as post to this board. I find this a good diversion from eating and it keeps me telling myself that this can work as I tell you guys. It's like talking myself into it. This is not easy, but I realize that this may be my last shot at loosing weight ....if not I may wind up loosing my kids and wife..

As far as the expense goes, it is a lot less expensive than what I used to spend at the deli each day..

Well, enough from me...lets hear hrom you guys!.

Good luck on your journey to success..

Sam fron CT..

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Hi Sam, am back on track today after a vacation with the wife to Jamaca. I am commited to loosing 40 lbs. I think this board for men is a great idea. Thanks Peter..

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Hey guys, I'm Steve from Sugar Hill, Georgia. Started on Jan. 4, lost 11 pounds so far 111 to go. Looking forward to losing with all of you..

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I've found these forums to be helpful. I too have problems with the late night munchies. Many times I'm not even's just a bad habit. I've been 100% on Nutrisystem since New Year's Day and I've already lost 15 pounds. I'm extremely motivated and tired of being fat! My initial goal is to lose 50 pounds and then I'll re-evaluate. An earlier poster said it and it's true, I'd like to be around for my wife and kids.



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Thanks for the reply Larry,.

I am probably going to oreder the food tonight. I was just reading some other comments and some of them have been saying they don't like the food all that much. Some have even commented that their dog won't eat it. How do you like it?.

How much weight have you lost on the program?.

Take care..



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Dave, I like the food overall, sure there are some thinks I like more than others, but after you try it all then you will know what you like to eat and then you can customise your order the way you want it. good luck peter..

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Hey guys: waiting for my food to arrive before I dive in. My wife's food arrived yesterday and I must say that I was sort of dismayed. Does not look like a lot to survive on. Also wondered why I would be fixing powdered eggs when I have fresh ones in the fridge. Same for cereal other than portion control..

I'll be interested to see what it is like when my big box comes today...

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I thought the same thing when I got my order just started on 1/14. But I quickly learned that you eat a more NON-N/S stuff than the packaged Nutrisystem items! Like a lot of others, my challenges are eating while traveling on business and eating in the evenings. I really need to lose at least 35 lbs, and I'm sticking to this 100% to see what happens. I'm on Day 3, and I have to say I have not been hungry except late in the evening in fact, I'm so used to trying to starve myself to lose weight that I'm still paranoid that I'm eating too much! Good luck, everyone I'll be checking in and seeing how it's going..

Jeff in KS..

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Hi guys , It's Sam from CT again. In reference to Lexajones - give me a break!.

We all have "fresh" food at home. Why eat pot roast out of a package when you can make a fresh" pot roast. Why eat powered slpit pea soup, when in about 2 hours you can make the most tasty, healthy "fresh" split pea soup? Why have a packaged cookie for desert when you can have home made cookies hot out of the oven..

If we were able to control our eating and portion size we wouldn't be looking to loose all the extra weight. Believe me , there is pleanty to survive on, and there is nothing to stop you from eating everything in the frig and pantry closet that put you in the shape your in today..

Hay, I gained 75 lbs extra just eating "healthy" foods. My wife makes the best, healthiest food one can find. Like non-fat turkey chili. We eat it over brown whole grain rice and put shredded non-fat cheese on top. Fresh and healthy right? Not when you eat the one portion and then say "I'll have just a little more...and then a little more..and so on and so on. And then eat what is left over while standing in the frig at mid-night.

This is all about portion control and calorie control! This Nutrisystem system is a no brainer. Eat what is on the plan - no more, no less - and you will loose weight, period. Is the apple tart or pasta fagioli just like your grandmother used to make? HELL NO!.

But if you close your eyes and picture yourself healthy and lean, walking on a beautiful, sunny beach with the warm sea breaze blowing on your face, and the sea gulls chirping over head, and you with your wife and kids, laughing, enjoying life and looking forward to living your life instead of your next is well worth the compromise..

There is no magic wand..

I've been looking for it for 25 years..

Eat less - move more = wieght loss..

Don't be negative on the this post..

We are here because we are all in the same boat. I know we can do it together! I have never been more committed and will be glad to offer suggestions that work for me, that might just help someone else..


Thanks for letting me get this out..

Sam from CT..

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Hey Guys, JR here down in Virginia. Just got my food last night and started today, it has'nt been to bad today, but tonight is what I'm worried about. I usually graze from dinner time until I finally pass out in front of the TV. This little ol dessert don't look like it's gonna get it. I got 100 pounds to go and I have to do this!!!!.

Lookin for some buddies to gripe with and to see each other thru, I need help and am willing to give help. Anyone interested? Let's Roll...

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Hey Guys, Georgia boy here started yesterday 1/15 and looking forward to losing some weight. 275 here and really need to lose 100 lbs. I let you know how my first week goes...

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Sam - you hit the nail on the head. We all gained the weight by eating the "healthy" stuff around the house. And then some. Food arrived today and had a chance to look it over and it is more interesting than I expected. My big challenge will be lunch. What do people suggest for the five proteins to add for lunch? Would love to hear the suggestions...

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You get to add 5 proteins? I thought it was 1 oz of turkey, so when I have a salad I add a couple of slices of turkey on it. I also had the cheesy mash potatos with broccoli, it was ok, but I don't think I will order that one again. The powdered eggs I think I screwed those up, I put hot water in htere like the directions said, then I put it in the microwave and the eggs boiled over and went everywhere too much of a mess for me but I didn't think about adding egg whites (can we use egg beater's?) I haven't had a bad dinner yet, my wife said the chicken with lemon butter (or something like that) wasn't that good. I'd just put hot sauce on it (can we use hot sauce?) I will do my first week weigh in on friday (i'm hoping for double digits but will take even a 1 pound loss as a victory)...

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Hi Lenexajones,.

I didn't mean to be too tough on you. I am fighting to get rid of 80 lbs so I can feel like a person again. I always look for the most quantity for my allowed foods, so as I usually go for a dairy rather than a protien. As I posted above:.

12:30 pm - Lunch.

NS Soup - I like Split Pea (170 cal) or Chicken Noodle (110 cal) or I eat Pasta with Beef (I don't even warm it up)(170 cal) or Pasta Parmesan with Broccoli (180 cal). and 1 slice of Health bread (70 cals - Carb) with 1 slice of non-fat american cheese (30 cals - Dairy). Salad - plain. Diet Coke..

I think veggies and salad are your friend. I don't think you can eat enough steamed veggies or salad to gain weight. In fact today I had everything but the soup at lunch. I had the Spliy Pea soup at 3:00 and I puy chopped up brocolli in it that I had left over from last nights dinner. It was really good and filling..

The key is to stay with it even after you think you got it licked. I have lost and gained back thousands of pounds in my 53 years..

Anyway...have to run..

Good luck on your journey.

Sam from CT..

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It's Sam From CT,.

Breakfast is my best meal. I use the powered eggs every day because I don't like the sweet things and they are not enough quantity for me..

I mix up the egg power as directed and then mix 3 egg whites in which count as 1 proyien. Then I fry them using pam spray on the pam. I let them cook not breaking up the eggs and then flip them over. What I get is a big omlet. I also have a piece of 70 cal. health bread as my carb.

I tried ti microwave the eggs once, but the same thing happened - blew up all over the place..

Hay, Stick to already made the investment for a month.....


I know you can... Good health and leanness is just around the bend!!.

Good luck with the weigh in... I weigh in for the first thim tomorrow as well. I will be happy what ever I have lost this week...after all in the past all I did was gain week after week until I couldn't even see my toes..

Well any way... I hope this is of help...I'm glad to know you are out there with me on this journey to success..

Best of luck,.

Sam from CT.

PS - If there are foods you can't stand, call Nutrisystem and tell them you want to exchange them for what you like. They will do it at no charge during the first 30 days. I did it with all my breakfasts - I exchanged them for the eggs!..

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Hi Dave,.

I've lost 112 lbs so far. I have 44 to go till goal....

It won't take long to figure out which foods you like and which you don't. You can exchange the ones you don't like and then customize subsequent orders....

Good luck,.


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Went through the boxes of food tonight with my wife planning out tomorrow's meals. I was very upbeat, my wife was dismayed. Both are over 40. Her diet is so much more limited than mine. I went to the gym tonight to get ready for the big start and to do my "official" weigh in. I am now convinced that my 50 lb goal is do-able.

Not the best way to lose weight, but I figure it was a jump start, now on to a real plan. It will be helpful to have my wife on the same thing. We will need to keep our teen aged boys fed, and hopefully can make healthy choices for them so that they don't get to be our age and have this same problem.....

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Hi everyone. David here. The "HK" is for "Hell's Kitchen", a neighborhood in NYC..

I just started the program on Jan 8th. Started at 192. Didn't weigh myself at all the first week..

Weighed in at the end of the week and was happy to see it was 186..

6 pounds may not seem like much, but to me it was all the encouragement I needed..

I like the idea of this thread - it's nice to hear from the other guys..

I agree that some of the foods are good and others not so..

One that I found I really liked was the Beef Taco mixture..

It looks pretty foul when it comes out of the package,.

But I mix it with water, heat it up, and put it over a salad.

Kind of a do-it-yourself taco salad..

Works great..

I am really enjoying all the ideas about how to combine and/or adapt the food..

I've never really cooked before, my ex- did most of that, so I'm trying really hard to.

Figure all that out..

But so far so good..

Congrats to everyone else, and keep all that support coming..

We can all use it!..

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Hi larry. I myself have lost 96lbs so far, I am on my 5th month and have 43lbs to go. I told myself I would give myself a year to do this and I think I will make my time line..

I encourage everyone to stay on the plan and not give up..


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Hi Guys,.

My name is Damian and I am from Tennessee. Just got my food today and I am raring to go. I have to lose at least 60 lbs, should lose more but we will see. I am 260 right now and thats the heaviest I have ever been..

I decided to do Nutrisystem for two reasons. I want to see my grandkids (I am 37 and my daughter is only 1) so I figure I need to be around for at least another 30 years. Heart problems run in my family and being overweight just makes it more dangerous. Also I was sick of having to buy new clothes again. It seems every season I have to buy new clothes because last years don't fit any more..

Think this board is a great idea. Checked out the boards last week and noticed most of them were for/by women. Its good to have one just for the guys...

Comment #40


Thanks for the omelot recipe, I am going totry it tomorrow. Fellows I fell off the wagon today. I got up at 0500 and got to the gym for 30 minutes of pushups and situps, then 30 minutes on the elliptical, followed up with a 40 minute bike ride. Today was the first day going into work since I started this diet last friday,i did pretty good but I didn't space my food out so I was starving for lunch. inhaled lunch and was good too go, had the cheesy potato cup thing and salad. got back to work thinking I was good and by 3 everyone was snackin on ribs and cake and I think I smelled banana nut bread down the hall.

Any got home hungry and had the pizza, DON'T EAT THIS FOR DINNER IF YOUR REALLY HUNGRY, I didthe bread ting and slit the sauce and cheese. had my 2 cups of vegetables, had to skip the salad cause we were out. I was doing good but then we had bought girl scout cookies a month ago that just came in. I clened out a whole box of tagalong while watching tv, I was going to go run tonight but time caught up to me. Tomorrow I will space this out more.


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Justin from Texas here. I have been reading the posts for a few days. I have had most of the same thoughts as some of the rest of you. My feelings have mostly been upbeat due to my internal decsision to make the change instead of the excuses. I have had the ffod since the 9th. Day 3 was the hardest, but even made it through the weekend without cheating...the kids even had McD's in the car and I was faithful...! I have liked most of the meals that I received, but as with some other posts I have seen, steering away from the bars and what not for meals..

Someone said something about the protien portion at lunch time...this was a surprise to me, but one piece of whole wheat toast with a 1 oz slice of turkey..with the turkey still cold and the toast still warm...made for a pleasant addition to lunch and breakfast. When I had the tuna salad, I cut up a boiled egg and added it..

I am 33 years old and have 4 kids under 4..well, one in the oven. I weigh 230...for 2 years now..and at 6', that may not be the worse thing in the world, but I run 15+ miles a week and it just does not go away. I am shooting for 190 and body fat around 20-25%..40 pounds make a suprising difference in ones mobility and energy level. My problem is a wife who cooks well and portion control. Thus, the Nutrisystem is doing me a world of good to actully force myself to use portions...and I am never stuffed or bloated...and always hungry for a meal without's actually a very good feeling..damn Domino's commercials...I swear...they are everywhere..

I have not really seen anyone talk about the diary section on this is actually very cool if you want to keep yourself honest and print out your daily intake and also helps you see how much each food adds to your total calories....for instance, my two glasses of wine at dinner are really kicking my progress in the butt....350+ calories from a liquid are pretty substatial when considering that was equal to a very fulfilling lunch intake and the fact that total daily intake is supposed to be around 1500....ouch..

The print outs are pretty cool too....well, there's my 10 cents....look forward to hearing about other people's journeys.....down 4 lbs in 8 days....


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Hi Justin, BigBamaJoe,Damian, Larry, Dave and the rest of the gang,.

It's Sam from CT again...

Thanks for your posts! I really think if we stick together and let eachother know what it happening.


Just remember, starting Nutrisystem is the first step. We did not get to be overweight in one day and it will take time to get where we all want to go. Weight loss is not always streight down, if it was it would be easy.. We all know anything worth having is worth working and fighting for. We are all in the same boat and this boat is not going to is goin to float right into the winners circle..

Look at the previous posts..we are all relatively young guys with a lot to look forward to in life. We have to get healthy and stay healthy. I'm 53, 5'7' on a good day and when I started Nutrisystem a week ago I weighed 261lbs. I'm not ready to get measured for a coffin yet are you?.

Today I weighed in at 251 lbs. I lost 10 lbs the first week. I feel good about it. Only 75 lbs more to go before I will be at my wedding weight..

Hay BigBamaJoe...get rid of the cookies...I know it's tough! Again veggies and fruit are your friend...and water too! I hate salad stuff, but I ate a handful of baby carrots last night instead of crackers..

Make your dinner look BIG. Load up your plate with steamed veggies and salad and dump one of those Nutrisystem beef and gravy diners on top. Give it a mix and it is really good....then wipe the plate with a piece of whole wheat bread. Go to the health food store and buy a health bread that is "heavy" and has about 70-85 cals per slice. It is much more satisfying than the so called "wholewheat" wounderbread at 40 cals a slice. Eat an extra piece of fruit if you have to..I find an hard crunchy apple (a small one) really hits the spot.

If after supper it the hard is for me...try to save your fats and eat them as a snack later after dinner in the form of almonds. Have an extra apple before bed. Have a cup of decaf coffee with fat free 1/2 and 1/2 and Equal with your dessert. Drink a bottle of water with Crystal light in it.. But try not to eat high cal stuff..

Justin and everyone - The slice of Health bread at 70 cals is a bargin for a carb. Throw a slice of non-fat cheese (30cals) on it and it is really satisfying..

If I can loose 10 lbs in a week, we can all be successful..

Good luck on your journey...I'll see you at the top of the mountain...lean and mean!.

Lets keep this post going...lets hear from you ..

Sam from CT..

Comment #43

Nice to see you are off to a great start sam. Yea I had bough country classics wheat bread at about 80 calories a slice and then the next week got that wonderbread wholewheat and it is nothing compared to the good hearty wheat bread. I will not make that mistake again...

Comment #44

Hey y'all. It's me, Glenn! Living in Toledo, OH now, but I am from Louisville, KY. (Will be back to Kentucky in Sept).

Anyhoo, started this diet last week. (I am now on day 8) and have lost a total of 9 pounds so far. I have done the diet thing once before (Jenny Craig) and dropped about 80 the first time. (300ish - 220ish). Now, I was back up to 250 Pre-NS, and would like to see myself at about <200 by summer (I think I can, I think I can).

My fav food has got to be the cheesy sweet potatoes, and the pancakes. Oh, I also make a breakfast burrito with the eggs (Eggs, Wheat Tortilla, and FF Cheese) Pretty damn good..

I have been going to the gym almost daily (more so within the last week). Right now I am focusing on the cardio (Which is gonna remove this FAAAT) and I do some weight training (Not as much as I should, but it will come in time).

See ya around..

- Glenn..

Comment #45

Had my first Nutrisystem lunch Pasta and Beef. Very pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Ate it with a salad and feel satisfied. A good start!..

Comment #46

Hey mark, congrats on your bears unfortunitely I am an eagles fan .I started 1/9 and I lost 8pounds so far I have about 62 to go but Iam happy with the start.Good luck to your bears...

Comment #47

Hi guys,.

Glen and Mark....

Great start.

, Lexajones ..good going..keep it up..

Sam from CT..

Comment #48

Hey Guys JR here in Virginia. I survived the Day 1 first day & night, I was really worried about gettting the dreaded munchies last night, but was able to hold back and just eat the Nutrisystem dessert even though it went down fast. I just finished lunch (Pasta & Beef) it was GREAT, had a salad with it - very filling. I hope the rest of today goes as well. I hope you Guys are doing well, keep posting and let's hold each other up with good ideas and help. Read ya later...

Comment #49

<a href=".



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Pyh/weight.png"></a> <br>.

Hi eveyone,.

It's Sam from CT,.

I can't believe I lost 10 lbs this week. I know it is mostly water because I have to run to the bathroom as much as my 80 year old mother in law with a bladder infection. I see by all the posts that everyoe is doing ok. As I said before, veggies and fruit are your friends. Try to keep in mind what we are all trying to accomplish. When I get on the edge and want to eat the side of the barn, I think about my kids and wife enjoying my money with some other SOB that will be here if I'm not.

I really think about how good it will feel to get rid of all this extra weight and be able to really enjoy what other people enjoy. I do picture myself walking on the sunny beach, feeling the warm sea breaze on my face and hearing the birds chirping overhead. And of course I'm wearing a bathing suit and no shirt insread of a towel and a hugh tee-shirt..

And you might ask "How did he do it? How did he loose all that weight?" Well I'll tell you how - I stuck with Nutrisystem week after week, month after month, learning how to have portion control. Also I had a network of other guys that posted encouragement on the board and understood what I was going thru and didn't let me down when I was ready to pack it in and go back to my old ways( or should I say old weighs?).

Am I DREAMING or can this be a reality? Only the future will tell!.

Lets hear from you guys! Lets make this "A Few Good Men" board explode with help for each other. We can't afford to let each other down... Let's hear how everyone is doing and what work for you..

Good luck on your journey,.

Sam from CT..

Comment #50

Hey guys,.

I'm Dwayne and have been on Nutrisystem since June. My starting weight was just under 400 lbs. I'm 38 and didn't start exercising until after October. I currently do martial arts classes 2 - 3 times per week, cardio 5 times per week, and weight training 2- 3 times per week. My current weight is 286.6 lbs..

One of the biggest things I've learned since starting NS, is that I can do just about anything I set my mind to. On Saturday, I test for Yellow belt. In April, I will be considering taking triathlon training..

All my best,.



Comment #51

Wow all of us guys are taking this Nutrisystem life style by storm. it's good to see men take their health seriously. and to the one that ate the cookies don't beat yourself up just move past it but please don't give up. I can just see all of us guys sending our pictures to the janice dickinson modeling agency and we can call ourselves the Nutrisystem men(LOL sounds like a boy band name) maybe she will do a tv episode on us..

Comment #52

Hi Guys, Paul in Mass..

I am extremely encouraged by the response Sam from Ct. has received from his initial post, " A few good men"..

I think I'll call you Cap'n Sam from now on!.

Way- to- go SAM!!! Hey, Way- to- go for a lot of you guys, Big Joe, Dwane, JR, your all inspirational to say the least..

I'm pretty convinced to Order & Start in a couple days probably... Just got to see the Doctor about a big jump in my psa levels on Friday. If I'm "gona stick around a-bit ", I'll do it too..

I've also been waiting for my wife to start in on a program she's decided on before I started on my own. She's going - Big Time, stomach surgery, you know,-big tummy cut down to a small tummy, no thanks for me. I've tried to talk her out of it but "Women", ......( no offence girls ).. there's no way I'm going to change her mind, so-far. I Love Her & I'm just worried for her , you know. Females!.

Cap'n Sam, I like your talking about steamed vegetables & pile it high, my kinda talk!.

All this is really a Big Help because now I know if I start I'll have to bare-all & tell you guys I Grazed Again, & that will help keep me in line..

It is also so good to hear other people have bad nightly grazing habits just like me. I felt all alone with my bad habits! Thank's Guys, no-**** Thank's a lot......

I'll be back after I see the Dr. & let you know.

A new family!! All Brothers! & one Captain, Cap'n Sam..

Have a good nite & stay out of the cookies & you know...


Comment #53

Hey Guys,.

JR in VA again. TwoDog join in, this could be the most right thing I have done concerning my health. I am a few days in but I have really enjoyed the food so far, every thing I have had was good and I feel full and satisfied all day long. I started at 370 and I can't wait to do my weigh-in on Sunday morning. No matter what the outcome, I am committed to this. Reading all the posts is a GREAT insiration for me.

Thanks Sam for getting this going, and thanks to everyone else for keeping it going. Have a healthy day everyone...

Comment #54

Just stoppin in to say hello. Looks like everone is in the right frame of mind for some major weight loss! Keep it up!..

Comment #55

Hey Guys,.

Day 1 is down and I want to know if anyone else had any sort of withdrawal symptoms from their normal food. I had a headache all day but it got better when I cheated and had a chocolate bar (my one and only slip up all day). Since my diet had been pretty high in Carbs and Sugar, I didn't know whether it was a drop in blood sugar level or something? Of course the headache could be totally unrelated but I wanted to know if anyone else had a similar experience?.

Otherwise I did not feel hungry, pleasantly surprised at the food so far..


Comment #56

Hi Guys !!!!.

I like the idea of this support forum, just for us guys. It has been a week since I started the Nutrisystem plan. I haven't run into any meals I don't like yet, but I can do without the Biscotti. I had the pizza last night. I added 1/2 a slice of pepperjack cheese, and a few sliced olives, as my additional fats. I was really good.

One other dinner trick I am using is with the mac and cheese with beef, is to add a 1/2 cup of peas, as my low carb GI. I bought the frozen peas, and just boil up more water. After adding what is needed for the pasta, I pour the rest over the peas, to thaw and warm them up. Then just mix them together in a bowl with a lttlit fresh ground pepper. Good stuff !!!!.

I am going to weigh in tomorrow morning, but I started at 315, and dropped 8 pounds in five days. From here on out, I am only going to weigh once a week. I can tell the pounds are coming off, as I get closer to the next hole in the belt !!!.

Everyone keep it up, and just remember to come here if you need some support...

Comment #57

Hey fella's I have found that stretching out my breakfast has really helped me not be hungry by lunch. I am going to double up on the muffins in my order because htey taste kind of bland but they stick with you. Also for Twodog and otheres if you are joining you can e-mail any of us (mine is.

) and we can email you the $30 coupon, I think we get a discount to. I would highly encourage trying this diet before getting Gastric bypass surgery. I know a few people that did taht, I almost did it because I thought there was no other way. But that way is a rough road to travel, lots of pain, can't eat anything, messed up bowels, and many more problems. Don't get me wrong do what you gotta do, but I would tell your wife to try this first. My wife and me are both doing this so it helps out a lot, plus we go running, walking and biking (but not all in the same day).


Comment #58

My name is Jim and I got my food on the 15th and started the next day. I weighed in at 274 and 6' tall. My target weight is 192 so I only have 82 pounds to shed and since I just turned 60 on the 4th I've my work cut out for me. My wife and I both started the same day so it should be a little eaiser when there is just the 2 of us with the kids grown. Plan on going to the gym 4-5 times a week so that should help as well. Hope eveyone hangs in there and hits their goal.


Comment #59

Good Evening Gentlemen,.

Big Bahama Joe, (sorry) but one of the girls gave me a coupon a while ago & I must be faithful. I wish I could help everyone that way. I like your name thou Bahama-Joe, reminds me of Warmer places...Boats & Fishin & Friendly people..

Carol & I went to the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas a while ago where you have to rent a boat to go anywhere, it was Pissa!!! I've always liked, messin-around -with- Boats & this was right up my A....lley..

Flying into the Island - everyone brings a COOLER full of food - the stuff you can't get there, then you get the Mail Boat to the little Island you'll be staying on. Beautiful place, warm & friendly. We stayed on Hopetown..

I was'nt as FAT then..... I'm gonna lose the weight & may-be go again...BUT, I'll only need to bring a Smaller Cooler, ha aaaa..

JimSue, that sounds like an Indian name like 2 Dogs, How did you get Your name 2 Dogs? ha ha.... I'm 56, right in your neighborhood & at 5' 10" and 275 we are pretty close. I hope we both stick with this thing. Best wishes..

Cap'n. Sam, where are You????????.

It's a lot Your Fault..............

I Ordered Nutrisystem Today, pal. I thought what the heck, what ever the Dr. says. I still have to lose the weight..

I just looked at my Belly in the mirror, wow, Decent portage, a well rounded Muscle, do you know that I can roll my Belly just like a Hawaiian Babe, may-be a former life. It's a real turn-on , Very Impressive. I'm gonna miss that. But, it will be good to see old friend's again, toe & such... you know. Well, I do anyway..

I guess that's bout all for now, I'll feed the Wood Stove one more time & head for bed. Have a good nite guys..

Paul, Two Dogs..

Comment #60

The end of day two for me and I can't believe how satisfied I am with the food. My wife does nothing but complain, though, and she's usually not a picky eater. I think it is because the men over 40 can add more food than the women over 40. I have skipped several things allowed so far because I just was not hungry for it. Can't see how that is going to hurt. The biggest surprise for me so far is how enjoyable the little soy chips are.

Had them at 9 to take care of my usual late night snack. The pre-portioned food has really curbed by habit of going back for seconds and thirds as well as the mindless grazing before and after dinner..

Really enjoying the posts here and getting a feeling that I'm not in this alone. Keep the coming and keep offering the meal tips. Can't wait to try some of them...

Comment #61

Just checking in hope everyone is doing well. everyone keep up the good work and looking forward to reading more post about our lives.

Everyone take care.


Comment #62

For the guy who had a chocolate bar to cure his headache - hey, man, your body is trying to detox from your high-sugar, hi-GI carb lifestyle. That chocolate bar may have given you some relief, but you have set yourself back to Square One. It takes about three days to initially detox. I know - I was there myself..

The first three days are hardest. You're:.

1. detoxing.

2. trying to figure the program out.

3. pissing like a race horse.

Just STICK WITH IT, it gets much better - trust me..

The mindset of "that was my only cheat" is a red flag for future failure. Once you stick with Nutrisystem 100% for a couple weeks, you'll have:.

1. lost a good deal of weight.

2. feel better than you could imagine.

3. start looking better..

That's the motivation you will need to go on..

After dropping over 37 pounds, I now eat off-plan on rare occasions, and I make the decision, then get right back on-plan. I want to drop another 30, and I am doing it. You can, too..

But you cannot/will not lose weight eating cookies, cakes, and candy. That's one reason you're here with me now..

I used to lie to myself. I would watch what I ate, then allow myself to eat that trash, and wonder why I was overweight. Those around me must have been shaking their heads and laughing inside...

Comment #63

Hi Guys,.

It's Sam from Ct..

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I had a bad day! Yes Sam from CT had a bad day. I had a slight problem with my health (not Nutrisystem related) and it got me all screw-up. I didn't go off Nutrisystem but I couldn't stop thinking of eating everything in sight. I did go over on my calories...I had an extra soup and an extra bag of breakfast crunch. I was craving something ....I also eat a couple ozs extra of roasted turkey that my wife made.

Today I am back on travk mentally and feel alot better physically..

I hope you guys are all going well and keep up the good work. Your postings are a gig, big help, not only to me but to everyone out there. Just think how everyone is going to feel in a few weeks when our pants start to feel a bit loose! I know that together we are stronger than doing this alone. We should start listing our names and our lost weight so we can see how much weight we can lose colectevely..

I will committ to give $ 1.00 for each pound we loose together to St. Judes Hospital for children with cancer.

Anyone else? No pressure, but we could make ourselves healthier and help some sick childern all at the same time. I would be glad to give this money to charity rather than the local deli where I used to spend $10-15 a day on breakfast, lunch and a snack on the way home from work. I put a $20 dollar bill in my pocket the day I started Nutrisystem (1/10/07) and it is still there. I gring everything I need to eat and drink with me to work every day. I have also stopped drinking the 8+ Diet Cokes each day. Just think..they used to cost me a $1.00 each from the vending machine at work..

I will actually save money being on Nutrisystem and giving money to St. Judes!!.

I know that for some of you out there it is really a streach with money to be on NS, so please don't feel you have to do this. St. Judes is just close to my heart...I feel so sad for the kids I see on TV that are there, but I am thankfull for what they do to help the kids and their families..

Anyway....Just a thought..

Back to Nutrisystem foods for a minute. I haven't tried the eggs this the veg sausage yet...any comments? Also what do other people eat for the LG carb...I always eat a piece of health bread..

As far as water goes, I have been drinking th "Dasani" water. I drink it at room temp. which in my house is about 67. I never drank water before, tried Poland Springs and it tasts to much like the plastic bottle. At first I was putting Crystal Light ice tea mix in my water to help me get the 8 in, but I'm not sure it's too good for you. I am trying to change my health habits along with loosing weight or else I'm afraid I will lust go back to my old ways..

My best advise so far is : veggies and fruit are your friends. I think this will also be the case when we all are slim and want to stay that way..

Don't give in to your old demons.

We can all be successful!.

I need to hear from you..

Good luck on your journey....we can do this together!.

Sam from CT..

Comment #64


You are making great strides. Thanks for your updates..

I agree. The Crystal Light, diet soda, and other faux sugars are not good for you. You just have to learn to like and consume large quantities of H2O for the rest of your life. The rest is crap..

I also learned the veggie and fruit trick. The two servings of vegetables at dinner is the MINIMUM. I make a HUGE plate of steamed or baked veggies and pour the Nutrisystem entree over them. I make my salads in washtub sizes. We didn't get fat eating vegetables..

I used Nutrisystem as a jumping off point for switching to "raw" foods. The only processed stuff I eat is my Nutrisystem food. All my vegetables and fruits come from the produce aisle. I don't eat anything canned or frozen. Just buy what looks fresh. You get all the nutrients and fiber that way.

The people who try to subsitute juices and V8 for fuit and vegetables are shortchanging themselves. They are not nearly as satisfied, and they aren't getting all the nutrients they need..

As for bread, ensure this important carb additive to your program does not contain high fructose corn syrup. You'll be shocked by how many "health" breads contain it. I have only one place I have to go to get the right stuff...

Comment #65

JR in VA here -.

Hey Guys the weekend is here. This could be a dangerous time for all of us. I know my temptations are greater on the weekend. But not THIS weekend!!!!!!! All I am going to think about is how I am going to feel when I get rid of this truck tire around my gut. The other thing that is going to motivate me is how we all have fought this battle this week, and how we have kicked it in the arss. Don't give up any ground we have gained, think about your Nutrisystem Brothers here on this post and let's gain more ground (but lose more gut) this weekend.

Have a healthy weekend..


Comment #66

Yes, weekends can be tough. Hang in there. I keep my focus by making a series of mini goals and their rewards. I have them on my profile for everyone to see. I also have a few that are not listed there. One of those goals (for June) is to weigh less than my older brother..

Although, I'm the younger of us. I've always been the "bigger" brother and that is just one of the things that IS changing in my transformation process..

All my best,.



Comment #67

Same deal with me. I work right near a McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, and Friendlys. I used to eat at one of these restaurants 2 to 3 times a week for lunch. Luckily I am not normally hungry on NS...

Comment #68

Hi all,.

It's Sam from CT,.

I just got home and realized it's the week end as well. It is a dangerous time! Try not to get into old habits...sitting on the couch and eating. I have to be in class all weekend. Friday evening 5pm to 9pm and tomorrow 9am to 5 pm. There is always a ton of food around because all the others in the class bring something to share. We eat breakfast and lunch together on Sat, and dinner together on Fri nights.

I but steamed a ton of brocolli and plan to put the cream of brocilli soup over it and bring it for dinner tonight. I will go late tomorrow so I can skip the class breakfast and will bring a Nutrisystem scrambeled egg on a piece of whole wheat bread with a piece of fruit for lunch..

I think planning ahead is the key to success...making sure to right foods are there so we don't have any excuse to eat the wrong ones..

Wish me luck as I always do for you....

Hang tough this week end.


Just think by Monday you could be down another few pounds.

...Wouldn't that be great!!.

Good luck on your journey,.

I'll give a shout late tonight after class..

Sam fron CT..

Comment #69

Hey fellas did my first week official weigh in this morning. I think those darn tagalong girl scout cookies hurt me a bit but I made up for it by running the last 3 days and biking to work and late night walks with the wife and our new rottweiller puppy, so my total loss for my first week was......12 POUNDS! I'm down to 260. woohoo God bless the girls scouts but give up the cookie act and just sell bottled water or something, or go cut yards and rake leaves for $20 a pop (we got a small yard)..

Hey chocolate candy bar guy here's just a suggestion if you want a candy bar take the dessert one with you to work and have that as a mid afternoon snack, you won't get your dessert after dinner but the calories got to be less than a snickers (course I am a payday guy, and now they got a new one out that is a chocolate covered payday, maybe if I start looking anorexic I'll have one)..

I also brought in a couple of things to the office just in case one day I forget to bring my food in, it's my disaster prepareness kit, cause I know I will pack my food up for the day but leave it on the counter at home..

Good luck over the weekend and Go Saints!.


Comment #70

I like everything you said except for the Go Saints part, haha..

GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #71

Hello again fellas. I had my first full week of NS. I dropped 11 pounds. I know I have a heafty goal of 100 - 110 to lose, but if others can do it, I can too. Now I look at my 3 year old Chessy,and think Hmmmmm, you weigh 105, and thats about what I'm shooting for. WOW Kind of hard to fathom..

About the low GI carbs, I watch FoodTV, and saw on Good Eats, a different way to prepare barley by baking it. So I tried it, and it turned out really nice. I then portioned up some, and froze the rest on a cookie sheet, then broke it up and put it in a ziplock and tossed it back in the freezer. I have been having 1/2 cup of the barley, and mix it with 1/2 cup 1% LF cottage cheese, for my protein & low GI carb, with breakfast..

Also on the low GI carbs and veggies, I was having 1/2 cup of peas, which I bought frozen, with alot of my dinner Nutrisystem meals. I like how it extends it. Last night I looked at the bag of green beans I am going to start using tonight, and I can have a whole cup of green beans, instead of 1/2 cup of peas, and have less calories, than having the peas..

Everyone keep it up, later.


Comment #72

Hey guys,.

Joe here from Ohio,.

Six days into it sticking strictly to the program. First time I weighed in since I started. Unfortunately on my start date 1/13 I didn't weigh myself. The scale I had was kind of iffy, if you stood one way on it you got one weight and if you shifted your weight you might get a weight that was 4 or 5 pounds different. I decided I'd get a digital scale. I 'guestimated' my start weight at 305 although it might have been a little over that.

After I received my new digital scale I weighed in at 328.8, that's after a week on the program w/o cheating at all, I'm guessing I must have been about 335 (or more) starting out. I've got a long way to go. Goal weight 180. Birthday May 2 for the big 60 and I'd like to hit it with about 55 pounds off. Don't know if that's realistic, but it's my goal.

Great to see the results of others on here, very motivating and reassuring that it indeed can be done. Just stick to the plan and the rest will happen... eventually..

Hang tough!!.


Comment #73

Just a note: peas and coprn are carbohydrates, not veggies. That was an eye-opener for me..

Again, you can have MORE veggies than it says. It gives you the MINIMUM...

Comment #74

If ya'll are up for it here is a weekend challenge, see if you can lose anything over the weekend just by staying with the diet and maybe doing some kind of activity like walking or bowling or jsut something different than normal for the weekend. I plan to run tomorrow morning and try to walk my puppy sat and sun night. I was 260 this morning so I am going to be strict to the diet this weekend and see if I can get in the 255-259 range, I'll take 259 but I want 257. Any takers?.


P.S. I understand I live in hawaii and running and biking and golfing can be done year round but it does get cold here to, this morning it was 74 degrees at 0600 when I got up to run and there was a slight breeze plus I was wearing shorts and tshirt so if I can handle the cold so can you...

Comment #75

Gentleman, Day 2 has ended for me and I ate 1500 calories both days. Feeling filled and I can't stop peeing!!! I need to lose over 100 pounds and I am hitting the gym for the first time in awhile, doing the official weigh in. I did Nutrisystem nearly 20 years ago and loss 100lbs in about 5 months. Unfortunately I couldn't keep it off. So here I am again. The food is as good if not better.

And I love the Message Boards You Guys Rock!!!.

I want to remind all in here besides Lima Bean, Peas and Corn (starchy Vegs), Vegis are GOOD..

Tp quote someone on a previous Post; "None of us are in here for eating too many Vegetables." So pile 'em high and at 22 Calories per half cup (green Beans) 2 cups won't kill you!!! Eat all the Salad you want too. (watch the dressing) It will alos help keep the Bowels in good shape. No one wants to pass a Telephone Pole when they have a Bowel they?.

Best of Luck to all. May your Demons be silent this weekend...

Comment #76

Yo twodog, be patient it will get there, might be frozen but it will get there. Check your order on the website to make sure it is the right one, wy wife and me ordered at the same time and we got to womens packages. But they said the food was the same so I went with it but told them if my chest got bigger I was kicki somebodies arse. haha.


Comment #77


My name's Will, 52, and I live in the Bay Area (East Bay) of Northern California. Started on 12/27 at 222 - and have lost 12 lbs so far. My goal is 175, which is my high school weight, and the target BMI for someone my height 5'11''. I've exercised all my adult life, but have never been able to shut off my "intake valve" and manage portions - so I've gained a little weight each year as I've aged and my metabolism slowed..

Here are some things that have worked for me for the past few weeks:.


1) Eggs, 1 piece multigrain toast; then mid-morning fruit/lite string cheese or 1/2 cup of low-fat cottage cheese w/fruit. Splitting the breakfast up - and drinking 32oz of water - gets me to lunch without feeling famished.


2) Pancakes with 1/2 cup of applesauce; then mid-morning string cheese and wheat crackers..

Bars/cereals/oatmeal are the most portable - string cheese and fruit too..


1) Nutrisystem Entree - at work, soups and entrees that need boiling water are easy and taste decent. If traveling, the bars and drinks work well. The chicken/tuna salad is awful..

2) Salad bar - at work, I'm fortunate to have a good one nearby..


Soy chips are better as an afternoon snack, then I'll do fruit/cheese for dessert. In general, the pudding, bars, and cookies are ok for dessert. Stay away from the cheese and garlic pretzels - nasty..


Generally, the pastas have been the best. Other dishes are more sauce than food - so I dump some sauce on vegetables, so I can see the remaining food..

I've switched things around - snacks/desserts and dinners/lunches - to change the routine some. The on-line diary is great - good way to track calories throughout the day..

Overall, I'm pleased. I like the portion control. I'm eating fruit and vegetables - and drinking water. Getting the results I hoped for..

Good luck to all on the program - stick with it..



Comment #78

Hey guys,.

How is everyone doing over the weekend? It can be tough sitting at home with the temptation to snack. But so far so good for me. I am determined to loose the weight and so far so good. I signed up last Saturday and although I didn't get my food until Tuesday I sorted started it last weekend. In that week I have already lost 10 pounds..

The easiest part of NS:- prepared foods..

Hardest part of NS:- portion size and only one snack a day..

This board is great too. Just keeps me focused and I know there are other guys doing this too. Sounds like everyone is doing well and losing those pounds. So keep it up. Be careful today though with the football on. Maybe a Mich Ultra lite and a handful of peanuts for me, but thats about it......GO COLTS!!.


Comment #79

Hey guys,.

I weighed on Saturday (my self-designated weigh in day) and I am pleased to report my current weight is 283 lbs for a total of 111.8 lbs gone since June 4, 2006..

I tested for Yellow belt in Choi Kwang-Do on Saturday and should find out my results on Tuesday evening..

I hope everyone is doing well and on target..

All my best,.



Comment #80


Way to go pal, amazing man!.

Me, I'm still eating everything in sight..........

My Nutrisystem has not as yet arrived..


Comment #81

Good for you joe, I had a good week and a crappy sunday. it was my first week and I lost 3 lbs, Iwill have a good week this week. peter..

Comment #82

Guiys, it's been 1 week....and I have lost 7 pounds. Really excited about the possiblities with NS. Hope everyone else is having positive results..


Comment #83

Don't know if anybody took me up on my weeknd challenge but I lounged with the in laws on saturday, spaced my food out and ate dinner early, then on sunday I had a huge omlelet that lasted me all mornig and part of the afternoon, biked for 30 minutes, walked for 30 minutes (slow walk with the puppy) atethe rest of my food. I weighed 260 on Friday morning, 255.5 this morning. Before Nutrisystem I must have been really been eating bad cause this weight is melting off right now. Hope ya'll had success..


Comment #84

Hi, my name is Bob. I'm too fat........... I'm on day 13. I lost 12 pounds in 12 days with a dry spell between day 4 and day 10 after losing 10 pounds. I went backwards 2 pounds this weekend when I took my Chinese wife (size 00) out to eat Dim-Sum. I have modified next months order to eliminate breakfast flakes and oatmeal, most dessert chips, all vegetarian packages, as well as other select items that weren't satisfying.

I'm convinced that a program like Nutrisystem where you don't have to think too much will work better that others that leave too much leway for justifying this and that. No doubt about it, I'm lazy and I only walk a half an hour a day, half of the time. I have researched to find oranges have a higher fiber content than many fruit choices, so tangerines are my exclusive choice. I choose to fill the dairy/protein slots with a hard boiled egg and the low gi carb with a slice of ww toast. I take my lunch when I am at a job site over lunch.

I can usually find a microwave if necessary. Only two of my eliminations have been because I didn't like the Nutrisystem food (Cajun & chocolate drops). Barring these everything has tasted good but the size of the meals seem like samples instead of a meal. I know the exercise would help since I dropped over 75 pounds in my mid-twenties by waterskiing until I dropped, lifting weights, and participating in judo; my laziness dominates. It will be helpful to check in and see how everyone is progressing..

Comment #85

Hi guys,.

Twodog: Thanks, this does work!.

I posted this elsewhere. However, I cannot contain my excitment. My wife and I passed our tests for Yellow belt! We're 2.5 years away from being Black belts but, we will get there!!!.

My brother who is older, has alwayys been the thin one in the family. Until a few years ago. He is steadily gaining weight each year and I hoping to be able to weigh less than him when his family comes out in June. I'm hoping that will help encourage him to be healthy for his new daughter..

All my best,.



Comment #86

What's up mark? my name is norman=our desired weight loss is very, for me it''s.

60 pounds. our ages are a little close, I am older though just turned 52 in dec. anyway I hope you write me back I have a couple of questions that needs to be answered before I make my first order. thanks alot..

Comment #87

Hi boys,.

It's Sam from CT finally checking in..


- congradulations on Nutrisystem and your new belt. See if one works hard they <u>.


</u>accomplish what whey set out to do..


- nice to hear from you - stay with the program and stay with our board - we are all going to be winners here!!.


- WAY TO GO! YOU THE MAN. I was hoping you were going to do no more ice cream or girl scout cookies - 100% NS.


- Thanks for checking in- it is really incouraging for all of us when we hear others success stories. Let us know how you do on a day to day basis. I look forward to hearing from you again!.


- Not every day is perfect. Just remember, your next meal or snack is an opportunity to get back on track. 3 pounds is fantastic!! You should be proud of yourself. The fact that you posted and stuck with it a rear positive. Just think how much you will lose when you really comply and use some of the tips that the other guy on this board offer. We are all together on this.


- Good luck with your journey - you will see, it gets easier as the days go by. The portions seem to get bigger every day. I am a real quantity guy and make every meal as big as I can by adding veggies and salad right to the meal. I pick dinners with gravy and dump the dinner on top of as much green as will fit on my plate. Last night I dumped Nutrisystem chili and beans on a whole head of steamed cauleflower. I almost could not finish it espically when I have a slice of health bread (carb) along with it..


- What a great post! We can all learn by seeing what others are doing. You and I are in the same boat. I am 53 but only 5'6" on a good day. I had grown over time to 261 lbs and my wife and kids are too young for me to kiss good by just yet. I have tried everything, but never had a support board like this one. I think if we stick together and post to each other on a regular basis, we will stick to Nutrisystem and be successfull.

G-D knows, no one else but you guys even have a clue on how tough it is to be fat and looked at by others as some sort of freek. Thanks for your support and keep posting..

Two Dogs, Paul.

- I hope that doesn't stand for how many hot dogs you eat at one time, because that uaed to be my trick. I would eat one while standing at the grill, and have another when I got to the table - I thought I was fooling my wife, but I was only fooling myself. Anyway - I'm back and full of thoughts and good cheer. You asked about school. Well, at thr ripe old age of 52 I decided to go back to school. I am getting a masters.

It's not easy keeping up with the young kids in class, espically since I have not been in school since 1976. Thanks for all your good feedback and thoughts- keep the posts coming!..

Jimsue, lenexajones, carguy, Dean-Wormer, DavidinHK, 60_togo, DaddyJustin, wglenncamp, FRANK8213, RMX378, pmpwood, teeba1, djwoody, daomn, JEFFRO44, jusdoit1,JRMIAMI.


Everyone - Good luck on your journey. I'm pulling for your success..

Sam from CT..

Comment #88

First week's official weigh in is tonight at the gym. This weekend I was unofficially down 6, so I am stoked. Have not met a Nutrisystem food yet that I didn't find good (not excellent, but good). I guess it's easy to be optimistic about a program that lets you eat good food, and a lot of it, and lose weight at the same time. The portion control is keeping my mind on it is the key. Further encouragement is found right here in the forum where I see others struggling with the same problem and succeeding!..

Comment #89

Hey guys,.

Just checkin in. Went to Maine this weekend for my fiance's father's birthday and had to eat out a couple times. Didnt want to but didnt want to be rude. Ended up doing well though, I made smart choices at the restaurants and didnt overeat. Thought I was going to gain a little back from straying from the program but ended up losing 3 pounds over the weekend. Started at 290 on Jan 5th and am down to 272 as of this morning..

Keep up the hard work guys! Lets show these women we can succeed on this diet as well!..

Comment #90

Hey everyone,.

New guy here, just started yesterday. Looking forward to having a group of guys to relate to..

Hope everyone is doing well...

Comment #91

Hi Bigocean,.

Welcome to the club. I hope we can be of help. Read some of the prior posts on tips for success. The time is now to get healthy. Stick with us and you too will be lean and mean, as well as healthy. As everyone knows I always say: Veggies and fruit are your friends as well as water.

Make a commitment to stick with it and post as much as you can to stay connected to others just like yourself and give others encouragement..

Good luck on your journey,.

Sam from CT..

Comment #92


Can I answer any questions? I am 53 with about 70 lbs to lose. I'v been on this 2.5 weeks and know it will be successful for anyone who really wants to get healthy..

Post soon.

Sam from CT..

Comment #93

Hey Guys - JR in VA.

Weighed in this AM for my first week on NS. 7 1/2 lbs. gone, 11 1/2 lbs. gone in the last two weeks ( I cheated and started before going on NS). I feel great and am starting to feel the weight coming off. From reading some of the other posts I can see that a lot of folks are having good success, THAT'S GREAT!!!!!!! Keep it up guys, the only thing we have to lose is weight.

Keep posting and let us all know whats going on..

See ya LOSERS ( of weight that is ) WINNERS in Life..


Comment #94

Glad to read about someone who eats out. I've ordered my food, but have not received it yet. My concern was about eating out as there was nothing in the FAQ on the website about this.... or alcohol. A chicken ceasar is good. What about a plain piece of chicken or fish?..

Comment #95

Hello boys,.

Hope everyone's "doin good". My Pkg of Nutrisystem is supposed to arrive today. I'm excited, I think????.

Sam,... Nice post, all your words and the other guys words help ...a-lot..

I was only giving you a hard time by-the-way, I don't care if your in a " cake decoratin" course. ha.

I had a thought, what about a.



Anybody use one of those? I have one that I used only once, maybe it's time to dust it off???.

Good or bad?.

My food just arrived & I am having "Pasta Parmesan w/ Broccoli,.

It smells funny....

I'll let you know..


Comment #96

Hey twodog, I thought about the juicer thing before I started this I was going to buy one but decided I didn't need it. I try and limit how much fruit I take in everyday, vegetables I heap on my plate but fruits I stick with the requirement unless I am really hungry and then i'll have extra fruit..

I keep falling off the wagon but I make up for it by extra work outs, like yesterday I was doing good until I went to the store and when I came out I bought my mother in law a box of malasadas (its like a fried biscuit with sugar, probably 1000 calories) and I had 2 so to make up from that I ran an extra 2 miles, I mile for each malasada. then today for lunch I had a biz lunch to go to so I had a salad and 6 hot wings (non breaded) so when I get home instead of running just 2 miles I am going to run 3 ( an extra mile for the chicken wings should even all that out). That's all the slip ups I am allowing this week..

As for the juicer question it depends on the person and what kind of time they have to eat. Like if you don't have time to eat a salad for lunch then just throw your lettuce in the juicer with some cucumber and carrots, top it off with 2 tbsps of fat free ranch dressing and BAM! there is your salad drink.

Hope this helps,.


Comment #97

Hi guys,.

It's Sam from CT,.

I feel a bit of a mid-to-end of the week slump from you guys. I hope I'm not right. The posts with all the encouragement and good reports have slowed. I know I too am feeling a bit "off". I'm not hungry as such, just a little unsetteled. I ate some home made turkey along with my dinner tonight and I must admit it was better than what came out of the Nutrisystem package..

I think now is the time to really be strict and stick with it. I could see going off and eating too much or the wrong things espically since I didn't lose much weight this my 2nd week. If the scale is right, I lost just a pound after all that work this week to stay on track. I am going to pretend I didn't weigh myself and see what happens when I weigh next week. I have to say I was very bumbed out this am..

Hay, what did I expect a miricle?? I know it all takes time. I am not going to give myself an excuse to go back to my old weighs (play on words there guys)..


There is no better time than the present to be positive and optomistic!!!.

</u> I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!.

Well I guess I only have 74 pounds to lose now instead of 75. Just melting away, day by day..

Remember the mind play...the beach and all those positive feelings!.

Only one meal away from being back on track....

Good luck on your journey....I'm here with you.

Sam fron CT..

Comment #98

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