Do you have any really easy vegan crockpot Medifast recipes to share?

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Got a quick question: Do you have any really easy vegan crockpot Medifast recipes to share? Thanks in advance for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Hi All,.

I am 3 weeks out and trying to find a protein powder that doesn't make me sick. Have been using Jay Robb's whey & unjury. Which I used just fine pre-op, but is now making me feel like I'm carrying around a ball of lead in my gut and gives me the runs about 30 min after consumption. I'm not coming close to the 60 gr of protein I'm supposed to be getting. Just as an fyi... I don't like super sweet drinks..

I appreciate your help! , thank you!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Sounds familiar! I'm 3 weeks out and the ONLY powder that works for me anymore is Ultimate Protein from SEI... also called Max Protein. Go to Eggfaces site.

And find the discount code and order it from SEI online..


None of that gacky taste. Chocolate is great and even the strawberry tastes like real strawberries. Not too sweet either. Also, I have switched to Blue Diamond Almond Breeze instead of milk. Maybe it's the lactose... dunno but the lead in the stomach/pouch was unbearable til I tried the almond milk.

Stay away.

From soy cause of the havoc it can cause to the hormone levels. Lose out on the 10 grams of protein in the milk but am getting in my protein in now with no problems or pain..

All of the preceeding post is my opinion and my opinion alone. lol!!!!.

Peace, Misa..

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Might want to look for protein soups and broths online instead of shakes for a little while until you are healed a little more...

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Try Inspire. I get it from.

You only need 4 oz. of liquid to get 30 gr. of protein. Also, they are only slightly sweet, so the taste doesn't overwhelm...

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Thank you for all of your great suggestions!.

It never occurred to me that it could be the milk I'm mixing in the protein pwd that's causing my gut issue.I don't like milk & the only dairy I used pre-op was cultured dairy - like yogurt & cheese. So I'm thinking that may be the issue. I got some almond milk to try with the pro pwd samples I bought today..

I really appreciate the suggestions for the less sweet pro powders, most are super sweet, which I didn't like pre, but post makes me down-right queasy..

I went back to clears today (OKed by my MD) to rest my belly & make sure it's not the.


(which started the same day as full liq) causing the problem. Tomorrow I will restart full liquids, hopefully with better success..

Thanks again!..

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I bought this was cheap and was able to try several flavors I ended up LOVING a few of them and live off them now. idk where i'd be w/o my protein shakes!.


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Try the unjury unflavored or.

Chicken soup.

I use the unflavored in v-8 juice or broth someone said in creamed soups. Worth a try..

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Thanks for the info. I am newly post op or going on 3 weeks now. RNY on Oct 18. I just went to vitalady and ordered a bunch of samples as I can no longer stomach my current protein. It was fine pre op but now...yuck!.

I go to Eggface's site alot and love it...just wondering if her protein company offers samples? I hate to buy a huge tub and then end up no liking it!.

Thanks all!..

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I have given up on protein shakes! I have unflavored powder that I sometimes use in meals to boost protein but as far as shakes go- I make them with skim and powdered milk. 2 scoops of powdered milk has the same protein as one scoop of protein powder and it tastes a LOT better...

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