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My question is Do you have Nutrisystem on speed dial? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... 4.25% of weight between now and May 31. That's the idea here. Most people smoked 3.2% in March and most people hit 4% in April as well. So let's go for 4.25%!.

As always, those with less or more to lose can simply quote a number and that will be on the side chart..

Who's in? Give me an weight today, optional weigh-in on May 15, and then final weigh-in on May 31...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Oh, what the heck! I'm not usually a "joiner", but I'm in. I'm 217 now, so 4.25% is 9.2 lbs. My personal monthly mini-goal is 10 lbs, so that's my number and I'm sticking to it! 207 by May 31 and size 36 pants.



Comment #2

I'm in but I'm scared. 223 for today's weight. That's a goal weight of 214.08. I hit that and I'm less than I weighed when I graduated high school!.

8.92lb loss here I come!..

Comment #3

Mark me down for the 4.25%. My start weight is 282, so that would be 270 at goal. Of course I'd love to see 269, but mark me down for the 12 lbs!.


Comment #4

I'm starting at 225. I'll round up on my goal so put me down for 215..

Comment #5

I'm in...starting weight today is 212.2 x 4.25% = 203 goal weight...

Comment #6

Hey Jack - Your May Challenge goal is also your ticker goal! How cool is that? Good luck!.


Comment #7

Since I embarrassed myself last month, I am in too..

Start weight 242.0 May 1. Round me up to 11lbs..

231-I will do it, even with Birthday and Mothers Day celebrations!!! Oh yeah, a colonoscopy this month ought to help also!.

Good luck everyone..


Comment #8

Count me in... I have not received my first shipment of food yet.. Probably Monday.... I am starting at 252. The 4.25% will be 10.7 lbs...

Comment #9

I'm in.... 280.2 today. 4.25% is 11.9 pounds, I am shooting for 268 or 12 pounds...

Comment #10

I'm back. Made April by 1.5 pounds so let's see what we can do in May. 4.25 x 193.5 = 8.22 pounds. 185.25 weight..

Comment #11

Everyone is in up to this point. Start losing the weight!..

Comment #12

I'm in and will try the 4.25% as well. I'm presently at 195 and my goal will be 187...

Comment #13

Count me in. Starting 274.2 ...... x 4.25% = 11.6 loss goal, down to 263'ish...

Comment #14

Holy Sh*t! My weight is 195.0 this morning..

Count me in and set a side-bar goal of 190.0.

That will be a stretch goal for me especially since my son will graduate from college this month, mothers day, my wife's birthday, and Memorial Day. Of course I can make excuses every month..

Thanks y'all, these monthly challenges keeps me accountable...

Comment #15

Tom-Congratulations on the 195. That has got to feel good with all that has been going on in your life. I have confidence that come June 1, you will see 190. Now go and get it done!!.


Comment #16

I'm in as well Bolo. Thanks..

My weigh-in this morning is 196.4..

Comment #17

Ok. I'm in..

Just got a Wii Fit too, so I'm using that scale, since I'm on it daily..

5/3 weigh in - 291..

Comment #18

I'm in... today I weighed in at 211.8 so minus 4.25% lbs would put me at 202.8. That would put me so close to the one hundreds!! With a little hard work and discipline I could actually get into the one hundreds by June 1st!!!!!!!..

Comment #19

Hi Bolo. Mid month weigh-in is 190.8 lbs. Thanks...

Comment #20

Checking in on the 15th at 193. This will be a challenge to make 6 more pounds in just 2 weeks...

Comment #21

Okay. It's mid-month and I'm worried. I've not lost a single pound in over a week now. Still at 214, only 3 lbs for the month so far. The loss stopped the same DAY that I implemented a new gym routine that focuses on muscle build rather than conditioning. The good news is that muscle mass is visibly increased, so this might be a good thing, but sucks for the May challenge..


Comment #22

Mid month check-in....

Started the month at 212.2 weighed this morning at 206.2. My goal weight for this challenge is 203, so only 3.2 lbs to go in the remaining 16 days. That should be doable, but I've got a week trip out of town to contend with that will make it difficult...

Comment #23

This was my post from May 1 on the April thread....

I am in for 4.25%.

Starting weight was 196 (checked it on April Thread) so my target should be 187.5.

(my scale only weighs in 1/2 pound increments)..

Comment #24

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