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First question I have is Do you have to buy hosting and web design from 123 reg ? Thanks for any comment. Another question... A friend of mine has a 5 character (LLLLL) .com. It is a real word that can be used for many industries. He has had it since 99 (if not longer) and it expires in 09. The HostGator is not parked, right now it is redirected to his website..

He is interested in selling it. From my basic research I am guessing that it would go for $100K - $200K..

What would be the best way to sell it? Should he just go to Sedo, Moniker or similar or find a real broker to do it for him? Where would he find a real broker?.

Any help would be appreciated...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

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Just look around - LoL..

If the HostGator is truely in the vacinity of your pricing. I would recommend posting that your in need of a broker, or even asking a few of the experienced members here..

There are lots of people, including myself who would be happy to assist in the sale of this HostGator name...

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I have done my research on the HostGator name and I am pretty positive about the price range..

Where would I post that I need a broker? I have already received a few PMs from members of this forum offering their services. I am not sure who is trustworthy and good...

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Would the value of the generic HostGator name increase if it has a very good develop site. Or it does not matter if it's a developed site or not? What's your opinion guys?..

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Can anyone provide a list of brokers that I should approach?..

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Review there feedback, trader rating, ect. Thats how you determine. Or, ask a few members who they would recommend. Im sure you recieved plenty of PMs - just scan through them, asking for credentials. Many of them are probably not qualified enough to handle this sale for you..


If the site is bringing in solid revenue, then potentially. But, in this case I would say it's very HostGator / industry specific...

Comment #6

Didn't domainspade offer to help? He seems like a viable choice...

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Well, weigh your options. I do appreciate the nod Giode - but I do recommend that the seller does research and finds a broker who is right for them. Im sure there are brokers who would do it for less than I would.....

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You could take a look at this one >.


He's obviously managed to get the attention of other big HostGator owners. - - - and more are listed there for sale..


Comment #9

I would recommend the large auction venues (Moniker, Sedo, etc.) with reserve prices as a good place to start...

Comment #10

Can anyone provide a list of brokers that I should approach from Namepros or anywhere? I am finishing up my list and still have room for a few more to look at...

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