Do you know any FREE blog/iPage web host?

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First question I got is Do you know any FREE blog/iPage web host? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... Well guys I am doubled over thinking about this. shall I put all my meta stuff in the index [ie the 'holding frame',] the top frame or the main frame and all the main 'body' pages??.

Or should I wack meta stuff in all of them.??.

Whaddaya guys think?.



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Dirtystim, check out this link, it has alot of help with Meta-Tags,frames and Sengines.


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For the kewl advice and linkage!.

You know it seems like frames are starting to enjoy a bit of a renaissance. Now I know there are a group of underground design rebels that always used the sacred <iframe> tag [i count myself as one of em ;P ] but the full on frame has been poo pooed for too long methinks....

I have a good mind to leave a scathing comment in my noframes content. [but I won't.


Does anyone have any up to date stats on PPL who STILL don't have a frames capable browser?.

Long live the qwerky old frame!.


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I disagree. Put the Meta tags in the content pages. Why? Simple. Google rates every page it's searchbot indexes and one of the most important ratings it gives is "how many of the meta tag keywords appear in.


Page's content?" From this you will see that placing keyword META tags in the holding frame will be a waste. Place them in all of your pages and ensure that you only include keywords that are referenced in the page (this means you should have different keywords for each page, something else you couldn't do if you placed them in the holding frame)..

Also, what the Doc says is absolutely spot on. Do not rely on meta tags alone. You will be very disappointed. By far and away the best way of improving your rating is through a link exchange programs (although I recently read an article where an Internet magazine interviewed someone from Google who informed the mag they would soon be checking the relevance of linked sites!)...

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I disagree.

.If you place the meta tags in the holding frame then googlebot will rank your page based on the keywords and the content from all the frames.But if you place the meta tags in the content page then googlebot will rank your page based on the keywords and the content from that content page and it would not take the content from the other frames into account..

The other reason for puuting meta tags in the holding frame is that there are still search bots that cannot recognize the meta tags in framed pages...

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If you place the tag in the holding frame how do you customise your web pages for search engine optimisation? Each page of your iPage site should have it's own meta tag description and keywords. The search engines black mark against sites that just list endless streams of what appear to be unrelated content and give higher rankings to those that do include the keywords in the page being indexed..

I don't know of any mainstream search engine that does not index framed pages. Which ones still do not do this? Certainly Google does..

Here is an example of what I have discussed..

Go to.


And view their meta tag keywords. Now do a Google search for.

Bbc homepage.

Now go to and view the meta tag keywords for this page. Now do a search on Google for.

British sport.

As you can see the search engine has indexed and rated the sports and news page independently of the BBC homepage. The point here is that all the pages should have their own keywords. When the googlebot indexed the sites it was noted that all the keywords were located in each of the page's contents. This helped to place the iPage site higher in the rankings. You cannot do this with a holding frame...

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You can do all kinds of search engine optimisation even if you place your meta-tags in the holding frame.You the can include a description with keywords in the noframes tag..

Googlebot would take the keywords from the holding frame and then scan the frame pages for keywords in the content..

Me too.

I dont know which search engines do not recogonise content placed in frames.I have seen most articles about search engine say that some search engines still dont recogonise content in says the same too..

GOOGLE has not rated the sports and news pages independently...

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But the point is that by placing keywords in the holding frame you cannot optimise keywords per page (like in the examples I provided)..

If I expand a little on my example. You can see two pages from the same iPage site both with different keywords in their meta tags. Now when you search on the terms I mentioned both of those pages come at the top of results. I would wager that if the homepage had contained all the keywords, including the ones on news and sport, then the home page would have been returned by Google both times, and probably not at the top when someone searched for "british sport" (as the keyword impression on the home page for sport is none)..

Anyway, this can't be conclusively proved one way or the other so I sent an email to.

Asking them the question. Place your bets now on whether or not you think they will respond.

I'll let you know if I get a response...

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Torrent,You can do that.The search bots go through the content in the frames..

When I searched I dint get two diffent pages on top.When I searched for BBC UK I got on top and when I searched for Bristish sport again I got on top..

Impressions of the word Sport on main page 4.

I guess google respond to most e-mails sent to them.But google claim that no matter where you place your meta tags their bot will find them and rank your page irrespective of where you place your meta tags.I belive what they say is true.But it's not the same with other search engines...

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