Do you know any Medifast recipes for a good unique homemade pizza?

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My question is Do you know any Medifast recipes for a good unique homemade pizza? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. Ok I am 2 months post op I started out at 315 and I am down to 255.I would love to get to about 150 I would be very happy with that but my weight loss seems to have stalled I am so scared that I will never reach my goal.For some reason I am in this all out panic that it's not going to happen I am feeling more hungry but I am trying to ignore it and drink more water or do other things but I cant help but to feel like this is all the weight that I am going to lose am I crazy does anyone else feel like this what do I do?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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There are 2 separate issues here..

First, your current 'stalling' is VERY typical and is nothing to be worried about. Nearly everyone experience such periods during their first year. I experienced 3-4 such periods in the last year with one episode lasting over 3 weeks. The best thing to do? Hide your scale for the next 4 weeks. Then look at where you are at..

The second part of your question is not as simple. The program I'm in does not give patients a "goal weight" first because most GBS patients do not lose 100% of their excess weith and second, they feel it is counter-productive for patient to focus on goal weight. What they want patient to focus on is the 'new normal' - a balance of diet, Medifast food de-emphasis,.


, water, and behavior modifications that is sustainable over the long haul..

Check out this graph of one doctor's set of GBS patients over a 5-6 year period:.


That said, there's really no such thing as the 'average' person. How much weight you lose and how long you keep it off involves not just the things mentioned above (and how seriously you take them) but also the factors that contributed to your obesity in the first place..

For me personally, one of the largest contributing factors for my obesity was undiagnosed and untreated ADHD (as it is for a very large percentage of obese individual - current estimates range from 24% on the low end to 46% on the high end). And it was only through the diagnosis and proper treatment of my ADHD in combination with my GBS that has allowed me to lose 100% of my excess weight and achieve a normal BMI (22.5) for the first time in my life...

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Hey girl I started out at 310 I am 4 months 1 week I have lost 63 pounds. Like you my weight fell off at first, my first 50 was a cake walk. Then I keep hitting plateaus and some that last 3 weeks. Very discouraging I write about them in my journal all the time but we are losing inches I have gone down 6 sizes. I know it is very hard to stay focused when the scale doesn't move but we have to keep doing everything we are suppose to. It is coming off you just aren't aware of it right now trust me.

Oh and at 3 1/2 months out I wasn't getting in enough good calories so I bumped that up and am seeing the scales move again...

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Stay focused on water, protein and moving. When my weight plateaus I notice I'm not drinking enough water. The minute I get my water back up things start moving again. Be patient. This is normal...

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Jerry is exactly right...listen to this guy, he knows his stuff! With that being said, I actually saw my nut a couple days ago and asked her about my goal weight. I read everyone on here always saying "my doc gave me a goal weight of....." and my doc never even mentioned one to me. My nut said what Jerry did, sometimes it's counter productive. She said we will know when I get there. One persons 160 lbs could be super lean, and anothers 160 could stil be fatty. It was interesting.

I think it's natural considering the reason most of us decided to have gbs was because we failed at every Medifast diet we ever tried. Just stick to your program and you will have success..

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Yes I work so hard to.

Lose weight.

It does not move for a week at time even with lots of.


Daily at least the minimum I do 3 hours.


A day the maximum is about 6 hours when have the day at university. but as I said previously it's my clothes that give the answers to know that you are losing weight and you probably and diffidently on right road to where you want to go please don,t get discouraged as you have done so will and come so far..

Remember we are all in the same boat and supporting each other..

Please take best of luck Suzanne..

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