Do you know any Medifast recipes for a very picky person?

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First question I got is Do you know any Medifast recipes for a very picky person? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... How do you stay positive andmotivated all of the time? How do you constantly tell yourself that this was the right thing to do. How do you beat/fight head hunger? How do you not let Medifast food become your obsession or control your life?.

Today, I had a huge family get together. Tons of family=tons of food. I did very well. I only ate protein and veggies, and I removed myself when things got tough. But it made me so depressed to see my family eating and drinking all afternoon. I wanted to join in like I used to and that thought followed me for the rest of the day.

It's been extremely tough emotionally today. I'd say this is one of the first days I've been truely depressed. I'm very thankful for the support and encouragement of my family and friends (this includes you guys, too). I know this shall pass but I.


It does soon. Thanks for letting me vent..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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There is no reason to mourn for food. it is food...not a friend, not is food. so you use to love to eat it...and look where that got you....look where it got all of us...for Christs sake Mandy...I was 419 pounds.....

If anybody here knows the hardships it would be me....

How do I stay so positive and motivated????.

Because I am bound and determined not to be the fat kid any more...Nor will I be the heaviest one in my family any more....

I am only 30 more pounds from meeting that goal..not being the heaviest...ha ha ha.

I stay motivated because I am so bound and determined to make this work..this.


Was truely a gift for me, and I must take every advantage it has to offer....

Holidays and family gatherings will always be surrounded with food. But you gotta change how you view them...for me, it is a time of reflection on my family, my goals, where we have come, and where we are going...not only as an individual but as a family....

I go to enjoy their company, or snicker behind their backs...depending on who it lol.

I make sure there is always a dish provided just for me, even if I have to make sure it is cooked and there...but I simply refuse to let Medifast food control me any more....

What consumes your thoughts, controls your mind...and I am so much stronger than that...I for one, can't stand for anything or anyone to have control over me...In my book...that means I lose....

And the only thing I want to lose now is more of this excess weight..

As I am watching it melt away, I get more and more excited...It is not about what I cannot have...but what I am gaining in it's place...and that beats the HELL out of all those years as the fat girl in the family....

Change your attitude, change the world..

Food is to fuel your body... it is not to be a comfort zone...that kind of behavior is what led us down the path of distruction in the first place....

And like Joy Joy said...with every wow moment comes a little more enthusiasm and control that I have...a little more self confidence and man oh man at the grin I keep seeing on my face....

So is it worth it to me to stay enthusiastic all the time???you damn right it is....

With my pre-op weight loss and up to date...I am now down almost 140 pounds...depending on how the scale feels each morning. Yes I get on the stupid thing every morning, and many don't, but I do not obsess over it, and just use it to keep me focused on the goal at hand....

What it says is what it says and if it says up a pound today...thats okay...tomorrow is another day...and I know it will change again, like I change my socks....

Head hunger is just is in your head...trhis time last year I was in a 30/ I am wearing a 22...that still seems big for alot of you, but when you started at 419 pounds, which is alot bigger than most of you know anything tickles me to death to have dropped that much weight...I still have some of the larger clothes that I wear cause most of mine have elastic waistbands, as the stroke I suffered took away alot of my fine motor skills...shoot, I type with 2 fingers...but I do what I have to, and don't look at it like I am missing anything...that stroke, in many ways has saved my life...that is what brought me to GBS....

And the 2 fingered typing...I have done so much of it sence I stroked, that I am back up to about 50 words per minute....

I use to do 90, but hey...50 is's not like I am doing it for a salary.....

Same as the is motivation that spurs me into action, and knowing the consequences of the other......

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I wonder if you have considered seeing an addictions counselor or someone who specializes in eating disorders..

I have watched a few of your questions/posts and I get a little worried that the head stuff is going to make you nuts..

I don't know when you had.


, but I had RNY on 7/13. I have been super surprised, I'm not hungry at all and don't really feel denied anything.. and I've been in one or two family situations that were f$!k'd in terms of food..

I truly don't say this to be critical at all. I think it's really important to work on your "stuff" alongside the Medifast diet - Medifast food work...

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Mandy consider this all practice for the upcoming holidays. I remember last Tday and Xmas and watching all the fat ppl shoveling Medifast food endlessly into mouths. I just about maser.


Well this year I can't wait to see them.

All again and show them what their food.

And Medifast diet does to their waistlines..

Yup girl it won't be long until this is easy for you and you'll know exactly who you are again..

I wish you luck.


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I look at the family Medifast food gatherings as a time to rejoice in my victory over the Medifast food dance. I am not a slave to it anymore...and the family gatherings give me proof of it once again. I don't need all that Medifast food to satisfy me anymore and it is soooo cool!.

I consider the.


A wonderful gift...and I get to unwrap it again at every Medifast food event for the rest of my life!.


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Mandy: I second Elizabeth and also Brooklyn. I'm pre-op and I am currently working on getting insurance okay for on-going work with a psychotherapist. I know head hunger can be a bitch, but the real bugger is the emotional.


To food. No one can break that but you, with a change of attitude, and I.


With the support of a good therapist. Good luck to you and keep posting...

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I'm in pre-op and I think of this like waiting for a present at Christmas. I've never been able to sustain weight loss. I need a tool to help me do that (with a lot of self-sacrifice from me.) So I think of.


Like Christmas or a birthday. Yeah, it's not fun always waiting and anticipating. There are a lot of unknowns. However, the only way to deal with it is to follow your plan. Do what your surgeons tell you. Document everything. What is meant to be will happen, but if you prepare yourself either way you're going to feel better going in, and hopefully, going out...

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Thanks guys. I have talked to my drs about seeing an addictions specialist but unfortunately there isn;t one close by that specializes in Medifast food addiction...

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You don't have to have a Medifast food addictions specialist, but you should talk to someone about the power of the family, and your power of choice..

Your anger at the old life comes out as depression. Learn how to get rid of that stuff!.

My family and I went to.

Family therapy.



I do not eat with my family, nor do I eat the same things my family does. You can shift schedules and plans so that you come at the end of the meal, or join them for a dessert, with your Eggface special treat and.



It's not going to be the same, ever, unless you go back to being the's a decision.....

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For me now, I look at all the food, and then think to myself how unhealthy it really is. The tons of Medifast food that my family and friends load their plate with, and how bad they feel after they eat it. I eat my portion, feel good about my choice to live a healthy life. I am going to be here by the grace of God and my choice to be healthy for my children, their children and the family members to come. I being a 6 generation medicine womyn.... I still have work to do..

Mandy, you have made a huge sacrifice in doing this journey, you are doing what is right for you. Look upon yourself and where you need to go and remember there will be hills and valleys, and a few bumps in the road. All ways stay to the right of things..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.