Do you prefer Nutrisystem or weight watchers?

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Got a quick question: Do you prefer Nutrisystem or weight watchers? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... Not sure why I'm posting, other than to say that April very good to me. 12 lbs. Weekly: 1,4,3,4. Week 1 had a big steak dinner deviation in it.

I think after 5.5 months, I'm getting the hang of this..

I know that for me, staying on-plan plus adding 330 Protien/Fat Muscle Milk cals with every gym workout is the "sweet point" where I lose 3-4 lbs/week reliably. Everyone is different and the BodyBugg would help to find your own "sweet spot", but I found mine by constant experimentation. It's not easy since normal fluctuations can make you think you've found a key, but if you do a long enough baseline and avoid jumping to conclusions, you can find it yourself..

I'm also trying to disprove the myth that that 53 yr-olds can't add muscle and/or you can't add muscle while on a weight loss program. It's a tougher balancing act, but is do-able. I'm starting to see things growing under the remaining fat layer. That's the major reason for the Muscle Milk add-in. If you go into weight training, you've got to compensate. The base Nutrisystem program is designed around 30 min medium intensity aerobic type exercise.

I would not have believed this if I had not seen it for myself..

I was worried that the closer I got to goal, the slower the loss would become. Instead, it seems to be accelerating as my lean muscle mass increases and my comfort level with the program increases. I have less and less trouble sticking to it - I actually like it! I also am indulging in fewer deviations caused by cravings..

I'm just so tickled with this whole thing that I wanted to "share"..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Congrats Gordon on a job well done!.

I agree with you completely about finding what works for you. I did the same thing and found it without too much difficulty..

Keep up the good work and keep us posted!..

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Incredible job!!! You have found the secret to what works. Keep it up and keep posting. You will be at goal in no time flat now!.


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I'm so proud of you! Glad you started us on this last November, as my early surprise Christmas present..

Your Nancy..

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Congratulations on your weight loss!! Thanks for sharing your positive experience!..

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Hey! My sweetheart and personal cheerleading section posted! Welcome to the Men's room, Nancy. Avert your eyes so you don't see anything you'd regret later..

Nancy is my live-in example of how we all respond differently to the program. Her loss is ever so much slower, but she's a real trooper and has no problem staying on-program for the long haul. A real good example for me. We're doing Nutrisystem together, which as empty-nesters makes it much easier. No contraband in the house since she bit off the ears of the chocolate rabbits for the kids on Easter..

Bigbit- yes 217 feels pretty darn good. Have not seen this for maybe 25 years or more. My ticker does not show it, but I was at 300 lbs since 2001. Fully dressed, I look almost slender now. Naked, I know what's really going on..

I'll hit goal of 200 sometime in June and will see where to go from there..

Thanks for the comments, guys (and Gal!).

The trip may be longer or shorter for each of us, but with Nutrisystem and the support of everyone on this board, it's not only possible, but probable that we'll all get there!.


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Outstanding job Gordon.

You have definetly found what clicks for you. I look forward to seeing your continued success. You'll see sub 200's before you know it.

I hear that Muscle Milk stuff is pretty good stuff. My PT has told me about it..

He currently has me doing a protein shake I make myself everyday during my morning snack, but one of those muscle milks might do me some good right after my workouts...

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Gordy Congrats..

Great havin a supporting partner. I have the same, however she does not use the program. (she doesn't have too). But she does assist at buffets and other outtings in a "candle steine" way..

You've found your sweet spot and a new life style. ENJOY!..

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You are so right Gordon..

I'm not sure that I would have ever stayed with the program if my wife hadn't joined in with me. It really simplified things when there was nothing off plan in the house that was a temtation...

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It's NOTHING compared to yours, Wiz! 289 lbs lost? Man, that is just amazing. WTG Only 11 to goal! Wow. I'm glad this is not a competition, I'd be crushed!.

It's cool how we can all enjoy each other's successes..


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Awesome progress Gordon!! Can't wait to see some new pics of you when you hit goal!..

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Fantastic job Gordon & Nancy! Keep posting - you're an inspiration!..

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Congrats Gordon. You have done a great job..

My wife is doing the same even though she really does not need to. I know it really helps me. We used to go out to dinner almost every Friday and Saturday night and then order pizza on Sunday evening. Now most Saturdays we have our Nutrisystem burgers and Sundays we have the Nutrisystem pizza. With her help I find it much easier to hold to plan on the weekends...

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Thanks Rick. You're doing super too. We'll meet up in the Goal or Maint threads one of these days. I've got to say that having Sweet Nancy on the program with me and us being empty-nesters is a HUGE advantage. That, coupled with being able to make time for the gym is making this whole trip a joy. A good time of life.


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Hey Gordon, 67 lbs is incredible (results not typical).

Be proud. I felt great at 212 after losing 19. You'll become more trim and defined as your weight appoaches your goal..

BTW: Speaking from the same arena, 53 is the new 35. Build muscle and be strong. Just act you age backwards!..

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35? Heck no! I'm going for 25!.

Seriously, I have not seen the shape I'm in (or almost in) since I was in my twenties. It's weird how the mind works. I never realized what I did to myself until after losing these lbs and working out regularly. I now see pretty clearly how much farther I've got to go. I might even regress to my teens. Now, if my hair would just start to grow again......


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Thanks for sharing Gordon and congratulations!.

Looks that a number of peeps have a special someone "helping out" in keeping us on track. I too have my wife to thank for jumping on this ride with me..

Keep it going Gordon! Target in sight...

Comment #17

Was calling my wife the "diet *****" as she assisted me at buffets and such with her healthy objections. But that gave her too much charge, now she is my "diet assistant" since I'm in charge of my weight loss...

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