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First off, Do you recommend Medifast Diet? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

Last Week's Thread:.

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Comments (84)

I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Hi Mer! Glad your holiday was great!.

Mine was good, I really missed Jackson though. When I saw him Saturday morning, I ran out of the house in my jammies and glomped him right up and smooched all over him. It was really really cold out too. I couldn't stop myself. I was grinning for hours after he was home. It was pathetic, lol....

I had the funnest day yesterday. I met with my biology friend and we went geocaching with Jackson, then dropped him back home and went shooting at the range! So so fun. I was a decent shot too, for my first time. Well, I shot a rifle once when I was like 9, but I hardly think that counts. It was soooo loud. It is really nerve-wracking at first, but you adjust after a bit.

We got him a video game, and made burgers (his favorite). Jackson made a homemade card, and we've got a comedian on our hands....he told Mark "Happy 50,000 should be dead!!" It was pretty funny in a sick sorta way. That's my boy..

Comment #2

Morning ladies!!.

A bit busy this morning, but I'll be back laters! Hope you all had a good holiday!.

As of this morning I'm now at a.

NORMAL BMI OF 24.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I can't believe it! I went from morbidly obese (40.0) to normal in about 10 months!! Squee! I'm so excited!..

Comment #3

Morning girlies!! Happy post Thanksgiving! I'm in recovery..that's all I'm gonna say! LOL..

Comment #4

Hi Mekso proud of you!!! Congrats.

::hugs:: Merz. Miss you!..

Comment #5

Go Mek!!! Awesome sauce for you!!! low cal fat free awesome sauce, of course..

Comment #6

Mekaela, how positively thrilling! Whoot! I'm so happy for you!.

I'm proud to say I stayed OP for the whole Thanksgiving holiday weekend! I've even lost some poundage. That's probably the first time in, well, ever! Onward to staying OP for the Christmas holidays!!.

Hope everyone had a wonderful time...

Comment #7


, I love shooting targets! I've done that in the past with friends. I'm not bad either..

I'm glad Jackson is home!.

I need to look up geocaching .....

Comment #8

Thanks ladies!.

Grats to you Carolyn for staying OP all weekend! I was dying when the mac & cheese came out! I kept it to Turkey, cabbage, and green beans though..

Dawn so glad to hear Jackson is back home!!..

Comment #9

Mekaela, I had spinach casserole and caulipotatoes. The caulipotatoes really helped! I had the hardest time with the sweet potato casserole because my mom puts a praline crust on it that is super yummy, but so bad for you. It's all butter, brown sugar, flour and pecans!..

Comment #10

Morning, spicy ladies!.

From backreading the last few pages of last week's thread....


, I laughed HARD at your "flyin' outta my butt" comment!!! I thought of you when I typed "crack of dawn" and had a good giggle. way to rock the OP thanksgiving!.


, didn't get violated at the airport! I heard the national "opt out" day was pretty much a bust. actually, the two airports I flew through weren't using the "enhanced" scanners..


, way to get back on the horse! I wasn't 100% OP, but because of MF, I wasn't crazy, either, which I would have been in the past. so I ain't gon' sweat it! back on it..


, more drama on the boards?!?! geeeeeez. so glad I have you non-judgmental gals!.


, I wanna see pics of your florida winter wonderland! I have a pretty small apartment, but I decorate the you-know-what out of it. I got back late last night, so the decorating starts THIS week!!!.

Off to backread from this morning.....

Comment #11




That is so awesome. did you do thanksgiving with family? isn't your hubby from the UK?.


, that's sweeeeet about jackson. i'm glad he's back, too! his birthday card to mark sounds hilarious..

Homemade cards are the best!.


, aaawesome to you, too, for an OP turkey day! that sweet potato casserole sounds deliciously evil. STILL have not tried mashed cauli. need to get on that!.


, i'm glad your bro made it over the mountains, snow and all!.




Comment #12

Hi there; wayward pin-up checking in! About to hop back up on the wagon starting tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving; ours was great and got some nice Black Friday deals...

Comment #13

What's up, chicklettes!!! I hope everyone had a nice break! Mine was fantastic!.

I missed you all last week but I was not in the mood for a computer at all last week which is why you may have noticed my lack of design posting to my blog. Sure did feel good to just take some time off and do NOTHING!! Well, almost nothing..

Mek, soooooo proud of you, girlie!!!!!!! You better do it!!!!!.

You too, Carolyn! It's hard to stay OP during the holidays but you did it!!!.

It's nasty out here today. I sure could have used one more day off..

Comment #14

Hey Tay! I've got my tree up and we'll be decorating the outside of the house on Friday, our next day off together. I have a ton of lights so it should look pretty good this year..

Hey Melissa! Long time no see!..

Comment #15

Welcome back Melissa.

Thanks Taylor.

My weekend was so busy and I had a headache the whole time, it started on Thanksgiving. I am feeling better this morning but I decided to not drink any coffee and see if that helps, I really dont know what my problem is. Sat, my Hubby and I spent hours cutting and stacking firewood, my back and legs are soooo sore, but it was great exercise and kept me busy..

Comment #16


Congrats Mek! Thats amazing.

Carolyn- Congrats to you my dear for staying OP! Thats amazing as well!.

Good morning to all! Its xmas season. I need a dayum tree..

Comment #17

Thanks again!.

Yes Taylor, he is from the UK. We had dinner at my dad's house.

SheShe!! Glad to see ya back!.

Good luck to the ladies getting back OP this week!..

Comment #18

I dont have a single x-mas decoration up, My living room is a huge mess, so I need to work on my bedroom this week to move some of this stuff to my room.

Blah not much fun..

Comment #19

Yesterday was fun.

Me, Jose, and Alex went to lunch then we went to see Megamind in 3D. Super cute..

Comment #20

Morning She-She! It was foggy this morning so I was hoping for a cool day...sigh, it's going to be 85 today. I wore my fluffy grey sweater for nothing. You ********! (Shaking fist a la Kyle from South Park)..

Comment #21

Brrrrr it was 1 degree outside when I took my kids to the bus.

We saw Megamind on Wed, but not the 3-D version...

Comment #22

Hi all,.

I finally got my computer back at work. My laptop went in to get wiped out and reloaded. I had to reload all my application development software again. That takes me a few days because there is SO much of it. I loaded a new software today which didn't load as it was supposed to. SO I am on hold with the help desk...I plan on being on hold with them for a while.

I was not perfect over Turkey Day. I stayed away from most of the stuff but had a gluten free brownie. I am on DAY Two of being 100% OP. I went to bed last night because I had a headache that I know was from coming off the carbs..

My scale still dropped but I will count that from walking the dog every night 2 miles. He loves his walks and so do I..

I am going to postpone my order for a couple of weeks. I have more than enough food because the time that I slacked off. I just don't have the room on my CC right now for the order. I will in a couple of weeks SO it will just wait..

I took 4 bags of clothes to the thrift store. This is some stuff that I shrunk of out but also some that I didn't really like anymore. I tend to be fickle with what I like to wear to work..

Horse Update:.

Red has been an outstanding citzen up there. They have been putting him through his paces and understand why I loved him so much. It is now week 3 of his trial period...

Comment #23

Hey Ladies! Hopping on during lunch, I'll post the QODs then backread..

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.

2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.

3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.

Bonus- L&G?..

Comment #24

Hi Dawn!.

LOL on Mark's bday card..

Glad you had fun at the shooting range!.



Hey Christina!.

Yay for your tree! We are putting up ours soon, may do it tonight with LB..

Hi Amy!.

Sorry about your headache. Sometimes caffiene withdrawal can cause them..

Carolyn- congrats on losing weight over Thanksgiving weekend!.

Hey Taylor! Glad you didn't get groped at the aiport..


Hiya SheShe!.

Hey Melly Mel!.

Hi Katie!.

Glad your horsey is doing well..

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.

A lot, actually! I only need presents for 5 more people, but one of them is Jason and he is really hard to buy for..

2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.

I went to Rite-Aid, but that was it!.

3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

I sang with the choir for the first time at church last night. I have never thought I was that good of a singer (I'm a great group singer, but just don't have a good solo voice IMO), but I got complimented on it a lot after church and thanked for "sharing my gift". The minister even wrote on my FB wall about it..

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

Yes, but I have never been REALLY drunk with them..

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.

Turkey of course!.

Bonus- L&G?.

Chicken and veggies..

Comment #25

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.

None, of course..

2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.

I worked at LOFT noon to 5p. That was the extent of my Black Friday retail therapy. We went to the Kevin Hart comedy show Friday night which was HIL-AR-I-OUS!!!!!!!!!!!!.

3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

"You sure do have things in order.".

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

Once. It was a little wine and I was grown, of course..

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.

All things sweet!!!.

Bonus- L&G?.

Do I ever know?!?..

Comment #26

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.

Ive already done all my shopping for Xavier. Hes the person that the holiday is mostly for, so I made sure to take care of him. Everyone else will be taken care of in the next few weeks..

2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.

Not this year..

3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

Hubby did the dishes for me yesterday while I took a nap. Much appreciated!.

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

Yup. My family is pretty laid back about the alcohol thing so it's not a big thing to have a glass of wine or something with my parents. However, Ive never really gotten drunk with them but I got pretty inebriated one trip to Key West because, thats pretty much what you do there. LOL.

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.

Turkey. Most versatile to do things with!.

Bonus- L&G? Not sure yet.something with ground turkey meat, I think...

Comment #27

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.

Over half!.

2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.


3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

That I can sing good?.

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

Sure have.

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.

Idk! I love cranberry and stuffing the most but those are off plan!.

Bonus- L&G?.

Steak and salad me thinks..

Comment #28

That's a great compliment, Mer!!! I'm so glad you are getting involved in a ministry at your new church home...

Comment #29

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.

Very little. I need to get cracking on it since I need to ship things up north. Granted I have NO idea what to get my step-mom. Every year I torment myself on what to get her. I did pick up a few ornament kits to make things for my in-laws..

2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.

Not in the AM. I had to go to Walmart to pick up dog cookies in the evening. I worked in the AM..

3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

Um...that I have really pretty hair..

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

Just a glass of wine sometimes.

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.


Bonus- L&G?.

Left over turkey chops that I made yesterday and grilled zucchini...

Comment #30

Hey ladies.

Jackson has strep. He's out til Wednesday and I'll be missing bio tomorrow. Suck. But now I have to email the prof two papers that are due tomorrow, which, in typical "Monstah Muffin" style, I left til the last possible minute.

Oh, gosh, I just remembered! Did I tell y'all about my precal tutor??? He's hawt. Like, not my usual type, but ripped and Italian, not in a Jersey Shore-Guido kinda way, in a smoldering hominah-hominah kinda way.

He put his hand on my bare shoulder and all I can say is that it was......distracting. And then he's saying things like, "Oh, good girl Dawn!!" Really?? He's talking to me like that?? W T H???? It only adds to the schmexiness..

It was kind of funny, because Mark and I were discussing where I was going to work with the tutor and I was saying not the office cuz it was small and I didn't want some dude all up in my kool-aid, and Mark told me that I haven't met him yet and maybe I would want him all up in my kool-aid..

So yeah...math is sexy...

Comment #31

Thanks for the welcome back! I've missed Medifast so much while being off but it's really hard to get started again, I think even harder than it was starting the first time. But I've put back on a few pounds so time to suck it up and get back to it..

Comment #32

Oh hey Melissa, I didn't snub ya or anything, I'm just a spaz in general. Welcome back!!..

Comment #33

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.

Nearly all of it. I keep it simple by giving everyone a page-a-day calendar (practical, quick, and inexpensive). This year I'm blessed to have a bit more $$ to play with so there will be an additional gift - those are going to be the challenge..

2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.

YES! Walmart had a 32" flat screen HDTV for $198 and I wanted it but then my Black Friday partner bailed on me and Miguel and I were exhausted anyway so we didn't get out until after 8 am. Didn't get THE tv but got a similar tv for about $100 more which was still a great deal. After he went to work in the afternoon I went to Gamestop for his presents, Kohls, and back to Walmart..

3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

Miguel went with me to see Harry Potter even though he didn't want to see it...he ended up liking it.

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

No, touchy subject with the parents because of dad's history of alcoholism. I wouldn't out of consideration for my mom..

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.

Only thing I would eat left over would be pie - or in this case, the pumpkin gooey butter cake I made which had a striking resemblance in texture to pie....

Bonus- L&G?.

You don't want to know lol....and I actually haven't decided yet. I'm in the "last meal" mindset if you know what I mean...

Comment #34

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.

Most of it. I just do the boys, Mark, Ro, and our parents. That's it, otherwise it's just too big/too much/ too expensive. Boys are mostly done, need stocking stuffers, I need to get 2 more things for Mark, and I have no idea about the 'rents or Roland..

2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.

H e l l to the NO..

3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

Jackson was bragging to my friend that I was really smart. Nothin' better than hearing how cool/smart your kid thinks you are!.

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

Yes, but never got drunk or anything. Wait, no I lied. I have gotten a little tipsy with my mom, but never my dad..

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.

I hate the leftover turkey. 'kay, I just had to get that out. I love love love the cranberry gorgonzola tart, and raw stuffed mushrooms..

Bonus- L&G?.

Simple tilapia and maybe a salad?? Some sorta veggie...

Comment #35

I did ok OP wise in FL. I had too much pie and I am up a few pounds. I know most of it is not real weight but water weight. I will change my ticker if I am still up on Friday. I already feel less heavy today so I hope I wont have too..

I adopted Major (the stray) this afternoon!!!! He seemed so happy to see me and Meme. I cant pick him up until tomorrow at 4. I will try to take pictures to show you once I get him but my dog hates the camera so I dont know if I can get the two of them playing..

Hi Mer! Glad your holiday was good..

Dawn Jackson is such a cutie. Im glad you find math sexy now. It helps with wanting to study. Lol..

Mek Congrats on the normal BMI!!! I love your new avi too..

Carolyn WTG on staying OP! You are rocking this so hard core. It sounds like we have the same sweet potatoes. I made mine with half the normal topping to make it more diet but I still didnt eat a lot..

Melissa!!!! How have you been? Glad to see you back!.

Hi to all the other ladies!..

Comment #36

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.

A good bit of it. I wasn't as productive on Black Friday as I had hoped but I will get it done..

2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.

Yup! Old Navy at midnight, Kmart at 5 am, then Micahel's, Target, Petsmart and JC Penny's.

3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

It was on Thanksgiving but I will count it. I haven't seen my uncle in a couple of months even when I am in FL so when he came over for dinner at my mom's he asked who I was. I know he was joking and that he meant I got a lot smaller. Then he started picking on the fact I have a small b you t t..

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

Yes. I don't get drunk but I drink around my family on holiday's and such.

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.

Turkey and colby cheese sandwhich on my mom's homemade bread..

Bonus- L&G?.

Spicy Shrimp with shirataki tofu noodles, green peppers and tomatos. YUM!..

Comment #37

Hey Dawn! Sounds like you'll be wanting LOTS of extra help with your pre-cal homework...enjoy the eye candy!.

Jess - congrats on reaching your goal weight! I've been doing well, thanks! Just glad to be back before I reach my starting weight again...ugghh.....

Comment #38

Melissa - Thank you. I just got to goal a day before I left for Thanksgiving. I started transition early so I am in stage 4 already. I will probably stay in stage 4 until after the holidays. I have a lot of food left and it will keep my calories lower..

The important part is that you are back. This journey isn't easy but if you keep working at it, you will get there...

Comment #39


I can relate. I have been struggling big time the last few months between not having time to play and self sabotaging..

Part of it is total fear of being non-invisibile again and the other part is just being a brat..

The inner fat girl keeps trying to pull me back into the turtle shell and it is a fight to stay out of it. I keep running into instances that I just want to retreat back into my little lala land and ignore..

I also know that living in that shell is not healthy or condusive to where I really want to be..

So there is a internal battle going on. This battle happened doing WW also so it is nothing to do wtih the diet plan, it is all in my head...

Comment #40



! Welcome back!.


! Totally understand about not being in a computer mood..


, yay for Red! Glad he is doing so well..

ROFL@ Math is sexy..

Hi everyone!.

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.


2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.

Yes, to Peebles with my mom to look for a pair of shoes that were on sale, but they were out. The whole venture took less than 5 minutes..

3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

Umm. My family was very supportive of me staying OP and my mom had bought all the foods I needed to make my L & Gs..

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

Yes, but not in a lets get drunk together kind of way..

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.

I gotta say the caulipotatoes tasted even better day two!.

Bonus- L&G?.

Spinach and cheese..

Comment #41


, I can so identify with your inner struggles. The last time I lost a lot of weight, I started dating again and it messed with my head. I started putting weight back on almost immediately and retreated back into my shell...

Comment #42

Is it the weekend yet? Isn't that horrible to think since we just got off a long weekend?..

Comment #43

No. sigh. and NO! I hope not because i'm thinking the same..

Thank goodness the next holiday is right around the corner!..

Comment #44



! good to have you back! hope you have a great first day back OP tomorrow..





, vegas was fun fun fun. I thought about you!..

Comment #45

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.

None! I buy almost all my gifts from local artists (or I bake) and the big fairs don't really start until december. although I am getting ryan a track suit to run in (blue with yellow stripes if I can find it), a la "the royal tenenbaums." it's all he can talk about..

2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.

Nope! never have..

3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

This is such an offhanded compliment, but... my grandma was with us in vegas, and she has harped on me about my weight my ENTIRE life. her idea of a compliment when I was growing up was, "your face doesn't look as chubby today," or, "are you losing weight? you're starting to have an actual ankle," or, my personal favorite, "your boobs actually look like boobs instead of just another roll!" yeah, not kidding. so this weekend, she said, "you're getting TOO skinny. your collarbones are all jutted out." I politely reminded her that this was normal, and that it's not becoming of a lady to carry fat on her collarbones..

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

I have, once I was of age!.

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.

Stuffing! I swear it tastes better with each passing day. to a point, of course. oh, and pumpkin pie. DUH..

Bonus- L&G?.

Beef fajitas and spinach salad!..

Comment #46

Hey Tay, did you and I have the same gramma?? Mine liked to tell me how fat my legs were even before I gained weight. And she was very obese and on crutches for her bad hips. So yeah, she was a nightmare. It was like the geriatric version of Mean Girls...

Comment #47

Taylor and Dawn, I have a grandmother who was like that to me when I was growing up. I honestly wasn't fat. I was VERY developed at an early age and she always criticized me for being fat. My mother had to start talking to me a lot earlier about s e x because I looked a lot older than I was (like 8 y/o looking like I was 12, 12 looking 18). So I totally understand what you two are talking about. I remember the last time my grandmother ever said anything to me about my weight.

My g'mother just couldn't compliment me on the weight I had lost so she started in on me and my mother WENT COMPLETELY OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was UGLY!!!! So now no matter how small I ever get I still hear my g'mother's words and I can't see past the imperfections I have and I have tried to let it go for years but I still see what she always said I looked like...

Comment #48

Hey Katie, not sure what it is behind my slip-up but I do know that I cannot take anymore breaks because that's how I ended up being off plan for so long. I think it's great that you are in tune with yourself and your emotions, that's really going to help your success long-term!..

Comment #49

Can anyone recommend a good pedometer that measures distance as well and has a timer? I want to try the C25K after I get back in the swing of things....

Comment #50

Taylor, you are on your last 20!!! Go girl!!! I'll do this with you!!!!..

Comment #51




, it stinks that you can both relate, but i'm glad you know what i'm talking about. I never quite knew how to respond when I was a kid, other than to just look at my mom like... what do I say to that? mom would always defend me, and she still does, but i'm much better at standing up for myself now..

My grandma ragged on my mom, too, her entire life, and because of that, my mom has never said ANYthing to me about my weight (other than to compliment me)..

I think I may have told y'all this, but my mom's the one who got me to start MF. she's been on it since february and has lost almost 80 el-bees!..

Comment #52

Hi Ladies - Crazy day a t work, so I just now had a chance to hop on here and WOW!!! Y'all been busy today!.

Dawn - Sexy Math! Rock on! I need someone to make economics sexy... Any suggestions?.

Mek - You're "normal" How Incredible!.

Carolyn - You go girl! An OP holiday. I had the best of intentions, but BT1 came over and we mae a Thanksgiving chicken and all the sides. I was much better behaved then I normally would have been, but not OP. I'm shooting for that for Christmas..

Jess - Yeah, for Major getting a loving home. I'm thinking about getting a dog just so I have a reason to walk every day..

Katie - I know that "invisable" feeling and there is comfort in that at times. ::sigh::.

On to the questions-.

1. How much (if any) of your Xmas shopping do you have done?.

Most of it. Just a few little things to get still..

2. Did you go out on Black Friday?.

I did not leave the house on Black Friday or the following day either. I make it a point to NOT spend ont he days we are suppose to. Yeah, I'm a rebel. :-P.

3. Tell us something nice someone said to you or did for you this weekend..

BT2 and BT3 both said something along the lines of "You are the most amazing at THAT" Meeeeow!.

4. Have you ever drank alcohol with your parents?.

I have had a beer with my dad at dinner on two occasions. I am not much of a drinker and he is too much of a drinker, so I tend not to drink at all..

5. Of all of the yummy Thanksgiving food, which one makes for the best leftovers?.

Turkey carcas. I make the best turkey vegetable soup. Mmmmm.

Bonus- L&G?.

Steak and grilled zuchinni tonight..

Oh, and even with being off plan on Thanksgiving I still lost 2.2#. I'll take that!~..

Comment #53

Angela-I boiled up my turkey stock Saturday. It's in a big pot in the fridge downstairs. I gotta get the man to haul it up so I can skim off the congealed fat and put it in jars for the freezer! Yumminess. As for making economics sexy, maybe another BT is in the works?? lol You know, you could get rewarded for good marks..

Comment #54

Angela - Dogs do help a lot with weight loss. I think Meme (my first dog) is about half the reason I lost my first 50 lbs. We walked 2 miles or so everyday. When she started to calm down, I walked less and lost less. With Major I am going to have to start daily walks again...

Comment #55

It is true. BT4 came over to reward me when I finished my Stats exam. I should see how his paper is coming along. He may need a reward. ;-)..

Comment #56

Yes, Taylor, you're right. It sure does stink but I think we can come out as stronger women in the long run. G'mother was the same to my mother too. I'm so thankful for my mother. She has always done nothing but build me up to reach my potential and by watching her all my years growing up sure did make me a strong woman. Maybe too strong...ask Hubby.

I'm still learning how to compromise in that situation. LOL!.

Dawn, love all around!!!.

And all these rewards floating around.....

Gotta love it!..

Comment #57

Hey Ladies....

Walking the dog is exercise of choice right now due to motivation. It is a first step in exercise. I want to do more but just getting the drive to hit the gym..

I am on day #2 of being completely OP...

Comment #58

I lost almost half of what I gained while in FL yesterday. I knew most of it was water weight. I am hoping I can drop close to half of what I have left today. I will be back in my maintenance range then. The last 1/4 will be a bit more difficult to get off..

I get my new baby today! I am so excited!!!! I think my dog enjoyed having one day alone with me to just sleep. She always comes back from the vet tired..

Katie - Good for you. Depending on how well your dog walks on a leash, you could be getting a full body work out. lol. I never have the drive to go to the gym. It is why I am lazy and work out at home. Good luck!..

Comment #59

MOrning Spicy PinUps!! I've missed you all. Got back from Disney last night...had a blast..happy to be home too but also have tons to do! I back read a little from this week's thread, can't catch up on last weeks..

How was Turkey day?..

Comment #60

Good morning all. It turns out I gained back about half of what I lost. Not happy about it, but nothing to be done now except to lose it all over again. Today is day one!..

Comment #61

You can do it,.






, you go with your last 20 pounds. I may be there in, oh, a year..

I am so sorry for those of you who had critical grandmothers..

My paternal grandmother was mostly very accepting, although I do remember one comment and look I got when I went to get seconds from the food table at a bridal shower. She was kinda mad at me at the time for other reasons, though, and I think it was based more in that than my weight..

My maternal grandmother was very thin and actually thought heavier people were more attractive and she would say things like, "You have such nice, fat thighs" and would totally mean it as a compliment! ROFL!.



! My Thanksgiving was great! Hope yours was as well..

Good morning everyone else! Today was my official weigh-in and I lost 3.5 pounds. Whoot!..

Comment #62

Good morning loverlies!.

Hey Heather! I was just scoping a Disney African Safari this morning. *drool* It is really really expensive. The minimum age is 6 for the kiddos, but they recommend 8. I figure if we start saving now, we can go when Ivan is 8, LOL!!! I thought of you when I saw it was a Disney thang..

Carolyn-That's so cool about your skinny gramma.

Jackson's fever broke this morning. They both got me up at 4am, then laid on the couch and passed out. Jerks. I'm glad J is feeling better though. He actually ate a little today. I have finished my bio paper and sent it in, but I have to finish up the final version of my lab report.

I put my turkey stock in jars for the freezer. There's a butt-load of it...hehe...a turkey butt-load! I also promised Ivan I'd take him to the libes today. He was pretending to go to the libes yesterday. He had a little bag and kept asking us where the libes was. It was so cute.

Then he got really upset and started crying that he wanted to go to the real library.

So I asked him if I took him after school today, would he stop crying?? Then he smiled real big and got all happy. So, yeah, it's gonna be very ....interesting! He's a terror in the libes!!! I'm gonna try to make it quick...

Comment #63

My maternal grandmother who I loved SO much was very accepting of me and how I looked. She loved me no matter what or what I looked like. She wasn't critical of my weight. My mother was very critical of my weight growing up. Now that I am older and don't let it bother me she doesn't say anything..

She also struggles with her weight..

My father struggles and he was just plain cruel. He told me so many times that no man would marry me because I was so big. This is coming from a man that is pushing 350 lbs. He hasn't said anything recently because I did just start ignoring him and didn't talk to him for 3 years because I got tired of it. He did say the last time that I saw him that he can tell that I have lost quite a bit of weight since he saw me last and to keep it up..

The cruelest of them all was my paternal grandmother. I didn't talk to her for the longest time and just recently in the last year have started to reconnect with my father's side of the family..

My aunt is going to come down in a few weeks for a visit...

Comment #64

Morning girlies! OUr air conditioner keeps breaking in our office which is horrible on it's own but now it's leaking water into the ceiling panels at night. So now theres like crap growing in the ceiling....I'm pretty sure it's the black plague. I'm all stuffy, I have a headache and can't stop sneezing. Best job ever!!!.

On another note, I'm starting day 2 of OP-ness as well! Yay for you and me Katie!.

Welcome back Heather! Wish I was in Disney! Can't wait to see pics..

Morning Amy, Jess and Dawnie!..

Comment #65

Congratz to everyone who is back OP! It's a hard time of the year, to be sure, but we can do it!..

Comment #66

I've had a cold for over a week and for a brief while last week thought I had kicked it to the curb, but it worsened. I'm going to the doctor today to see if it is a sinus infection...

Comment #67

Our building is like that. It is a OLD building that constantly leaks. I am in the newer section which isn't that bad but there are other parts that there is still abestis in the ceiling..

My house on the other hand has been leaking from the bathtub. I need to get a plumber out to give me an estimate to fix it. I want to redo the bathroom but need to find out how much first. I do consulting work on the side for computers so I might need to pick up a few jobs to pay for it. I do not like working extra but need to get this fixed..

Tonight it is going to be rainy and windy. I may or may not walk the dog. HE hates the rain and will be pulling to go home. I might go do the treadmill after work for 45 minutes. I aim for the 45 minutes of exercise since that is what Medifast says for now. I will do more once I hit transistion..

I am tied to my desk today..hahaha..

Comment #68

Last night I went to a friends Pampered chef party it was alot of fun, she made a taco salad that was sooooo yummy, not completely OP but hey it was a Salad not 2 lbs of sugar, it had ground beef, some beans, corn, tomatoes, a little bit of peppers and romaine lettuce, yumm yumm then she had sour cream, guacamole & Salsa on the side.

We got a couple more inches of snow last night.


Comment #69

Good morning, ladies!.

Welcome back, Heather..

Dawn, glad you lil one is feeling better. And you go girl! Got that paper done!!!.

Carolyn, sounds like you had wonderful g'mothers.

My paternal g'mother has always been accepting and always tells me I'm stacked!.

It's my maternal g'mother who has always been so critical until recent years..

Melissa, you can so do this!!!!.

I feel MF'n FANTASTIC today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #70



, hope you can get that tub fixed soon..


, I'm really lucky with my whole family. Seriously. I wish everyone could have a family like mine..



Now I am craving a taco salad! Maybe that can be my L & G...

Comment #71

It was really good carolyn, I need to ask her for the recipe. but basically she just threw all the meat, beans into a pot and then put it on the lettuce and cut up a tomato..

Comment #72

Good morning glorious gingersnaps!.

Sounds like we all had some critical family in our lives! good things we overcame, or are overcomin'..

Welcome back,.




, way to go on day one! get it!.


, yaaaaay for getting the baby back today! and I don't think I said it yesterday, but super awesome about making it official with major!!!.




, y'all need to pull an erin brockovich on your buildings! that sounds awful. hang in there!.


, MORE snow? no no no. and winter hasn't even officially begun!.






Comment #73


! didn't mean to leave you outta the shout-outs..

Two thumbs up on another 3.5 down! wooooooo!..

Comment #74

Okay, QoDs are mine, but they may not be very inspired..

(I cheated and googled ideas, lol).


1. Were you named after anyone?.

2. What cartoon character best describes you?.

3. What is the best concert you have ever attended?.

4. You have to go live in another country for a year. Where do you pick to live?.

5. L & G..

Comment #75

You guys are the best! Thanks so much for all the support..

Comment #76

Hi Heather! Glad to have you back..

Melissa Remember that a lot of that is water weight that you will lost in the first week. You can do this!.

Carolyn LOL @ Nice fat thighs. WTG on the -3.5 lb loss! You rock!.

Hi Amy boo on more snow. My 10 day forcast said we would get snow by the 8th yesterday but today it says just rain..

Dawn Glad Jackson is feeling better..

Katie Wow that is harsh. My grandfather always asked about our weight but he just wanted us to be healthy. My mom is on WW with the rest of my sisters but she was never negative about it. She has been on every diet known to man (including Medifast when I was 3 or 4)..

X-tina ICK! I hope it isnt black plaguey. Yay on 2 days OP..

Hi She.

Tay I may not get to bring my baby home today after all. The dog down the cell block came down with Parvo so they sent out a blood sample to get him checked. The lady also said that depending on the time the results come back he may not get into surgery today. She thought he needed to get fixed but he already is. She said she would call me back but I havent heard from her yet...

Comment #77


1. Were you named after anyone?.

I believe my middle name, Leigh, was the name of one of my mom's college friends..

2. What cartoon character best describes you?.

I don't know. I don't watch a lot of cartoon's. Dexter from Dexter's laboratory?.

3. What is the best concert you have ever attended?.

All of the Authority Zero concerts rocked. They had so much energy in each of their concerts. I lost a necklace in a giant mosh pit at one and met my Aussie at another..

4. You have to go live in another country for a year. Where do you pick to live?.

Either Ireland or Australia.

5. L & G.

I think I am having a hamburger without the bun, steak fries and a salad..

Comment #78


So I didnt stay on the site here yesterday cuz a virus got to one of my coworkers computer and the IT guys said that that is SUPER unusual and lots of diet sites or whatever cause it so I got scared. SO ill be scarce around here for a while.

If they ask what I was doing on here, ill say logging my food for my health!.

Tay, I hope you had fun in Vegas, I was just looking at some flights over there, I already need a vacay.


This is mine..

Im going to save my money, and while I do that I will lose atleast 36 lbs, there for by tax time I can put enough down for some breasticles and a tummy tuck..

The end...

Comment #79


1. Were you named after anyone?.

Not a person, but the song "Sweet Melissa" by the Allman Brothers Band..

2. What cartoon character best describes you?.

Garfield - lazy and generally misunderstood..

3. What is the best concert you have ever attended?.

I've loved getting to see Optimo (bachata group) twice in concert and dancing to their music live..

4. You have to go live in another country for a year. Where do you pick to live?.

Guatemala, to get to know Miguel's family and where he came from..

5. L & G.

Salad from the cafeteria - I'm not at all prepared at home for L&G's.....

Comment #80


1. Were you named after anyone?.

Nope, My mother was going to name me Brandy but the nurse told her no since my bros name is Brandon, it would be confusing, so Princess it was.

2. What cartoon character best describes you?.

LOL I dont know...any crazy one. But I cant think of her name but Amy Poehler does her voice..

3. What is the best concert you have ever attended?.

Never have.


4. You have to go live in another country for a year. Where do you pick to live?.


5. L & G.

Food. Maybe left over steak. food hasn't been sounding good...

Comment #81

Thanks for all the Welcome Backs Girlios!!!.


..welcome back to you too!! You will lose a lot of that in water weight this week, I'm sure. I love that Allman Bros. song!!.

Carolyn. proud of you for staying OP and losing. Woohoo!!.


..that does sound unhealthy. Oh em gee the weather was amazing in Florida! I haven't uploaded my pix yet (I know..can ya believe it?) but I will soon..


Are you talking about the Adventures By Disney safari (not the ride in Animal Kingdom)? All of those trips look amazing and that is one I'd love to do. Sorry Jackson was sick but I'm glad his fever broke..


...tee hee!.

Ok..gotta run.. did a food store run, worked at the libes, did my 6th load of wash and now we are going to cut down the tree at the tree farm. Cabernet Potroast is in the crock pot. Smells good already! BBL..

Comment #82


1. Were you named after anyone?.

My middle name I was named after my grandmother. My first name, my mom just liked it..

2. What cartoon character best describes you?.

Cathy - Little nutty..

3. What is the best concert you have ever attended?.

Poison. IT was awesome!.

4. You have to go live in another country for a year. Where do you pick to live?.

I would pick a tropical Island since I love the way they live down there. Probably Dominica where I could hike, bike, and scuba dive while I am not working..

5. L & G.

I didn't have the turkey chops last night. I ended up getting a salad from Lone Star since I worked late. SO..chicken and grilled veggies. The turkey chops will be icky...

Comment #83

1. Were you named after anyone?.

Im named after my great grandmother, Christine, on my dads side, at my grandpas suggestion to my mom. She ended up changing it to Christina Marie, because that was cool back in 1982..

2. What cartoon character best describes you?.

Hmmmmthis is tough because I love cartoons. I would probably be Thelma from Scooby Doo without the lesbian vibe. If I could pick ANYONE to be, I would want to be April from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. News reporter by day, fighting crime with mutant animals by night. Thats the life!.

3. What is the best concert you have ever attended?.

I hate concerts. I have issues with that many uncontrolled people in one area. Im weird, yes I know. However, I took my sister to Warpped Tour a few years back and the best performance was by The Offspring. They ROCK live which I think is awesome because a lot of artists suck live..

4. You have to go live in another country for a year. Where do you pick to live?.


5. L & G Spaghetti squash and maybe some leftover Tur-kay..

Comment #84

1. Were you named after anyone?.

Ugh! Yes, after some country @ $ $ chic who grew up down the street from my father. I do NOT like the name Sheila at all. I should have gone by Nichole all my life. My mother and stepfather calle me Nichole though..

2. What cartoon character best describes you?.

Huey from the Boondocks. Hubby says I get in my militant moods at times which is Huey all the way. LOL!.

3. What is the best concert you have ever attended?.

Super Summerfest of '88 in Little Rock when I was 14. Doug E Fresh, Ice-T, Erik B and Rakim, JJ Fad, Kool Moe Dee...and the list goes on and on. WHOOOOOOOO WEEE!!!!! WHAT. A. CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I had to have danced off about 10 pounds that night!!!!.

4. You have to go live in another country for a year. Where do you pick to live?.


5. L & G.

Maybe a nice salad. I have a green smoothie on deck for this afternoon though...

Comment #85

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.