Do you think Santa Clause should be put on Nutrisystem?

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First question I got is Do you think Santa Clause should be put on Nutrisystem? Hoping for any comment. Another question on my mind: Back by popular demand, and just a few days late the April 2009 Challenge..

Taking it in a notch - that is, the belt. Paparazzi suggested a push goal of 4% this time, and everybody jumped on board in the last thread. So I've built a new page like the old one, and added the people who said they were in already..

Now it's your turn. Tell us your April 1 weight (or thereabouts) and the spreadsheet will tell you 4% of your weight. That's your goal. One person (nudoug) has already thought that 4% is too much, so he posted a personal goal on the sidebar. You can do that, too..

The new spreadsheet is.

Right here.

Come on and let's lose a few pounds together. Last month we dropped 137.1 pounds, and almost everyone made goal and more. Let's see what we can do together...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Jack, as it turns out, 4% of your starting weight puts you at 179.5 pounds..

John, I added you to both tables, and made your 12 pound goal the sidebar. Keep up the good work!..

Comment #2

Add me in too please, starting April 1st weight was 294..


Comment #3


Thanks for doing this again. The Easter Day feast will add a new wrinkle to the challenge for many of us. I personally expect to go off, way off plan, but will be back on the horse the next day ridin' hard..

Good luck to everyone!!.

Bbj soon to be just bj (Bad John) and eventually just J...

Comment #4

Welcome back to reducing mode John and congrats for all the success on maintenance!..

Comment #5

I'm totally stoked to be with you all and kick butt this month..

No retreat, no surrender. If you fall off, get right back on the wagon, kick some ass, and keep going..

OMW to 9.32.....

Comment #6

I'm in. My starting weight on April 1st was 311..

I actually started Nutrisystem a couple of days before that!.

Hopefully I'll need a smaller belt after the month is over. I'm almost at the last notch as it is!..

Comment #7

I'm in. I back slid a bunch in March. 4% of 203# for me is just over 8 pounds, which would put me close to back on track..

I went back 100% on 4/1, and starting my Monday morning weigh-ins tomorrow..

Good challenge, thanks!.


Comment #8

Im in!.

April 1 was 282.5.

Today down to 280.0.

282.5 x 4% = 11.5 pounds apprx.

Goal is 271..

Comment #9

Count me in, too. I don't know how these challenges work, however..

I weighed 203 on April 1st.

203 X .04 = 8.12 so goal weight is 195 (right?)..

Comment #10

Count me in as well..

April 1 = 207.4.



Comment #11

April Challenge Start = 201.4.

I've got to stay focused. Bolo, thanks for making it interesting...

Comment #12

My ticker does not seem to update. Would anyone know why?..

Comment #13

I'd like to hop in on this too if I'm not too late..

My starting weight on April 1st was 224. I'm already down to 220.2 so I don't know if that's cheating or not?.

If 224 is my starting weight then I need to drop roughly 10 pounds...if 220 is my starting weight then I need to lose 9...Either way...I'm in!..

Comment #14

OK, everybody's in. Hope the weight is coming off. See you back here next Wednesday for mid-month weigh-ins!..

Comment #15


Back in onederland. Feels nice to be here again. Was 198.0 before Easter but that was then, this is now........

Comment #16


Don't forget...weigh in is Friday morning!.

I'm taking it up a notch this week. Just completed a 10K on Saturday morning and followed by 2 days of hard workouts. Pretty sure I have 224 nailed, but need to focus on nabbing 223!!!..

Comment #17

I almost forgot! I was at my challenge goal on Friday and then my wife took me to the Melting Pot on Friday night to celebrate my birthday and finding out that we're having a boy and I gained a couple...looks like I need to kick it in gear!..

Comment #18

Goal! I hit the 12 pound mark this morning...

Comment #19

Today is my official weigh-in day so 197.0 is my month-end result..

I doubt it will change over the next day or two. This is good progress for me since my weight continues to go down and since I did have an uptick last month...

Comment #20

Congratulaions to everyone in here!!.

You have all done great, way to stay focused..

Comment #21

I hit 223.5 this morning, but I'm going to do a verify weigh in tomorrow...

Comment #22

I don't know if I will make my's gonna be close. Had a couple slip-ups. Stupid golf outing...

Comment #23


...met my stretch objective and then some. We doing this for next month?..

Comment #24

Well...I weighed this morning at 212.2..

If I use my April 1st weight of 224.0 then I made it..

If I use the weight when I posted the first time of 220.2, then I didn't make it..

Either way...from 224.0 on April 1st to 212.2 on April 30th...I'm happy!..

Comment #25

"I'm in. My starting weight on April 1st was 311.".

My EOM weigh in - 297..


Comment #26

April 1 Weight: 232.

4% Loss was the Goal.

April 30 Weight: 223.

GOAL! Bank it.....

Comment #27

Weigh in for me this morning was 263... I made the goal, I was hoping for a little more but I am very happy with what I did lose..

What ever the May challenge is I am in for that as well...

Comment #28

Penalty box for me!!.

241.6 weigh in Not even close to goal.

That 11 days off around Easter was a huge mistake. These last 30+ pounds are going to be a killer. Just gotta remember, slow and steady wins the race..

Thanks for keeping this going Bolo-you are the man!!..

Comment #29

You've lost over 100 pounds in about 7 months. That's nothing to sneeze at...

Comment #30

I weighed in this morning at 282 lbs, which puts me at goal for this. Looking forward to the May one now!.


Comment #31

I will weigh in tomorrow morning....didn't get up early enough today for work to get the Wii fired up..

Besides...April ain't over yet...

Comment #32

You've lost over 100 pounds in about 7 months. That's nothing to sneeze at..



Thanks. Yes, I got a lot off fast but it was because I had so much to lose. To date, it has not been hard as I have been seeing good positive results on the scale, although I know that is not where we should just concentrate. I just want to get the last few off and it is just going so danged slow now, that I am afraid that I may "settle" for where I am, even though I need to keep going. I need to change something up to get moving again. Thanks for the inspiration!!..

Comment #33

You're welcome..

It took me 15 months to lose the 75 pounds that I lost. I did have a few vacations along the way though. For me, unlike the way I normally live my life, it wasn't about how much time the journey took, it was about getting to the destination and gaining the knowledge to stay there...

Comment #34

Allow me to butt in....I would guess your portions are creeping up or you are cheating regularly some other way. If you follow the program you are going to drop at least a pound to two a week on average. If you are not, then well....go introspective and figure it out...

Comment #35


Thanks for the reinforcement! I am hitting the 1-2 lb per week numbers, I have just been used to higher ones to date. I lost 4 weeks while vacationing this Spring, 2 off plan and then 2 more getting back to where I was prior to going away. I know that I should be happy with my progress-and I am thrilled. I just like to go fast, whether it is in cars, motorcycles, boats or weight loss. Just my nature..

Again, I am pleased with where I am and where I am going. I just want to be there NOW!!!.

Good luck and continued success on your journey!!.


Comment #36

I keep trying to find the stretch goal. 3.2% seemed to be way too easy, and 4% looks good as well. How about 4.25% for May?..

Comment #37

I'm in for 4.25% for May. I'm looking forward to getting in on the challenge!..

Comment #38

4.25% would mean another 12 pounds.... I will sure as hell try, and I would love to see a number like that, so bring it on!..

Comment #39

I'd love to hit 4.25%...although I haven't dropped an ounce this entire week...but I'll give it a try!..

Comment #40

Sorry I am late Bolo. I was out of town yesterday. I am 248!..

Comment #41

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