Does 123 reg let you have more than one page?

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First question I got is Does 123 reg let you have more than one page? Hoping for any answer. Another quick question... I have a question, didn't want to do a poll cause.

I'd like to see the reasons behind your answers..

When your registering a HostGator name,.

Which one would you choose and why....

If these are the only 2 choices you had..

Really high ovt, but.

Very low google.

Really low ovt, but.

Very high google.

And don't say "neither", that's not on the list!..

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Yup, however you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the 123 reg guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

High OVT is always preferable.. you want LOW Google because it means you have.

Less competition.

For the number 1 rank for that term....

Comment #2

Yeah, if you have a HostGator with high OVT and the Google results in terms of competing pages...not general references which is what you get when doing a general in quotes "" search then you have a gem on your hands.

To develop that is..

Comment #3

Ditto to Dave and Damion's remarks ^.

People put too much faith in Google results for some reason ... IMO. It's nice if the word happens to be a made up word -or- a Typo to see a lot of google results , Otherwise it's just more competition...

Comment #4

Hint Hint.

So would a made up word with say, just under 100 ovt.

But no Google, be a good bet?..

Comment #5

100 OVT is really low IMO.. but ok if you plan to develop...

Comment #6

Yep. 100 ovt is really low. When you mentioned really high, I thought you were considering10,000+..

I wouldn't get out of bed for a made-up word with 100 ovt score. Unless it was an amazing name of course..

Comment #7

Really high ovt, but very low google, in that way you have less competition when you develop that name..

Comment #8

I would also check out.

To see what numbers turn up..

If the competition is low when you checked intitle:"keyword(s)" and inanchor:"keyword(s)" thus you see a low amount of results you have a good chance doing well catching the traffic estimated by OVT and KD..

Depending how strong the pages are you are competing against..

Sometimes you have pages with a low amount of backlinks and poor on-page.


Optimization and sometimes it appears you may have landed in a competitive niche..

Shoot me a PM anytime Wendy when you find something you may be interested in to pursuit and I'll ad my 2 cents for you..

Comment #9

High ovt and low google = high demand and low supply..

Comment #10

My original post was for a larger amount, I was just curious.

About the 100 ovt with no google on a made up word..

I guess in that case it would need to be really brandable.

And catchy.....

Thanks for the replies.

And Thanks for your offer Ed, you know you'll be getting.

A PM..

Comment #11

Good advice given so far, but just to be the devils advocate, here are a couple cautions..

Overture can be a moving target. What's high in search one month might not be the next, depending on an event or news story that peaked the word. Use some common sense in looking at OVT figures. Also, just because someone searched a word doesn't mean it will result in a paid click or paying customer..

Google is pretty cumulative and while low numbers means less competition, it may also mean low interest in the subject. However it could be on the cutting edge and not a lot written about yet. A good google word and a HostGator with those keywords may help you get higher among those large numbers, making the HostGator marketable to many more potential end users...

Comment #12

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