Does 123 have an advanced script editor so I can program my own HTML?

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My question is Does 123 have an advanced script editor so I can program my own HTML? Looking forward for any response. My other question... Hi !.

I wanted your opinions, I have got about 10 domains in which I would like to earn some money from it !.

Until now, I have seen 2 methods which are:-.

1) PARKING- I park my HostGator and get money...But is it worth it ? Do people get more in parking compared to Google adverts ? Also I heard sometimes Parked websites are not coming in Google search.....

2) Ad-Sense (google)- I put google adverts, in my site....Also in this, do you think it's worth more than parking ?

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Of course! but... you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you call the 123 reg guys because they can answer you better...

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Try building a useful site that people will find interesting and come back to and then throw some ads up once you get some steady traffic. If you don't have the skills to do that then park them...

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From my own personal experience parking is a veerrryy slow way of making money. It all depends on your names of course, mine seem to be unloved. How much money are you making now ? That will determine whether it's worth changing..

Adsense on a site or blog is still slow but not as slow as parking. So my advice is take one of your names and make a blog. Make the blog interesting about something you can write interesting stuff about and that people will want to come back to. If it works with one blog then you might make a second blog and so on..

I would say that with blogs you have more control over what happens, with names you have to have good names...

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If you build a useful resource and use something such as adwords to monetize it you gain the potential for repeat visitors and the potential for increased revenue..

If you have a parked page then as soon as someone realises nothing of interest is on the site they will not be back..

Domains with proper content can attract more visitors as well as you will naturally grow in the search engines...

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It's been discussed many times, do search and you will get more information...

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So,do you think I shld start with registering in WORDPRESS Blog ?? and putting AD-WORDS adverts in there ??.

I want to start with this HostGator name "".

What do you think ?

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With a name like then you could do very well with that if developed and marketed properly. If you have a lot of expertise in financial loans then a blog is a good way to start and later the blog could become just part of your website. If it was me I would develop it into a loan center 123 reg website that would have blogs, rss feeds, affiliate links etc etc......

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Wordpress seems to be the better option - provided you go for the paid hosting option not the free hosting - to see which bloggers use wordpress and which use blogger have a look at my post here -.


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Parking pays only if you have very good (and expensive) names, with Adsense for a developed site you get a much better CTR for the same amount of traffic..

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Well as always, many things depend on traffic! No traffic, it really doesn't matter what you do..

That being said, if the HostGator is getting traffic, there are basically 4 things you can do with it..

1.) Parking, several services and some do better then others. If you know exactly what your traffic is looking for Bodis is 100% the way to go because you can set links and add text to what You Want!.

2.) Affiliates. You can get much better payouts using affiliates then parking or google ads. You will need to create some kind of site to make this work best. I use and also use several other single services relating to the site..

3.) Google/Yahoo ads Which I do not think are the best. It's super clear to people these are ads, which I feel turns people away..

4.) Develop. Make a useful site that people come back to or that helps them. Then put in affiliate links, adwords, sell ads etc...

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Thanks all for your greatly replies ! ....

So, YOFIE.... I should start out with wordpress, post some interesting articles regarding Loans etc....

Second, I use AFFILIATES...Can you please explain what are affiliates and where can I get them ?? How do they pay ??.


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This is indeed an interesting thread, I`m also trying to develop my names and would be really useful to hear which is the best way to generate stable revenue with them...

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Affiliates are basically site owners who will pay you a percentage of a sale that you generate to there site. The best affiliate program I have used is.

! They have just a ton of advertisers to choose from and the largest companies. CJ acts as the middle man. If you own a site and want to advertise, you provide to CJ banner ads, text links etc. Then a site owner who wants to display ads on there site, would use CJ to select the ads. CJ tracks all stats and makes payments..

There are tons of other affliates as well, that just have there own programs.. is one.


But just about any site that offers a service or product, most likely has an affiliate program. They normally have a link on the bottom of the site that says Webmasters, or Affiliate Program etc..

You can check out.

And see how I use many affiliates on it...

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So YOFIE....If I click on Ebay or 123 reg adverts in your site....You get commission ? So it's same like Google Ad-sense ? .

Correct me if am wrong.......

How much does pay ?

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Yes, but there is a lot more you must not of seen..... lol When you click on a certain domain, there is an appraisal link for Moniker, Buy this HostGator on eBay etc which are also affiliates..

As for how much they pay, it all depends, each advertiser is different. I had one sale last week for 123 reg that I made about $75 for the one sale. Let's see a parking company or adsense do that..

One more thing, with affiliates, you do not get paid just for clicks, you only get paid when you generate a Sale or provide a Lead for some...

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Ohh...Ok !.

But, that takes ages someone will buy something, isnt ??.

By the way, what do you mean by LEAD ? .

SOrry....Am quite a newbie in these...LOL !.

Also, If I have a VISA Debit Card....And I generate revenue from Ad-Sense, if they credit my Bank account direct ? Or ... ? .

How do they usually send you the money ? .

Do you need a Debit card for that ?

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Adsense pays direct into your bank account or they can send check if you prefer...

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Well, parking is less work, but you have much less control over the look of your webpage. While parking companies are improving, you still can't fully customize your parking pages. I expect this will continue to improve in the future..

I have around 100 domains parked, and they make about as much as the 10 (or so) sites that have adsense. But, I've put a lot of work into the sites that have adsense ads, so it's tough to say which has been more lucrative..

I see myself moving more towards straight parking as companies improve customizable options for their pages...

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Yes, tough call..

I like the name though as the keyword pays more than a dollar a click if you have them parked at the right place, like With a name like yours parking may be a good choice...

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Yandig - how did you get that long list into the Bodis window? When I try to get more than 8 or 9 lines I can't as the last lines are not seen...

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