Does 123 really work or is it a scam?

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Quick question: Does 123 really work or is it a scam? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Could anyone recommend to me a legitimate and worthwhile HostGator appraisal service? I'm not fussed about the money, I just want 1 or 2 good websites which provide an excellent service...

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Yep, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you email the 123 reg guys because they can answer your 123 reg question better...

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The only service I would remotely trust is Moniker. The only reason I would ever purchase an appraisal is either for tax reasons or to help induce a buyer to purchase a HostGator (e.g. having an unbiased third party give a valuation of the domain)...

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This is going to drive you crazy, but there is no appraisal method that is accurate. You are just as likely to get random values from paid and non-paid appraisal systems only for different reasons..

The only appraisal system that is foolproof is the supply / demand curve; i.e. what the market will bare. Start high and reduce the price until someone bites, then you will know how much your name is worth..

Good luck...

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They are one of the few out there I'd trust as well (Speaking of Strictly paid Appraisals). I've heard Good things about them and several of the HostGator financing/Equity type sites swear by them..

Overall - Scammers have given the whole "Paid Appraisal" subject a bad name over the years. I would encourage anyone wanting to pay for an appraisal to post here in the forum their reasons for doing so first .... The scammers are pretty good at convincing you to pay for one...

Comment #4 is the best automated valuator I have used by far, Take some names that have already sold via sedo, and else where and see how measures up, Pretty dang close...

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As people have told you this will give you a good approximation, on most names, though some are reported a little inaccurately, the creator is constantly tweaking and upgrading it..

That good approximation is better than most paid appraisals will do for you personally in calculating value and years ahead of other auto appraisals, though of course a paid appraisal is nice for your sales type..

NB If your running names through it, make sure you have registered them or use close alternatives because it stores them in a public list...

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Thanks a lot for the advice. I shall try as I am really just looking to clarify some HostGator prices that I found on before I decide to go ahead and purchase them..

The trouble is, I don't really want to post them in the appraisals sections of or elsewhere, because the chances are, people will purchase them before me, increase the price, and then offer them to me..

I feel the domains I have selected are good ones, mind you. Domains that people would easily remember, and I don't mind paying the money for them at all as long as the price is not too ridiculous...

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Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on paid appraisals as they are usually overpriced & worthless IMO. If you want a more accurate appraisal, you should try posting them in forums like this one..

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What does running names a person doesn't own, through EstiBot have to do with anything? People aren't breaking any law I know of doing it?..

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Markmiddleton was just alerting you to the public display of your searches - she/he was just trying to protect you is all...

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Anyway you cannot even post them in the appraisal section as long as you do not own them. Try to look at similar sales at to see some recent sales of similar domains to what you are looking for..

Or look in the appraisal section here to see how others appraised similar domains. It is the best you can do..


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