Does a Britta qualify for raw food Medifast recipes calling for filtered water?

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Quick question: Does a Britta qualify for raw food Medifast recipes calling for filtered water? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... Sooo tomorrow is the big day and surprisingly enough I'm not nervous or anything at all. I just want to go get it done and start the recovery process.=).

SO I am in the process of packing my bag for the hospital. I was wondering what you all thought were the most important since I will be there for 2-3 nights............

What did you miss most that you didnt think you would??? Did you forget anything????.

I would greatly appreciate your advice!!.


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Yes sir! but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can help better...

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I had a 5 day stay due to the I packed a small suitcase of PJ's and sweats...a carryon size for my mary kay and then a laptop, book and magazines. In reality, all I needed was an outfit to go home in and lotion, chapstick. while there I had IV's and had to wear thier gowns. I always overpack!..

Comment #2

I didn't take my pillow and really regretted it, live an hour and a half from the hospital so couldn't send hubby home to get it. If you love your pillow like I do, I would definitely pack that..

Praying for you,.


You have a successful.


And quick recovery. Keep us posted...

Comment #3

I strongly 2nd chap stick & lotion -.


Dries you out in a major way!.

Ipod if you have one - I listened to.


As I waited to be rolled into the OR and it really helped to keep me calm. Listened a lot post-op to drown out the hospital noise..

I had my husband bring my pillow in, cause the hospital pillows just weren't doing it for me. I also used a.


Mask... the hospital I was in didn't ever actually get dark..

Your cell phone & charger - made it easy for me to get a hold of my peeps & for them to get a hold of me..

I appreciated the easy.


Magazines friends brought, as I had no concentration for real "reading" and TV got boring fast. I could handle the one page articles in People and it gave me something to talk to the nurses about other than my pain and bowel habits..

You will be swollen from both the.


& all the IV fluids - loose clothes & shoes are a must for going home. (I weighed 51/2 pounds more on my discharge day (4days post-op) than I did on admit) I wore my draw string.


Pants under my gown as I strolled the halls... made me feel more secure :D.

Sending good wishes your way for a smooth.


& a strong, healthy recovery!..

Comment #4

Your own pillow,.

Your own toiletries, (soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste and toothbrush),.


Comfy jammies or shorts, sweats for.


In the hall..

Sweatpants or other loose fitting elastic waist pants for the ride hoome.


An ipod or mp3 player and ear buds for drowning out the sounds of the hospital at night.

Book or magazine to read while you wait for.


Your cellphone and charger if the hospital allows you to use it..

A calling card if they don't allow cell phones.

Insurance information and cards.

Just what I can think of that I apprecitated!.


Comment #5

Luvweez looks like we got something in common! lol and thanks for the suggestions! I totaly have 2 pjs packed........looks like I need to take one out lol..

Comment #6

I was so happy that I bought my lap top..God Love Facebook. I just posted how I was feeling and that prevented the dozen of calls. cozy PJ pants and socks, so you can do you.


Normal bathroom supplies..and the pillow..I agree with. I didnt bring my purse. I brought my ins card, ID and debit card...

Comment #7

I 2nd the pillow I wish I wouldn't have forgotten mine, laptop is a good one so is chapstick and socks and house shoes..

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