Does age matter if you begin to follow the Medifast Diet?

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First of all Does age matter if you begin to follow the Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' WEEKEND SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (80)

Of course! although you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm it as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

Comment #1

Most true happiness comes from one's inner life, from the disposition of the mind and soul. Admittedly, a good inner life is difficult to achieve, especially in these trying times. It takes reflection and contemplation and self-discipline...

Comment #2

What color should I get for my manicure today?..

Comment #3

Happy saturday.

Made it through the first night of booze, stayed OP with celery stix and chili nacho chz puffs....however, my scale was +2 from yesterday this morning...this is interesting because just yesterday Capt and I were discussing the pros/cons of daily weighing....this would be considered a con.

However, I KNOW I did nothing to actually gain 2 lbs since yesterday, I worked out, I stayed OP....i had a weak morning I knows I am not REALLY up 2 lbs, even tho that shittin' thing says I i'm just going to forget about it for today and move forward....

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!!! will try to check in later.


Comment #4

Did someone say "slutty"??!!!.

LOL! Hi Peeps! I'm back. I have been in Qatar for almost 3 weeks and will likely be going back a few times a year. Nice country but way too many food perks when I am not in the zone of MF. I am ready to zone in again and get this over with. I am headed to spinning this morning and need to give it a week before I actually weigh-in..

How is everyone?? Is everyone's virture still intact...LMAO.....

Did you miss me?!?!?!?..

Comment #5

Morning Lori, Rob and Toni and those yet to come (here, that is)!!.

Glad you're back Toniwe did miss ya. I followed your trip thru FB and glad you're home safely. Way to stay OP Robyn and the weight is probably just water so you're working the plan and you'll be fine. We got a couple of inches of snow last night but nothing too bad. I'm going to head over to my dtrs. today.

Hopefully he'll come around cuz it's breaking my heart seeing him this bad. Can't wait to see the boys cuz they always crack me up and I need that right now. I'll try to get back here later depending on time I get home. Have a fun start to the weekend everyone...

Comment #6

Good Morning! I have to work but YAY for Toni being back too~!!!..

Comment #7

Well lookie lookie what the cat dragged in!!!.


Good to see you,.




- Good morning. Stay the fvckityfvck on plan, please..


- Of course it'll be s.l.u.t.t.y - I'm just asking for help on the slutscale...

Comment #8

Just opened my oil bill..


Someone dial 911 for me, please...

Comment #9

Morning shammies!.

Toni~Good to see you girl! Glad you made it back safe...sounds like you are living quite the adventurous life still! Love that you get to travel so much!.

Barb~You got HAVE to take care of you! You can not change him (as much as we might want to.) He has to want it! (Just like we have to want this!) have a godd day with daughters and the little ones!.

Robyn~WWOOOOHOOOOO for staying know the scale is just messing with you. Once you have a normal sized poop the scale will show the right numbers! You got this girl! Keep it up!.

Ang~Hope you have a good day and get some down time soon!.

Lori~Have fun getting the nails always help me with the colors...not sure how much help I would be! You know my favorite is Borgata Blackberry! or Lincoln Park after Dark is good. Let us know what you choose...I am sure it will be perfectly S.L.U.T.T.Y! YIKES on the gas bill!.

Andi~Love the "weirdest place to humpies contest!" Sounds fun!!.

AFM~I have a mountain of laundry waiting for me! UGH! Didn't do much this week with not feeling so great so today is marathon laundry day! Want to help? Any takers out there!? (didn't think so!?)..

Comment #10

Good morning all... it just took me a while to get caught up from yesterday. you all seriously make me smile every day!.

Dawn... sorry. my laundry is piling up too. I swear it grows in the middle of the night..

Lori.. sucks about your job. change is hard but your will get through this. my oil bill was $630 right after xmas. dont we love living in the northeast? I took my sexy boo-tay shopping yesterday and bought size 12 jeans! PS- you will be our beleoved capt in no time flat!.

Melissa... I used to hate my big butt. I'm a fan of the tiny butt. enjoy daughters bday. we have dave and busters- super fun! hope you and she have a great time..

Michelle..your cruise sounds awsome. am I invited???.

Kori... good joke and I expected nothing less. you poor chica going to dentist on your day off... gotta love free TP. you are truly an amazing shopper to score that!.

Muffy... all I can say is... W T G !!! 5 lbs gone rocks!.

Sandy... size 8 is amazing. cant even image the joy. I was oogling over my cute butt in size 12. we need to see some more pics of your hot self!.

Robyn... hang in there. sorry to hear about your loss. hope your weekend goes ok..

Jill.. hoping you have a great weeeknd too..

Barb... please take care of you. enjoy being with daughter and remember that food will not help with all the stress in your life right now. ill be thinkin about ya..

Ang... enjoy the weekend..

Andi... love your challange! you crack me up every time!..

Comment #11

Something you will look and and it will make you smile. you NEED it!..

Comment #12

Oops... hi toni and welcome back. hope your travel was awesome and now you can kick some Medifast butt. thought about you.... oldest ds was so bummed that the soccer world cup was chosen to be Qatar and not in U.S. $$ speak loudly... he was really sad...

Comment #13

Hey andi.. a smiley color sounds good to me too! how was your busy day with a massage?..

Comment #14

Massage was AMAZING! they really focus on your feet, which I love. I go back and forth- massage one time, pedi the next... great day and ended up with over 100 oz and 100 humpies...

Comment #15

Ok, so apparently I have mastered my cooking skills and I am an awesome chef. I made french toast and bacon for my little ds and his friend who slept over... "5 stars, best meal ever.. breakfast paradise.." either little kids are easy to please or my food usual sucks! LOL.....

Comment #16

Up with the pups and they have already headed back to bed... off with me the same direction - later lovelies!..

Comment #17

Massage sounds great... you are the queen of 100 !!!..

Comment #18

Gotta go too, shammies. leaving in an hour to drop off ds at my mom's then off to a beleated christmas party.... staying OP without a doubt!..

Comment #19

Ok way behind on the board for yesterday and today. Wanted to let you all know I'm here, just super busy with refinance paperwork yesterday, taking kids out for lunch and then a Home remodeling show last night. This morning was up to the gym 1st thing, home to shower and clean the house and now heading out to the zoo with GS. Afterwards home to go on a date with DH tonight, so probably won't have time to get back on here. Will be back on Sunday though! Have a great day!..

Comment #20

YES WE MISSED YOU HOOKER! So glad you came back to us!..

Comment #21

Morning Shammies,.

Happy Saturday..

Hi Toni..

Nail color - I love Hear of Africa. China glaze brand..

I did my nails yesterday. Trying to select toe color for my appointment next week. It will be the color that I wear on vacay. Need something summery - I love summer..

Oil bill - yuck..

Love the shout outs..

Tummy is still OK. I am thinking too much artificial sweetner was my problem...

Comment #22

Thanks for the welcome back peeps! It is a winter wonderland out there today in Toronto and I have to trek to the post office. I need some transition weather!!!!!! It was only the mid-70's in Qatar but nice!.

Andrea- The Asian Cup for soccer is going on right now in Qatar. We had China, Uzbekistan and Kuwait staying at my hotel. They have some good venues for the games there. but it is gonna be hot when the World Cup rolls around! They have guaranteed a way to make it air-conditioned outside....and yes they have the money to do it!!!!!.


Comment #23

Back from mani..

Waiting to hear back from Guru on whether she can switch me from tomorrow to today..

I'm thinking Borgata for tomorrow - shocking, I know..

Doing laundry..

Having something to eat..

Oh - I decided to get a French..

Don't know why..

I NEVER do that in the winter..


Mad love...

Comment #24

Sand - How about a French for mani and OPI's Dutch Tulip for pedi for your vacation?..

Comment #25

Only 1 minute to log my meals and say hi here..

I stumbled last night, at least in Medifast speak. I went to Applebees w/ hubby and chose steamed veggies and sirloin. Cut it in half to have 5 oz of the 9oz steak. Then ate the whole steak..

I don't believe I'm ready to go out to eat on this plan. I need to learn the ropes better on my own..

So the scale (that beotch) says I'm up .4 pounds from yesterday. I'm going to QUIT daily weighing because I love the little victories and hate the little failure. The self loathing isn't worth it..

I am on plan today..

I have finished half my water of the day already..

I have panic-vaccumed the whole house burning an unknown # of calories because my GF called and said "coming over!" (Whew, what a workout)..

I am on plan..

Promise to catch up on ya'll's lives in this thread tonight. No more restaurants...

Comment #26

Hi everyone. I'm friends with Toni. After watching her succeed, I decided to try MF, too. I just started on Monday..

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend (Toni - I guess you don't get one?!). I'm going to eat some soup. :-)..

Comment #27

Welcome Jess! I am remotivated by your start! You better introduce yourself better, or else I will!!!!.

Remember, what happened in Columbia, MO stays in Columbia, MO......

Comment #28

Hi Muffy. I'm not trying to minimize your slip up, but if it was 9 oz. pre-cooked, it was probably a lot less cooked (I don't know the exact math yet), so it is probably not as bad as think. At any rate, don't let it derial you, it sounds like you learned from it and can move on...

Comment #29

Lori - thanks I have not thought about Dutch tulips for awhile and I love it. I am getting shellac for my mani and I was thinking so kind an unique French. The lady in Denver that did my nails had a great fancy French - the line was at an angle and she drew sparkly lines to offset the angle. Not sure what they can do in Shellac and I am going to a salon I have never gone to to get it done. My lady does not do that technic..

It is nice here today. Lunch on the patio..

A week from now we land on the island. Takes two full days to get there. Lot's of direct flights from Paris but hard to get there from the States...

Comment #30

Hi Jess..

Muffy - I screwed up twice the first week and did not eat out for awhile. I am OK eating out now and once I figured out things to eat it got easier. You can do this..

Lori - You sound more like yourself today. Hope so. Thanks again for nail suggestion...

Comment #31

Haha Toni - is that a threat?! Besides - I think I have more dirt on you than you have on me! haha.

I'm originally from the Pittsburgh area (go Steelers!). After living in Columbia, MO for 6 years, I now live in West Virginia and teach in the family studies department at WVU. I'm married (to Bob), have a one-year old daughter (Thessaly), and have 2 dogs (Bear and Penny)..

What do you guys advise as far as daily weigh-ins vs. weekly weigh ins?..

Comment #32

So...chances are you didn't go "off plan"..

If the steak was 9 oz. probably cooked down to 5 or just a little over..

You're good..

The only reason your weight is probably up a bit is from all of the sodium in the food when you eat out..


Comment #33

I'm more like a fat version of myself...but definitely - emotionally, at least - more myself..

Dutch Tulip is the bomb for pedi's..

Just sayin'.....

Comment #34

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! I've heard about you!!!!.

I'm glad you're here..

Want a sexy banner?.

(take out the ***).


Comment #35

Can you tell that I'm not reading the posts in any order?.


Take a picture of your freakin' nails when you get them done so I can see, please...

Comment #36

Hello everyone. Packing for my trip next week. I will be back later to post. Yay my pms is gone. Everyone in the house survived lol...

Comment #37

My head couldn't handle daily WIs..

Every Monday morning was enough for me...

Comment #38

Must be nice..

My effing PMS is NEVER gone..

Happy packing...

Comment #39


You have $40 guaranteed.


January 16 -18, 2011..

Plus a chance to win up to.


Comment #40

Hey Jess,.

You need help with a ticker?.

How much weight are you wanting to lose?.

Deets, please..


Comment #41

It doesn't sound like Guru is going to be able to get me in tonight..

Two weeks in a row..

My fault both times, of course..

Le Sigh...

Comment #42

Changed my ticker in honor of Robyn's return..

Just changed again in honor of Toni's!..

Comment #43 you mean photo?!?!? just sayin'.....

Where is Robyn? getting her slurppee on no doubt......

Comment #44

Yeah! Photo! That's it!!!.

Robyn...someone died. Vince G'Pa..

She douched the house and is glad she did - she got her some house-guests...

Comment #45


MASSAGE & REIKI AT 4:30!!!!!.


Comment #46


Cause I'm LOVING this song right now.....


Comment #47

Thanks - I do need help with a ticker and the picture. I'd like to lose 100 lbs, but would accept 75. :-)..

Comment #48

Oh - nevermind, I see my picture now. :-) I'll get the hang of this some day...

Comment #49

Afternoon all! I just had a buffaloed chicken burger for dinner!.

Hi Toni's friend!! It's great to meet you. YAY Lori for getting your guru tonight!.

Me, I worked all morning then came back here and played WII this afternoon.

Now, I think I'm going to knit a little bit..



Comment #50

Love all the dancing..

I am so happy that our cold snap is gone. Please stay gone...

Comment #51

Been cleaning, catching up on laundry and playing cars with DS. Working on making YUMMY taco salad for dinner tonight! The guys will have regular tacos with the shell...but I love my taco salads! Can't seem to go a week without it on the menu some time!.

Do any of you guys use Laughing Cow cheese? I bought a new (to me) kind last week. It is REALLY good. Mozzarella sun dried tomato basil! Mmmm! Love it with some celery!.

Lori~Glad you are still getting the massage!! So deserved after your week!.

Ang~Buffaloed....just in time for Toni's return!.

Jelizabeth~Welcome to the shammies!!.

Hope everyone that isn't here is staying OP! Ninja Toni is back!!!!.

How are you guys coming on the water today...I am done with 120 oz. already. WOW! I have been making soooo many trips to the bathroom!..

Comment #52

Someone please help Jess with ticker and banner..


Comment #53

Hi Dawn..

Love you..


Hi e'one...still a big blob of jello - but coloring my hair. Totally didn't want to, but it needs to be done..

Le Sigh...

Comment #54

Hi jelizabeth, I'm just starting Medifast also. I think after a week, you'll love it. This board has been soooo much help to me. (I spent a day in the recipe part.) I am just starting week 2 and have so much more energy today..

Anyway, I'm from Iowa. I'm 42, married to a knarly-bo-hunk, and have two gorgeous teenage sons that all the little girls are chasing at school. (Okay, yes, proud and partial to them.) I have a black cat, a german shepherd named Cedar, and 28 fat happy hens laying eggs every day. I live on a farm and I want to lose 35 pounds. I have 30 to go..

I'm not sure I have "swagger" yet, but I am letting these shamrocks keep me on task through this adventure. I'm sure it will work for you too! Haven't figured out how to do a humpie yet... when you figure that out, let me know..

The other newbie....Muffy..

Comment #55

I want to! Can I have LC cheese in the weight loss phase? Mmmmm..

Lovely description. Laughed out loud, then thought "this house needs some masengill work done" as I looked around..

What's a reiki? Is this like my other question? Will you ask for another puppy pic instead? (Just so you know, I kept reading and think I figured out the other question. I am a member of another message board, a chicken message board (BYC), and on that board DE means.

Diatomaceous earth.

DE is a white powder made of crushed fossils that is an abrasive, cutting agent. You can worm chickens with it, you can kill bugs with it, it's all natural but will make anything it touches very irritated. Seems to be the same thing on this board, I believe. Just guessing. ).

It landed here in Iowa. High of 10 degrees tomorrow. Brrrrr.....

Today I watched little kid basketball with my girlfriend, then took the DS#1 and #2 to the big city for haircuts. I let them shop and spend some of their Christmas money, and I found some DEALS at the sidewalk sales at the mall. $7 shirt, oh yea. $20 Eitienne Aigner pumps, Double oh yeah. Also found some SF toriani syrups in vanilla and raspberry and some tiny silicone muffin cups to make my brownies in so they feel like cupcakes..

Been a good day. Even feel like I caught up on my board reading...

Comment #56

Made me giggle..

Keep them the hell away from Toni and Robyn. Just sayin'.....

Comment #57

Reiki =.


And, as far as your other question, I sent you a PM to answer you - or so I thought I did- but I just went back to look at my sent messages and never really did..

I do believe that Kori answered you on the thread. Don't remember what exactly her response was or if it made much sense since you haven't been around for very long..

Sorry the PM never made it's way to you...

Comment #58

Winding down - gotta work tomorrow. no Zumba again today - had an appt with a trainer for a fitness orientation and he didn't show. glad manager was there to apologize and I have an appt with another trainer Monday. but end result was I filled the time working out and then burnt for Zumba. Maybe next week I'll do yoga then Zumba - they are back to back....

Muffy - certain that the 9oz cooked down and that any gain was prob due to sodium. keep on keepin on my friend!.

Toni - nice to see you back!..

Comment #59

From the page you mention, the 5 principles are outlined:.

The secret art of inviting happiness,.

The miraculous medicine for all diseases..

At least for today:.

....Do not be angry,.

....Do not worry,.

....Be grateful,.

....Work with diligence,.

....Be kind to people..

Every morning and evening, join your hands in meditation and pray with your heart..

State in your mind and chant with your mouth..

For improvement of mind and body..

Sounds like something I could really get into, however, I live in the sticks/wilderness/backwoods. (I mean real redneck-ville. I have a neighbor that trained coondogs with a live racoon in his back bedroom.) So we don't have any Reiki Guru around here. But I'm guessing that a quiet moment walking in the forest on the north 20 of my farm, you might find some of patience and meditation this sounds like it incorporates..

It does sound very enjoyable. I'm a very firm believer in Chinese healing. I have a friend whose parents went to China after the father had a severe stroke. (they actually went to the same place Ruth Lycke did....


) Anyway, amazing results from this treatment and the Chinese seem to know much that we do not in Western medicine..

Here is a photo from that North 20 acres I talked about. Peaceful place, lots of wildlife. We have 2 trailcams out there...

Comment #60

Hi slores!.

Toni!!!!!!!!!!!!! so nice to see you!.

Welcome to the newbies, you'll love these slores (s-luts and w-hores).

I think I am finally awake from my work triathlon. I must say that I held up pretty well, you all know how I need my sleep! I didn't kill anyone!.

Well, nathan almost lost his life today, but that's a different story....lets just say that I am holding his testicles right now...and not in a good way....

Anyone seen pretty little liars?.

How about the vanilla ice project?.

All right stop, collaborate and listen, ice is back with a brand new I love that song!.

Have a great night everyone!!!!..

Comment #61

Hey Erin!!!.

Haven't watched pretty little liars but my sister downloaded the whole first season so I can watch it all at once. No on the vanilla ice project but it makes me giggle every time I see the commercial..

School all day today... Bleh!! Then hit some more stores for some free coupon items. Think we are stocked on TP, tissue, and Pepsi for a couple months..

Need to find something for dinner. Think I will have taco salad, thanks for the idea Dawn!.

Welcome back Toni!!!..

Comment #62

Hi Peeps, I fell alseep at 4:00 pm and now am wide awake at 12:00 am....sigh....I never used to get jet lag, but it is one of the "perks" of getting older....maybe I will go donw and go on the treadmill to tire out some....

Lori - I feel like an asshat assuming Robyn was getting slurppee, sorry about Vince's g'pa....

Ang- I LOVE that song....too funny.....

Kori - I need some TP and (diet) Pepsi...3 weeks away = no groceries, froces me to eat our of pakcets though!!!.

Muffy- What part of Iowa are you in? I have friends who are from Storm Lake and Muscatine (two different friends)..

Jess - The official answers is weigh daily, but only pay attention to it weekly....just assume it is not real on the other days..

Erin- There is a Vanilla Ice project?? I NEED to see it!!!!!!!!!.

Sandy - Where are you going on vacation?? Sounds awesome....

Dawn - I need to Ninja myself first, then I will be all over it!.

Lara- Hi! Still wearing red ribbons?!?!?!?.

Andi- How is Seattle?.

Has anyone doen the COuch to 5K running program? I am thinking seriously about it. I need to do something to get on a good exercising path and biking only happens in the good weather. I feel like runners are always healthy and you can do it anywhere you go (i.e you don't need a gym or supplies). The program looks pretty reasonable.....

Comment #63

Muffy - Toni can probably explain Reiki a bit better than the definition I gave you..

Sand - Your test worked! WooooHoooo!!!!.

T - Don't worry about that. Robyn will be honored you were thinking of Slurpee's while she's away...

Comment #64

There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them...

Comment #65

AFM -.

Was hanging w/Joe watching TV and fell asleep..

Came upstairs and fell asleep..

Unfortunately woke up a couple of times during the night..

Sparky had the worst upset stomach this morning..

I gave him Saltines and the medicine for his stomach and he's much better now (YAY!)..

Is it okay to give a dog Saltines?.

So...I think I'm heading to Borgata for the last breakfast-of-champions I will have for a while. Detox tomorrow and I'm so seriously looking forward to it, it hurts..

Wish me would be PERFECT timing to hit the big one today..

Have a great day ladies (pfffft)..

Mad love...

Comment #66

Dude...for realz...I ALWAYS do..

It likes you way mo' betta...

Comment #67

Hi slores!.

Running late for church, just wanted to tell everyone to have a great sunday!..

Comment #68

What's up peeps? If I'm awake I'm at least going to be productive....I've got some chicken marinating and am about to cut up a mess of zuccinni and eggplant and package up a weeks worth of L&G. I got some cool spices in Qatar so I am trying them out....exciting I know, I can hardly contain myself.....

I'm thinking I will crash again about 4:00 but wil take some Advil PM this time and sleep though until the morning....

Have a great Sunday all!!!!..

Comment #69

Morning! I'm here Capt!.

Toni- No red ribbon this year! Didn't have my backup support..

Welcome jelizabth- this is a great group!.

Sandy- Pix of nails and how exciting for vacay. I'm so ready for mine but still have 5 months..

Capt- Enjoy that breakfast of Champs, we'll be here for ya on 5/1 this week..

Erin- Don't kill poor Nathan or harm his testicles. You may want babies one day and if you harm them now that will make things harder..

Muffy- Love the pix of the farm- so peaceful..

To all of you I'm missing- please excuse me I'm still have asleep this morning. AFM- Going to read the paper and just chill this morning. Have a great OP day- I should be around much more today...

Comment #70

Morning shammies!.

Lori~Good luck..hope you hit it BIG today!.

Toni~Very impressed with all the pre-planning/cooking of L&G today! About c25K...Lara and I have both done it...Andi is the "resident runner" not sure she needed that program. I have run a couple 5 K's since October. I really like it. NEVER thought I would be a runner, but it is my new stress reliever..

Sandy~So excited that your "test" worked..

Erin~Hope Nathan behaves himself today...could be painful otherwise!.

Kori~Hope you get to relax a little today after your long day at school yesterday!.

Off to run and then shower...might try to sneak away to do a little shopping today. (Alone.) need to go to a few different places and it is just easier to do that by myself. Who knows...maybe a mani and pedi, too!..

Comment #71

Good morning lovelies! 2 loads of wash down and 2 more to go.

No big plans today except house cleaning. Older kids won't be home until after 6 so maybe bcbc for exercise today..

Comment #72

Morning everyone,.

Lori, as always, Borgata sounds great and good luck there. I sure could use some next time I go too. Last week was cruel to me. Enjoy your breakfast cuz I know it's waaaay better than our oatmeal. Toni, sure hope you can sleep thru the night and get back on schedule. I need a pedi bad toomaybe this week.

You get to see all the big movie and tv stars looking pretty and getting sloshed on the alcohol. No truthfully, it should be good and Ricky Gervais cracks me up. Better go try some of our delicious oatmeal so I'll bbl...

Comment #73

Hi girls!!!.

Drive by to say HILOVE YOUMISS YOU!!.

Wake is tonight, heading out to church, have stayed totally OP and i'm pretty proud of myself.

Hope you have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #74

Robyn, take care and condolences to all of Vince's family...

Comment #75

Hi everyone. Ricky Gervais cracks me up, too. I might watch the show tonight just to see him. :-).

My first weigh in is tomorrow. I'm a little nervous! :-)..

Comment #76

Just popped on really quick before I get my day started. I need to go back and read the posts but I am soooo happy I needed to post this before I forget (like I would!.

) -.

2nd week weigh in I am down -4.4lbs!!.

Yippee for me!!! I have met my first goal of losing 5% of my weight!.

I will be back later. I hope everyone is having a Blessed Sunday!..

Comment #77

Don't be nervous, I'm psyched for your first weigh-in. Have you been drinking tons of water? That helps too!.

Melissa- great with the 4.4 pounds!!!!..

Comment #78

Dawn- Hope you get to sneak out for some you time. I need to try the c25k again. I reached a point last time and couldn't seem to get past it. I have knee issues so that doesn't help things..

Jessica- You've been OP so don't worry about WI tomorrow- you'll rock it..

Barb- enjoy the Golden Globes tonight- I don't hardly watch TV so I have no idea who that guy is you think is funny. That's how out of the loop I am with Hollywood..

Robyn- I am so proud of you for being OP during this stressful time. Vince, you and family are in my prayers and thoughts..

Lori- Sending mad winning vibes toward Borgata for you baby!.

Ang- Will you come do my laundry too? I really need to do some..

OK off I go now have some things I need to do...

Comment #79

One family-size package of chicken breasts + 2 zuccini's + 1.5 eggplants + a mess of mid-eastern spices = 5.5 L&G's all packaged and ready to eat!! My apartment smells awesome, with all the spice. Screw Frank's I'm gonna put this shvit on everything!!!!!.

I also have a large freezer bag of additional cut-up zuccini and eggplant mixed with some lemon juice, garlic, and cilantro sealed up and frozen for future cooking. I got 3 eggplants and 3 zuccini's for $1.98 in my beloved Chinatown produce store (even though Lori had a bad exepreince there.....

) I hope it freezes well, 1.5 cups per day goes a long way! I figure I can go from frozen to steamer when I run out of the cooked stuff..

Oh, and I am doing all of this to avoid unpacking.....ughhhhh........

Comment #80

Morning lovelies!.

Off to work soon - dolly shift 9-5....

C25K - I liked it. has lots of options - road running with the free downloadable MP3 file tells you when to start and stop. I have heard there are different versions based on music preference. TM once you are comfy with time, you can increase speed and continue using is as interval training which boosts your metabolism at ANY speeds. have fun!..

Comment #81

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.