Does any anyone know how long the Medifast Diet takes to lose 80-100 pounds?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does any anyone know how long the Medifast Diet takes to lose 80-100 pounds? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' THURSDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that new members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of love, support, encouragement, inspiration, and FUN!.

We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition;.

And those who have been on maintenance for a while..

An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves.





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Of course! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Morning Ang and all you other sleepyhead shammies not moving yet..

I'm running late this morning but wanted to quickly come by and tell everyone to have a great OP challenge kind of day...

Comment #2

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self..


Retire into yourself as much as possible. Associate with people who are likely to improve you. Welcome those whom you are capable of improving. The process is a mutual one. People learn as they teach..


Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves...

Comment #3

Good morning all.. well at least it's morning. yucky rain in NY today. spent 45 min online this morning trying to loud my pics on challange board. ugh... going to get caught up and be back...

Comment #4

Good morning all!.

Andrea ~ You are so BEAUTIFUL! I took a peek at the Challenge Board. Posting pics on here is quite the process. I have found that I have to keep cropping it, until it gets to the right MFing number. Sometimes you can change the resolution...but you lose some of the quality. Keep trying...cuz now we need to see your 'bootyfullness'. lol.

Kori ~ I know what you mean about the PB. Damn! I actually had it in my hand at one point, but thought of all of you AND said to myself "if you can't control yourself for a stinking spoonful/jar full of PB, you can't control anything". I put it down...It's insane that food, especially a spoonful of lard...can have that kind of control..

All ~ Have a WONDERFUL OP kinda day!.

Nevan and I are heading over to visit my folks (that's a country, moose-huntin', kinda word for parents...for all you city folk). So, I'll be back later. They have Internet, if you want to call it operates at a snails pace and I want to hurt it everytime I wait for it to "dial up"..

Much love to you all!.

Big hug to Captain!..

Comment #5

Hey lauri... thanks for the support on the pics. I'm so not a pc person, I turn into a frustrated toddler when it doesnt work for me..

Enjoy your time at your mom and dads. pop in to say hi if you deal with the dial up!!! much love and stay away from that devil disguised at PB. great job hearing Kori and putting that demon away! YOU ROCK OUT LOUD!..

Comment #6

Wow.. you guys were chatty last night..

Hi ang... if you are still here, hope work goes ok today. did I miss you going to the hearing thing for Kaitlyn? did her beastly mom postpone it? oops, did I say that outloud?.

Lori... sorry to hear about sdad in hospital. let us know how he is and much love to you and family..

Hi andi... did you have a fun bike ride? great to have a nice weather day..

Hey lara... wtg with your workouts. my friends' husband has seasonal affective disorder, and struggles this time of year too. Dr recommends excercise to help with it. Good for you for already having that good habit going. have a great day at work!.

Dawn... so sorry to hear about your sister. let us know how you and she are doing. many thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.

Kori... hope that cold is on it's way out today. hang in there chica.

Darlene... good thoughts for you and Timmy today. glad disney was great (happiest place on earth).

Lauri.. thanks for missing me last night...

Comment #7

Oops sorry barb and sandy.... hope you guys are doing well and have great days today!.

I have a truckload of work to do today... have to leave early to head to NJ for playoff red bull soccer game. 2 hours of rain/traffic to get there... 8 PM game... followed by 2 hours home. guessing kids and I will be home around 1 am.

I know, suck it up. I got myself into this craziness. just hoping the team wins cause it makes my kids so happy. Once I'm there it's all good, it's the production surrounding it all..

Lara... no worries about BF finding out about my other "work". he would probably want to watch... (yes lori I said it..... ) only joking... sorta. LOL..

Comment #8

Ok, I'm talkin dirty at 8:25 am... where is everyone!..

Comment #9

I LOVE filthy talk first thing in the morning..

You make me proud, hookah...

Comment #10

Andrea ~ You are on a roll! Once again making me laugh out loud..

Lori ~ Hi. How is S-Dad? Have they removed the defib.? Do they have a plan B?..

Comment #11

You are such a good mom. I hope you got lots of sleep last night to keep up with everything tonight. The drive alone would make me say "uh, call your dad and see if he'll take you"...only to be told "he never does anything for me". At least the kids can sleep on the way home. Do you work tomorrow? OH! as far as the stadium food...NOT to worry. I saw the results of the...what the heck do they call it??? You know where the health inspector goes in and reports how sanitary the food prep area is.

Thing of all the rat feces, the people using the restroom, not washing their hands, and then preparing your food...sort of like Taco Bell. You'll be fine..

Oh! As far as dealing with the ex...remember the video I posted here? "Pray for You". It'll keep you smiling...

Comment #12 the morning; afternoon; evening; sleeping? lol You've taught us well Captain!..

Comment #13

Captain ~ You got me again. I used "quote" and now I am on the front page saying "I love filthy talk". lol..

Comment #14

One of my photos is in a competition if you could vote for it (takes only a sec) I'd be so grateful!) Mine is number 5. Thanks!!!.


Comment #15

They did remove the device and feel confident it was the source of the infection..

Lots more to be done at this point (adjusting medications, deciding if it needs to be put back in, clearing up the infection, blah blah blah) - but at least it seemed to be a step in the right direction..

Thanks for asking...

Comment #16

Thank you for the update. I hope they keep him as long as is needed. It's too scary to have him at home with you, I would think. I would think they would want to keep him to monitor all of the above..

Take care Lori and we will continue praying for his quick recovery...

Comment #17

Hi Heather!.

I voted for #1..


I voted for #5. It's adorable!..

Comment #18

Ok loves,.

I must go get ready or I'll never make it to my mom's (again). I'm going to take them some of the food I bought from Angel Food Ministries. She's so excited!.

Have a good day everyone...

Comment #19

Hahhaha!! Thanks! It's hard to compete w/ that cute baby #4!!!..

Comment #20

When you have time tell me what you made! Also loved your "moose hunting" line! Cracked me up this am!..

Comment #21

Good morning shams,.

Heather, great pix - I'm assuming that's your daughter?? She's very pretty. Good luck in the contest. Lori, glad to hear step-dad is recovering. Hope you are too!! Lauri, have a nice time at your parents today. AFM, waiting for a repairman to put in a new part on our fireplace and then going for a pedi this afternooncan't wait. She's not my fave person to get one from but she's close to the house and I can wear flip flops home.

Want to check out some of last nights posts so I'll bbl...

Comment #22

Drive by from work. it is super crazy town here today. 2 of my clients got busted with weed in school today and one threatened to stab her teacher..

Comment #23

Lori - thanks for the update. I have been thinking of you a lot lately. Hope you are doing OK..

Lauri - have a good day..

Andrea - scary. I love the filthy first thing talk. That is why I logged on before running to my day of golf stuff..

Barb - what color toes are you getting. I love fall colors on my toes..

Andi - I know water, water,water..

Lara - hope you have a good day..

JOJO - how are the tips going?.

Hi to all the Shammies, hope you have a great OP kinda day. See you all tonight..


Comment #24

Andrea - love the pic. You are so pretty...

Comment #25

Is that wrong in that neck of the woods..

Comment #26

So I can use my phone at my moms but it's so tiny. 222 this am. I know it's still high but goin in the right direction. Yay...

Comment #27

Glad they found the source of the infection. That is sometimes the hardest part. More work ahead but at least now you have a starting point towards recovery..

Stay strong chica and know your Shammies got your back and are sending all the good vibes we have towards NJ...

Comment #28

Hey Heather!!!!! Will have to look at your pic when I get home. Apparently, blogs are blocked by my school's filter. WTG??? Don't they know I have "Official" Shammy business to conduct here while I am at work!.

Good to see you here!..

Comment #29

Hey Barb!!! Enjoy your pedi and now you will be able to enjoy your fireplace also. I also want to point out that, yes, you can wear flip flops in 30 degree weather. I did it all the time when I lived in Utah. I made a point to show that the weather does NOT dictate my footwear. Plus, I would live in flip flops or barefoot if I could..

Comment #30

Wow, good times! Sounds like some of the special ed students at my school. (We have an Emotionally Disturbed class on our campus)...

Comment #31

Hope it's not too boring! Oh, and I rocked the gym again last night. I so better see a move on the scale my next weigh in or I am gonna get really angry and stamp my feet at the scale!..

Comment #32

That's awesome Lauri! That's a wonderful loss since the start of the challenge. I would totally take that right now! You rock!..

Comment #33

OK - So I made the Tomato bagel thing that is on the recipe board with COT soup and Scrambled eggs. It was pretty good. Used 1T FF Cream cheese and it was yummy!.

Kids are acting pretty good today, we made the cutest freakin' Scarecrow cookies for our cooking lesson. I will try and upload some pics. We are going to make Oreo Cookie Turkey Cookies this afternoon..

Will check back in later. Have a bunch to usual after work. But have meeting with the trainer I will not miss this evening..

Mucho love hookers..

Peace out...

Comment #34

Hi all!.

I have to volunteer at the Book Fair tonight...isn't having little kids grand?.

For those of you who want to know...court was not great today...Heather denied everything and the Master said without photos and or eyewitness testimony they would have to take her word for it. Long story short...there's a court hearing in 3 weeks unless they get an Order hammered out that everyone can live's a that Heather thinks everything's fine she already canceled for taking Kaitlyn this weekend..


Comment #35

Sorry it didn't work out Ang. Just keep being a great mom to her and letting her know she's loved, etc. and also document what you need to. There sure are alot of aholes in this world and why make the kids suffer??..

Comment #36

Ang ~ I'm with Barb. That really stinks. Can you or have you been documenting everything? You could probably even go back here to get dates and times of the things you've told us about. It really sucks that you have to have pictures of everything. It's necessary, but how awkward to make poor Kaitlyn more aware of what a wicked mother she has. I bring up the documenting thing, mostly because I had always intended to, but either things got better or I thought I could count on my memory.

Of course, you've got even disconnected w/o telling you; visitation cancellations; loss of work; YOU having to give money so she could get home; bug bites; illnesses; etc. It might seem like small stuff in and of itself, but when you add it all've got a strong case..

I'm sorry Sweetie. It really will work out. Hugs!..

Comment #37

Just got a call from my sister that my SIL, Barb, passed away earlier this evening. At least she isn't hurting anymore and can be with the Lord. Don't know when the funeral is yet. Hope all of you have a good night (it's kinda quiet here) and we'll check in sometime tomorrow. Love ya...

Comment #38

Kori- I'll be stamping with you if that darn scale doesn't move..

Barb- So sorry to hear of your SIL passing. Prayers for you and your family..

Ang- well that was a sucky outcome. Does the medical record count as documentation (I thought I remember saying you had to take her- maybe not) Hopefully all will work out. She sounds like a real gem- already cancelling- are you kidding me?.

AFM- conference was hard because they had "goodies" all day- hard candy on the table, muffins and danishes for breakfast, chocolate cake and apple pie at lunch and then cookies for late afternoon snack. I could smell them as others ate them at my table. I however did not take even a bite. Then I came home and had to go grocery shopping for family. I was dying to but these mediteranean veggie chips for the left over hummus in the refridg, however again I passed. I have definately used mind over belly today! I still am starving- what's up with that.

So where is everyone tonight? Hope they are being good so that our challenge results ROCK!..

Comment #39

Barb ~ I'm so sorry to hear that. You are right though...her pain is over. Again, I'm sorry..

Love you sweetie,..

Comment #40

Way to go Miss Lara! You'd feel like crapola if you had even a bite of any of that. You ARE doing this. I have found it actually feels good to be hungry...sounds strange, I know...but it's a reminder to me that I'm doing it right..

This is a first for me...I have two more meals to get in tonight. I only brought the right amount...usually when I go to my moms, I pack a few things, so I have choices and I say "yes" to everything...

Comment #41

I'm going to go lie down for a's been a long day (for me)..

Lori ~ Any new updates on S-Dad?.

Sandy ~ I hope you had fun golfing..

Kori ~ Perhaps I'll catch you later. Give 'em heck at the gym!.

Andi ~ Hello Darlin'!.

Andrea ~ I miss you!.

Darlene ~ I hope everything went well with Timmy at his appointment. Give him our best and a big ole bear hug..

Much love to you all and I'll see you in the a.m., if not sooner...

Comment #42

So sorry to hear about SIL. I do agree that it is comforting to know they are no longer in pain. Talk to you tomorrow Barb...

Comment #43

Kori ~ Everytime I look at your Avi it makes me smile. You are absolutely gorgeous!..

Comment #44

I am sure we will not have to throw a tantrum when we WI next. But....if we have to...I am really good at it....just sayin'.

Good for you, exercising that mind over belly! I hate conferences and trainings that are so boring that they have to give you bunches of food and snacks so you pay attention and stay in your seats. Good for you not eating any of them..

Hope the hungry goes away...

Comment #45

Great job planning Lauri!!!! You got this! Can't wait to see your final weigh in for the first week for the challenge. You are going to do so well!..

Comment #46

Cookies are baked and ready to go home and decorate for the staff tomorrow..

Need to jet home and make my L&G, then errands with sis..

Then gym with trainer..

Hopefully I will be back on later..

Mucho love hookahs.

Peace out...

Comment #47

Hi Ladies,.

Hugs for you, Lori..

Lauri - Yay on scale move and good job at Mom's..

Kori - does stamping your feet help. I am all in for stamping. Hope you have a great session with trainer..

Angela - sorry to hear about court. That sucks..

Barb - Hugs your way. Glad SIL is no longer in pain..

Darlene - hope day went ok for you and Timmy..

Lara - YAY on no crap..

I had a good day. Need to call Mom and practice piano yet today..

Tomorrow I have to clean my house. No more excuses...

Comment #48

A quick good night to anyone still in Shamrock Land... Long day for us, Timmy was a hero as usual. He just put out his arm ready for the IV, asked very pointed questions and got onto board for the scan. I was not able to be with him every moment and he still did really well. The drive is 2 hours from our house to the hospital. I have a bestie girlfriend who lives 2/3 the way there.

We left his bag with his computer at their house in Oceanside. Guess where we are headed again in the morning.=) I really need a walk,beating,exercise of some type. It looks like Sat till I can get to catch up with exercise and posts. Praying now for the best images and results of the testing that is the most important thing right now..

Hugs and shamrock good luck for everyone...

Comment #49

Thank you Sweetie!.

I am so excited! I am now at the weight I had been at since August (you know...when my ticker didn't move for 3 months). 9 more pounds and I'm back to where everything came unwound...I'll feel really good then..

Have a good night...

Comment #50

Sand ~ EXCELLENT on the 4 miles again today!!! WOW! Do you have a way to calculate the miles you walk or calories you burn tomorrow cleaning house? It would be interesting, huh? You've been partying so much, it's no wonder you haven't cleaned house. lol YOU are our resident PARTY ANIMAL!!!..

Comment #51

So, I was ready to say good night to you all and to tell you what's on my agenda for this evening and the morning...and I realized how strange this is, but funny (of course). So...anybody have any relatives in Prison? Guess what! I do. I need to go to write my little brother a letter. He's spent most of his adult life in prison. He's actually my step-brother. I can only describe him as saying "he's a sweet kid, but always seems to be in the wrong place, with the wrong people, at the wrong time".

My mom was supposed to write to him and tell him I was okay, but she didn't. So, now he sits in his prison cell, day after day, wondering what he said in his last letter, that upset me. I feel terrible. He needs new glasses, but of course has no $$$, so I'll be figuring out how to do that..

Speaking of prison. I read a funny post on here one night. A woman was saying that she was going to an "establishment" (I think that's the word she used). Anyway, she was explaining that she didn't know what to do about her meals, as she was going to be there for 3 hours and absolutely could not bring food into said "establishment". She got so many responses...mostly people arguing with her that you can pretty much take food ANYWHERE! The typical...tell them you're a diabetic; etc. FINALLY someone "got it" and told her how to deal with it.

Lol If I remember correctly I sent her a PM to try to help..

Alrighty...gonna go write to my convict baby brother. I did tell you all I have a "dysfunctional f-ing family", right? Sorry for the "f" brother and I use the expression to explain our family. No I guess it's all good. lol..

Comment #52

Alrighty then, so nine pages and two hours letter to Baby Brother is done. To explain further, his offense, as I understand it is as follows:.

He and a friend were driving around, minding their own business (of course), when all of the sudden they were being chased by a car. Having had enough, they pulled over and pulled out a shotgun and ran towards the other car. Problem? You ask. Apparently, said driver was an off duty police officer. Apparently that's not okay...even in Utah. Since that time, he has been paroled a few times, but always seems to find his way "home".

Once his mom sent him to a fast food restaurant, where someone works who had a restraining order against the family (including him)...she was 'sure' the person wasn't working...sure enough, the woman wasn't working, but was standing outside waiting for a ride...back to prison he went. Another time, one of his friends dropped by his house to visit. Problem? Said "friend" was a convicted felon, too and they aren't to have contact with each other. The last time, his mom asked him to deliver a dog "just over the State line"...he ended up getting 'jumped' and went into a restaurant to use the phone...problem? The restaurant employees called the police...back "home" he went. As much time as I've spent in the world...even at night...not once have I gotten jumped.

Lol I totally understand why he's there, but I don't totally get the 99 year parole thing. I know because an officer was involved, the sentence is MUCH higher...but if he's that much of a threat...keep him behind bars. I dunno...just ramblin' I guess. Well...I guess it costs a lot more to keep him locked up..

Well...that's all the random trivia "about me" I have for now..

See you all in a few hours..

Much love,..

Comment #53

Wait a minute. Wasn't today/yesterday (it's 12:08 a.m.) Thursday? And...wasn't Erin going to be spending Thursday with us??? Hmmm. Erin ~ Slauri's looking for you.....

Comment #54

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.