Does any one know anything about Medifast,and if it really works for weight loss?

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My question is Does any one know anything about Medifast,and if it really works for weight loss? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

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Ye, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

Comment #1

Hey ladies!.

Hi Heather!.

So glad the weekend/week is over. It sucked majorly. But I did go into the city with Mark yesterday and that was fun. Had to do a solo field trip for geography..

Today is busybusybusy. Have to try to schedule this tooth extraction, geo and precal homework, running, and we also have swim tonight. Oh, and I have a bio exam Thursday so I should probably study for that..

More later, chicas!..

Comment #2

Morning ladies,.

My weekend sucked. Well, saturday was pretty good. I got my sweater dress, leggings, tights and jacket. I also got a huge pumpkin. I went to dinner (I didn't eat, just hung out) and a movie with friends..

Yesterday really sucked. Nothing but fighting with me ex. I ended up telling him I hate him. He left last night while I was over at my friends house watching a movie. He said he would sell the rings today and leave tonight but he left early. I really needed that money.

Blarg. I have more details in my blog on here..

Good news. I reached my under 175 lb goal so I started transition today. I was still going to start it today even it I was 175.something but the weight came off. :-D It also means I have now lost 120 lbs. What I was going to show people on FB was a new comparison photo of 295lb me - 120lb great dane = 175 lb me. The great dane is one of my friends dog.

Nor did I get to take a picture of me in my Halloween costume but I will try to get to that today...

Comment #3

YAY new thread! Hi Heather, Dawn, and Jessica!.

My weekend was really great! Friday we carved pumpkins with stuffing friends and had a good time. Saturday we went to the Halloween party and had a lot of fun! (My friend tagged some pics of me on FB if you want to see them.) Yesterday we had a birthday dinner for Jason, a birthday twin of his named Kristine, and me. It was so much fun!! J set up a shooting range for a pellet gun in our backyard and had a shooting competition. I didn't participate, but still had fun!.

Heather- glad you had a good weekend!.

Dawn- good luck on your homework and everything!.

Jessica- Yay for sweater dress!! AND CONGRATULATIONS ON 175!!! That is FANTASTIC! Way to go girl!.

Your ex is a tool- what a jerk, not splitting the $$ with you. Off to read your blog!.

From backreading-.

Dawn, that sucks about your teeth. My friend is only 28 and she has 2 false teeth..

And sorry about your bank, JERKS!!.

Hi Charla! Welcome back!! My bday is Friday..

Heather- LOL on bday mix-up..

Comment #4

Jess- just read your blog *hugs* At least he knows that there is no hope of getting back together now. Do you think you will ever see the money he owes you?.

Got to go, hope to be back later!..

Comment #5

Morning Girls! I can hop on a minute b/c we are driving Iz to school and then going for a walk..


:You do sound busy today! Good luck with all that!! Where did you go for your field trip in the city? That sounds like fun! Don't read this.....



..CONGRATS on going into transition and hitting your goal!!WTG!!!!!! I want to see your costume. The sweater dress sounds gorgeous!.


..we'll be celebrating your b'day all week!!.

How did you carve your pumpkin? Pellet range in the back yard...that's creative! I will go look for those photos on FB..


Isabel's spa party went really well! The girls were all really into it. They started out w/ footbaths (fancy fizzy stuff from Bath and Body). I used cat litter boxes from the dollar! They all wore robes over their clothes and came down to the spa(basement). They sat around the sectional and soaked their footsies and I handed out Amer Girl mags, they were reading them aloud to each other and taking turns (their idea). Then I gave them scrubbies and foot scrub to scrub their feet..when they were done their was lotion for them to put on and we gave out the BABW Shea butter infused booties for them to put on. I had to dump out each foot bath ...and then they did a hand treatment at the sink, I took them two at a time to do a hand scrub and moisture treatment.

Then they had snacks and pink lemonade and my hubs got to work making the paninis. Riley came home which was perfect timing and she entertained them while I whipped up the facials. they could pick one of three: banana/avacado, cuke/parsley or banana/honey..

They ate their sandwiches and then Ri put on their masks and of course cukes for over their eyes. lol!.

Then we came up for cake and hot tea but the parents started showing up so we had to skip the tea and rush them through the candy buffet and off they went..

Phew!! The house wasn't too bad either. Iz loved it!! After they left she opened her gifts and we relaxed...

Comment #6



!! We'll miss you!!! Gotta run now myself!..

Comment #7

Heather-HA! You know I had to read that, right??.

Well, I ordered the first installment for Christmas for the boys this weekend. We got Ivan this really really cool thing from Fisher Price that is a 6-in1 e-reader, photo viewer/editor, mp3 player, games, and some other stuff (I forgot all the stuff it does). He loves gadgets so he's gonna love this!!! I also got both the boys a Sing-a-ma-jig. They sing and then if you have more than one they sing together. Got Jackson a game he saw in TRU the other day, called Loopz. And a circuit board sciencey thing.

Stocking stuffer for Jackson. Jacks' dad is getting him a Nintendo DSi XL, and so we're gonna buy him an accessory pack and some games. His black DS that he got when he turned 6 broke and wasn't under warranty anymore..

Hey Jessica! Sorry your weekend stunk. Mine too. Although there were some bright spots! Let's focus on those! LOL on the doggy...

Comment #8

Just made the appt to get my tooth extracted. Eeek!!! They don't knock you out either. I'm scurred.

Wednesday at 5pm. Oh man...

Comment #9

YAY Heather! I love celebrating my birthday!!.

Our pumkin has a face on one side (just the triangle eyes and nose and a mouth with a smile), and the other side has a peace sign, lol..

The spa party sounds like so much fun!!.

Dawn- yay for Christmas presents!!.

Back to work, BOO!..

Comment #10

HeatherYour spa party for the girls sounds sooooo fun!! I bet Iz will be the talk of the school..

Merz- Happy happy birthday week! W00t! I'm going to check out your halloween pics on FB in a second..

Dawn- Yay for early Christmas. Boo for tooth extraction. Yikes. But I'm sure you'll feel so much better after it's gone!.

Jess- ::hugs:: Sorry you had a such a crappy weekend. New beginnings sometimes have to start after really bad endings. It's all work out in the end..

Anyone else I missed: Good morning!.

My weekend:.

Friday- busy busy busy! Speech therapy for Xavier in the morning, then I had a doctor's appointment with the hematologist. I told them I don't want to take Prednisone and anymore and I convinced the doctor I would be ok! So I go back in 2 weeks to make sure that I'm ok and they'll be checking on me more often but I'm sooooo glad! Second speech therapy appointment at our house. Friday night, went to celebrate Angie's birthday at the Melting Pot! I've never been there but OMG...amazing! But I pretty much like anything that has cheese..

Saturday- Worked and did homework..

Sunday- Lazy day. Did some homework, laundry and played Just Dance with Xavier. His favorite song is "Who Let the Dogs Out?" mostly because you get to bark... and he said "moo" because the dog looks like a cow, on the game. LOL!..

Comment #11

Back from my walk. What a beautiful day! I was getting warm in my sweatshirt. It's going up into the 70's today!.



!! How are ya?.


...the pumpkin face and peace sign sound cool! I'm not sure what we're going to do on our pumpkins this weekend..

Dawn. are getting a good jump on the C-word! hehe! I'm starting to shop too. yikes on the toofer but at least you are getting it out soon. I saw that gadget thing on tv that you are getting for Ivan. It looks really cool!.

For the rest of my weekend:.


Took Iz to the pumpkin patch and got some pumpkins. Why do they make those apple cider donuts...oh my gosh..they smelled amazing! Iz also had piano and I made pumpkin magic cookie bars to take to a party. We went to our friend's annual hayride party. They had so much for the kiddos, pumpkin painting, bingo, pinata, costume contest (Iz won for most creative and her friend won for scariest!), bon fires, they did a pig roast and had all kinds of other food too (I didn't try the pig, once I saw the head I just couldn't do it). Ri came for awhile too but she didn't stay that long. We got to see some old friends and Iz and her friend had a blast.


We went up to the mountains and looked at a few houses. I don't know if we're ready to buy but it was fun to look!! Ri ran in a 5K and she had cheer practice. I had to go to a meeting w/ her for fundraising and competitions coming up. It was sooooo busy..I feel like I didn't stop for a sec. Oh was fun!..

Comment #12

Awww...too cute on Xavier-man!!! Mmmmm...cheese! We are pretty much the homework twinnies, Death Muffin!!.

Oh, and I got a C on my precal exam this weekend! Normally I wouldn't be celebrating a C, but dammit I'm proud. I am planning on hitting the math center more to improve even more. I have a goal of getting a B on this next exam. Luckily, we have tests every two weeks, so we just took the 3rd, and I still have time to turn it around before the semester ends. I hope!.

I'm asking for Just Dance for Christmas..

Comment #13


..did you cook the meat and stuff too at MP? That sounds great about going off the Prednisone. Do you gradually wean yourself off?..

Comment #14


That sounds adorable about Xavier and Just Dance. I keep forgetting we have that.... Iz used to love that song when she was little...she would do the barks too..

Thanks about Izzy's party...there is another spa party this weekend (she's not invited) but I hope ours stands up to it. lol!..

Comment #15

Hi Ladies...

What a weekend I had. I dropped another 2 lbs so that is my 25 lb milestone met. I am .5 from another major milestone that is not in my siggy. When I did WW before it took me MONTHS to get through certain decades of weight. Now it is just a few weeks with Medifast..

I actually exercised ON purpose yesterday. I started biking again and enjoyed it. I did my balance ball but when I went down to stretch my back all the gunk in my chest started to cause issues. SO I will hold off on the ball exercises for now. Nothing like hocking up a lungful of gunk. Real pretty and elegant..

I am completely off the cough sryup now. Just taking the Nyquil caplets at night to keep the coughing in check. I didn't take them on Friday night and was coughing most of the night until I switched to the couch..

I had an interesting interaction with some friends yesterday and it is still bothering me. I am not going to talk to them about it because I am over analyzing it. They made the comment that I should come off Medifast because I am at the right weight. That they don't want me to get to skinny. Um..I am still technically obese on the BMI chart. I am not going to be just overweight for another 15 lbs.

I want to be a normal BMI for once in my life and stay there. I am the one that has to live in this body, not them..

They were lecturing me on the fact that I was eating a egg white omelet with veggies. They were like, live a little get the buffet. Um first off, most of the food on that buffet I am allergic to. Second off, if there wasn't the egg whites for the omelet, I wouldn't have eaten anything at all, and jsut had a diet coke..

I do know that they both of them would like to do Medifast and they have outright told me that it is not in their budget right now. I am sorry but honestly that is not my issue. I would work two jobs if I had to in order to get the $$ for the Medifast food...

Comment #16

Jess: I am sorry the ex is being a major jerk. He should give you the money that he owes you...

Comment #17


..WTG on your 25 pound milestone!!! Woo hoo!!! I think a lot of us have dealt with what you did w/ your friends over the weekend. Try not to let it bother you...

Comment #18

Good Morning everyone, I am almost caught up on back reading but it's about time to take the kids to the bus so I will do that when I get back. Had a good weekend nothing to exciting just stayed at home most the time and hung out. I'll be back in a few.

Oh and it snowed here yesterday.

And it's snowing a little this morning..

Comment #19

Yup Heather, we did the big night out which was tour of France or something. We had the Wisconssin Cheddar app, I had Salad Nicose( sorry for the bad spelling!), and all the meat minus shrimp, we did double Fillet instead and then I designed our dessert.....milk chocolate with a shot of Disarono. It was they set the chocolate on fire. I like any food that's flammable. It was amazing!..

Comment #20

KEEP that snow please....

I am going to ME over Thanksgiving pretty close to the Canadian border and fully expect to see snow. I also will freeze my tookas off...

Comment #21

Hi Christina!.

LOL, the dog does kind of look like a cow in the game..

Happy bday to Angie!.

I <3 Melting Pot!.

Heather- Congrats to Iz for most creative costume!!.

I can't eat food that I see the face of either..

Dawn- there is a Just Dance 2 now, it is REALLY fun. I don't own it (yet), but played a friend's..


As for your friends, just tell them "I am working towards a healthy weight set by my doctor". Repeat as necessary, and it might be good to verify a weight with a doc so you aren't lying..

If they keep talking about it you may have to be firm and tell them that you will NOT be discussing your weight and/or food plan anymore. You don't bother them about their choices, why are they bothering you about yours? What you eat has NO effect on them whatsover..

Hi Amy! Snow?.

Back to work..

Comment #22

I want Just Dance 2! Angie got it for her birthday! She's brining it over to my house on Friday to play..

Comment #23

Not to be mean Amy, but it's in the 80's here..

Off to lunch!..

Comment #24

Its so quiet here today.

This week and coming weekend are going to be so busy with all the Halloween stuff, my 6 yr old has a field trip to the little pumpkin patch on wed and then a dentist apt after school, then Friday they all have parties at school, sat I think we are going to a party at my friends and then Sunday is Halloween, Im tired just thinking about it.

Rub it in Christina, just rub it in :P..

Comment #25

I miss the change of seasons though! But I would probably not be ready for snow just yet...

Comment #26

Bye Amy! Have a good day @ work! DWJCP is out of the office all is quiet here!..

Comment #27

So far day 1 of transition is going easy. I havent timed a single meal as I had hoped but all is still well. I didnt pre-make lunch so that pushed it back quite a bit. I made a double lunch today so I have one for tomorrow. I need to think of something portable for Wednesday though. I may try to make a wrap out of a COC soup and make a burrito.

It is sad how excited I am. BEANS!!!! I dont know what I want for dinner tonight either. My ex bought stake and corn that he was going to grill tonight but I dont want to grill. I may do it inside..

Mer Im not sure he doesnt still think that there is a chance. He doesnt want to give up. If he gets a job maybe I will see the money but who knows when that will be..

Heather I will try to do pictures after school today..

Dawn I hope your extraction goes well on Wed..

X-tina Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I think I want Just Dance for Christmas..

Katie It may not be pretty but getting the stuff out of your chest will help you get well faster. WTG on 25 lbs lost! I think that he will give me the money but it just depends on when he gets a job..

Amy ACK! Snow? I couldnt deal with snow this early. I love the fall here in east TN. The leaves are so colorful. I like a bit of snow but this is just too early. Does it always come so soon?..

Comment #28

Jessica- you should tell him that you will consider getting back with him only if he repays the money he owes you..

Hi Christina!.

Ooops- I just realized I'm supposed to do the QODs! They will be up ASAP...

Comment #29

1. If you could be ANYTHING for Halloween and get the perfect costume for free, what would you be?.

2. What's your opinion on couples costumes? (Like Tarzan and Jane, cop and criminal, etc.).

3. You HAVE to make a Halloween themed dish to share at a party. What do you make?.

4. How many trick-or-treaters do you usually get? What kind of candy do you pass out?.

5. What's the best Halloween costume you've ever seen?.

Bonus- L&G/main meal?..

Comment #30

1. If you could be ANYTHING for Halloween and get the perfect costume for free, what would you be?.

If I could be anything I would want to be Belle and have J be the Beast. It's the first thing that came to mind, and it's one of my fave movies. To do it right, the costumes would probably be pretty $$$..

2. What's your opinion on couples costumes? (Like Tarzan and Jane, cop and criminal, etc.).

LOVE them! I wish that J would be willing to do them with me. On Saturday he wore his hockey pants and a hockey jersey and went as a hockey player. LAME! I told him that one year he has to do a couples costume with me..

3. You HAVE to make a Halloween themed dish to share at a party. What do you make?.

I would make these awesome cookies my friend Kristie made for my party. She took fudge rounds and turned them upside-down. Then she put a Hershey's kiss in the middle, and used orange icing to make a little bow. They looked like witch's hats and were yummy!.

4. How many trick-or-treaters do you usually get? What kind of candy do you pass out?.

5-10. It's sad. We usually just get a bag of Hershey's mixed candy with Reese's cups and Hershey bars..

5. What's the best Halloween costume you've ever seen?.

Last year Stuffing friends went as Marge and Homer Simpson. They made their own costumes and looked AWESOME!!.

Bonus- L&G/main meal?.

We are going to Red Robin. J and I both have our free burger coupons for our birthdays, so it will be a cheap meal!..

Comment #31

Probably won't be on the rest of the day, I hope you all have a wonderful day!..

Comment #32

1. If you could be ANYTHING for Halloween and get the perfect costume for free, what would you be?.

I would want a time period a fabu full dress from the Victorian age or earlier. Something huge that cost like $300..

What's your opinion on couples costumes? (Like Tarzan and Jane, cop and criminal, etc.

Some crack me up and are cute. My favorite that I've seen is the plug and electric socket. Makes me laugh!.

3. You HAVE to make a Halloween themed dish to share at a party. What do you make?.

If I have the time to do it, I would make the caramel apple cake I made for our party. If I don't have the time, I would make this recipe we got from Martha Stewart for something call "Full Moons". Basically it's cherry sized mozarella balls that are marinated overnight. I would then put little green olive slices that make them look like eyes on them. Just a fun easy finger food..

4. How many trick-or-treaters do you usually get? What kind of candy do you pass out?.

We really don't get that many. Trick or treating is not big in our area, for whatever reason. I usually make up some little goody bags with a bunch of different candies..

5. What's the best Halloween costume you've ever seen?.

Hmmm....I'm not sure......

Bonus- L&G/main meal?.

Not sure yet...looked up a few recipes I may try one out tonight!..

Comment #33

1. If you could be ANYTHING for Halloween and get the perfect costume for free, what would you be?.

Um..I don't know. I know that is a cop out but I really don't know..

2. What's your opinion on couples costumes? (Like Tarzan and Jane, cop and criminal, etc.).

I think they are cute and fun. Hubby is not into dressing up cutey like that now that we are married. HOWEVER when we were dating I dressed up like Little Bo Peep for my work costume party. He was my sheep. I stayed up for HOURS sewing cotton onto a sweat pants outfit. I also colored his nose black.

3. You HAVE to make a Halloween themed dish to share at a party. What do you make?.

I would make the cupcakes that have the ghosts on them. I saw it in one of the magazines..

4. How many trick-or-treaters do you usually get? What kind of candy do you pass out?.

It depends year to year. Some years we have a couple hundred. I am going to buy boxes of pretzels from BJ's this year so that I am not tempted by the candy. I either gain 5 lbs at halloween or rip out a crown..

5. What's the best Halloween costume you've ever seen?.

It would have to be a costume I saw at a horse show. The girl dressed her pony up like a scuba diver..

Bonus- L&G/main meal?.

I am thinking steamed shrimp and veggies. I have been eating to much red meat lately...

Comment #34

Quiet day today!.


..snow?? Oh my goodness. It hit 74 here today. That's unseasonably warm but I'll take it!.

Gotta go make dinner. "night ladies!..

Comment #35

Yup Heather.

Snow, it has all melted off now but it's cold outside, I can really feel winter now..

Comment #36

Morning Ladies...

Well...I was up at the early crack of the AM. I need to start exercising so my alarm got set for 4:45. My aunt texted me at 4:30 and I was in the I need to wake up state but not there yet. SO I got up earlier (4:15) and started to exercise. I did 30 minutes of exercise and called it quits. I need to build up slowly again so that my body isn't to shocked..

However, this AM I did get on the scale and now have made an out of cycle WI. I hit a major mile stone and had to record the weight..

I will WI again on Sunday but this WI is going down in the records..

I am back under 200 lbs again..and it didn't take me that long to get through the previous decade. The 200's ALWAYS cause me major issues and it takes forever to get through them. I guess with Medifast it was different!..

Comment #37

Hi ladies!.

I am a good mood today. I am only 0.2 lbs way from a 'normal' BMI. I took the pictures I promised last night. They are on my page. :-) Today is a long lab day. I am ok with it though.

I like the people there. I will try to be on more today..

Katie - YAY on being in Onederland! You are getting so close to halfway...

Comment #38

Good morning ladies! J had a nice birthday dinner, we went to Red Robin and it was pretty cool to get a check for $0.00. Thank you birthday coupons! We still left a tip of course. Then we went home and watched Cop Out, it was pretty funny! We both enjoy the silly slapstick comedies, which it was!.

Christina- I will be checking out the Full Moon recipes, we love the mozz balls and I love olives!.

Katie- my hubby hates dressing up too, I can't believe yours was a sheep!!.

CONGRATS ON ONEDERLAND! And kudos on getting up early! J and I have been naughty and skipped the past two days, but are planning on working out tonight together..

Jessica- your costume is AWESOME! You look hot girly..

I have some news to share but don't want to share it while at work on my account. My mom will be on later to post it for you...

Comment #39


Happy Belated Mer! Can't wait to hear the good news!..

Comment #40

Hi Mekaela! My bday is Friday, so you aren't late...

Comment #41

Good, cause I was wondering why I hadn't seen it on FB. I thought maybe you just didn't post it...

Comment #42

Ha! I just realized, you are exactly 9 days older than me :P I have another friend who's birthday is the same year, only on November 4th...

Comment #43

Morning malevolent mistresses of mayhem!!!.

Kudos to all the weight loss going on around here! I have been stalled. Totally take responsibility for it and know why (stress). Will be getting back in the game here soon. Soon, I tell ya!.

One of my friends is doing a tarot card reading for me today. It's an online friend, and she's going to email me a pic of the cards I got and do a whole interpretation for me. I'm excited. I don't know how much I really "believe" in it, but I see it as more fun and interesting rather than a guide for my life actions..

I'm off to bio lecture and lab today. Not feeling it today. I'm having some pain in the tooth area again today. Thank goodness I'll be rid of it tomorrow! But unfortunately I'll also have a big hole in my smile until I get the falsey. Nice. You know it's sexy!!! I'll just do like an Asian girl and every time I giggle, I'll put my hand over my mouth.

Okay....never google "asian girls giggling".....not good. The interwebs is full of perverts people. I just wanted to show you a cute pic of a girl giggling. LOL.

I'm Audi 5000!!!..

Comment #44

Well..when I get to goal I will relook at my goal number. I will start a new ticker when that happens..

I am feeling better about the stuff the friends said. I will be having a conversation with them at some point about being more helpful. Everyone else is pretty supportive. Of coruse my mom made the comment about I hit goal before and didn't stay there so why do I expect to do it this time. One statement...not going into scale denial!..

Comment #45

Mekaela- my sister's bday is Nov 4 also, but she's 5 years younger than me..

I had a bday twin growing up, her bday was also Oct 29. We had a joint Sweet 16 party. She was the last baby my dad's grandfather ever delivered and my mom's dad was their when I was born. Both of my grandpas were doctors..

Hi Dawn!..

Comment #46

Good Morning Pinups!!.

Here is Meredith's EXCITING NEWS!! She has been offerred a new job and plans to accept it!! It is still in accounting, but comes with a hefty raise (27%). She does have to pass a physical next week and will wait till then before breaking it to her current employer!! She didn't want to post it from work in case they do any computer history searches...

Comment #47

Congrats Katie.

Congrats Mer.

Hi Mek, long time no see..

Comment #48

Morning ghoulies!!.

MerAwesome news! Congrats! So excited for you..

DawnI laughed at the giggling Asian girls comment..

Katie- Congrats on onederland!.

Jess- You look seriuhsly hot in your costume!.

Morning everyone else that I missed!.

Kind of having a bad morning: I lost one of the diamond earrings Tony's got me for Valentine's day. He looked all over the house for me...but I need to search my car. Hopefully I find it. I love those earrings!!.

On top of that, someone told me my outfit makes me look like a pirate today. My response: guess it was a good thing I didn't go with the eye-patch today then, huh? AWESOME. I want a do-over for this morning thus far...

Comment #49

It sucks Christina, Ive heard from alot of people that we ill have a bad winter, but I really hope not. I hope this snow is just a teaser and goes away until Thanksgiving.

My kids all need new boots, and my youngest needs snow pants.

Its expensive..

Comment #50

Thanks mom..

Thank you girlies! No moving, but my drive will be longer, about 30-35 min instead of 10-15. Like she said, there is an extensive screening, so I'm kind of keeping it on the down-low until it's for sure..

Hi Amy and Christina!.

Christina- sorry about your earring, I hope that it turns up!..

Comment #51

I just went through and counted all of my Medifast food I have enough for 65.8 days ROFL..

Comment #52


I'm launching a huge survey of all nonprofits in central TX today, and the past week or so preparing have been nuuuuts! wanted to say a quick hello!.

After super duper skim-mode backreading (so sorry if I left out anything major!)....


, aaaaawesome about the potential j-o-b! 1. you will rock your physical, ms. i-completed-a-triathlon-so-there. 2. I hope you have your own office. 3.

27% raise?! squeeeee!.


, spa party sounds loverly! yay for warmer temps hope they last a bit!.


, owee about the tooth still... don't be too scurred. i'll hold your hand through the interwebs!.


, snow?! ee! awesome about having 60+ days of food..

Eat it up!.


, hot mama! whoa! boo about the ex (again). sounds like you're handling it like a champ. I hope you get your money back....





, and all you gals! have a super tuesday...

Comment #53

LOL Amy. I bet it's expensive!.

Thanks Mer...I'm super excited for you!..

Comment #54

We got about 5 inches of snow last night, so of course my kids wanted to wear all there snow gear today (teachers wont let them in the snow without boots) so we found out what fits and what doesnt, my 6yr old and 9 year olds snow pants barely fit..

Comment #55

Its fantastic, I put a deposit on new winter tires and hoping to make it until Friday, thats when I get my paycheck..

Comment #56

Hey ladies!! And Mek *glomps*!!! Long time no squeee!.

Death Muffin- Your fb thing made me smile. I've got your answers here I just have to put them up. Also, wanna hear my diamond earring losing story? I was at karate, and I noticed one was missing. I shouldn't have had it in during karate, but shihan (highest rank in dojo, higher than sensei) stops everyone after class, makes them stay later, and they are scouring the whole dojo floor for my earring. Nothing. So I go home and take a shower, and whaddaya know, it was in the drain!!! I felt like such a jerk..

Amy-I got some snowsuits for the boys from Freecycle. Can you do that? I just kept my eyes peeled and when they popped up I snagged them..

I'm hurtin' fer certain today. So glad the tooth is coming out tomorrow..

Congrats on the work stuff, Mer! I am so proud of you and happy for you!..

Comment #57

So Ivan peed all over himself yesterday and it ran down his legs into his shoes. I rinsed them and didn't want to put them in the dryer. That's when I realized Ivan really needs more than one pair of shoes. So I ordered these this morning:.

Http://|61649_shoes|baby%20boy%20sho es_shoes..

Comment #58

Ugh! Nothing is going right today. The group I am working with is starting a major experiment and is using all the equipment I need. It is their stuff so I have to use other equipment in different rooms. I need to heat my stuff to kill off any bacteria that may be there in an Autoclave so I went up stairs but that one is broken. Someone is taking my stuff to another building to have it Autoclaved their while on lunch. I also need to use a hood which keeps air born bacteria from getting on my stuff.

When I went to go use it some other girl was using it. It is just making the time I need to be here longer..

I was getting grumpy so I decided to stop and have lunch. Now BT1 is texting me and I feel much better..

Mer Thanks! Yay on the surprise. Congrats!.

X-tina There is hope. I found my engagement ring almost 2 weeks after I lost it outside at the lab. Just keep looking..

Taylor Thanks. That reminds me. Guess how much he got for the $800 rings? He posted on FB that he only got $80! :-O That isnt enough to even pay my cell phone bill. I really feel like he would have gotten more up here..

Dawn I hope you stop hurting soon...

Comment #59

Dawn - You can put the shoes in a pillow case and then leave the end of the pillowcase hanging out the door so they don't get tossed around so much...

Comment #60

Jawdrop on the 5 inches of snow. I am SO not ready for snow yet. It is in the mid-70's here today. I am still freezing....

This time next year..if my plan goes right I will be at goal and hopefully not cold...

Comment #61

Yuck Dawn, I have had that happen before I think with both my younger kiddos, not fun to wash shoes. I bought a boot dryer at G.I. Joe before they went out of business but Ive noticed that alot of stores carry them now, it's the best thing for snow/rain and kids.

I usually pass snow pants down from kid to kid, but I dont think I have a pair in the size my youngest needs, it's the size of my daughters from 2 years ago that mysteriously disappeared.

Oh and no ive never done free cycle before, Im a weirdo..

Comment #62

Jessica-The shoes are leather, so I don't want to risk it. They dried out overnight near the coal stove..

The tarot card reading was frakking spooky! It pretty much confirmed that my career path is going to work really well for me and that I'll be successful at it, but it also addressed the fear I'm experiencing completely accurately. The card that I got was a really high-level positive card and it was the Cups which indicates education! Spoooooky..

And it also addressed what Mark and I have been going through and how we're coming out of it stronger now. And my recent just had a lot of really relevant, interesting information. Money well spent. And it was cheap!..

Comment #63

Dawn- I love the new boots! Xavier could rock those but it's too warm for something like that down here...

Comment #64

Thanks Tay! I would have my own office..

Good luck on your survey!.

Dang Amy, 5" of snow? CRAZY!!.

I've never done freecycle before either, but I have looked for things on there..

Dawn- at least you found it!.

LOL, boys def need more than one pair of shoes! Those are cute..

Glad the reading went well!.

Jessica- *hugs*.

$80? That's terrible!.

Well, I am getting a cold. I came in this morning feeling fine, and then the sneezing started. Then the stuffiness. Then the congestion, then the sore throat. This better be gone by Friday! I am stopping at the Rx on my way home to get Airborne or Emergen-C..

Back to work..

Comment #65

Uggg Merz- being sick stinks, Im going on 3 weeks of congestion.

It started with a sore throat then being stuffy, now I cough a little and my sinuses are stuffy..

Comment #66

Well ladies I am heading off to work, see you all later..

Comment #67

Sometimes I wish we lived up North so that we could rock out the cute winter clothes. I LOVE jackets!! Especially with hoods and big buttons. I'm weird like that......

Comment #68

Oh yeah, you're such a weirdo, Death Muffin, you like coats!!! Whoa, slow down this freak-show!!! LOL.

Mer- Now that I read your shoe comment, it does kinda seem silly:P..

Comment #69's not the coats, well it could be living in FL BUT, it's the big buttons and hoods. Like ANYTHING with a hood and or big buttons, I'm all over it. LOL..

Comment #70

Thanks. Much appreciated! I am sooooo bored girls! Work is so blah right now. Hates it...

Comment #71

Christina, You should use your mad sewing skillz and sew hoods and giant-a** buttons on all your clothes. How cool would that be????? LOL..

Comment #72

Dude, I can totally sew a button but that's about it....hmmm....I love giant a** buttons!..

Comment #73

I have "Safety Dance" in my head. BTW, I am extrememly excited about Glee tonight!!..

Comment #74

I hate coats. I really dislike being hot, and the problem with coats is they work well outside, but I hate going to a store with a coat..

Carolyn has QODs..

I am also excited for Glee!.

Probably won't be on again tonight, have a good night everyone!..

Comment #75

Oh crap, I'm so mad about our stupid cable company. They pulled Fox and My9 here and they've been off the air since the around the 16th!!! They are in negotiations for more money. I've been missing Glee, Lie To Me, all my Fox cartoons on Sundays...we only have basic cable so that's like a good 1/3 of the channels we watch! We watch a lot of Fox and PBS. And it's the Rocky Horror episode tonight! Probably the one I'm most excited about!!!.

And guess what? I'm thinking they aren't gonna give us any money back for reduced services either! Jerks. I keep telling Mark he should at least call and complain and maybe try to get us an upgrade or a refund of some sort..

Bye Mer!..

Comment #76

Hey Vixens!.

*is also excited for Glee*.



! Nice to see you here!.


...CONGRATS on the new job! I'm sure you're going to pass a silly physical! Come on now!!! YAYYYYYY!!! Can't wait for all the details..


..more snow? That's just crazy!! We are getting crazy weather too..way too warm but I'll take it over snowl.

Jessica. look amazing in your costume! Wow!.

Dawn. def. should try and get a refund from the cable co. That's just wrong!.

LOVE those shoes for Ivan..

Ok..I hear Izzy's bus must run...

Comment #77

I have unlimited minutes Dawn. I can call you and put the phone next to the TV. LMAO.

I may be teaching a class for the next term....which starts next week?!? W T F....I'm happy and like, uh really? all at the same time...

Comment #78

Looks like Career Development...its basically a class on how to do a resume, interview techniques, etc. She thinks it'll be a good class for me to to get my "feet wet"...

Comment #79

Ok...well I'm out for the night girlies!! See you tomorrow..

Comment #80

Morning malevolent mistresses of Medifast!.

Today is the day.....I say goodbye to a good friend, Mr. Tooth. He was always there for me, but lately he's become a pain! So it's time for both of us to move on. Every time I chew steak, I'll think of him..

However, before all that funness, I have to do a geography quiz, a bio quiz, and study for my bio test. Oh, and somewhere in there I should probably hit the precalculus. It's gonna be a good day! That was sarcasm, btw..

I can't even pick up my Sarah-boo cuz I don't go to the dentist til 5pm, and who knows when I'll get home and I'll probably be in bad shape. So I have to call her after school and let her know.

I've been picking her up after the boys' swim class every Wednesday. Good times..

Comment #81

Good morning ladies!.

Well, it's official, I am sick. Nyquil didn't even knock me out last night, so I feel like poop. I'm at work, but planning on calling my doc to see if I can be seen today..

Glee was awesome, even J enjoyed it!.

Heather- I know, but I've never been subjected to a 4-hour physical! It's a little nerve-wracking! And, I have to take time off at work because the last appointment they will take is at 2pm..

Christina- I hope that you get the teaching position!!..

Comment #82

Hi Sexy Ladies!!!!.

I am in a GREAT mood! I talked to BT1 a lot yesterday. He is so d**m cute. :-D He is sharing his feeling more, like the fact that he misses me and can't wait to see me again. *sigh* He only down fall now is his job which makes seeing him hard..

My body likes tranition apparently. I lost 1.2 lbs last night. I passed 2 of my 3 goals in one night. W00T! I am now 'normal' when it comes to BMI but I doubt I am normal when it comes to anything else. Ha! I have also passed my 3rd 10% body weight lost. Since Friday, I have lost half of what I had to reach goal.

Can you tell that I am giddy?.

Dawn - good luck on your quizes! I hope your tooth thing goes smooth. Sarah will understand, maybe you can hang with her this weekend to make up for today?.

Mer - Boo on being sick. I hope you feel better soon. What would an accountant need to do that would require a 4 hour physical? That does sound scary..

Christina - Good luck on the teaching job. I enjoy teaching a lot...

Comment #83

Oh my gosh.


! 4 hours...that sounds a bit intense for a desk job!!! No wonder you're nervous. Well you are in great shape so I think you will be fine...

Comment #84

Random hubby's band played a show with Men Without Hats. That is the Safety Dance you're referring to, right?.

I hope you get to teach that class too!!..

Comment #85


..sorry you are sick..

Miss Izzy isn't feeling well today either. I'm letting her stay home. She feels warm and I can tell she's just not herself. I don't have anything major to do today so I can take it easy and have a sick day with her..

Hey where's.


? I want to hear about Vegas..




Comment #86


..that's fantastic about reaching so many of your goals. Many people continue to lose in transition!! Keep up the great work!..

Comment #87


I hope you and Mr Tooth have a healthy break up. I'm sure Sarah will understand about tonight...

Comment #88

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.