Does anybody know how much weightless centers cost like Nutrasystem, Nutrisystem, and Lindora?

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First question I got is Does anybody know how much weightless centers cost like Nutrasystem, Nutrisystem, and Lindora? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... Had to drive up to NY from Fl this week (through a snowstorm, to a snow storm) but the trip was worth it. When I weighed in on my scale in NY it says I weigh 199 lbs. A 7 lb loss for the week. I think I'll be taking this scale back to Fl with me.

In which case all I need to do is drive back and forth about 10 times.

Of cource, I''l then need to buy a new car. Hummmm......

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Yes sir! but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

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If you drop a ball in colorado at the same time I drop one in NJ at the same height at the same time, they will land at the same time. gravity is the same at these altitudes..

Remember, our atmosphere - compared to the earth - is like the skin of an apple compared to an apple... not much happens in that small a size.

Professor napoleon - not smarter than a 5th grader..

Comment #2

Increasing your distance from the center of a massive object decreases it's gravity pull on you. That is, your 'weight'. But the 1.5 mile difference in altitude between San Francisco and somewhere in the Denver Rockies would only make a difference of (typing furiously at a calculator): 0.23 pounds for you weighing 347..

Of course your mass is the same..


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And to think Physics and Math were two of my best subjects....

And yes, I know mass doesn't change, it's weight that is variable based on gravity..

And dropping the balls from the same relative height in locations with different altitudes would cause the balls to drop differently (although very minor differences) due to the difference in air friction (less air here so less friction). Part of why people ***** (guess you can't say b.i.t.c.h) about Coors Field in Denver for Baseball, and why seeing 50+ yard field goals in Mile High Stadium aren't that big of a deal... Tiger Woods wouldn't play at the PGA tournament that used to be held in Castle Rock as he claimed it messed his game up (that tournament was always the week before the British Open) due to how much further his drives went. (whats sad is, if thats the case, I must really be bad at sea level as my drives aren't very long even here at over 7,000 feet.


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Nice job, Misaltas! I'm WAY too lazy to have looked for how to figure that one out!.


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One of the occupational hazards of my job is that these kinds of almost useless formulas wedge themselves in my head. Nice to put them to almost useless work every once in a while..

Couple more good points above:.

A. Yeah, the different mass objects falling the same only works purely in a vacuum. The Coors Field thing..

B. Skin of an apple is a good analogy. Think I'll steal that one..

C. Another factor is water retention by someone going to a higher altitude if they're not acclimated..

D. Probably some other variables at play that push it one way or the other..

Not worth the continued nerdiness, so I'll cut myself off there...

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Really? Water Retention? I guess i'm confusing it with our dry climate (Colorado Springs is a high desert basically), but everyone I know around here (and especially people visiting here) are dehydrated most of the time and drinking water is a requirement (thats where Nutrisystem water isn't a huge deal for me anyway)...

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You would love this one thread I had about packing fractions for cut cupped veggie servings. Turns out that there is primary literature (from the 1700s!) on compressing dried peas. They actually deform and create facets like crystals.....

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