Does anyone have a website through
Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does anyone have a website through Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Are .biz domains any good?..

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Ye, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Godaddy guys because they can assist you better...

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To the guy who just sold for $5000 I would think so. For a small business that cannot afford the .com .biz provides a nice alternative. MOLE where are you ?

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I'm sure A few are worth something to the right person.I will not register one myself,unless I'm trying to get all the ltd's of A certain name...

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It's difficult to answer such a generic question briefly, but in my opinion - Yes they are good (and valuable) if chosen smartly and/or used properly. Some countries are more favorable towards them than others, and the reported .BIZ sales at DNJournal have been looking good this year..

I suggest browsing though this thread and reading the posts by "mole" as Equity78 mentioned..


You can find more information and opinions by using the.

Quick Search.

At the top of the forum...

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I hope so....

I recently regd.

(my hometown).

It is gone in all major ext..

As luck would have it, the PLAN is to build a "sackville business directory" so the .biz.

Fits pretty good..

And, many domainers will argue that the ext. doesn't matter near as much as the.

Content anyway..

Having said that - .com RULES..

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I own, a real estate refinance domain. I have no doubt that if I had instead, I'd be living in a better home and driving a nicer car right now...

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The fact that you need to ask this question may suggest (though not definitely) that you belong to the following demo-psycho profile;.

1. You do not work as a highly skilled business professional in a well established brain-industry MNC..

2. You do not read Businessweek, Forbes, and WSJ..

3. You do not watch CNN, CNBC or Reuters..

4. You tend towards a traditionalist mindset rather than that of an experimentalist or uncoventionalist..

5. FastCompany to you means a fast food chain rather than a business magazine..

6. Whenever you see B2B, it reminds you of Boobs and Breasts..

7. The letter Z to you looks more like.

Than one symbolic of speed..

8. You think that Tom Peters is a famous baseball player rather than a management guru..

9. Social networking to you means a crazy night out with the guys at the neighbourhood pub, not attending trade seminars and industry conferencees..

10. Your two front teeth is missing and mouthing the word ' BIZ' results in saliva splatting out onto the unfortunate victim in front of you...

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I have two Biz domains: One is, the other is! is now for sale in NP's NameBucks (NP$) Sales & Auctions area!..

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I guess it's ok for company names. But unless I get very strong keywords, I'm sticking to either .com or .org for generic words...

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Biz is not the bestest of names but can be good alternetive say if you want a specific name and the com is gone then you could go for a biz..

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It really just depends on the domain..

Some domains are better in .com, some .info. It all really depends on the HostGator and what it is being used for..

See my sig.....

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Well there are lots of pros and cons about this one but I would say that it's better to get .com .net .org simply because they are common...

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If you look at my sig, you will see that I have, the .biz extension in this case fits better than .net as it denotes that there is money to be made..

I would NEVER say that one extension is better than all of the rest, as it depends 100% on the intended use of the domain, it's target audience and of course the HostGator itself...

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I agree there is always situation when one is better than the other extension like the case you mentioned biz was better than com. and as for popularity that just means a lower chance of getting the name you wnat..

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I personaly dislike .biz. May be it's that "z" in the end that makes it look kinda don't like it..


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Uses Global Biz and Small Biz..

Maybe you should tell them it looks kinda lame.....

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I dont own any .biz and dont think it is something I would look at for the moment anyway..

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Same thing happened to me back in 1995 when I didn't own any .com and not something I would look at for. Back then, I remember seeing so many killer names still available. I thought, pah, .com looks like some stupid DOS executable file, I preferred .net (for 'Internet' )! Took me till 2000 to own my first .com. By then, I was way way too late...

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Lol thats not good.

Just looking around there are some real fab gems .biz but with .tv up and comming too I have to be alittle careful..

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Hi Mole,.

With "business" being one of the number one keywords on the planet. Do you think it's likely they will bring out another similar extension for business? :-)..

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I think info will be bigger than biz I prefer it to biz I don't know about anyone else..

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I have a few .info's but really think .com is the only one doing "really" well..

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They already have, .BIZ (Business) is a direct offshoot from .COM (Commerce). The term 'commerce' is very dated, 'business' makes more sense in today's business semantic structure..

They could have used the same first 3 letter truncation used by .COM, but I think .BUS was rejected as looking weird..

'BIZ' by the way is very common vernacular with today's professional business community if you don't already know...

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Gotta say I agree, .bus looks and sounds wrong.

Too many names, too many extentions, not enough money..

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.INFO is definitely more versatile if that's not what you want your company website to be referred to. Yes, .BIZ is inherently specific, and particularly appropriate for B2B use. Let the kids have their .COM..

I'm sure they considered .BS, but that stank too...

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Because it looks too much like .piss? But then again, .COM sound like .cum..

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I will never look at a .com in the same light again..

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Or .con (as in Con-man)...I've typo'ed it that way more than a few times..

I don't think another one is needed, but if proposed, I think something more specific like .shop, .store, .sales, or .Inc could find approval...

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Good blog entry from.

Proof there is Life Beyond .com.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005 posted by

Now here's some proof that companies could really careless if the .com name is taken and choose different extensions ,in this case icapital goes with .BIZ ,what come again a company thats going to be listed on the stockexchange with a market cap of 140 million and could easily buy the name in .com extension particularly where the .com it's not even a GoDaddy site but parked ppc page choses .BIZ over .com ?? Just more proof the once king of the internet .com is slowly losing it's grip. With more then a dozen new extensions in the pipeline folks finally have some choices besides .com. It's no wonder the once luster of gold and royalties in .com is now tarnished. Companies like going for different extensions are setting themselves apart from just another typical .com site..

And for the argument your just sending traffic to the .com GoDaddy site the competitor,well don;t people shop at different competing stores all day long looking.

For the best buys ,should the internet be any different? To think you'll capture 100% of traffic even for a .com is fool hardly. With the millions of ordinary names attached to .com chosing a meaningfull extension which identifies with your industry will make all the difference in an ordinary enviroment...

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Interest-specific or site-specific domains would be neat. ex .cars, .trains, .porcelain, .shop, .store, .pc, .mac..

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There could be a great future for .biz IMHO.

I already regged a few domains ( ps. we also use it for our company site.


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Thanks for reminding us on that point, ty. One of the reasons why some businesses are adopting .BIZ is that it helps sets them apart and provides a clear naming differentiation from the .COMmon riff raff..

Two key reasons;.

1.COM reminds of the irresponsible dotcom boom era, and the massive failures and lost money in that period.BIZ comes with no baggage..

2.BIZ is an officially santuated extension by ICANN to mean Business, it's a blue-blooded extension, no pretences, no made up meaning. If you are a B2B, the name makes a perfect fit..

Some domainers are just too hung up on the so-called 'curious type-in' .COM-centric model. A name also projects brand meaning. A name tells the visitor what the business stands for...

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.biz is like any other extension besides .com...good in that it provides an alternatice to .com, bad in that no one's likely to remember to type in .biz instead of .com, at least not for quite a while. I for one wish non .com extensions would gain more strength, and I'm not just saying that because about half my port is non .com either!..

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Think you got something there.

People DO and WILL for a long time type in .com.

Even the obvious stars names .biz are still up for reg??..

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Where does Huston go when Nasa has a problem ?

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In my opinion they are npt good, only com!..

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Cool, why would they go to dot com, they commercial, solol why not us??..

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