Does anyone have any easy dessert Medifast recipes?

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First question I got is Does anyone have any easy dessert Medifast recipes? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... I don't post much on the boards, I am basically a sit back and read kind of person. I am probably thought of as a creep since I am not much with posting words of encouragement or discussing daily struggles but that is kind of how I am as a person, I am a watcher..

Anyway I am.


Today just to give an update of my status and what struggles I am having. When I started this journey I weighed 321 pounds and am 5'11. I had the.

Gastric bypass surgery.

On March 8th and I now weigh 177. I am happy with my current weight and am looking now to go from losing to maintaining. I know that a lot of people have warned that you will regain some weight so I am trying to stay vigilant on what I eat and how it works with my system. I can not eat pork products, they just don't sit well nor do foods that have been deep fried but honestly I have not had them for so long it is ok and I dont really miss it. I don't dump alot and I snack on a lot of seeds, raisins, cranberrys, nuts ext... I went to the Dr.

I have a vental hernia from a previous.


That is a constant thorn in my side but I go to the Dr. on Dec. 9th to start the process on having that repaired and with the size and are I should be able to squeeze in a tummy tuck with that... :-). I wear a bind most days to help hold it in place and flatten my mid section but I look foward to the day that is gone plus I look forward to the tummy tuck becuase when I am undressed I look as if I am melting...I don't mind so much but hey if I can get it fixed why not..

I still struggle with protien and getting enough in but otherwise everything is great. I do not regret having the.


And with the exception of caffine I am following the rules every day. I did plateau a few times and that was frustrating but I never in my wildest dreams expect the success I have had from this.


And if you are committed to changing your life then I highly suggest going forward with this type of proceedure. I found for me that following the rules has helped me with my success and encourage everyone out there struggling to just stick to your doctors directions and you should be fine..

I really.


This finds you all well and wish you all the best and a good holiday season. I am sorry for any spelling errors and my randome jumping of topics...that is just part of what makes

Good holidays to all.


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Ye, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can help better...

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Fantastic news! Congrats on your success. I, too, am getting close to my goal weight and am going to have to focus on maintaining, so that'll be a whole new challenge. You've done a great job, you should be proud..


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Brian - I wouldn't be so hard on yourself for not posting so much. I go through periods and I do read every day but sometimes I don't feel like.


Sort of like in real life. Thank you for your post today and congratualtions on your weight loss and health improvements (not necessarily in that order!) Be well, MaryM..

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Thanks for the encouragement! Congratulations on your success!.


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Wow you have done very well, thanks for the post! Gives me encouragement...

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Hey Brian!.

CONGRATULATIONS on your success and THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this :).

I cannot begin to express just how awesome and inspiring stories like yours are for me. At some of my darkest moments I had a couple of women email me and share that they went thru the same thing and one day felt better. I held that info dear to my heart and honestly it got me thru :).

Now at 6.5 months out I am beginning to be able to eat. I find it to be extremely challenging to keep my calories down and protein up..

I am sooo happy for you and am inspired by you..

Thanks for making my day!.


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Thank you for the post. I am preop and your story is one of the inspirations that confirm to me that I am making the BEST decision of my life to have RNY WLS..

Congratulations on your success and good luck with the tuck and repair!..

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Great job. keep it up. do you think the tummy tuck will be paid for by insurance..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.