Does anyone have any good, easy crockpot Medifast recipes?

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My first question is Does anyone have any good, easy crockpot Medifast recipes? Thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Hi everybody. Just want to introduce myself - I've been lurking and posting in a few threads. I am scheduled for.


On the 17th so doing thd final few day countdown. I look forward to getting to know you!..

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The answer is Yes, although you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

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Welcome to the group and congrats on your upcoming.




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Welcome to the group and wishing you a successful.


And speedy recovery..


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Welcome. The 17th is just around the corner. Good luck!..

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Welcome boofie - best wishes on your upcoming.



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Welcome to the madhouse. Glad you posted your own intro..


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Aw shucks everybody - you sure make me feel welcome! Thanks!!!..

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Hi everybody. Just want to introduce myself - I've been lurking and posting in a few threads. I am scheduled for.


On the 17th so doing thd final few day countdown. I look forward to getting to know you!..

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Hey Boofie!!.

I'm having my surg on the 15th!! How are you doing on your pre-op diet?.

Welcome to the group..

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Welcome! I'm having.


On the 17th too! Good Luck!!..

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Welcome to the group! I am so glad you found us...this site has been a saving grace for me. Please feel free to post any questions you might have...this is a wonderful group of people who are always happy to help and give you a little kick in the pants when you need it. Lol. Best of luck on your.


I will be looking forward to following your progress!.


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Welcome to the group. Nice to meet you. Best wishes on your journey!.

~Michelle "Shelly"..

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Hitch you wagon to our star and Hang ON!!!..

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Hi Boofie:.

Good Luck on the 17th. I am 3 weeks post.


And would love to stay in contact with you to compare notes. I'll be thinking of you on the 17th...

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Welcome! You'll love this site! You'll learn a lot about yourself and know others that relate to you at each stage you're in...

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Hi Bootie and Welcome!! You are going to just love this site!.

Ask anything and anytime!.

Mary J..

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Welcome, Good luck on your.


Next week, I will be three weeks out that day.....

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I'm struggling a bit with the Medifast diet - how about you? There is this evil little voice inside me that keeps saying it is the last time I can eat for a while so...I keep trying to squash that voice with liquid protein but it isn't so easy...

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Welcome to the group my.


Is also on the 17 and I am struggling too with my liwuid Medifast diet but remember it will be worth it in the end or that what I keep telling myself..

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Welcome, I do.


Your experience will be a great a one ....and I will save you a spot on the losers bench :)..

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Welcome. My.


Is on the 19ths, so we'll be on about the same page. Let's keep in touch. Which procedure are you having?..

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Hi and welcome, my.


Is not until December 13, I start my liquid protein the day after Thanksgiving.... no leftovers for me :o(.....

I understand your feelings.....I have not even started the liquid protein and I am having a hard time with it :o).... Mostly when I go grocery shopping for the family.....I just keep seeing things I can't have.....and it is a little sad..... good...but sad...if that makes any sense at all......

I am trying to onlly eat now what I can have later...but it doesn't always work...... I am not bingeing...but I am having some "last time for this" moments.......

Good luck with everything, and we are glad you are here!!! liz..

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@ Farmgirl I am having the VSG procedure and yes, lets do keep up with each other as we will be on the same page!.

@ Lizzie - those "last time" are exactly the moments I'm fighting. I have a friend who had bypass a year ago and I talked with her today about that - she reminded me about.


How to find comfort and enjoyment elsewhere - can't be Medifast food anymore! Tough lesson to get through my head though :)..

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So Happy for you and looking forward to you being on the lossing side! I will say a special.


For you...

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Nice to meet you. I to am a RN.I don't have my date yet, but am praying for it to be sooner than later...

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I wish you the best! My.


Is the 23rd and I am couting down too...

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Welcome! You will find that this site will be very helpful to you. It's so good to talk to other people who can relate to what you're going through. Good luck and keep us posted after your.



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Welcome, Boofie! So glad you stopped lurking and introduced yourself, proper like. This is a great place to come for celebrating, whining, and support. Welcome aboard!.


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Welcome I'm new too everyon is so nice and it's nice to be with ppl who understand what you are going thru !!!i just had my.


On Tuesday !..

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