Does anyone have any Medifast Diet books?

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First question I have is Does anyone have any Medifast Diet books? Many thanks for any comment. Another question... We are a small but mighty group..

Laura Lee is our marathon runner, and a mother of active boys. Lynne is our massage therapist and an inspiration in Chalean / soaps / being a Goddess! Chris is our nurse, and a mother of two beautiful girls. Finally, there is the teacher who is doing her best to keep up. Come on in and meet some wonderful Medifast people who are doing their best to reach goal and stay healthy!..

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You betcha! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

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Wow sept first already. hard to imagine that our summer is gone. fall weather is peeking at us here in the pnw. we normally have a lovely sept and oct, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the patterns hold true. hoping for some nice days still to come before the rain sets in..

The first day of the month always seems like a fresh start. I got my order yesterday and have things all sorted out for my restart. I am looking at today as a new beginning. thinking of the saying that " success is falling down seven times , getting up eight!" I have fallen more than that but as long as I keep getting up , and keep trying I am moving , albeit glacially slow, towards my goal of ultimate health and well being for life. I find it inspiring that folks who have losses and goals similar to mine are meeting goal this week. I see what 100 percent focus can yield.

I know that only I can do it, no one else can make the choices for me to stay 100% op. I am committed to doing Medifast the way it is written and give up "my way" of doing mf- the tweaking the rationalizing eating things that are so not mf. we all know that Medifast works if you work the program..

I am back at work this week. re entry is never easy after vacation! school starts next week which will be good for all of us. the kids are ready for some structure and I am ready for some "me" time ..

Hope you all are doing well...

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Hey y'all! Thanks for the intro Anita!.

Chris-you are so right!!! When I screw up on anything, I come to the point where I tell myself "all you can do it is start on the path, right now" I am a big, big fan of back to school!!! I never got used to that out in the PNW with school starting after labor day..

I just ran 6 at the park. It was great. We have a beautiful day here-I think it is still in the 70's..

I am 100% OP today and I am staying that way...with the help of PB2!!! I had another pancake this morning with just a little pb2 on it-AMAZING!.

Laura Lee..

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Good morning- yesterday was a decent day. I did not get all my water in, but there was no cheese and no nuts, I ate my l&g and my 5 meals and a snack. I am off to deliver babies today so I have all my food ready to go. for today-i will not spend any extra money in the cafeteria at the "salad" bar- there is no way to weigh stuff and it's too easy to add some "my way" things into it. so I am committing to eating only what is in my bag for the day..

Here I go day 2 of s firm recommitment to getting to goal and moving on to transition...

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Hey y'all-.

Way to go Chris on sticking to the food you bring-put the money from the cafeteria toward hot new jeans!!!.

I've got on my hot jeans right now avoiding cheating. I spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY!! I have a sickness. This is it though-the jeans signal the end of my spending. I have enough for fall..I think..

I paced yesterday because I was back to feeling all my issuesat least I am feeling them instead of eating through them..

I sell Thirty One bags-kind of bags you get embroidered. Anyway, I had a party at someone's house today. A girl there was telling me about her couch to 5K program. That is when I shared with her that I was 210 this time last yearI think it is the first time I have ever told anyone. She was floored. She said she thought she would keep running then!!!.


Laura Lee..

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Chris-here is a thread from low carb friends about complacencyI thought you might be interested.


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Hey y'all-6:57 made it through dinner OP! I feel good again..

I just keep hurting myself with the binges. I feel so abnormal and like I am never going to be able to enjoy desserts, etc. Screw bread, pasta, and fruit-all I want is ice cream and cookies!!!.

Okay, I am done..

Laura Lee..

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Good morning! 7:23 and I am OP! Not too much temptation at 7 am though!!!.

I am gearing up for my run this morning. I feel a "chill" againremember last winterI was so miserable with the cold-now it is 68 degrees and I am sitting here with my heater on!!! I am so pathetic! Or maybe this is my body's way of telling me to retire to a secluded beach in Mexico...

Laura Lee..

Comment #8

LOL, love the beach in Mexico idea, Laura Lee!!..

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Hey y'all!.

1:24 and I OPbut I have eaten my lean for the dayI picked up the pork bbq for our weekend activities. It was too good to not have a plate at lunch..

These 2 guys smoke 500 lbs of pork at their house every big holiday weekend and then sell it for $10 a pound-the profit goes to a feeding center in Africa through their church. It is the best stuff. And we have good bbq here on every corner!.

So, I am OP-are you? I hope so. I am feeling it again-so this time I am going to grab it and go and get to my goal!!! I was 143 this morning-on the new scale.

That is probably 139 on the old scale..

Laura Lee..

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A quick hello. we have family in from out of town so I am playingg oregon your guide. yesterday the coast, today the gorge and a night at mt hood. I am op. no nuts for me...

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Hey y'all! I hope all is well. I am hanging in there. I am OP but wanting more-I want to binge but I am not going to. I am a mental case today..

We are renting the pontoon boat tomorrowshould be a blast..

Laura Lee..

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No nuts for me, I am op. weighed this am and am in the same range as prior to vacation and my fall from program commitment. not at ticker weight but that is ok I expected that , still in the 170's. I am feeling like I am back in the groove foodwise. water wise I still have room to improvei usually only weigh when I have been op and know that the scale is on it's way down. I get very depressed when it is up and that can send me off program pretty quickly.

So the fact that I am back to weighing is good.i am planning to weigh weekly until I get to goal..

We had family in town for the weekend. I am tired from playing oregon tour guide and having to be "on" the whole time. we are very different so I found it mentally challenging to stay pleasant, but I think I managed. they are from nj so our neck of the woods is very different and our lifestyle is very different.( think single mom of two from oregon vs surgeon in the big city with stay at home hubby) anyway- I stayed op the whole time they were here, including a visit to the famous huckelberry inn for homemade huckelberry pie! it felt good to have that kind of commitment to my health and my goals..

Hope you are all focused and commited...

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Chris, what a victory!!.

I've been struggling with water as well. I just keep filling my bottles, but 1/2 the time I find myself bringing home 1/2 a bottle or more. Today is another day to try to do better..

I was up late, so I let myself sleep in, but today's a work-out day and I'm off my schedule! I woke up super-hungry, so had to eat a bit, so now I've got to wait a while before exercise!! D'oh!! I'm just doing a bit of web-surfing + laundry for an hour or so, then Chalean, then on with the day!!.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!..

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Hey y'all!.

Busy day-Bible study (cuz I am good Baptist girl.

) and then lunch with Eliza-I kept putting it off and I have to go. I don't know why I don't like going to their school. I always felt so fat before and compared myself to other moms. So, so bad to do-it is a sickness. Now I am thinner and I just want to blend in-but it is hard because EVERYONE knew me fat there. so I get stared at either way!!! Not the worst thing to deal with, I know.

Lynne-way to adjust and get it done!!!.

We had our day on the boat and it was so much fun. I loved it. The kids had a blast..

I am OPwill be when I check in later!!!.

Laura Lee..

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12:22 and I got through the lunch only mildly stared at.

I am OP and doing it today..

Laura Lee..

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Hey y'all! I am OP and feeling good..

We are almost out of oatmeal so I have doctoring up the eggs for dh in the mornings with a laughing cow garlic and herb with a few diced peppers and I have been having the cappucino with ice and little decaf instant to make it more coffee flavored-pretty good..

I am going to run at the park today. I know it will be nice. Going into fall here in ATL feels so good. It is warm, but not too much in a sweaty humid kind of way!.

I got a slot for the counseling-I start on Thursdays-I am so happy; I have been on the waitlist for weeks since I had that intake appt..

Laura Lee..

Comment #17

Hey y'all-sticking with it today. I am hungry, but I think it is stress because I have the craziest schedule this afternoonit is too painful to even talk about right now..

I am going to have my 4th Medifast meal early and load up to get me through the afternoon..

But I am OP. I am staying that way today!!!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #18

Hey guysthis is the all LL thread!.

But that is okay..

I will be accountable to any old soul reading this threadIt is 9:43 and I am OP. I am feeling really good today with several days binge free under my belt..

I don't want to get too excited because it can fall apart for me so quickly!!.

Hang in there girls-kick it and stay OP!!!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #19

Sweetie, I'm here for you!! I've been having a really tough time of it lately. Stress and lack of sleep are doing strange things to my body. I'm not really eating enough calories and/or carbs to gain weight...yet my scale is telling an awful tale..

Not yet sure what to do about it..

But you're doing brilliantly, and I hope Chris and Anita are as well!!.


Comment #20

How did I miss checking in? Sorry Laura! I check the edit profile settings button to check for anything new and I guess I missed a few. Another week almost gone here in the UK and I am doing okay. Not perfect, mind you, but okay...

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Hey y'all-.

Wow, I feel SO good today-maybe I am back in some kind of ketosis? don't screw it up, don't screw it up, don't screw it up!!!.

I am OP-it is 2:08 and I just had my 4th Medifast meal. I mixed a vanilla shake with just 4 oz of water and let it sit for several hours. I then crushed 5 big ice cubes in my Ninja. Then I added the 4 oz of vanilla and mixed it up. Then I put it in a big cup and poured diet root beer over-really good..

I will probably have a snack of a lc cheese with Medifast crackers later..

Lynne-what are you eating? Did you post your diet on lcf again to see what they said? are you on a different board there? are you still induction?.

Anita-way to stick to it. Keep going for completely OP-are you still walking now that school has started?.

Let's stay on our plan, girls-we can do it!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #22

6:45 and I am OP-except I just had 10 little bitty xylitol mints! With no nutrional information listed for them. Ughh. I am thinking it is probably a carb a piece. they were just so good.

Laura Lee..

Comment #23

Hey all- busy time for me, sorry to be awol. I am op- second day in a row with being on track for meals, light on water tho. I have no nuts in the house at all these days and have decided to have alternative snacks for the kids, so that I am not tempted by them. the coworker of mine who joined Medifast after me has now lost 49 pounds. it's so great to see her succeeding it makes me inspired to stay on track and get back to real losses so that I can get to goal by the end of the year. I would love to turn 49 ( december) at goal.

Laura I just wanted to say that usually we are our own harshest critics. I doubt that any one is looking at you in judgement. they might notice how great you look- how could they not think that? you look hot. so please be kind to yourself...

Comment #24

Hey y'all!.

Chris-I got pre packaged nut snacks for Eliza and Benjamin-my nut eaters-it was more expensive but that way I am not tempted to dip into their snack pile. I am so harsh on my self-I just can't get past it. I know this is the source of a lot of my problems anyway. It is difficult to just change my mindset after years of not forgiving myself or not liking myself..

It is 6:55 and I am OP-I was at 143 this morning on the new scale.

I am trying to find someone to walk with today because I need to take a day off from running-.

Hope all is well-.

Laura Lee..

Comment #25

Hey y'all-3:52 and I am still OP-except I polished off those xylitol mints. I think it should be okay.

Big shopping day at costco-I got lots of meats and veggies..

Off to Tommy's first tennis match ever! and then to Eliza's soccer practice-somewhere in there we have to eat!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #26

Hello Gems,.

I was perfect all day yesterday LG. I ordered a small steak and salad at the restaurant. I was there with my new teacher friend and her children. We were talking about a number of things, and I ate around the croutons, sat the salad plate aside, and ate my steak. Usually when you set a plate aside, the waitress will take it away. For whatever reason, this did not happen right away so I ended up eating one thinking...I'm okay...then two....three...ALL of them! ARRRRG! Then I ended up eating a roll or see how it went.

Why is bread such a weakness for me? Up four pounds this morning. Back to OP today, so help me! *determined grimace*.

Take care!..

Comment #27

Hey Gems-.

Anita-drink lots of water and buckle down tight to the 5 & 1you can do it!!! If bread is a weakness you should make shake cakes, pancakes or c of t bread with a LC cheese spread on it-.

I am doing well-3:14 and I am OP-we had lots of sports today so now I am home. I am going to keep my focus even though I feel like an eating frenzy. Ughh. But I will do it-you all can too!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #28

Hope you all are having a good weekend. my busyness continues and I won't have a second to breathe until thursday. then it should be back to normal- or at least close. I decided to send our dog to obedience boot camp. we have had her for 10 months and she just turned 4. I have been working with her and she has improved but I recently realized that I was still afraid to have her here alone with kids and a bbsitter since she has bolted when the door is open and she can get pretty rambunctious, and at 80 pounds I don't want her jumping on people.

She will be there 30 days. she can't have a training collar because of her health probs so that has made training her really hard for me though I consider myself to be an experienced dog person. we'll miss her around here, but if she comes back better behaved thats what counts. funny thing is that I felt worse leaving her at the kennel than I did leaving hazel at kindergarden the first day!.

So this week has been fair for me. mostly op-with a few infractions of unweighed lean and green, and a 6th meal here an there. I made the mistake of weighing twice this week and I know why I am not a daily weigher. I do not handle the daily fluctuations welll. if the scale is up, I get depressed and discouraged and just want to quit. even if logically I know that it is not true weight gain but more likely water I still go into a tailspin.

I should really change my ticker to reflect the higher weight, but can't face doing that. so I am marching onward. today is the dreaded work potluck. I have decided not to even go in the room. I don't have time to put together a health option to bring to share so staying completely away is the best strategy..

For some reason I am having a hard time cranking up the water intake. I can get the 8 glasses in but getting in over 64 oz is hard. I know water makes a huge difference so I am putting that as my goal this week- work up to 80 or more..

Anita I feel your pain. it is so easy to eat mindlessly when you are socializing. when I was in college eating in the dorm, after I was done with my plate, I used to dump salt on the remaining food so I would not eat it mindlessly..

Laura lee- I hope that things feel less frantic for you this week. I used to think my life was busy, until I read what your days look like. I get tired just thinking about it..

Lynn- where are you? how is the change over going?.

I am planning to stay op today...

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Good Morning my dear Gems!!.

Well, the change to Atkins seems to be a bit of a failure. I'm up approx. 9 lbs over my ticker weight, but, of course, I refuse to change it. I can also actually feel the difference in my clothes. It totally sucks. I either need to get much more strict or go back on 5+1.


Good, healthy and strong, and my workouts are better than ever, but I can't let my weight get any higher..

One thing I love about LC is the totally lack of gas! Such a relief to not worry about having to hold it in, or the embarrassment if a bit gets out. It's nice to have a simple meal at work, too. I feel more cared for than when I ate a bar..

However, I have to decide if these feelings are more important than reaching my goal..

I have to go to work again today...we're having an open house. It's mostly annoying to me, since this is my day with Mr. Goddess, and of course we don't get paid for this time. On the other hand, maybe I'll get to drum up some business, and it's been starting to slow down. Also, the owner, in her infinite wisdom (insert sarcastic smilie here) has decided to bring on yet another esthetician, which means what little work we have is spread even thinner..

Another reason I might be eating/gaining is that I have some incredible financial stress right now. Taxes are due, and a huge amount of money I thought was coming to me is not, so I have no idea how I'm going to manage. I won't be able to pay the full amount next week, and there will be absolutely no spending between now and 4/15 - no holidays, no clothes, no bath products. I don't think we can even eat out any more. I haven't told Mr. Goddess yet....

So, that's where I'm at! xoxo..

Comment #30

Lazy Sunday here....just feeling like eating everything in sight! LOL Settled for Medifast crackers a few times instead. My LG was early today and I have just finished a choco chip pancake (MF) with one meal to go. How are the rest of y ou doing?.

My essays are nearly done. Now I have the video to make and I should be finished. Yeah!.

Take care,..

Comment #31

Well I tried but I did not manage to stay out of the potluck area. the good news is that it was all protein, the bad news is that I ate a lot of it. likely well above my lean portion for the day. so today is another day. focusing on spacing my meals and getting my water in..

Reading blogs about Medifast successes, inspired yet envious..

Remembering how far I have come.happy about the changes but knowing I still have 30 pounds to lose so I can not stop getting up after I fall down..

Staying op today...

Comment #32

Wow, I am depressed tooI just feel crappy. And I had a terrible binge. I owe a ton of money too, Lynneeverything sucks..

Okay, but today I am OP and I am going to build on that. I ran 6 this morning strong, so I will add that too..

This weekend just did me in. I felt like a circus freak at a church party. I just stuck out like a sore thumb. On top of the money problems, the schedule and my complaining husband, I was just done..

But all that will always be there. and I don't want to be fat again..

Lynne, maybe you needed to transition out of mf? The additional fat is crazy with LC-I can see it on the LCF for sure. Have you posted anything else about it over there? Did you lose during induction at all?.

Chris-potlucks are hard. You survived! Hang in there!!! My dog shoots out the door too-I hate it. It will be the the death of one of us, I am sure..

Anita-be sure to make jello too to have for you when you are hungry-I think I am going to go make it now, too..

Laura Lee..

Comment #33

1:15 and I am OP. I returned some stuff that had tags on itmade me feel better..

Laura Lee..

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Laura Lee, thanks for your response!! I know there's more fat doing Atkins, but honestly, I don't think that's the problem. It's just sheer calorie level. I need to get it down, and I'm struggling with finding the right balance. My evening meal and lunch are L&G, breakfast is eggs. The problem is snacking. Sometimes I can get by w/out, but when I need a snack it usually turns out to be almonds and/or cheese.

The alternative is to go back to the 5+1...I've not ruled that out, either...

Comment #35

So, in my attempt to get back to simple, good habits, I'm drinking a liter of water in the morning, before work. I have to get it in fairly early, so as to be ready for my commute, which usually takes around 45 minutes!! I think drinking it w/in the first hour I'm up is working. Then, 2 30oz bottles of green tea go to work with me, and I almost always finish them during the work day. Another 16 oz of water at home and then I give myself "permission" for a diet soda or two...

Comment #36

I've been upping the water too and feel so much betterit really does make a difference. I weighed this morning and am down this week. happy to be back on track to be op and on my way down..

I think I will have a pb shake, could not make the softserve icecream successfully so a shake will do it. I ended up with about 6 boxes of parm puffs- so I need to adjust my order no more puffs needed..

Have a good day all...

Comment #37

Good evening, Gems,.

I have just finished baking a batch of brownies for some little ones I am watching tomorrow. I hope they like them. They are in the middle of a move and I think wouldn't mind a snack on the way home. LOL Anyway, I ate a maintainance bar rather than trying them out so am proud of myself!.

5 meals down, LG done....time for bed in the UK! Goodnightand stay with your plan whatever it may be!..

Comment #38

Hey y'all.

Busy, busy day here. I have a break between making their dinner and when Dave gets home.

I am just tired today. I usually am not this tired. But I am OP and I feel better..

I also drink 64 oz of water before noon and 64 oz of water after noonI pee all day long. I do this to trust that I am well hydrated for running because I usually don't carry for less than 6 miles..

Okay-he is home. I will be back later-.

Laura Lee..

Comment #39

8:26 and I am OP. Feeling good about it. Still tired though-I will try to go to bed early tonight. Dave hates that, I think-like I am abandoning him..

Laura Lee..

Comment #40

Our body needs what our body needshave you suggested that he join you?.

My DH will sometimes come up and curl around me just to help me get to sleep when I am so tired I can't. Those few minutes when we just quietly talk together about what has happened or what has me so upset sometimes make all the difference in whether or not I have a restful night..

Your body needs rest to get those last pounds off. Proper sleep, water, and food in balance with the exercise is what we all need on this journey. Take care, Gems. Ciao,..

Comment #41

Good morning gems. I had a very stressful day yesterday. got an unexpected call from the trainer at the kennel saying "i am spinning my wheels over here"- meaning come get your dog I can't help you. I was flabbergasted to say the least. I could not believe that the "best" place in the city was calling to say I can't train your dog. after 4 days of a 30 day program.

To get a better foundation for manners ( we got her when she was 3 and she has a neurological condition that means she can't use a collar. so she needs creative handling for correcting bad behavior) anyway, after stressing out all afternoon, I decided that I am going to get her after work today, and I have started researching training your special needs dogam contacting people in the rescue and other trainers for advice. I had success working with a one on one trainer at home, I am calling her to have her come back to help me get a handle on the current issues that came up after our vacation when she stayed at a kennel with too much dog dog interaction and lost her place in the pack here at home..

Interesting about stress for me- a medium level of stress sends me to the fridge. a high level of stress and I do not want to eat..

Today I am planning to be op. I want to see that scale continue to move on down..

Thanks for listening...

Comment #42

Chris, please send me a pm with the name of the training program and the trainer. I will contact Mr. Goddess' ex who is a dog handler and see if she knows anyone in your area. I know that she studded her champ Australian Shepherd out to a woman in Washington, so she has contacts in your neck of the woods. Also, send me the breed and age so I can see if she can help...

Comment #43

Hey y'all.

Wow, Chris, that is a huge deal for you and the dog. I could not imagine being called like that-I know the training is very expensive, for them to give up is huge..

Anita-your husband sounds like a dream. Mine kind of sucks sometimes. It is hard, because he is a kind, gentle man who just ignores meor doesn't put forth the effort..

I am OP and hitting it hard. I have a half on Sunday. I am disappointed in myself because I had really wanted to be at 135 by this race and because of my binge behavior I am not there. I will move on though and I will make my goal..

Taking ALL temptation out of my house has helped. I mean, there is still a lot of crap here that the kids like but it is the peanut butter and ice cream and frozen treats that get me.

Hang in there girls-.

Laura Lee..

Comment #44

Thanks for the kind words guys. I really appreciate it. lynne I have pm'd you some info, I am here at work and trying to multitask while seeing pts! I am feeling better about things. I have a line on 2 other training programs which are possibilities for daisy. I wish I could leave and get her right now! but I have 15 patients left today so that is not going to happen..

In the mean time I am running to the bathroom every 30 minutes to pee since I am pounding water today...

Comment #45

Doggie update- the trainer called me this afternoon and said that she had a much better day today and she thinks she can make this work, she wants me to leave her until monday and we will re eval then.she said "now I see what you see in her, she is very sweet" I feel relieved but I am not yet confident that she can do it...

Comment #46

Hey y'all-.

I am OP-back to 142 today. And of course it started out super stressful. I will stay OP through the frustrationI must. This is life. It is 8:31 and I already want to binge. Thank goodness there is no ice cream or pb!!! I will not buy it, I will not buy it, I will not buy it..

Chris-that is good news about the dog. I had a dog named Daisy when we lived in PDX. She was so sweet. We had to put her down at 10 with an acute onset of diabetes..

I am so, so sad. It is part the financial situation which blew up this morning and part depression. I just have to move on..

8:33 and OP-.

Laura Lee..

Comment #47

Good morning gems- I have a batch of op muffins in the oven, and I will be op today. I have the day off so there will be errands, hanging out and relaxation while kids are at school..

Laura lee- I am sorry you are so sad. it sounds like there is a lot to stress out about in your world right now. I am going to get on my soapbox for second. there are numerous new studies out regarding vitamin d. NONE of us gets enough via diet and sun and the current rda is too low at 400 iu. I put all my patients pregnant or not on 2000 iu of vitamin d daily.

The person who convinced me ( me who never takes ANYTHING) was a psychiatrist who shared that mothers who have vit d deficiency in pregnancy are more likely to have kids with mental illness later. so you might consider taking vitamin dhave you seen the counselor yet? when I was in therapy I found that things definately got worse before they got better. we all have a lot of baggage if we want to really look at it, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. it is hard when you no longer have your old stand by of binging to help soothe feeling down. being thin and healthy is good, but it doesn't solve it all.

Anita- how is the begining of school going for you?.

Lynn- how is the week going on the lc side of things?.

Have a good day all. be op, at the end of the day you'll be glad you are...

Comment #48

Hey y'all,.

I am still OPI will make through the day for sure. I am proud of myself with all that is going on to stay OP..

Chris-thanks so much for the vit D info. I will definitely get some when I go to costco..

I did go to the counselor today. It was good. She is a lot better than my other one-who was a grad student. She won't let me manipulate here whereas before, I think the counselor would let me get by stuff too easily..

We have a fall break next week. This is so bad that I dread the kids being home the whole week. I think it is just so hard with all of them here at the same time for the entire day. I think I am just really tired lately..

Oh well-I am OP and I will go from there-.

Laura Lee..

Comment #49

Laura Lee - {{{hugs}} to you!!.

Chris, how's Daisy? I will email my friend later today. Thank you for the reminder about vit D!! I do take it, I was low and my Dr. put me of 4000, now I'm on 2000..

Anita, hope you're well!!.

BTW, I was on TV this morning!! The salon where I work is part of "Spa Week" and we were featured with 2 other places on Fox 11 News (our local station 11)!! Very exciting, took all of 30 seconds, after 2+ hours of set-up and standing around..

I hope it brings in some biz!!..

Comment #50

Lynne-I am sure you looked HOT on tv!!!.

4:10 and I am still OP. Yummy bbq (pulled pork) for dinner. I love it because everyone eats it. I make broccoli slaw and Dave puts the meat on top..

Laura Lee..

Comment #51

Here's a link to the spot from this morning:.


Comment #52

Good morning gems-.

I am savoring my cup of coffee today, kids are getting ready for school and it's raining here. boo hoo.i have a few errands to do today and have to revise my next tsfl order. somehow I ended up with something like 6 boxes of parm puffs which I am not that into right now... yesterday was a 4 &2 day, not by design , just ended up that way since I was hungry in the morning and had a l&gits good to know that I can do that some days if I need to, I don't do it often though. feeling pretty good about my week so far. definately getting the water in which I know is really important..

Emotionally, I am doing better. the dog training issue really threw me. but now I have a plan so whatever happens will be ok. if she stays there for the month great. if she fails out next week, finei will be happy to have her home with us and will just plan to kennel her when we travel at a place where they can work with her on stuff ..

I am so happy that school is in session. it is a great thing to have some time to myself at last. I am still struggling with the sleep stuff for my 5 year old. at least now she is starting out in her own bed by herself. I really want her to be in her own bed though. she is such a light sleeper she wakes up and cries everytime I get up to the bathroom in the night.

I hope you are all feeling strong and positive today. you are worth the effort and the focus it takes to stay on program...

Comment #53

Hey y'all-.

Chris, I am glad you are getting some time to kick back for a few minutes!.

Just made choc mint ice cream-pretty good!.

I am hoping as soon as I am shaking cold all the time again I will lose this desire for ice cream so much..

I feel better today in my crazy head! I am OP but I was up a lb. I am a chronic scale watcher so it might just be my cycle or something..

I am going to stay OP today. I started getting-did you lose MORE weight? So funny since I have just been bouncing 140-145 for so long..

Stick to it girls-.

Laura Lee..

Comment #54

Self-confidence is one of those factors. LOL People are seeing how confident you are and being envious, I think. Good for you, Laura Lee!.

I have lots to do today, but didn't want to miss a chance to tell everyone hello and yes, I have remained OP. The scale is not moving fast, but it is moving. I may actually get back to ticker weight tomorrow. LOL We shall see..

Chris, Lynne, I hope you are well. I will try to get back here this afternoon and post more...

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As I am not that computer savvy, it took me a while to get the link to work! Well done, Lynne! Thank you for sharing. I actually have had body wraps beforea long time ago when I lived in TX. All that was way before MF. Guess I need to rethink that one and see if it is a pamper thing I can do for myself when I reach some of my mini goals..

Take care,..

Comment #56

Hey y'all-.

Way to go Anita sticking to plan!!.

Ran my half this morning-1:45, I think. I am waiting for official race results..

Will check in after my shower-I stink!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #57

Wow laura lee, isn' t that your fastest time ever?? way to go..

Great job anita. sticking to plan gets us there, regardless of speed..

I am at work, eating my second Medifast meal of the day. pounding water. planning to be on plan...

Comment #58

I'm pounding water today, too!! 48oz so far, I've been up 4 1/2 hours. Doing a bunch of housework with internet breaks as my reward. I Atkins meal so far today and 2 cups of coffee w/hwc. Feeling light and to clean the kitchen!!..

Comment #59

Yes, Chris-my fastest ever! I could not believe it!.

I have felt SO tempted all afternoon to binge, but I have not. I am really proud of myself..

Good job on the water y'all!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #60

Hey y'all-.

I woke up just dreaming about ice cream. It must be the vacation week for the kids. I just want it bad..

I had a cc pancake again this am with the super yummy peanut butter on itBUT I did make 3 pbj's for the kids already-so thank goodness it is gone without too much damage on my 5 & 1. What friend of the devil makes white chocolate peanut butter anyway?.

Okay, we are going to have ice cream for a snack here in just a bit to move some of it out of the way too!!! I am such a pusher. It is only 8:39. What a long day this will be..

Sticking to it, sticking to it, sticking to it...

Laura Lee..

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Today I'm back to Atkins Induction with a vengance!! Must be super-clean, weighed and measured (sound familiar?) and logged!!.

2 weeks, no whining, see where I'm at. Then, re-evaluate and determine if it's the plan or me that has me failing at the weight-loss (or even weight-maintenance) game..

Chalean Extreme Push month started again this morning!! *grunt* This is the "heavy weights" month!! Well, they're all heavy weights month, but this is the one where we push for building muscle. The more muscle, the more fat burned, so I'm all for it..

Got my house almost all cleaned yesterday, only the dreaded bathrooms remain. They will happen sometime between now and Thursday, then hopefully just periodic touch ups to keep up with it all. Maybe Mr. Goddess can help...LOL!!..

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Goodmorning gems from the windy and rainy pnw. so glad it's a school day today- I will have some space and time to breathe. kids are driving me nuts. yesterday was not a great day op. but today is a new day. I wish I had a way to create side by side pix on my mac- I could use the visual for inspiration.none of the online things work with iphoto...

Comment #63

We have macs...Mr. Goddess did my photos in Photoshop, then created a jpeg for me to post...

Comment #64

Lynne-you go for it on induction-it is 2 weeks, give it your all!.

Chris-you sound like me!!! I just need an afternoon on the couch. If I sit down at the house I am up every 5 min for something-I have been trying for 30 min to get onto this site but they keep having fights, spilling water, the dog gets into something, etc..

I made it through wanting to binge. I did it. I was so going to do it. I told myself just clean up the kitchen first. Then I had a lot of water. I feel so much better.

Hang in there-we can do it..

Laura Lee..

Comment #65

Good morning, Gems! Day two back on the treadmill..

I am not running any half anything, but I have finally got up and started moving again (thus less time on the computer *sigh*).

Anyway, just wanted to say hello to my friends. I think of you often, glad you are still here. Ciao!..

Comment #66

Anita-don't compare your accomplishments to my ownI do it too-once I got to a certain level, now I think, "Look at those moms running ultra marathons-I will never do that." Dave says it diminishes my own success. And you are rocking the treadmill. KEEP MOVING! That is the most important thing! You have over come so much and I am so proud of you. You gained some weight back and got back on programthat was SO difficult for you. You did it!!!.

Also, even before mf, I ran. I have run since 2002 when we lived in Portland. I ran the Portland full marathon (v-e-r-y slowly). I have done about 2 to 3 half marathons a yearI just did them fat. I would come home and eat Spaghetti Factory takeout.

I am going to win the binge frenzy today. I actually can't believe I have made it through the past 3 days without diving in. That is how crazy I feel in my head. I think I am feeling it more that I know goal is close. Dave is just 4 lbs from his goal and I will have to transition with him..

I had a choc chip pancake this morning (love those) with pb2 on it. It is just so good..

Keep with it girlshow is induction Lynne? What is your menu?.

Laura Lee..

Comment #67

One day down!!! Induction is going fine, but, boy, was I hungry yesterday!!.

B-coffee w/2T hwc and 1teaspoon coconut oil...2 eggs.

L-6oz chicken breast, 1cup cabbage, 1T EVOO.

S-1 QuestBar (check them out, so much fiber the net carbs are around 4, and high pro).

D-6oz salmon, 3 servings broccoli/cauliflower.

Total was just under 1400 calories, <20 net carbs.

Today's menu will be very similar, with salmon for lunch. Oh, and I had around 3 liters of water/green tea as well..

It feels good to be back in control!..

Comment #68

Lynne-that looks better than before, right? Have you seen the thinking thin bars or something like that as well?.

I have to meal replaceI know because of my lifestyle that I have to have something I can eat on the go that is wholly nutritional and satisfying. I really do like the maintenance bars from mf..

Just got back from the Y-1 hour hill climb. It has been a good 1.5 months since I have been because I am able to run so much now that the kids are in school. But it was nice to have a place to go with child care..

I am so sore still. This is just really telling of the price I have to pay for speed-I will definitely slow it down my next races..

Laura Lee..

Comment #69

Well, my highlights are back in my hair. LOL Now I just have to work at getting that dreaded weight back off. I have an early start in the morning, so good night Gems!..

Comment #70

Keep going Anita-you are doing great!.

I feel not so on edge which is a relief. Chris-I did start a vitamin D supplement-1000 mg? Or something like that..

Today we are going to a friend's pool and tomorrow Benjamin will be at an all day playdate-so I will just have 2. We are going to make it this week. We spent the morning at the park where I run-they have massive playground. It was very nice..

I am OP I am going to stay that way!!!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #71

Thanks, Laura Lee..

Do you just run round and round the playground? I have this image of you on a track circling a swingset and sliding board. LOL.

Hey Chris! How are you and the girls doing? Any more trips planned? How is the Medifast going?.

Hi Lynne. I did watch your clip that you posted. It went by quickChinese food for Mexican Independence? lol Ah well. I did stop there as I had already seen you talking and it didn't look like it was going back to your section again. How long were you waiting again? Hours? Still, it was cool to see you in action!.

My treadmill is calling me now..

Catch you later!..

Comment #72

Thanks Anita, yes, it was just that quick!! We were only there for 2 hours ahead of time...LOL!.

I'm back in control!! 3lbs. released...getting closer to ticker-weight!! I know a lot of this has to do with TOM...I waited sooooooo long for it, I knew some of my weight re-acquisition was due to that. Oh, that and my cheese and almond habit...

Comment #73

Hello-not a great few days for me. I was up up up this week, due to feeling cocky and eating things like avocado and cheeseonce I saw the number my heart sank and I felt that old familiar feeling of "why bother" except I did bother and I am back on the good foot yesterday and today..

Ii read somewhere else that it's a hundred days to christmas, if I really buckle down I could be at goal by then- can I do it? I don't know. where has my drive and motivation gone? did I go down with that big hunk of cheese or those nuts I ate without thinking? did it go out with the idea that I can now go to any store these days to shop for clothes? did it go out the window with all the compliments I have gotten?.

I had an interesting awakening this morning- I was looking through some old photos for some particular vacations shots from a trip I took in 1995. when I look at pictures of myself I see how round and fat my face was, and how big my body was. looking at those and looking in the mirror I see I a big difference and I feel the painhow did I let myself get so large and how did I allow myself to stay so large? I wasted so many years hiding and that is painful to think about..

I have promised myself that I won't go back there. I can't go back there. I am able to identify some of my emotional triggers, but I am still learning new ones..

I need to muster the internal commitment to see this through. I am so very envious of the folks who reached goal this week. several of them started after me.......

Comment #74

Ok so I made it through yesterday completely op. just need to string some days like that together. I am feeling better about things, hopped on the scale today and it's moving in the right direction again. still not back to ticker weight but I can live with that..

Todays job- focus on weighing the l&g. I had gotten lazy about that which is a problem I know. it's too easy to eyeball on the jumbo size for portions..

I am contemplating starting the c2k program. I am terrified though. trying to figure out where I could run- there are a couple of tracks near by where I can start. we'll see if I can actually make myself do it..

I have today off- getting ready for my bff big 40 bday. have to make some stuff ( Medifast friendly) to take to the party and look for a costume. it's a "love boat " theme. goodwill here I come...

Comment #75

Oh Chris, how fun!! The Loveboat!! Shirt with big collar, jaunty scarf, beige'll be as cute as a button!! Pics, of course!!.

Congrats on the OP day!! I'm inching down toward ticker weight, and I can already feel the bloat leaving my body!! I've never been so happy to have my period, LOL!!.

Also, I'm in the Push month of CE again and the heavier weights really agree with me..

Time for water and shower, then breakfast. Have a wonderful day!!..

Comment #76

Hey y'all,.

Anita-you are so funny with me running in circles! No, I just took them to the park where I usually run when they are in school! I did not run with them there-Benjamin is 4 so he is too young to leave with Tommy in charge. Sometimes at home, I will leave Tommy and Eliza if I am just going around the corner to the store but that is it. I hope you are doing well and sticking to it..

Chris-I know what you mean about not wanting to go back! I don't have a lot of pictures of me at all from the past because I shied away from them. But sitting here at my desk I have a sheet of my engagement pictures!!!! From 1994! My face is so fat and round. I remember how much I hated being a bride. I wish I could go back now at the weight I am. But I can't. I don't want to get fat again for sure..

Lynne-way to ditch the bloat!!! I feel like I have 2 weeks of bloat before my tom. That is miserable. What is on the menu today?.

I ran 5 fast this morning. I am OP and feeling good..

Laura Lee..

Comment #77


B: 2T HWC, 1t Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (CO), 2 eggs.

L: Salad w/roast beef.

D: Broccoli/Cauliflower w/Salmon.

S: Atkins shake.

Should put me right around 1400 and induction-level carbs. I will log it all on FatSecret once I get it weighed out...

Comment #78

Well I am not sure what has gotten into me. my love boat outfits are complete-i have 2. a silver tanky-top thing to wear with black or white pants ( chain straps and very shiny) and a very retro looking mini dress - tunic to wear with black suede boots.i will definately post a photo at some point..

And more out of control- I joined

I kind of can't believe I did it ...who knows if it will get me anywhere but I did it. my romantic history is short and dysfunctional and I am a terrible dater. but I am a great person who is well educated, passionate and lovingi deserve to find my life companion. and he obviously is not knocking at my door..

Have a good day ladies..

Comment #79

Chris, I'm so proud of you for joining Match!! That's a huge step and a wonderful way to take the bull by the to speak!! LOL!! And, yes, you absolutely do deserve to find that someone special!!..

Comment #80

So the party was a blast. I had fun wearing my new outfit and got tons and I mean tons of compliments from old friends. eventually I had to take off the boots tho- to high for this girl! i'll get some photos eventually. the thing I am not sure. either the site or my home computer are sooooo slow I can hardly stand it.i recognize that I am pretty shallow and looks do matter to me.if I don't see an attraction in the photosw I just move on past the profile. I do hate to admit it but it's true..

Its been lovely here the weekend and we took the triple bike out for a spin yesterday. the kids are at my moms so I will ride down to get them in an hour or so. hope your day is great. I am op today...

Comment #81

You're not shallow at all! Please don't think's how the human brain is wired! A great relationship has many layers, and physical attraction is one of them. That being said, I've dated men who were not "conventionally handsome" but who were wildly attractive to me, as I'm sure many of us have done. It's so individual!.

Can't wait for the pics!!.

This week was great for me...back OP on Atkin's with the exception of a cheese indiscretion last night. I was up much later than usual and just got really hungry!! That WON'T happen again!! I'm on-track for the reunion..

I have a new workout to try today! My boss got me "Mitch's Melt It Off" a core workout with a small, 2lb. medicine ball..

Have a wonderful day, Gems!!..

Comment #82

Hey y'all,.

Oh I need a core workout-how was it?.

Chris-it does not matter what they look like, just how good they are in bed.

Just kidding.

Way to go being on plan!!! they party sounds like a blastI am not very good at dressing up but it seems like you did an incredible job at it!.

I look at my husband all the time and tell him he is SO lucky he is not single. He just laughs..

I feel good today. I have on my hot, dark Gap jeans-I wore them to church. I asked Dave if I looked to night club for the Baptist church but he said no-so I went with it!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #83

The workout was ok, but it's a good thing I know something about body-mechanics, because he doesn't coach or cue very well. The 2lb. ball was good for the core workout, but nothing for the 10 in 10 (a 10 minute general quickie workout for when you don't have time). I'm used to my pair of 20's with Chalean...LOL!!.

So, 30 minutes of movement today...yay!!.

Out of eggs so I'm going to have a pure protein while I wait for Mr. Goddess to return from softball, then lunch...

Comment #84

Hey y'all,.

I got this great Mexican crumbly cheese at Costcoso good! I had roasted a pork loin with spicy seasonings this weekend. I sliced it thin and sauteed it with tri color peppers and then put a little salsa on it with that melty Mexican cheese-OMG!!!.

I CANNOT TELL YOU ALL HOW HAPPY I AM THAT MY KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!! Oh thank goodness. I love them, but Mama needs a rest or at least a long run with no distractions..

It actually rained here all day. It is the first time in a LONG time that it has done that. Maybe the weather is finally changing?.

The low for my night leg of the relay race in 2 weeks is 48!!! Ughh..

I am OP and feeling good..

Laura Lee..

Comment #85

It is 6:57 and I just wanted to let the Gems know that I am going to stay OP today. I am going to work it because I deserve it. I need to shake these last few and I have to buckle down and commit to it..

Laura Lee..

Comment #86

This might not be good news for everyone, but I was delighted. I got refitted for a bra today. I have gone from a 40 DD to a 36 D. I am quite happy as I now have a lot more choices since I am out of the "orthopedic " styles with 3 hooks in the back!..

Comment #87

Hey y'all!.

8:12 and I am OP for the day-so happy. I feel good..

Chris-wow! What a milestone!!! That is such a great transition to a smaller you..

I had a good day-busy but good..

Laura Lee..

Comment #88

Hey y'all,.

I have a crazy day todaybut checking in OP. I am feeling in control and I am in the zone!!!.

I have an old friend that I have not seen in a long time-we are going to meet to walk. She is very overweightbut has lost 100 lbs!.

Stick to your plans-.

How are you doing Lynne? What are you eating today?.

Laura Lee..

Comment #89

Ok ladies here is a photo of the loveboat outfit, sand boots. there are also a few tagged on my facebook page..

I am op today..

Comment #90

ChrisSO cute!!! You did a great job!.

Anita-how are you doing? I hope well. Are you walking?.

I am OP-I had some rough patches but I made it through..

Laura Lee..

Comment #91

Rough patches here as well. I did manage to get in the walk on Monday and am up early enough to walk today..

Since I am starting here and plan to end here this evening....well, no excuses not to be OP all the way! LOL.

Chris, how wonderful you look! I had to smile because my 36D still has three hooks. That's down from a 42DD a year ago, but up from the C cup of four months ago. sigh. I still have lots of work to do, and DC in a month!.

Hi Laura! Hello, Lynne...

Comment #92

CE Push 1 today. I skipped working out Monday...the heat here has been brutal and I needed to sleep...this is the first time I've skipped a weight session since I started Chalean, and I don't feel great about it, but I'm back at it today..

Got my hands on some almonds at work yesterday...luckily their gone now, but I can see that old habits die hard. This has been my struggle...not feeling like I'm eating enough to fuel my work or workouts, but when I do I gain..

Seriously a bummer..

30 year HS reunion next month on the 16th!!..

Comment #93

Morning all. yesterday was a 4&2 today will be a 5&1. still getting over the loveboat over do. I made something incredible last night- pumpkin custard. vanilla pudding pumpkin, egg beaters and spices. tasted just like pumpkin pie.

I am considering starting a c2k program and signing up for a run. I need to do somethign to mark the big birthday next year and in keeping with my take back my life theme, I want to do something physical..

Hope today is op all the way for you. just get back on the horse..

Comment #94

Hey y'all-.

Chris-please post the recipe for the pumpkin custard!!! You will love the c25k program-there is a board here to help with it too..

Anita-you can do itI hope today is great and OP.

Lynne-do you just "feel" like you don't have enough fuel for the workouts? this is a big one for Medifast runners. people continually overeat because they add too much because they are tired from their workouts, etc..

I really say don't add anything to fuel your workout unless it gets over an hour and a half-get your body trained to do it one what you give it. Trained means that you will be tired and hungry for several weeks to adjust to it..

You are doing a different workout, so I know it is unique-I just did not know if it would be similar to a runner or not..

I add 100 calories for every 15 min over an hour and a half workout. Also, if it is a tough day I am sure to eat 20 minutes before the run and then have my next meal available right when I am done with the run-your body will refuel on what you give it within 20 minutes of a workout. That is when I have a greek yogurt, usually..

Just "food" for thought.

Laura Lee..

Comment #95

Thanks Laura Lee! I'm sure a lot of it is psychological, just "feeling" like I need more fuel. Because of my timing, I only have coffee with hwc and co before I workout. My breakfast is still the same (2 eggs) and lunch is salad w/protein and a bit of fat, usually olive oil. Snacks are usually a Pure Protein drink and/or an Atkins shake. Dinner is where I really fall off the wagon. I'm hungry, tired, and usually sore from the workout by then...

Comment #96

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.