Does anyone have some examples of meals, on the Medifast Diet?

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Got a question... Does anyone have some examples of meals, on the Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any response. Another question... Does anyone know if there's a knitters group here? Thanks!.

"smasty" on ravelry..

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Of course! however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

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I don't know that there is or isn't a knitter's group here, but if you start one, I will join! I'm LissaKay on Ravelry, but I haven't been very active there. I also haven't been knitting much lately ... way too busy with life, but I have been trying to get some projects going - we have two grandbabies, and three more on the way! My husband, who is also doing MF, knits too - he taught himself while out at sea in the Navy. It's fairly popular with sailors..

@MT_Cup - there isn't any such thing as left or right-handed knitting. It's ambidextrous! Some people hold the working yarn in their right hand (English), some hold it in their left (Continental). Go ahead and try it - there is a web site with tons of how-to videos,.


And they have versions for either method, so you can see which one works better for you. Learning to knit is a little like losing weight - we each find our own path, and take our own journey...

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Well...should we start an Medifast Knitters group? I can't think of a better diversion when cravings strike! I'm trying to finish a pink sequined knitted (very fitted) cardi for my 25th anniversary dinner tonight. It is spectacular! ....we decided to re-book dinner for Thur so it will be done for sure. Let's see if anyone else drops in out of curiousity!.


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MT - What LHailey said. My DD1 is also left handed and she says learn Continental and knit with the yarn in your left hand. The best thing would be to find a Local Yarn Shop and have a warm body show you how to knit. And that website is almost better than a warm body. You don't have to be polite to the internet!.

DD1 is teaching me to knit and so far I can garter stitch - can't purl to save my life. Yet. But I am working on my Doctor Who scarf...

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I'll join! - why do you think my screen name is xsyarn! I used to have a shop. I have tons of yarn...

Comment #5 looks like we have a group! I'd die if I didn't have yarn in my life! I do both knitting and crochet, but I'm partial to knitting. I do love to do thread crochet trim on my tshirts to make them more feminine. I'm anxious to check out people's ravelry pages (mine needs some recent projects added). So be sure to include your ravery username if you haven't already..

Just in case you don't know what Ravelry is, it's a social networking site for knitters, crocheters, spinnersall things yarn related..


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And there is a Medifast group on Ravelry too!..

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Thanks for all the advice, guys! Maybe I'll pick up my needles again and use up all that yarn that's been laying around for years...

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Hey - I'm from the Ravelry knitting group. I'll hang out here with y'all...

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My great aunt was left handed. Her right-handed aunt taught her to do tatting by having her sit across from her and mirror her movements...

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How is this for our banner??? Any suggestions are welcome!.


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Oops, it's too big, hold on, I'll fix it!..

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HI there! SO glad you started a Knitter's Group! We have a great group on, (which is where I saw your post, of course) but hadn't found one here on MF. Count me in! :-)..

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I'm so glad you guys saw the ravelry post!.

Ok, final version:.

Here's the banner address:.


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I'm planning on starting a pair of socks tonight...

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Yippee! i'd like to join! I saw the group on rav a while back but it seemed a bit stagnant at the time...

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Sounds like a fun group. I crochet and knit but been out of it for a few months. Now's a good time to get back at it...

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Working with my hands keeps me from thinking about eating. I started my socks last night in a pastel varigated yarn...

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Hi Everyone! Welcome! We'll start a fresh thread for January, so keep an eye out for it. Yeah, working with my hands totally keeps my mind off of food. I'm hoping to finish my sparkly cardigan today. It's a top-down raglan made from Trendsetter "emmy" which is a pink metallic with pink sequins on it. It is a show stopper! Tomorrow I begin swatching for a Jane Gottelier sweater from her "Indigo" book using blue denim yarn. Pics to come..

So today is my official weigh in day for 11 weeks. I only lost 1 pound this week. 2 weeks of the month tend to be slow for me, and 2 weeks go faster. I'm right at the end of the slow weeks, so I'm expecting a big week next week. I have project pics to take for Ravelry and want to lose a couple more pounds before taking them. If you check my Rav page (smasty) the pics of me in the green "Tara" sweater and the white fishermans sweater were taken at about 180I'm at 195 this morning.. sure to include your ravelry username in a post somewhere...I want to check out everyone's pages today!.


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My ravelry name is kim8930. We've (the Ravelry Medifast group) been quiet the past few months over there, but everyone's been super busy with the holidays. I'm sure we'll get chatty over there after the New Year..

I've made some wonderful friends in that group that are really dear to me...

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Here's what just came off my needles today. I need to reshoot it, but was anxious to post a pic. I know the green jeans look funny...but they are 14's! First time today after many years. All my blue jeans are too big (16's) or a little too tight still (14's)...

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Adore the sweater! And congratulations on the size 14's! Woot!..

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I just cast on a new pair of mittens today. I need a quick project to knock-out before I start my next sweater. I like taking a break working on things like this b/c it gives me that instant satisfaction of finishing something..

(You see, I have cast-on-itis....)..

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Thanks MT!.

Kim...I do the same thing. I love having a little project between the big ones. Last year I knit 3 pairs of gloves...I found them to be much easier than I thought, and a fun 1 week projectwhich uses up all the odds n' ends I have laying around. I also learned how easy it is to fix gloves. I had a pair of wool ones I loved (store-bought) that had holes in the fingers, so I just snipped off the fingers and unraveled down to an even row, then re-knit the fingers in a contrast colorwhich looks cool (funky)...

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