Does anyone know anything about iPage web hosting?

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First question I have is Does anyone know anything about iPage web hosting? Thanks for any comment. Second question.. Is there a way to BOLD, UNDERLINE, or create hyperlinks within the contents of a text area? Basically I have a policy that people need to read -thru and 'accept'. I have this particular policy within a <textarea> tag. Visually it works pretty good except I need to bold, underline, hyperlink certain parts. CAn this be done?.

Thanks, Mac..

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Ye, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can assist you better...

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Theres no way to make hyperlinks or make certain parts of the text in a textarea bold or italic..

Why do you need it to be a textarea?..

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Hey coboldinosaur,.

Great suggestion and it's pretty cool too!.


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I'm curious, what are those certain parts in a textarea that can not be bold or italic?.



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What I meant was that I dont think there is a way to make parts of the text in a textarea bold or italic. But it is possible to make all text in the textarea whatever of those like in the example you had a couple of posts ago in this thread...

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Hi Clarence,.

OK, I gotcha, it's all or nothing using the style tag. Yep, it probably wouldn't look to good all underlined!.



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I decided to use cobaldinorsaur suggestion and the only problem I have run in to is....

Can you name a div tag? Basically what is happening is I have a jsp page that the html sits in. I have a print button that supposed to print whats in the textarea(or scroll box per cobal). The javascript command to print needs to identify a tag. thats why I was wondering if you can name a DIV TAG?.

Thanks, mac..

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<DIV class="scrollBOX" id="scroller">.

The id gives it a name scroller..

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