Does anyone know anything about Medifast? It is supposed to aid in weight loss.?

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First of all Does anyone know anything about Medifast? It is supposed to aid in weight loss.? Looking forward for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. This is the new, improved Ruby team. We hope to bring back all the "old" Rubies, and bring a few new faces also..

We believe in honest support, with the right amount of compassion, no matter where you are in your program, and no matter which way you are having to work your program. No judgement, no drama, but a safe place to come vent about the bad things in life, share and rejoice in the happy ones. Please feel free to post with us, even if you don't wear the banner!..

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Yep, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

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Hey girls,,.

Well I made it back but only briefly, the leak continues to leak so in between doing the laundry, dishes showers, have to run down and turn the water supply off, oh need to flush run down turn the water back on .. Blah blah blah.. That has been my day and empting the bucket that fills every 45 minutes or so..

Shu sounds like you had a wonderful day, I wish I would of been there with you...

The only exercise I got into day was up and down the stairs out to hang up wash, up and down the stair to put it away. Oh but I did hula hoop for about 20 minutes this eveining, I wanted to go for a run but stayed in the upper 80's here today to hot to run. So maybe tomarrow after work I will go..

I only smoked 7 smokes today three left before 10:10 tonight.. These meds are messing with my mood as well, scale was up this morning but did have a late dinner last night so can't worry about it to much till I am past this smoking issue one demon at a time...

Jane sis, is good, she is with grams this week while mom is out of town.. Grams is still hanging in there some days better than others. Her son went into the Marines, her dd joined the air force.. He is done and back home doing reserves she is still in and won't be home till after the first of the year sometime.. She is working out regually at the gym and was seeing the trainer with me, (or I should say I was seeing the trainer with her) she found him asked me to join with them. She still stuggles with the thyroid meds but don't give up..

SO all in all she is moving in the right direction...

Chelle hope you had fun at the party!!.

Ok going to do some ab work yet tonight while desperate houswife's is on... The new handy man on there could cause me to break a sweat :PPPP.

Sweet dreams rubies...


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It is Monday and I am tired. I am having cup of Gevalia Moch coffee and a Medifast cappuccino. I need to get lucid!.

I hope everyone has a great OP Monday..

Comment #3

Good morning! Very fall-like here in Colorado. Got lots of stuff done this weekend, laundry, housecleaning, etc. Not my favorite way to spend a weekend but felt good to get it all done..

Laurie - thanks for the update on Sis - glad to hear she is hanging in there with the plan. Can't believe she has two kids in the military! Hopefully they will stay out of harm's way. Sorry to hear about Grams - I know how tough that can be. I went through a similar situaltion with my grandma and great aunt. Hang in there on the smokin thing - I know you can do it!.

Schu - what school did your son go to? Knowing how much I'm spending on my son's education, not sure how thrilled I'd be if he suddenly decided he didn't want to do that anymore. He has wanted to do this whole tech engineering thing since he was about 13 though, so I'm hoping he's really serious!.

Monday, here we go......

Comment #4

Good Morning girls!!.

Laurie,,running up and down steps IS exercise,,and good exercise at that!! I am dpoing laundry today, so I get my good amount of exercise in too today. Mid to high 80's here today, so will wait til late evening to walk..

Jane. Ethan went to a school in Maryland, which wasn't too bad travel as he had already moved to northern Virginia at that time,,It is Omega school of Audio Engineering,,,it wasn't cheap,,,,lol,,he had already gotten associates in computer technology from a closer to home community college, Blue Ridge CC., and those credits transfer, unfortunately, the Omega schools don't, as it is a "specialty school". He loves the tech work, but he is a people person, and restaurant work gives him more of that,,,he is really torn right now,,,but since a managers position is a big possibility right now, I think he will go with that, and go back to school for restuarant/hotel management. He is gonna be a permanent student at this rate!! lol I am ok with it though, he has gone to school, worked the whole time, sometimes two jobs,,he isn't lazy at all,,eventually, he will find his niche!! Plus a person can never have too much education!.

Maria,,i am right there with you on the coffee,,!!! I need lots of it today!!.

We may be getting a new ruby. I have invited BT (Tamby), many of you may remeber her from before. I think she will be a great asset to the group if she is interested. A little birdie told me she was looking for a place to fit in this time around,,,and I think we will fit her , and she will fit us, just fine!! If she comes over, please welcome her!!.

I am hoping tracy will come back, even if she isn't doing Medifast at the moment. That is not the purpose of this team, it is to give support where ever we are in this journey, starting, restarting, taking a break, transition or maintenance. we all need to support each other to conquer the emotional issues with life and dieting/maintaining,,,which we all know,,are LOTS!..

Comment #5

I know what you mean about the coffee. Some days I just can't get enough..

I certainly hope BT joins us. She is a very inspirational lady and I am glad to see her here on the boards...

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Sharon, thank you for the sweet invite!.

And nice to see some of the other Rubies; Laurie, Jane, and of course, my friend, Maria. <hugs>.

For those that do not know me, my name is Tamby from the Texas Hill Country and I lost over 150 pounds on Medifast 3 years ago, so I know this works. The T&M works, you just have to want it to work it..

When I came here in 2006, I could NOT hardly walk at 300 punds due to painful osteoarthritis, and was in an ECV. You would think someone like that would NEVER gain the weight back, Then, my DS almost died in a horrible ATV accident almost 2 yrs ago. After countless surgeries,( cosmetic facial ones, too.) His PTSD, PSBD (brain disorder) his depression, you name it. I got away from here and posting, my Medifast friends on another website and logging my food, weight, etc. Well, it all spiraled out of control..

Plus, I am back to having problems with my right side again..

I can't even get into a car anymore without lifting up my right leg as well as a helluva time putting on my panties and shoes. But at least NOT in the ECV... yet!.

But.....Wonderful things out of this though, the blessings..

My son is alive, he has a beautiful face and is well and functional..

AND.......I did not gain ALL of my weight back..

Looking at 170 first, then the 150, my Lucky brand jeans! Sharon, I know you remember my journey getting into those suckers!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!.

So happy to be here! <waving>.

Love the new MEDIFAST FOOD!.

WOW~why do people on here whine so much? We've given our right boobies for these pancakes, brownies and softserves? LOL..

Comment #7

OH!, It's.

You ALL.

That give me inspiration! <grouphug>..

Comment #8

Welcome BT 2006!! Glad to have you with us and thanks for (re)sharing your story!.

I agree with Schu - doesn't matter where we are in our journey - on MF, on another plan, in T&M, not doing anything, whatever! Just want this to be a good place to share our stuff/emotional issues, etc...

Comment #9

Tamby, I do remember those jeans and how hard you worked to get in them!!That was the first time I had heard of lucky jeans, I had to google them!! lol.

Chellebelle (michelle) is from Texas also,,not sure of the area though, as Texas is a bigggggg state!.

I also understand the worry we can have with family and how their struggles affect us. I am so glad you have come back before all your weight found you,,we will encourage you to leave it in the Texas dust again!! Very glad you are joining us!!.

Hi Maria,,Hi Jane,,,,,,,speaking of Michelle,,where is that sweetie today??? hellooooo chellle!!..

Comment #10

Also tamby, how could I forget to add, I am soooo glad your DS is doing so well now!! We never quit worrying about them, do we?..

Comment #11

Hope everyone is having a great evening,,,past 8:30 here, so thought I would pop in and see who is around. Seems no one,,lol Hope you all sticking to your plans, and keeping 100%, whatever those plans may be! If I don't get back here tonight, I will pop in after my work tomorrow,,..

Comment #12

Hi girls,.

Welcome tamby... Sorry just wiped out tonight super busy day still haveing to deal with the leaking pipe in the basement.. b.

But on a good note I have made it without a smoke today.. Day one complete...

I will check in tomarrow...

All water check.

Meals logged check.

Terrible withdraw headache.. Ouchie momma.. check...



Comment #13

YAY to one day with no cigs!! You can do this!!.

When will you get the leak fixed?? I know that is aggravating!!.

I am heading out for the night,,,may get back before bed, may not,,all have a great night,,,and support each other!!..

Comment #14

Congratulations on Day of being "smoke free!!" That is wonderful!!!.

You are on the right track with the water and meals. I hope that headache goes away soon..


Comment #15

I am so glad that your son is alright. I know how stressful those situations can be..

I also know what it is like to be in pain and have a hard time doing things..

I agree, lots of whining on these boards!!!! But I always say "What are you willing to give up today for what you want tomorrow???".

I like the fact that I can tote bars around and eat those if I am on the run. It is just so convenient...

Comment #16

Hi Maria,,,goodnight Maria,,lol,,,,take care all, and stay safe!!.

Oh and I had missed Tamby's remark about the whining and giving up the right boobie,,lol,,.

See ya'll tomorrow!!..

Comment #17

Hello Sharon....Goodnight Sharon!!!.

I love Tamby's remark about the whining and the boobie!!..

Comment #18

Hello Rubies. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. It is crisp and cool here in these parts so a nice hot cup of mocha coffee and a Medifast hot cocoa. I think it will be a Medifast chicken noodle soup day here..

Have a great day!!!..

Comment #19

I need to get caught up here!!! I've have a busy busy 48 hours, birthday parties, and school conferences, and a surprise trip to the zoo for the girls yesterday!.

OMG TAMBY~~ I'm sure you don't know this..but YOU were one of the biggest inspirations to be from afar when I started my first round of Medifast in 2007!!! HOW THRILLED I am that you are joining our little group. You AMAZE me!.

Laurie ~ congrats on day 1 down smoke free!! *HUGS* for the withdrawl symptoms. And a huge "BOO" to the leaking water! UGH! We've had our share of water issues in this house..hearing about your problems takes me right back to that horrible feeling. It's amazing how destructive water can be in a home. Hope it's getting resolved for you..

Jane ~ I've loved Colorado every time I've been through it! So beautiful this time of year too..

Good morning Maria & Sharon!!.

OH my..being out of the house for just a few days it's amazing how quickly the house gets messy!! Guess I know what I'm doing today!..

Comment #20

Good Morning Chelle....WOW...You are busy!!.

Yes! I agree about Tamby. She was very inspirational. I read through many of the threads and found the Water Cooler and saw her success. She was gone by the time I came on the boards and I was thrilled to see her back. Just sorry that she had such a rough time with her son being badly injured and having to do another round of MF. But, I look at her as a inspiration and success.

And your success was inspirational too Chelle!!!..

Comment #21

Need to catch up as I'm slammed at work and got my ride this weekedn so SO much to get done queickly - Wanted to say hello and send soem support to my sisters Love ya Much..

Comment #22

Ahh good afternoon, to my lovly rubie friends.

Tamby sorry for all you have gone through, and you handled stress they way most americains do. With food.. But glad he is alright and you found you way back here to be with us.. We are a good group and have been together since 2007 catching up on FB while we were away from the boards.. We will support you anyway we can, you can vent scream cry what ever you need to do here.. We do not judge for any reason but will give you a kick in the bootay or a hug whenever needed.

I hope you feel comfortable to make this your home...

Chelle, girl you did have a busy weekend!! I saw the suprize visit for the girls on FB they are so cute in the lady bug photos.. Of course they are cute anyway.

... Glad they had a good time.. Understand about the mess in the house, the leak is still leaking thankfully it's in the basement and I do have a concrete floor so no damage done just lots of wet laundry that Ikeep trying to catch up on.. On the brighter side someone else is going to have to deal with it tomarrow.. Makes me look forward a little bit to my 24 hour shift lol...

Maria, was the betty boop for the boobie remark lol.. Cute.. It's hot here today, going into the 80's maybe rain tonight.. I did'nt get up this morning till 10am, seriously this is not like me.... I was in be by 10:30 last night.. Not sure if it is the meds, dont' remember having a sleeping problem last time, the wicked dreams yes, but was still up early..

No fun for me.. What ever it is hope it passes quickly I hate feeling drained..

Hi Jane, ZZ good luck on your ride this weekend... You are so awesome.. I have to ask do you have those padded shorts for bikers? DO they really help?.

Whats on your agenda jane?.

Where is JD??? I know the inlaws were coming hope you had a great weekend....

Shu thanks for gettting us back together.. I needed this more than ever with the stop smoking as well as for maintaining.. Still have 3 lbs to go to get back to comfort zone. But not going to stress over it.. And have a place to go and be accountable makes all the difference in the world for me.. Not sure about the rest of the girls..

Hugs all need to get some work done.. Have a great day.


Comment #23

Nah! The Betty Boop was just a way to get everyones attention..

Meds do have a way of making us feel "different" and some of those side effects are not comfortable. Maybe once your body adjusts you will be back to normal. Hope you feel better soon!!!..

Comment #24

Thank you my friend.

I have to remember that I have smoked since I was 12 more than 30 years.. It's going to take some time to get out of my body.. And the meds yes this week the does was increased so maybe that is it.. It defiantly takes away the need but does not take a way the want.

But I was just reading about how to do a detox bath soak, sort of holitic approach to ridding your body of toxins and I think I may give it a shot.. What do I have to lose and who could'nt use a hot soak in the tub right?? lol...

I was hoping to muster up the energy to run this afternoon, but it's in the 80's here so I am thinking it is going to be the fluidity bar workout today and call it a day.. The stretching would probally be way better for me and focusing on my breathing than anything today....

Kids are all home so ruckus all around and of course all they want to do is watch tv and play games.. UMMM cause it's their day off.. Yet my day off (today ) is laundry makeing sure they have dinner tonight and tomarrow since I won't be home. cleaning and still suppose to find some me time... Man I want to be a kid again!!! Oh well gotta luv em right...

Have a great OP day rubies, will be back later..

Comment #25

Alright gals confession time... had a bit of a "run in" with some very much NOT on plan stuff today. Little gals wanted to bake some Halloween treats...and one taste led to lots more. GAH! SO mad at myself... But moving on.. next meal will be a Medifast one. Avoiding the scale til Friday! BOOO on me!..

Comment #26

Just pick up where you left off and don't look back...

Comment #27

Take a nice warm bath and relax. It will get better...

Comment #28

Hey girls,,I finally got on here!! tried earlier, but Medifast site not so nice,,kept freezing on me!.

Thanks for the fun pics maria,,love them!!.

Laurie,,you smoked at 12?? I bet if your Mom had caught you she would have tanned your hiney!! I know I would have!! lol. don't sweat those few pounds,,the quit smoking is what needs the most concentration right now,,that and be careful to not substitute food for cigs!! 3 pounds is nothing but a bump,,they will disappear,,just watch and don't let them become 10 pounds!!.

Chelle, I bet your cuties enjoyed the zoo. You acknowledged your slip with off plan stuff,,,so beat up time is over,,you own the slip, so move on,,,,next meal is MF, 100% OP. You know the drill,,been there, done that, I I know we all deserve the t-shirt to prove it!! You've got this!!.

Had a busy day today,,,always,,which is good!! Thinking I will walk in a bit, before dark,,,I am tired, but I know I need to do it!!..

Comment #29

I know it says 100plus to lose but, Tamby and I thought we would try to revive the The Shrinking Girls Rock, the Water Cooler. The Rubies have been revived so maybe we can revive the Water Cooler for nostalgia. Just come over and post. Say hi say anything!!! Let's revive the nostalgic feeling we once had during this journey...

Comment #30

That sounds great Maria,,two new/old teams,,,how exciting!! gonna run or it will get dark while I am walking!! later!!..

Comment #31

I thinks so too. I know it is in the 100lbs to lose but heck! Some of us have that much to lose, some have less and some may have lost weight several times in life that totals 100 plus..

I think some "old school" medifast stuff would be great!!..

Comment #32

Evening girls...

Chelle, it's done and over move on.. You got right back on track I agree with shu you got this... You can do it...

Maria getting antoher team back up and running sounds exciciting and fun to see some familar faces...

Shu hope you had a nice walk and got to enjoy the great outdoors for a while before it got to dark on you.. Do you take the pups with you when you go?.

Me getting ready to hit the sack I have my 24 hour shift tomarrow. I had my first mini breakdown today thanks to my DS1 such a PITA at times.. I swear I did'nt raise him like that, and not sure where he gets it from.. But a good cry and I am over it.. Now I got a runny nose and sore eyes, but I did'nt smoke. Not that I did'nt think about it....

Anyway that is how I spent my evening but they do have dinner for tonight and tomarrow. so if they go hungry they have no one to blame but themself. I did my part..

Hugs all.


Comment #33

Poor you! It seems like you have been having a few rough days. I applaud you for not smoking, that is great!.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. (((HUGS)))..

Comment #34

Good Morning rubies.

Slept prety good just don't seem like it was long enough again.. OYI.. Today will be a good day it's a 24 hour shift but then I am off till Monday.. You can do anything for 24 hours right??.

Has anyone heard from JD? She still have company with the inlaws in town? Hope all is well...

Hope you all have a wonderful on plan day.....

Thanks for being my support systems.. I think the world of your girls...



Comment #35

Happy Wednesday - is this week almost over........

Great seeing you gals and yes Laurie I do wear those attractive "padded Bike pants" which I refer to as Sausage pants. Jane wore my goal pair when she came to visit... wanna see..

Comment #36

Good morning everyone. I am taking a coffee break. 3 weeks left to this term and I get a two week break. After this, 5 more courses and I get my Masters. And yes, I will go back and get another. I am a glutton for punsihment! lol.

I hope everyone has a great OP day!!!..

Comment #37

HI all!! Back to 100% OP today..and my next shipment comes today too! yay!!.

Laurie ~ I'm sorry you had a breakdown. God love our kids huh?? 5 yr old had a mega meltdown last night at bedtime. She was just really tired and her allergies are acting up and it just snowballed into a tantrum and mommy losing patience. At the end of the day we all love each other though, and that is what matters. And normally that would lead me straight to the cookie jar..

ZZ ~ Hot diggity..Jane makes those shorts look good!.

Maria ~ That is awesome that you are getting your masters and have visions of more!! I still don't know what I wanna be when I grow for now I'm just "mom"..

Hello Sharon, Tamby, JD, Jane..everyone!..

Comment #38

Hi all ~ Just wanted to check in one more time today. Jason and Julie are off to her baseball practice, and Amber and I are off in search of "ruby slippers" for her halloween costume!.

Oh and UPS just came with my 18 lb box o' Medifast.. Love UPS...LOL..

Good night all!..

Comment #39

Hi there,.

Getting back to my life after the in-law visit..

While I love my DH's family, I just get so tired with the weekend visits. Clean, change linens, grocery shop, cook, wash dishes then they leave, clean, wash linens, wash dishes. GAAAAAAAAAAAAA. DH doesn't contribute much help. I didn't stay on Medifast while they were here. Stupid me, it sure wasn't worth it....

Monday, I got right back on track plus my order finally arrived. I am not feeling the love of oatmeal and soups so I'm mostly doing shakes and crunch bars. I really like the ease of the RTD's and crunch bars..

Tamby and Maria, I'm so glad you joined us..

Here's the update I promised since I dropped off the radar. I'll make it as short as I can..

I got within 25 pounds of my goal by June of '08. Summer was a tough time for me to diet, I should have just Transitioned and maintained that loss through the summer but I didn't and gradually all the weight found me again. This time I am going to transition in May/June and deal with the rest of the weight after taking a break over the summer no matter where I am in May..

In Feb '09, DH and I were out to dinner and he told me I should plan to go to Boston for the Master's degree program I have been itching to go for a few years. This was a Friday; on Monday he came home with the news that his company was closing the doors and moving to Florida. He was originally scheduled to be laid off in June but they wanted him to help finish projects so he was one of the few they kept on until December. They offered him positions in Sunrise, Florida and Scottsdale, AZ. We weren't willing to move the kids esp. with DS being a senior and DD really happy in HS and my job that I mostly like.

He wouldn't get it if he found a new job before December. Little did we know......he's well known in his field around our small area (Electrical Engineer) and respected for his work so we/he didn't think it would take so much time to find a new job. He was off work for EIGHT MONTHS. I was empathetic at first but man, it was draining. He has lots of things he could do around the house but he got really down and did very little.

About the time he found a job in August, I was ready to suggest he talk to some friends who had tried to recruit him in a town about 125 miles away. Fortunately this job came up right before I started slipping arsenic in his food. (just kidding).

DS met the love of his life the fall of his senior year. She is a lovely girl but alas, it didn't last through the winter. He was devestated and fell into depression again. He's finally back on track but it was a worry for a long time. He graduated and is going to college about 30 miles away living in a dorm. He texted me this afternoon, he got a 94 on his first test.

He's home alot so I haven't had time to miss him. I am glad he's so close. I worry about his mental state but he seems better now. (Better living through pharmacology/antidepressants).

DD is a sophomore in HS. She's in cross country and leadership so she keeps busy. She's got a 3.9 GPA and is having a fit because she has a B in French. I told her I'd get her a tutor if she wanted but she just seemed to want to throw a fit. She was nominated for Homecoming Royalty but opted out because she didn't have a date for the dance. I was told that she got the most votes out of 32 students from the staff.

When DH got his lay-off notice, I took the opportuntiy to pick up an extra day/week at work. Man am I sorry now. I really like working 3.5 days a week and I don't really care for the assignment I picked up. My boss is irritating me more and more. Right now I'm not in love with my job but I like the pay and hours and schedule so I can deal with it..

That's it for my update. Now you are all up to speed in my rather boring life. I really hate all this weight. I had so many cute clothes, now they are just waiting for me to lose again..

Time to get dinner ready..

I'll be back later..


Comment #40

No Laurie, I only take the dogs if alan and I get a chance to walk together. Dachshunds are stubborn at times. they both get way too excited when they see people and other dogs, and pull too badly. Not great for my back! They both can step backwards out of a harness, a choke collar(soft one) just causes them to make themselves choke and cough, they still get excited and try to run to people and their dogs,,they are such attention seekers!! We are thiking of trying the face harnesses,,the type that fit their heads,,not 'muzzles",,they are supposed to be better for dogs that pull,,,,or I could just pay big bucks for the dog whisperer to work with them!! lol. any book you read about dachshunds will also tell you do not ever trust them off a leash, in busy traffic or unsafe areas, because if they catch a scent, they will start tracking,,,cause they are hounds,,,,and when they have their minds on that, they will not hear a word you say to them! Gotta love them though. They wouldn't be good dogs to walk when I am doing a fast walk either,,the little one has 2 to 3 inch legs,,too fast or too long a walk is hard on her,,and she whines to be picked up half way through!.

I hear you on the kids,,i didn't raise my DD to be like she is temper wise either. I would never have shown that kind of temper to my mother, and still won't, the way DD has to me at times, and my Mom also. she has no respect, and then wonders why her 19 and 15 yr olds don't respect her. I love her,,but man,,,sure don't like her at times. with her oldest son being by the first DH, who walked away from him when he was 4, let her second DH adopt him, then she has had 2 more marriages! Her oldest tells her now that she always put the next husband before him,,and he is right!! It has affected his self esteem ,,and with this last husband,,he moved his nephew in with them, who is between her two boys in age,,and she had her ex husband, who lives near her, take their two boys in! In between times, the oldest stays with us!! And the parents wonder why he is so immature at 19,,,,like that takes a rocket scientist to figure out! what parents do,,or don't do,,,affects children for lots of years, and in some cases, their whole life! We just love both the boys, and try to be here when they need us,,,,,which p1zzes off the parents..lo..can't win!! so belive me,,i get what you mean,,,crying is the only way to cope at times!..

Comment #41

Wow,,Jane looks great in those shorts!! I'm so proud of her!!.

Chelle,,it is good you can be home with your kids,,,you can grow up later!! lol.

Hi Goal,,how is the other team going?? I hope great!!.

Hi Zz, Tamby,JaeDee! and anyone else I missed!!..

Comment #42

Jeannie,,you are not boring at all!! I am glad you shared with us,,,that is what we are here for!! You can relose,,and I think to transition for the summer and learn some maintenance techniques is a great idea!! who knows, yhou may even be at goal by then,,if the inlaws stay away!! lol..

Comment #43

Your kids jeannie are the same point in life as my grandsons,,Oldest graduated in June,,youngest is a sophmore. oldest was 19 by graduation because he was held back in 3rd when Dd remarried and moved them to Delaware for a short time. Higher rated system up there than down here, and heaven forbid he might need her to help him at home..

Lol anyway, since he is immature, and suffers from anxiety and depression, and is ADHD,it didn't hurt him to be later. He eneded up with all b's and 1 c, so not too shabby. her younger one though is usually straight a's, with a blip now and then...

Comment #44

I see my typos,,and no, I am not gonna edit,,,lol..

Comment #45


When I walk our dog (which is rare) I use a "Haltie" I think that's what you were describing. It fits around the nose. Our dumb dog pulls so much on the leash he chokes and thank you very much, my arm is long enough. The Haltie turns his nose around, if he pulls,he ends up going toward me instead some other dog or a sweet smelling dog poo. He hates it but tough noogies..

I am in the spot where I don't want to have my L & G tonight, at least I don't want to cook it. Costco had some cooked roast so I thawed some of that and looks like I don't have any veggies in the house so will have to do with some Italian zucchini. Soggy mess..

<whispers> I like the Parmesan puffs shhhhhhh. Do they count as a meal?.


Comment #46

Yes, I think that is what I mean,,halties. thanks, now I know what to call them!! lol.

I keep those steamer bags of veggies on hand,,,they don't have alot,,and I like to take half of them for lunches at work sometimes. always handy!..

Comment #47

JaeDee, yes the puffs are a meal,,but not for L/G!! only. You still haveta cook!! lol..

Comment #48

Hi maria,,I am getting ready to hit the sack,,,,helped Dh at the restaurant tonight,,and I am tired. Went in on my day off to give one of my stylist a "beach wave",,,,feel I totally missed my wed off!!.

Have to be in the salon by 8. I need my ugly sleep!!..

Comment #49

No rest for the weary!!.

Have a good night....

Comment #50

I will,,thanks!! I just read the shrinking girls thread,,wow, it is taking off great!! I always liked to read there, always lots of inspiration there!! I am glad it is revived!! I will be lurking from time to time,, I like the energy level you all have,,even for a maintainer,,enthusiasm is a good thing to read!!.

Will hopefully get here tomorrow at lunch,,,,have a long day of it tomorrow. night all,,keep to your plans, 100%,,,and don't forget that water!!!..

Comment #51

You can post there too, it is not just for 100 plus. It would be great to have maintainers post and give some advice, inspiration or just cheer some folks on...

Comment #52


I hope everyone has a great OP day...

Comment #53

Hi Girls - busy week at work - not much time to post but wanted to say hi..

Is that JD I see down there with a long post about her life?! Gotta go catch up!!..

Comment #54

Morning Lovilies.....

Starting to feel a little better, not a terrible night at work. Hey if you in the call room by midnight it's a good night.. NO pages to wake me after that so goood night....

And had a great partner on with me last night.. It don't matter if we work all night we still have fun.. Makes all the difference in the world...

Shu I think a 24 hour shift to be away from my family is what is needed.. Altough DH has been more supportive of me this time than he has ever been, which to me proves he just want's me to be around longer to take care of him lol.. j/k.

JD you can do this, and summer time is great for trasitioning when all the fruits and veggies are in full bloom, fresh is so much better.. And even for eating out.. You greens are better.. We are here for you.. Sounds like the weekend with the inlaws was'nt so great. But we do what we gotta do and sometimes just not worth the fight,..

I had to deal with DS2 and heartbreak first one.. And she broke up with him on facebook.. But she was not a lovley girl.. Personally I was glad.

Chelle, yah for being back to 100% on plan,, I knew you would do it.. And the ups guy is here so often, it's ususally more christmas stuff.. lol.. SO I never get excited to see him lol...

I like the oatmeal but not the Medifast soups...

Shu, I don't walk with shawdow either cause he is a big lop lab lol... And walks me.. But I have taken him on a couple of runs with me and he totally suprized me!! He stayed with me the whole time..(many times wanting to run right in front of me and when my knees hit his but he stops and looks like what I DO?) I was afraid to take him for a long time and one day I decided what the heck if he does lousy he won't go again.. Maybe he knew Sounds like you have busy day.. Don't work to hard remember to take time for you.

Hi Jane, slow down and breathe. It's good for you.

Stop in when you can and yet that is awesome photo of you!.

Zz g00d luck on your ride this weekend.. Will be thinking of you... Glad you have padded shorts and they don't look bad on but when you see them in the store they look horiffic lol.. Like the bra's with the boobs built in, these are pants with the butt built in lol... I would rather have the boobs.. Cause heaven knows where I lose weight first..

Maria glad the other team is working out and making great strides.. I have'nt been there, but I am rarley on here lol...

Where is Tamby?.

SO for some good news, still smoke free.... Water pipe still has a small drip but not a stream did replace some parts but don't think they are tight enough.. Going for my 5 miler today just as a pace run.. Should help me start to pull some junk from my lungs, want it warm up to at least 60 first thou.. Then I have to get to grocery store and we shall she from there...

Have a great op day girls ,, Will try to get back later..


Comment #55

Good Morning all!.

Laurie is the leak stopped? Sounds like you live with the same lazy people I do..

Jane, since I seemed to have missed the story, how did you get to your goal? How long, how much, etc, etc. Tell me everything....

ZZ, have you done the MS ride yet? As a sponsor, I expect you the think of me for at least 10 seconds and hope for a cure or treatment for my SIL..

Shar, a beach wave sounds simple, walk down to the beach, turn around, raise arm then it's just "wrist, elbow, wrist , elbow." Really, what is a beach wave?, it sounds like a soft perm, wavy instead of curly, I think that's what I want..

Maria, where do you live? Do you have a bio somewhere so I can "know" you? Geez, I am just on nosy old cow today..

Chelle, you like sounds like mine used to be, running the kids to practice, games, parties. Sometimes when I drive past the field they played baseball and soccer I really miss it. Then I think naaaa, it either rained or was 100 degrees with no shade and games that went on until dark. Enjoy every minute. 100% OP today for both of us OK..

Tamby, are you in Texas getting the masters? or is that Maria? I am so sorry that you went through all that with your son. It is so heartbreaking when it's your child. I'd rather be sliced and diced than watch my kid go through mental or physical pain..

Late start day at work, I have a meeting to start the day, woe is me. I don't have much patience for meetings these days..

Ha det bra (norwegian for "have it good").


Comment #56

Nope no but - just a crack and it's a little one too!..

Comment #57

I just wrote a really long post and I got booted - now I got to get to work - okay now I'm mad when I was so happy - Think I'll start writing in word and copy and paste- gee whiz!..

Comment #58

OMG are you guys talking about my butt?!'s true, I don't have much of one, never have. Now the BIG FAT BACK and GUT...that's another thing. I do have to say I enjoyed ZZ's padded shorts - she told me I couldn't wear any undies with them so I felt particularly close to her.....

JD - I'll catch you up, it was a h** of a lot of work, not gonna lie, but SO worth it... I know you guys can do it too.


Comment #59

Wanted to jump in and say Hi,,not much time,,have to get back to clients! I will try hard to get on here later,,,,,I think tamby has gone back to her old stomping ground, the water cooler,,shrinking girls rock..

Jaedee,,a beach wave is a perm but is done on rectagular foam blocks as opposed to perm rods,,,give that soft curl you see on all the stars right now. Actually just more of body and a curve as opposed to a real wave or curl..

Gotta run,,,bye,,,,hope to BBL!!..

Comment #60

OK gotta share cause this is a real non scale victory for me....

I just finished my first 5.27 miler.... in 1:10:31 my goad was to be running 5 miles in one hour.. I think I can say success!! I feel pretty good.. Then I no sooner got home hubby needs help with nothing else than umm firewood.. So yep load of firewood cut and stacked... Seem to get so much more done after my 24 hour shift...

JD hubby is still in the fields they have had a terrible time this year with equipment breaking down. Of course at the most in opportune times.. The one thing he is not is Lazy.. The boys on the other hand. Can't say the same for them will only do something when there is an ultimatum thrown at them.. Like either do it or move out sort of choice...

I feel like everything is thrown onto my shoulders and it sucks... Not gonna lie....

I was thinking too tamby was not coming back here she may drop in but I don't think we will see her regually...

Jane, nope no butt.. You don't have a belly either.. I know it feel like you do, but really you don't.. And you have great legs.

Shu I think my next hair appointment I am going to do this [ATTACH].


I think I want to go back short again, Hubby won't like it, but I am getting to old to go with the long hair look. Short gray is easier to cover, may go red also.

Maria masters in ?? Are you working and going to school?.

Chelle did you find the ruby slippers??.

Need to make a myofusion ward off soreness...

Check in later..

Comment #61

I am not working now, I am taking care of Mom, she is almost 97. My masters is in Criminal Justice with a focus on Homeland Security, Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). I did work full time when I went to law school many moons ago! Working and going to school is easier than taking care of Mom and going to school...

Comment #62

I hear ya there,, Grams is 93 and w/c bound or bed bound I took care of her for three days by meself last year when I was 130lbs and let me tell you It was physically and mentally exhausting...

I had no idea you went to law school.

That is awesome.. We need someone to take care of the Mass destruction and terriorist in this country.. Knowing you have dobbermans as attact dogs help.. even though I am sure Bo is a ***** cat.

They look like attact dogs lol...

Have to hit the shower and off to the grocery store ick ick ick, I don't wanna go!!!!..

Comment #63

Hi all!!.

Yes, Laurie, we found the coveted Ruby Slippers at Target for We walked out spending only $33 total..which is a miracle for me in a Target!! LOL.

Well, my mom just called and my dad whose had a fever for 3 days (thought it was flu) noticed he had a huge welt in his groin area all around to the back of his rear end and down the back of his thigh...they run to the doctor and he has cellulitis. Sent him home with antibiotics, but i'm nervous! I've heard too many horror stories of cellulitis getting into the blood, or the skin dying... I'd feel better if they'd hooked him up to some IV antiobiotics.....


P.S. I hate grocery shopping too! and you ROCK for running 5 miles woman!.

JD ~ 100% OP How did you do? I'm trying to take every moment with the kids in ...I know they will grow up too fast. Julie is half way to 16..yikes..

Sharon ~ when I read "shrinking girls" I thought you were talking about boobies...LOL.

Jane ~I wish I had no butt! I have more than enough to share!!.

Maria ~ bless you for caring for your mother,! My grandmother is 80 and has advanced alzheimers. She doesn't know anyone anymore. She barely eats. I pray everyday that she will be able to be with my grandpa in heaven soon, it's devastating to see her this way, and she would NOT have wanted it. Sorry to be a debbie downer!!..

Comment #64

[quote=chellebelle007]Hi all!!.

Yes, Laurie, we found the coveted Ruby Slippers at Target for We walked out spending only $33 total..which is a miracle for me in a Target!! LOL.

Must of been our shopping day, Went to wal mart and only 94$ less than a 100$ that never happens...

And I got a 7$ discount with the DS1 employee card. yeahhhh...

But did'nt make it the grocery store got some of the things I needed at Wal Mart but got to be dinner time and every thursday we have subway here.. My night off from everything except shopping lol.. So I needed to go order and pick up subs for dinner tonight yumm..

Comment #65

My husband was bitten by a spider while doing yard work this summer. He ended up with cellulitis and was on two different types of antibiotics. It was scary. If the oral antibiotics didn't work then he was going to be hospitalized and put on IV meds. Luckily, the meds worked..

I lost an uncle to alzheimers a few years ago. It was said to see. My mother is miserable, has a pacemaker, she can't see well, can't hear, unable to walk since August. She is a handful and always says that she wants to die. I feel so bad for her. I guess at her age, she is tired.

It is hard to see them like that...

Comment #66

Maria,,wow,,school and your Mom,,that is a handful!! love the dancing kitties!!.

Laurie,,Ilove that haircut!! and YES,,go for red!!.

Chelle, Yay on the Ruby slippers!! my oldest grandson had cellulitis in his calf of his leg last year, he felt and scraped it in football practice. His responded nicely to the antibiotics, but all the skin did peel off,,left a big nasty scar. they also told him it could crop back up anytime now for the rest of his life. once you have it, it apparently lives in your system waiting to re appear. nasty stuff,,and he was just 17 at the time!!.

I am on a quick lunch/doggie walk,,,busy at work, then tonight, after work, myself and 3 of my employees are going through a haunted house. they bought me lottery tickets and a protein bar for bosses day today, and I won, 10.00!!

I will try to get on here later, but not sure..

Have a great on plan day,,,and move your body and drink that water!!.

Hi to everyone else yet to check in here!!..

Comment #67

Okay - I might be getting smarter but I decided to write this morning using WORD since I wrote a long response yesterday to my gal pals and I was booted and lost the whole thing. Made me a bit angry but I was so happy when I was writing you gals. Needless to say I never got back online with the end of Tax Season on my doorstep- Thank God. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

It was so good to hear from our Jeannie again and let you know my friend that I am pretty much in the same boast as you on what I need to lose. I found some old diet journals going back over ten years and I always come back to this same weight range. No matter how much I exercise. Its a food thing for sure. Ive also got a closet full of nice clothes _ I could probably found an outfit for each of you as I have so may size. Gee Whiz I know..

Thank you to all my sponsors for my ride tomorrow - I really love you gals. We have raised over $55,000 as a team and I met my personal goal thanks to some of youYou can check out of our team with my link below- The DH is one of the co-captains. Im leaving in a few hours to hear down to Ventura and meet our team for dinner and motivation. I ride with the slower group and the DH goes with the Hard core folks. This will be only my 3rd time back on my bike since my little surgery so I am feeling good and happy that tax season is finally over and I can get back to the right focus and get some poundage off before the holidays.. I think we need to challenge each other and I so appreciate all the love and support of you my friends I promise to me on more often..

Have a great weekend and sorry for lack of shout outs they were there in the message that got dumped.. Love ya..

Comment #68

Laurie - I love that haircut- are you going to do it?.

I'm going to let mine grow out more and lighten it- at least that's what others keep telling me to do?..

Comment #69

Afternoon girls....

Not feeling so hot here today, I took a detox bath last night and it makes me mush. But since I did a long run yesterday I thought it would help ease the soreness and that it did..

ZZ- Yes that is my next cut will get it in a couple of weeks when I am due to see her again.. I would of had it already but I could find the pic so when I got home I downloaded to the puter.. Yeah for the end of tax season.. And have fun on the ride today.. And only the best of luck to you and your team for tomarrow.. I have a former co working running in S.

Marathon this weekend. On her way as we speak.. She is running for Luekemia teamSo cheerleading weekend this weekend for the both of you out there in Californina.

Shu I will get the cut first and I want more of a alburn color it works well with my complextion since I don't tan as much durning the winter months.. And when we put up christmas lights I can't tan.. Blows the breakers haha.. seriously it does... Hope you had a nice little break and the rest of your day goes well.... Hope to see you here tonight...

Hi Maria, how are you today.? Love the dancing kitties...

Chelle, I have no one good memory of any patient with cellutilitis.....

Hope the oral anbx work well for your pops.. Will keep him in my prayers at night for a quick recovery. It never pretty site, the first patient I had as a scared nursing student and first day of clinicals was a man in early 50's with celulitis of his testicals.

Size of canelope I kid you none... I did'nt even want to touch them but had to support them on bath towels so they did'nt hang to much weight caused more pain as you can imagine from that area.. Thankfully I did'nt have to take care of him any more than the one day.. On a brighter note how was your weigh in? Good I hope!!!!! anything is better than nothing...

Mine not changing as I don't expect to much till I am off these meds which will be another 3 weeks or so... I go up two and down 2 .. So it will all work out in the end...

JD are you doing ok? Glad you filled us in on what was going on with you.. I thought we would see more of you on facebook.. I don't spend alot of time watching tv but I do spend alot of time on the computer, shopping, ebay, amazon... You name it.. and of course facebook.. Keeps me occupied and not thinking of eating and seeing all those ads on tv for food, which at night are killer....

Should be illegal to put them on there after dinner time in my opinion lol...

Anyway nothing going on here today going to go take another detox bath and try to rid the toxins from my body and sweat it out... No run today will do fluidity to stretch after the bath..

Hi Jane,, don't work your hiney off opps too late.

Hugs me..

Comment #70

Ride with the wind today ZZ!!!.

Best of luck to you... Will be thinking of you...

Hi to everyone else.. Not much going on here... Guess I will hit the road in a bit for a run...

Have a great day....

Comment #71

Hello Rubies. Just popping in to see how everyone is doing..

I am having a cup of coffee and kicking back for a bit. I am tried. I went to the casino last night and basically broke even. It is the first time that I played "virtual" blackjack. I always play blackjack but with a real dealer. It was OK.

I hope everyone has a great weeked!!..

Comment #72

Hi Maria,,.

I am here no big plans for the weekend I may take in a movie tomarrow afternoon just to get out of the house...

But that depends on how I feel.. Holy cow I went for my run today and went past a field where they were still combining beans, and I guess that fine dust I am allergic too.. I started sneezing and blowing my nose and I have not stopped yet.. Going to be a night quill nite for sure for me...

ZZ hope your ride was awesome.. Was thinking about you today!!.

I got me a camel pack and it's actually quite nice.. I know bikers use them alot. But I hate to carry a water bottle. so it worked nicely...

I took 4 minutes off my 5 mile time today... Whoo hooo.. I know not at exciting for any of you but it is for me.. And I am being cosistant with my mileage and time..

That is all I gotz.. HOpe you all have a on plan weekend...



Comment #73

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.