Does anyone know how many points red bull is on the Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is Does anyone know how many points red bull is on the Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' SUNDAY - FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Yes sir! although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

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Perseverance is a positive, active characteristic. It is not idly, passively waiting and hoping for some good thing to happen. It gives us hope by helping us realize that the righteous suffer no failure except in giving up and no longer trying. We must never give up, regardless of temptations, frustrations, disappointments, or discouragements...

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Since we've had under 50 posts in two days, I decided it would be best to let today's thread run through the week. Looking at last year's posts and laughing, as - at that time - we thought under 200 posts was a day to be concerned..

It seems the internet issues have rectified themselves. For now, anyway..

It's pouring rain here today so my plan is to finish the laundry, make some stuffed peppers and salad for the week, and walk on the TM. Sparky was pretty comfortable last night. That made me super happy. Am also going to color my hair or touch up my hair color..

Not so exciting but....

That's really all I got...

Comment #3

Good morning Capt. The weekly thing makes me sad but I do remember last year and the enormous amts. of postings we had. I never thought I'd get caught up or remember who everyone was- but we all did! I understand the need for the weekly thread- hopefully we can all get this board that active again- maybe after the beginning of the year. Have fun with all the chores today and I'm so glad Sparky was comgy last night!.

AFM- Woke up to just a ground covering of snow. Not sure if we're suppose to get more or not. Afraid oldest dd may have pink eye too- looked like a possibility at bedtime last night. Guess we'll see when she wakes up. She's suppose to have a holiday party at GS and the other is suppose to have a vball game- both at the same time and DH is working today. That's it from here this morning- going to go post results to the challenge board and read the paper (well at least the sale ads)..

Comment #4

Hi all... I'm present and accounted for.. sorry I have been mia....

Gotta have coffee!..

Comment #5

Morning Lara - I sent you a PM..

Morning Andrea - Where you been?.

Morning Andi - Swagger...

Comment #6

Morning Lori, Andrea, Andi, and Lara.

I woke up to about 4 or more inches of snow and it's still snowing. We have a severe warning out cuz it's supposed to be hazardous with 8-14" and heavy winds. Hopefully the bad stuff will miss us. Then I have to hope the guy that said he would do our snow shows up. I have no idea how to use our gigantic tractor and it's way too much for our little snowblower. I ca n shovel a little but my back or knee will give out if it's too deep and heavy.

Glad I don't have to go out anywhere today. Never got around to wrapping presents yesterday (sorry Kori, guess I better not come help ya) but think I will today. Take care everyone and hagd...

Comment #7

We are SO lucky this rain is not snow...

Comment #8

Hi all...It's pouring rain here too. Going off to the craft store so I don't kill my children..

Comment #9

Morning Ang, Andrea, Andi and Barb..

Capt- PM back at you- hope it made sense..

Andi- So how was shopping the other day? Any good buys?.

Barb- I feel you on the snow- it's snowing here too! and windy! I hate cold wind, don't so much mind a good warm wind to help cool things off. Hope your snow guy comes..

Ang- Hurry to the craft store so you don't kill the kiddos- Santa would take you off the nice list...

Comment #10

YEAH Girl Scouts just got cancelled and I'm not going to vball- so I can stay inside and not brave the weather!..

Comment #11

Morning Shammies, golf tournament here today and then daily chat with Mom and piano practice. Oh, and then get a bunch of golf done as part of my new responsibilities..

Glad to hear that Sparky had a good night..

OK, off to post on challenge thread and then some coffee...

Comment #12

Remember to post week 6 results. Lara and Kori - thanks for posting...

Comment #13

Dishwasher running, laundry running, just spoke w/Dad in FL who will be here visting next week..

Now I'm off to TM, shower, hair colored, and stuffed pepper & salad making..

Will check back later on this afternoon...

Comment #14

Lori - have a fun day. It sure is busy. Hope visit with Dad is a good one...

Comment #15

Kids have been angels for the last hour or so doing homework and volunteering to do extra worksheets I had bought over the summer to keep there skills up. We are getting ready to wrap presents to keep them busy. They are wanting to bake cookies, but I don't think I have the stuff to do. we'll see...

Comment #16

500 calories.


50 wall humps.


50 reps on exercise ball.



Comment #17

WTG CAPT!! I can see the swagger from here!..

Comment #18

WTG lori... ive just been busy with kids and stuff. been OP, even through cookie party and a house full of treats..

Hi lara and barb... stay inside!.

Hey sandy... hope you have a great day too..

Its raining here and kids are cranky. we are doing stuff but they are still miserable!.

Ang.. I feel your pain sista... my kids are driving me crazy too. lots of negativity. going to friends house for kids' bday party and then home to decorae my tree. it's been up since yesterday naked!.

Sandy... ill be posting stats in the am. hope that it doesnt mess ya up...

Comment #19

Hey kori... missed your posts.. how are you?.

Hi darlene... hows it going?.

Hey erin.. waz up?..

Comment #20

Hi all : ).

I am snowed in... sucks because if I dont work I dont make money... but nice to be forced to stay inside sometimes too. My kids are doing well and not too stir crazy so thats good!.

Im going to work on paperwork so I will be around and check in off and on..

I think a weekly thread will be OK for a little while, hopefully after the new year we can find some new shammies!! I looked around at other threads last night and ALLL of them seem pretty slow..

Hope you all are having a great day!!..

Comment #21

Hey Jill- I'm stuck inside too! I could get out I guess but just don't feel the need. My oldest DD left her winter coat at a bday party on Friday so she'd freeze out there. Guess she'll have to layer tomorrow for school as I have not heard back from the mom yet as to wether they found it. Sorry no $$ making today!..

Comment #22

Hi Lara!! BRR about DD coat being left behind. Im not sure we could bundle up enough here to go out without a coat!!! Silly kids!..

Comment #23

Hola chicas....

Stuffed peppers come off the stove in 15 minutes..

Salad is made..

Kitchen is clean..

Laundry is finished and put away..

Joe's downstairs watching television..

Sparky is peaceful..

Darla and Kitty are napping..

And I had a stellar 5/1 weekend...which wasn't so easy for me this weekend..

I hope the scale gives it up to me tomorrow!!!!.

Right after I take the stuffed peppers off the stove Jose will be coloring my hair..

Then I have a salad with grilled chicken waiting for me..

I'll check back later..

Mad love to all...

Comment #24

Jill, I don't remember where you're from but know it's a snowy place. We've probably gotten about a foot now and it's still coming down pretty hard. I've got a small patch shoveled for dogs to get in and out without a foot of snowing coming in thru patio or side door. However, it's getting covered pretty quickly. At least my patio door slides so they should be good to go that way. I've pulled my back and it's pretty sore today.

Now Doug feels bad cuz he thinks I hurt my back helping him (possibly true but I think I just twisted funny). Our friend doesn't want to snowplow till tomorrow cuz it's coming down so hard right now. Hope he's not making a mistake and we're stuck herelol. Doug just needs a lab test tomorrow but that can be postponed if necessary. Have a warm, cozy night everyone...

Comment #25

Capt- can you PM me the stuffed peppers recipe. They sound good and I'd like to try them..

Watching the UL vs Akron men's soccer game (its the NCAA champhionship). Go Louisville!..

Comment #26

The peppers are way mo' betta on Maint when you can add the brown rice, but....

1 package extra lean ground turkey.

I add some seasonings - usually just parsley and onion powder.

1 can diced tomato.

Mix together.

Cut tops off of peppers.


Drizzle EV Olive Oil on top.

Put upside down in deep skillet (sprayed with Pam) with lid (bottom of peppers will be up facing you).

Another can of diced tomato thrown in skillet.


Cook on medium heat for an hour.

I sprinkle w/a little parm cheese and have with salad..

Freakin' yum..

I haven't made these in a long time..

I'm excited for dinner tomorrow already...

Comment #27

I have wicked gas..

Hope that makes the front page...

Comment #28

Quick check in..

Busy time of year but you guys are in my thoughts!.

Going to take a nap then will try to get back on and catch up..

Comment #29

Thanks Capt- gonna try those this week..

Kori- enjoy your nap and hope to see you back on later when you are well rested..

TACO salad for dinner was YUMMY!..

Comment #30

Ohhhhhhhh...I haven't had taco salad in forever!!!!!!.

My hair is colored and I just ate a freakin' butt-load of salad with grilled chicken..

Weird...I look and feel super fat right now..

Le Sigh...

Comment #31

Im in iowa.... be careful with your hurting back and knee yay for pain pills..

Comment #32

Salads never taste as good at home to me... why is that?? I just had a chicken salad for dinner... it was so-so..

Comment #33

Glad you posted... copied and pasted to my recipe doc..

Comment #34

Louisville Soccer lost- BOO, but I will say the other team did dominate the game. First loss of the season!.

Capt I'm sure your just feeling bloated from just eating. You've got swagger girl..

Jill I'm with you, salads out usually taste better but then I bet it's because they put things on there that either 1) we shouldn't be eating or 2) we just don't think to but on the ones at home...

Comment #35

Lara, I was just looking at your page... your before and after pics are AMAZING!!!! Can you even believe how far you have come?? Anyways I was reading your blog... and dammm ppl were brutal about the smore incident!!! Im sure hurtful at the time but it was a little comical to read now (hope you think so too!!)..

Comment #36

Got some wonderful new stuffed toys for my pups! and enjoyed my massage. and got some "Happy Tuesday" gifts for my WI family contingent. life it GRAND!..

Comment #37

Go Zips!.

My BFF's husband played soccer for the zips.....

Hi all you slores!.

Busy weekend here, and stressful....relationships.....nothing more needs said......

Hope everyone had a great weekend..

Finally got the tree today, it's up and to just wrap the presents...

Have a good night!..

Comment #38

BTW - Meat Muffins are pretty amazing too - note to self - make meat muffins this week......

Comment #39

Evening lovelies!.

Barb - feel better!.

Lara and Jill - enjoy this down time - you know it won't last! My mom said she is digging out in WI too - just like Barb....

Lori - le sigh? sne-BS-eze. co-BS-ugh..

Hi Erin - nice to see you!..

Comment #40

So - back from work. hubbie is suffering cabin fever - and it's pretty decent (albeit rainy) here... we're gonna go out and buy him something... prob a toy.

And dinner. dinner sounds REALLY good right now.

Maybe Mongolian grill. maybe fish. hhhhmmmmmmmm..

And I would like to watch my netflix tonight - definitely, maybe. anyone seen it? reviews?.

Later lovelies...

Comment #41

OK - before I leave - with all the preent wrapping - who gets themself a gift and wraps it for the holidays?.

I don't wrap it but I DO get "stocking stuffer stuff" for myself.......

Comment #42

Jill- Thanks for the kuddos. I couldn't believe the response I got to those smores'. It was like my first week on Medifast I think but I didn't let them stop me. I think it actually gave me more motivation in a weird kinda way. Notice I stopped the blog after that and I found the Shammies, where I found SUPPORT! Thanks sexxies!.

Andi- Have a yummy dinner. Can you PM or post the meat muffin recipe?.

Erin- Sorry for the relationship drama- hope all gets better soon. Yeah for tree up! I have started wrapping but am far from finished..

Ok heading to the kitchen to get me last Medifast meal (banana pudding) and then likely heading to bed. School will likely be on a delayed schedule or cancelled tomorrow. Lets hope they go, I can't afford to call in again tomorrow...

Comment #43

I spend a TON of time making a huge salad w'ething that I love..

Grilled chicken - a touch of low fat ranch - and I mostly use salsa for dressing..


Comment #44

Still have gas..

I have a feeling my WI tomorrow might not be so great now..

I'm like a freakin' balloon flying down 5th Ave on Thanksgiving..

Oh well...Friday's is the one I'm aiming for..

Will surely keep you all posted on tomorrow's, though..

I kinda think that's it from me..

Some magazines to read - a caramel crunch bar to eat - and SLEEP..

Sparky is so peaceful..

Me too...

Comment #45

Evening lovelies,.

Golf was fun but DH is having back problems and did not play well. I have a ton of stuff to get done tonight. Hope everyone has a good night and see you guys tomorrow...

Comment #46

Hey Shammies!.

Nap was almost non-existent. I had just gotten to sleep when the doorbell rang with some people from church at the house. Then my sister dragged me to a birthday party for a kid she used to babysit. But that was alright cuz I hadn't seen the little girl for a little while. Came home and had some fresh turkey my Dad cooked and it was so yummy! Just placed another Medifast order, for the RTD shakes. Think they are going to be another good grab and go meal.

So gonna try them again and then ship a box of them to BF's house so I have them for after Christmas when I am there for 2 weeks..

Gonna try for some shout outs, hope I don't miss anyone..

Barb: Hope the knee and back feel better. All that snow...EWWW!!!...It was like 80 something here today. Beautiful!.

Lori - You rocked the exercise today. My Medifast guru and hero!.

Lara - Hope the kids go to school tomorrow. Especially with the time you had to take for DS getting pinkeye last week..

Andi - I do buy presents for myself and sometimes my mom makes me wrap them for myself. So I do it to make her happy. End up with a lot of To: Me, From: Me presents under the tree! LOL!.

Erin - Sorry about the relationship ish. YAY! For getting the tree up...I love Christmas decorations. If you need anything, you know I am just a text, an email, or a phone call away girl!.

Sandy - Hope you got some piano practicing in with all your golf responsibilities..

Jill - Stay warm up there in Iowa! Hope the snow doesn't get too bad where you can't work this week..

I think I got everyone. If not...I please insanity due to lack of sleep. I am going to get my last Medifast meal and then heading to bed early so I can get up and get to the gym..

Night Shammies!.

Mucho love!..

Comment #47

Good morning Shams..

Happy Monday..

I woke up with sausage fingers..

It's not gonna be a good WI...

Comment #48


And a Snow day for school! However my mom is sick today and not going to work so kids are going over there (bad mom I know but if I miss again...) Taking the 4x4 truck as my van has a flat tire. Should be a fun day. Luckily the news is reporting that the main roads are good, but the backroads are not..

Have a great OP day Shammies...

Comment #49

Capt- know it's not because you haven't been doing great! Is JACK getting ready to visit again?..

Comment #50

Lara - Jack has a mind of his own lately..

Be safe...

Comment #51

Sandy - reported in - thanks for waiting and sorry for the delay!.

On the up side - I was happy with my WI - have a bit to go but busted through the archnemesis 162 this week...

Comment #52

Barb - you can do this - just a bit of FOCUS TODAY. Just today - tomorrow will come tomorrow. and Nurses Advice - no exercise today - rest that knee and back as much as you can... ICE the knee but gentle heat the back..

What's the lean and green plan for today?..

Comment #53

Me - meat muffins..

Basically take the pepper stuffing from Lori's recipe (sometimes I use parm in the muffin mix - sometimes I use tomatoes and sometimes not) - and cook in muffin pan for 30-40 minutes..

And for my green - I was at the asian market and they had tomotoes and cukes on sale - I took it as a sign so I am having Ang's summer cuke salad.

(but with bean sprouts cuz those were on sale too.


Comment #54

Oh and Ang - hubbie made me the pumpkin pies - "you didn't tell me which one to make and you gave me 30oz pumpkin when the recipe called for 15oz so I made both" WOW - slowly working through pumpkin pies!!! 1/6 piece = Medifast meal... one pie is 88cal and the other is 104 per piece. they are good. I like the no-MF one best with the crustless crust. I do recommend only making on at a time though..

Comment #55



Almost 3 pounds up from when I snuck a look the other day..

I feel like something went terribly wrong around the time I had dinner last night. I'm all kinds of puffy and bloated..

Friday's is the one that counts..

Plan to work very hard this week to make it a better one...

Comment #56

Random -.

My right knee has been hurting since last night..

I'm thinking it's the weather...

Comment #57

Random -.


Comment #58

Happy Monday to all the Shams,.

Hope this is a good week for all of us. I just had my bar and will start drinking my water again right after this last cup of coffee. It's only about 2 degrees here but at least the guy was here plowing our driveway and doing our sidewalks. We have to go out this afternoon so DH can have his blood checked but even the doctors office was closed this morning and won't open till this afternoon. Most of the roads have been plowed and we live on a main road so we should be good to go. It's very weird to me to since one continuous week of posts but I totally understand why. Going to go catch up on yesterdays posts so I'll bbl...

Comment #59

Not even 2 hours and I am BEYOND done and ready to go back HOME!!!!..

Comment #60

Morning Shammies, Today is piano lesson for me. Only two days until we head to the airport to pick up my niece. I am so hoping they made it safe to DC. I have not heard yet...

Comment #61

Hi all. I am not really here but didn't want anyone to worry anyone..

My kid is really sick AGAIN..I'm out of Medifast food...hubby lost part time job (for which we need the money) and it's almost christmas.....

I'm tired and busy and can't deal right now and I don't think this is the place for me to vent..

But I'm definitely thinking of you all...

Comment #62

Ang, thinking of you too and hoping everything works out for the best. Sorry one of the kids is sick and hubby losing PT job but I know you're strong and will do what's necessary for everyone. Love ya...

Comment #63

That's what grandmas are for Lara! Glad it worke dout so you didn't have to miss any work...

Comment #64

Yummy! I think I am having steak and steamed green beans...

Comment #65

LOL! Sounds about right. Why not make two big huge pies? Enjoy the pies! Little bits at a time..

Comment #66

Friday is the one that counts. Keep that in mind and you will rock this week and then rock the weigh in !..

Comment #67

Not so random. I have been thinking the same thing about my wrist. It always aches when the weather changes...

Comment #68

I am in! Let's all go back home!!! Shammie sick day!..

Comment #69

I need a Shammie down day. When I have nothing and no items on my honey do list. Just read or watch a movie or.......

Lori- what is Friday? I missed it...

Comment #70

Enjoy the piano lesson today! Can't wait to hear what niece says about you! You are doing so well and try not to worry. They will get here safe and sound! How fun!..

Comment #71

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. It is tough when that source of income is gone..

Hope everyone feels better. You guys have been hit with the sickness real bad lately. Try not to stress out too badly. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help..

Love you Ang!..

Comment #72

Hey Shammies!.

Can't wait for this week to be over. Stat!.

Busy week, lots of activities and things to get done before we go on Christmas vacation..

Didn't get up for the gym this morning so going this afternoon. Need to get in a super good workout all week..

Mucho love..

Comment #73

Hi Korihow's everything going? Don't get too frantic this week...

Comment #74

Hi everyone..

Kori - Way to keep it going sister..

Sand - Friday was the official end of my detox..


10 days later and JACK IS BACK..

After he nearly killed me 10 days ago..

I am not such a happy camper right now..

I bust my freakin' proverbial balls constantly to keep my weight in check and then before my own very eyes I blow up like some freak of freakin' nature. Sausage fingers and rolls of fat and tight jeans....



I woulda had 130 on Friday..

Shitballs, I woulda had 129 on Friday..

I am SO not happy!..

Comment #75

Capt- I hate that your so bummed right now. Just remember you are doing everything right. Your body's just adjusting to the wacked out hormones. You'll get back to where you want to be and the swagger will be there..

Kori- How was the gym? Slow down and take a couple deep breathes to keep yourself calm in all your madness..

Ang- Thinking of you girl! Hope you all get feeling better soon. Can't imagine loosing one of our incomes..

Sandy- I think you ought to plan a "off day" for yourself in the next few weeks..

AFM- super busy too. Went to the grocery after work for baking stuff and then make cookies with kiddos when I got home. Time to sit down and rest...

Comment #76

Sorry about Jack and the weight gain Lori. Don't worry about the numbers on the scaleyou work at it all the time and that's what's important. You can still rock those jeans!! Hope everyone has a great night but gotta go clean up kitchen. See ya tomorrow...

Comment #77

Thank you ladies. (Pffffft.).

So...I'm a little calmer..

I ate my dinner..

My stuffed pepper tasted like butt..

Then I cried..

Crying usually sucks the anger away and simply exhausts me..

So, therefore, I am now exhausted..

Maybe I can still be 130 on Friday..


Mad love hookers...

Comment #78

No prob you make weight Friday - no even a consideration that you won't. you know what to do and how to get-r-dun. AND we are here for you!..

Comment #79

Barb - how are you feeling today?.

Maybe your knee is better since Lori caught it.....

Comment #80

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.