Does anyone know how much Nutrisystem cost?

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My 1st question is: Does anyone know how much Nutrisystem cost? Thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: I heard that this place had that. Instead I see endorsement after endorsement of off-plan activity and failures. The beloved "confession thread" is a prime example. Where's the renunciation of the sin? Where's the plan not to repeat? How about some penance?.

I don't think this is a good environment for encouraging new members...

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The answer is Yes, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

He has a point though. When I first started here, guys like the Dean, Damon, and some others just dished out tough love. It has kinda gone soft here...

Comment #2

I know what you mean, I think we're missing that too. But my point is that it seems like it's the same people having the same conversation over and over, and it's kind of boring. I think some of the lurkers need to post more, myself included. This is our board, if it's not what you like, then change it..





Comment #3

I don't think anyone is condoning the.


Or the.


What I see is a group of guys who know that.

"there by the grace of God go I"..

I also see the.


Giving themselves plenty of persecussion. What purpose is served by.

Dog piling.

? So long as the sinner has learned from the experience we all win..

One of my favorite quotes is:.

"In order to have WIDOM, one must make GOOD CHOICES, In order to make Good Choices ... One needs to have made some BAD CHOICES"..

So we can.

Hate the sin.

But still.

Love the Sinner...

Comment #4

While some are still around, we're missing some of the key.


Who keep the rest of us.


In line..

It's ok though, the tough love could be taken too far and actually made me stop reading the forums for a while. Not because any of it was directed at me, but because I was kind of sick of seeing it. We're at a good balance right now...

Comment #5

As one of the hard-liners I can tell you that the past few times I've dished it out I've gotten bee-ah-ched at for being hard/unkind/uncaring/whatever, and I don't need that. I get enough of that crap elsewhere and don't need it here..

I have OFTEN yearned for the days of yore when Damon, the Dean, and I used to really hand it out to ourselves and others for the betterment of all. We had an estro invasion during the first half of 2008 and nothing has been the same since..

That's why I have personally backed off. I want to fight against fat, not crybabies...

Comment #6



I concede that.

Tough Love.

Has it's place. So ....




Keep us on track...

Comment #7

I have on occasion send out the tough Love and stated I am sick of the whining, but only once heard something in return. Mr. Macjedi, if I may call you that, commence the discipline. "Sir may I have another."..

Comment #8

Actually, I'm a Rev., not a Mr., but who cares? What's important is that you all quit whining about how hard this is. Hard is recovering from an obesity related heart attack. Hard is Damon's thick skull. Hard is getting over a quadruple bypass because you couldn't keep a Hardees Thickburger out of your fat pie hole..

Following the NutriSystem plan is easy. They send it all to you for cripes sakes! So man up cupcake and read the freakin' directions and follow the plan. Hard...sheesh...Nut up men and grow a pair...

Comment #9

If you are hungry, I mean really hungry? Whack your thumb with a hammer. I absolutely guarantee you won't be hungry for a while. That tough enough?.

With all due respect Rev, aren't you the one that dropped the "I'm addicted..." topic and ran out the other day? Was that just a mental exercise for the congregation to dwell upon or just a weak moment for you? It seemed out of character to me...

Comment #10

Stop with all the god d@mn boldface. How's that for tough love?..

Comment #11

Of course it was a weak moment (though I didn't run I am)...and your point is??? But it was also a strong moment where I admitted my weakness because I know there are others who could relate and not feel alone. That's not being weak, it's being honest. Facing your problems head on is tough love in it's purest form..

Oh, and ME "being out of character"? I'm not sure how to take that since you just posted a positive response to my postings on my Nutrisystem page's wall a couple of days ago. Hmm....

Someone asked for some tough love so I obliged. You guys see his response just then? THAT is why the old timers don't throw down here anymore. This USED to be a fun place to come to. Now it's just full of whiners and nitpickers waiting to screw it up for the ones wanting to really get after it in here...

Comment #12

Easy, Haggis, that was my febal attemt at flinging you some tough love..

My point was that you got a lot of good ideas and support on your thread and I didn't see any response from you. I thought it was a worthy topic and thought (was hoping) you might elaborate. I was afraid you had given up..

I flung a comment on your page because you seemed to going through a rough patch and I wanted to send you the hang-on vibe..

Lastly, as you might tell, I'm no good at the tuff love talk. I think support is offering a hand whether it's taken or not. I was more worried about you not having your "mind right". Good to know you are still after it...

Comment #13

Thanks Evil_Jeff. I AM still at it, hardcore, and fighting the addiction to food everyday with every left jab and right cross I've got. I just haven't had ANY time to post to boards until late today. It's time consuming trying to meet the spiritual needs of 700 people every day...

Comment #14


Since your comment has nothing to do with dieting I've decided that your comment.


Tough Love... Just Whinning...

Comment #15

As much as I didn't like the tone of much of the "good old days", I need a swift kick in the pants right NOW. After hitting Goal(1) of 200 in July, then driving it down to 191 by mid-August, I took a couple weeks "off", determined to get back on-plan 8/24 and driving it back down to low 190's or even 180's. I've been screwing up ever since..

Bring it on!.


Comment #16

As your brothers in weight loss, we love you, just not the donuts you choose to eat, or your lifestyle of eating like a pig. I think that's what he was getting at..

(Actually, no one's accusing Niner of being a pig...nice work man!)..

Comment #17


I need a bit of an ass-kickin myself. I'm the victim of my own success, other's "hoo-ha - look at you"s, and excuses like "It's summertime". Well, enough of this crap. While I haven't gained much, I've stopped losing, and I'm not happy!.

I'm back on program 100% - no more screwin' around!..

Comment #18

BigBit too......

You guys have grown too comfortable with the program. Place yourself back on day one. Remember? You were excited, motivated and desperate to lose weight. You wrote down every thing. Every portion was weighed or measured, you ate each portion exactly on time. You counted every single glass of water.

Remember? THAT'S WHAT YOU.


TO DO AGAIN! Re-fire the fat burning engine. Take out every "extra" add-in that you think you've earned regardless of your workout. Follow your program exactly for 7 days no messing around. If you haven't lost weight then something else is wrong. If you aren't willing to work that hard again, well...... you just don't deserve it. Be happy with what you've achieved...

Comment #19

Evil - That's some of the best advice I've heard. You're RIGHT! I have grown complacent, comfortable and stopped paying attention to the details of the plan. Good wake-up call. Thanks..

Bigbit - victims of our own success, indeed! Great way to put it. Used my own success w/deviations to justify straying too far, too often..

It's fall. A GREAT time for fresh starts and new intiatives. Let's ger 'er ON!.


Comment #20

EJ -.

Thanks for the boot right square in the butt. You're 100% correct.....

Comment #21 have done such an amazing job since starting Nutrisystem and you have been an inspiration to more people than you know. You havent slid but a small blip and I think you have realized it and are back on the path. I look forward to seeing your success resurface and your chart dipping again. I have no doubt that will happen.. seems as there is a reoccurring theme in here (I don't want to single anyone out, a lot of usincluding me are at fault here) that with our great success comes the foolish thought in the back of our minds that.

"what the hell, I can do it again, I did it once and it was easy enough. I just need to follow the plan and the lbs will drop off again.

We then seem to fall back into the trap of junk food and undisciplined eating habits, we always have Nutrisystem to fall back onIt was easy right?.


The problem with that stupid theory's.


That easyits.


Tough. It takes months and sometimes years of hard ass Physical & Mental work, as well as dedication to get to where we are. for most of us it's a lifestyle transformation. How can we let ourselves slip back? Why are we sabotaging our own lives again? WTF??.

And why do we try to minimize the actual hard work we had to put in with.

It was easy?.

Are we afraid to admit it's actually hard for fear of giving up because it sounds too tough? F thatI know it's hard and I dont care. Im glad it's hard, it makes me not want to go through it all again, it also makes me proud that I have been able to accomplish something so great..

The next couple months for me are going to get even harder. I started this journey on my 50th birthday last year on Dec 17th. I dont have much more time to lose 18 more pounds and hit my goal, but it's time for me to knuckle down..

Just remember, when someone asks you wow, you look good, how did you lose all that weight? Your response should be, I.

Worked my ass off, thats how...

Comment #22

I am signin' up for my a$$ kicking! I did the plan (the PLAN works, follow the PLAN.

) I lost the weight, I reached my goal and more. I had all the tools I needed to maintain and then..........45 lbs later, here I am again. What I have learned is that even though we learn new habits with NS, the old habits are still there - just beneath the surface and they will claw their way back to the top with very little encouragement. "It's summer", or "it's my birthday", or "just this once" is the top of a very slippery slope, my friends...

Comment #23

Yanno, in my experience, a lot of people who dish out tough love are more interested in being tough than spreading love. If that sort of thing motivates you, then more power to you. Me? I find it hurtful. I slipped (I didn't, BTW, but if I did). I feel like crap about it. Any advice? "Yeah.

That's the sort of attitude that keeps me out of Internet forums in general (and, if it starts up here, this one in particular). The slippery slope is in letting the anonymity of the 'net hone your words into a nasty cutting edge. What starts out as "tough love" can easily turn into "brutal honesty" and from there, simple brutality..

If that's what motivates you, then cool. Me, I think that fear of repercussion from my peers is a pretty poor motivator. For one thing, it's a lousy way to live your life. For another, it puts the focus of your weight loss (or alcoholism, or smoking, or whatever your El Guapo happens to be) on someone else. When that person isn't aroundor, as in this case, softens their attitudewhat happens to your motivation?.

If I slip up and feel bad about it, I want camaraderie , support, and a reminder that it's not the end of the world. I don't need someone yelling at me for it. If I go off plan and regain weight, that's a lesson I'm going to need to learn for myself, not from someone calling me names or criticizing my lack of willpower..

I get it. That's how some of you show your love. 'kay. "I'm sorry, baby. It won't happen again, I swear.".

Thanks, but no thanks...

Comment #24

Methinks you are a little thin-skinned. But whatever floats your boat. Lots of hugs over on the estro boards. Just a bunch of losers over here...

Comment #25

After you lose a pants size, take all the bigger pants (EACHTIME) outside and destroy them some how. I offer the following:.

1. Archery practice..

2. Pistol practice..

3. Shotgun practice..

3. Fire!.

That way, if you start to come off your diet for whatever stupid reason, you won't have fat pants to slip back into...

Comment #26

I have been doing this now for six months. A little observation from a 6 month newby. I see a lot of posts from people who succeeded and then had to come back because they got weak (complacent) whatever. The others that don't show back up are either complacent again (and fat) or are doing it right. I met goal about a month ago at 218 pounds. I dropped to 214 and before I could blink I was back at 220.

This is what we are here for, to tell the bloody truth, good, bad, and ugly! That is tough love. Gordon has seen it, I have seen it, and Yeller has seen it. My point is this, we are all in different stages. Some have lost 100+ pounds, others 30 (like me). Learn that it is hard no matter where we are and that it is a battle every day.

Then you do it 1,2,3,4,5 ... days until you DIE. That is our life. Suck it Up and continue to LOSE!..

Comment #27

Say hi to a Newby on the block. I like the posts I have been scanning for the past 4 pages. Bring on the ass kicking! I have 96 to go and I wont start whining until you guys stop shouting! Check out my page, I dig the chicks, cause I ain't seen any guys who can do it mentally like they can. Now, I have found my new home for awhile. I need some ball busting fun!..

Comment #28

In case anyone is still thinking they are on a diet well open up your mushy brain. This is a lifestyle...

Comment #29

Really? That's how you're gonna introduce yourself? LOL! Yeah, you'll get 'em busted alright..

On another note, welcome to the fold man! You're right, it is a lifestyle, and that is the key to how NutriSystem works! Those 90some pounds can be gone within a year or less if you keep at it...

Comment #30

In the end only one person can make this happen. I've known from the day I started that keeping it off would be the real challenge - most of us have lost many many times before we found this program. I'm tremendously encouraged by the determination of those like Yeller who lost it with me and gained it with me. Yeller lost it faster and more consistently and gained it faster and more consistently - I've no doubt he can do that again. I'm convinced we all have at least a touch of OCD..

The great thing I recognize about this loss is that after I lost it I could come right back to the program - when I lost in that past it was through special diets and plans (some of which required a Doctor's supervision) that were much harder to restart. I've lost more on Nutrisystem and kept it off much longer than ever before. Now I'm finding the way to keep it permanent..

I've been reading a "daily" book published for Overeaters Anonymous that stresses "abstinence" - which that define as what we call "On Plan". The readings stress the importance of sticking with it always; that "bouncing" around just will not work..

I'm really searching for some answers that will work for me - I haven't been posting a lot because I haven't found those answers yet. I'm lurking a bit because I'm hoping Yeller or Gordon or .... will come up with some answers I can "take home" with me..

The reason you aren't seeing a lot of tough love is because once you get off that losing - "abstinence" phase of the program you realize what a glass house you live in..

I suspect that the real answer is that you have to stick to.


Plan 100% - spontaneous - off the cuff eating just won't work for us heavies..

As long as we're hanging in, we'll get there - sad to say it's all about determination, work and discipline - not a magic bullet...

Comment #31

Tom, good to see you and sad to see that there is more of you..

We started out about the same time and our losses & gains are about a mirror of each other. I lost a little more than you but I've gained back a little more than you also. Losing is easy - maintenance is hard, very hard..

I agree with everything you said. I took the liberty of of adding bold to some things which are particularly important. As to a magic bullet or "the answer", we both know what that is............

That being said here's one for the newbies. These discussion boards are your best friend. Nothing against the Nutrisystem counselors, but I would be willing to bet they are for the most part skinny people who have never used Nutrisystem and are reading from a manual that handles all questions. The guys posting on these boards are actually doing the plan. Read, learn, apply. All things won't work for you.

If something works for you, let us all know what it is - it might work for us too. Even us 'old guys' need to learn..

I believe you are right on with the OCD comment. I find myself eating way past the point when my body says "you are full". We are conditioned mentally to believe full=stuffed..

I could go on and on but I won't. You get the idea...

Comment #32

Tom/Yeller I started same time frame as you did. Never exercised and never left the plan. Also never made goal. However, I never left ns. Still dragging my butt along eating Nutrisystem 80-90 percent of the time..

I never added foods due to strenuous exercise therefore didn't need to reduce intake when I stopped. I buy Nutrisystem off craigslist and big lots. It's my crutch..

It's my lifestyle change. and I've never left these pAges coming here daily. Oh and I weigh daily And keep a daily and weekly graphs..

Nobodys hero, just what my last 17 months start to finish...

Comment #33

I can't believe I'm just opening this thread. Don't know why, mostly cause I saw it was started by Poly and I have come to ignore most of the crap he posts..

It's true, I have been a lot nicer than I used to be. I spend a lot of time just wincing at the screen, shaking my head and mumbling "dumba$$" under my breath. I often spend a great deal of time constructing a post, just to delete it in edit cause "what's it matter" crosses my mind. So I delete almost as much as I post. Too many times have I posted something and had the meaning behind my post misunderstood. So I guess I'm kinda skiddish on posting harshly..

Me personally, I need to be reminded often what a fat ass I am. The reason for the confession Room thread is to admit your shortcomings, forgive yourself and MOVE ON. Beating yourself up over a slip is often times more damaging than the actual offense. You can't change what is done. Guilt may give some motivation, but I would rather have a clean-slate to move forward with inspiration. I'm in this for the long haul and would rather do it in a positive mindset instead of a guilty, negative one.

It's going to take me a long time to get to goal (maybe yrs) because of my physical conditions but I will get there, eventually. I will have an occasional off plan meal, I will forgive myself quickly and I will jump right back on plan..

With that said...What the F__k kinda man starts a thread to whine about a thread that is a community standard., By my count this is the third time you have done this. STOP whining about what works, get with the friggin' program, stand up on your own 2 feet, take responsibility for your own actions, be accountable to the other guys in here by posting the truth (but not commenting on other's admissions) in the Confession Thread and tell us about your SV's and NSV's so we can support that. But for God's sake and my sanity stop whining about what you don't like about the Men's Room, Beatch..

Ps. That was me being nice, don't make me kick it up a gear...

Comment #34

I visited a guy's page the other day that started out above 400 lbs, and has taken off 220. Awsome achievement. Proves anyone can do it. They only have to do it, and not make excuses. I turned 58 today, and God willing, and my will power holding up I will make goal by this time next year. This week I will stay on plan 100%, including eating out once or maybe twice..

What's your opinion. Is it "off plan" if you eat a propertly sized meal in a resturant that does not include Nutrisystem food?..

Comment #35

No, And I will clarify by saying that is if you do not know the calories, fat, sodium ... etc. from that meal, you are not ON PLAN! Sorry for the bad news, but it is still the news!..

Comment #36

Im inclined to agree with Drive4show a bit. It depends entirely on what was in that properly sized meal. A plate of french fries is still french french fries not matter how many you leave on the plate. Its up to you to decide how faithful you want to be to your own goals when you eat non Nutrisystem foods. We're all here because we have a common goal of losing weight, so if you eat unhealthy you're only cheating yourself..

For myself I just try to think about whats on the meal planner and what at the restaurant would qualify..

1) Nothing Fried (obviously), no dessert cart, nothing smothered in gravy..

2) Meat must be low fat and a serving size no bigger than my fist. If it says 30 Oz. cut or the word Prime and or marbled appears on the menu item it's a no. Grilled Chicken, Fish, and or even a small fillet mignon would be healthy choices..

3) Greens Green Greens. The bulk of the meal should be salad, steamed veggies, an or some other green thing I used to hate but now tolerate and sometimes enjoy because I don't want to be fatass anymore..

4) Alcohol.. No. Thats not on plan. I always go with a glass of water. You can substitute in Diet Coke but Ive never been a fan..

5) Carbs .... corn, potatoes, you name your starch and you've named your enemy. If they have a whole wheat roll I'll eat one but not the whole basket..

So far it's been working for me...

Comment #37

"Nut up men and grow a pair." Awesome! I've been on the program two weeks and just fond this board. There for a while I thought I was the only dude on NS. Glad to find an engaged group here...

Comment #38

It seems to me that "the plan" is to lose weight by learning how to properly feed ourselves, etc. When you're doing that I'd say you're on plan. I used the Nutrisystem entrees for around two months. I first began using the Flex Program and then went totally to regular food. The big switch for me, though, was that I don't eat processed food. I eat whole fruits and veggies, lean protein (almost always chicken, but some tuna, other fish and such), along with whole grain and other complex carbohydrates..

When I made that switch I began losing weight very rapidly (I use long distance running as my exercise) and when I got to my goal I just kept on going. I lost 10 pounds more than what I had planned..

You can lose weight if you choose to make the changes that this goal requires. Many people can't do that so Nutrisystem stays in business helping those individuals lose and re-lose ten, fifteen, maybe even 100 pounds but never getting the hang of how to eat properly..

I admit that our society doesn't do much to encourage us and to help us along - but, I think that's when it's time to step up and take control of our own lives instead of expecting someone else to do it for us..

The concept of tough love is one that most of us aren't accustomed to accepting. We want to be validated and supported even while doing what even we know is the wrong thing to do. I believe this is counter productive. Each of you has access to the same information about what is good for you and what isn't. Choosing the bad stuff isn't consistent with your own goals and for that you have to accept the responsibility for your failings and move on...

Comment #39

And there it is like a laser beam in the night...the TRUTH. Society has evolved into a coddling cesspool of affirmation that is blinded to seeing the truth for what it is. The result is that we have (as a whole) a society of people that can't handle the truth because it "huhts deyuhr iddie biddie feewings and seywuf esteem". As a whole, our modern society expects EVERYTHING handed to us on a silver platter, and we whine and cry, and blame other people when things don't go our way..

Case in point: NutriSystem..

They DO hand it to us on a silver platter and all we have to do is follow the directions to see results. But what do we do? "Boo hoo...what happened to the pot roast? Boo hoo...what happened to the NutriChocolates? Boo hoo...I can't follow the plan.".

Hey, I've been there too and done my fair share of whining. Guilty as charged. Right on Dick_Willis...

Comment #40

I put him on my ignore list. Just go to User Preferences and click on Buddy / Ignore Lists and add his name. This makes all his posts disappear...

Comment #41

Preach it Dick, the man speaks the truth!.





Comment #42

No need for that...I've got one of these:.


Comment #43

Hey, you guys are telling it like it is. Yes, I do believe there is nothing magic about the Nutrisystem food. Yes, if you can stand the tedium of logging, weighing, and carefully measuring every morsel then go for it. I have been there and I really learned a lot about how my body reacted to different kinds and quantity of food, including hour by hour blood glucose measuement, quarterly A1c tests, and exercise etc. If that is what it takes to get real then do it. I guess that most of us can really pay attention to what we put on our plate, thinking it over beforehand, and only eating a Nutrisystem portion, if we really believe in what we say we do.

(Hey there is a metaphor for a healthy lifestyle)! Nutrisystem is giving me the structure and support (this web site) to help me make the lifestyle changes. If I was as tough as some of you nuts sound, I wouldn't need it..

But keep on manning up, I like to hear the drill comming out...

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