Does anyone know how much they charge in Nutrisystem.?

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First off, Does anyone know how much they charge in Nutrisystem.? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Went to the "casual male" place today for some new pants my replacement pants were getting baggy. I now find myself into some 46's. Thought about it for a minute, down from a 56 to a 46 in barely over 9 months. Dont know why I didn't do this (nutrisystem) sooner!.

Of course once I got home I realized Im a size or two away from never having to step foot in that big and tall store again! Hell yes...

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Yep, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

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That is very awesome to hear Mesturge, congrats on that NSV, I look forward to that day myself when I don't have to worry about going to an big and tall shop...

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Hmm Im not much on pictures. About the only pictures I have are from my 30th birthday at the height of my weight gain likely around 420 or so. Those pictures made me realize how bad I got. I keep one in my wallet, it's horrifying and keeps me on the straight and narrow. I'll see if I cant find something more current and less blood curdling...

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No biggie - tell you what, post the goal picture, deal?..

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Yeah I'll sure as hell be posting a goal picture. As a graphic design / photography student it's safe to say Ive got plans for a goal picture..

But since you asked, this is 2 before pictures that woke me up to how far I'd let myself go. Might want to avert your eyes. Im guessing this is about 420 lbs. I didnt own a scale the first month of my program..

Last May at about 355 lbs. Faces have been blurred to protect the innocent..

An unflattering picture from last week a sneaky friend took of me outside class with her cell phone to mock the awkward T-rex like arm position (thanks facebook). Oh about 290 lbs..

I've got a long way to go but considering where I started it's going great..

I'll work on getting a better "current" photo since that one doesent tell the whole story. Once I reach 230 I have a feeling I'll be aiming even lower...

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What a change, Met!!! Only problem.... How'd you get all those hotties when you were 420? That'd be enough to keep me large..


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Good job mesterge! thanks for posting - keep going!..

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Just friends Gordo. Thats the advantage of being a fine arts student I suppose, Id say it's easily 80 percent female. I'll talk to anyone and I'm a goof, so I make friends easily. They've all been very supportive of my diet goals. Of course being surrounded by attractive friends is very motivational in itself..

Today I'm celebrating fitting into 46's, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking about getting into something much more petite...

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Thats flattering and awkward but you're not my type Poly..

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Hey Mesturge, great pics! As for the hotties, they'll probably want to be more than just friends when you get slim. They know that there's nothing better than skinny sex. Keep up the good work!..

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I remember my last trip into the 'casual male' store. It's a good friend I've left a long time ago. It's still an AWESOME feeling..

Since you're in 46's, it's time to start checking out Wal-Mart and Target. Not much selection but a heck of a lot cheaper unless casual male has come down - NOT...

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Congrats on the weight loss and the NSV mesturge! I'm really looking forward to shopping at "regular" stores for my clothes again..

On a side note, I find it interesting that you're wearing 46" at 286 lbs. I wear 46" now at 349 lbs..

Maybe height is the major difference? I'm only 5'11". How tall are you? Maybe you just have them "breedin' hips"..

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If you carry high, you can cinch the waist in under belly. Carry low and you're gonna be strapped across it and need suspenders...

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Im 5'11", as a former offensive lineman Im usually one of the bigger framed guys in the room. Now this is 46 at the belly button, none of that wearing my pants under the belly I used to do..

Ah I see the problem. Its all that hair on your head! The clearing of dead weight atop my skull has me streamlined on the scale...

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Your hips start at your belly button now? Lucky you...mine start at the knees. I was measuring at the knees. No wonder.

Much props to a fellow former offensive lineman...we were doing a lot of the dirty work only to see the RB's and QB's get most of the glory. lol..

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Call me.


Your doing a fantastic job. This is what it is all about. Your dedication is inspiring. Any one who can lose.

100 + lbs.


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You're not eating the candy right out of the Pinada are you?..

Comment #17

Haha thank god no. Although I did end up smashing it with my head. Luckly for me the candy wasn't something I actually liked. Amazing a 400 lb man can find candy he doesnt like..

175 days (25 weeks) until my college graduation. My goal is to be around 210 by then. Should make for better pictures..

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Way to set a specific goal, Mike (or Michael, or Idiot)! That's a KEY element to success. Keeping you eye on the date and the loss rate helps keep you honest..


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Michael, congrats! Now let's get you out of the store completely!!!! Keep on Rocking that weight away!..

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I'm 6'1" and went from wearing 46" waist pants to 32" waist pants. I know the feeling, and it feels great. Keep up the great work. I'm impressed...

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Minor NSV? I'd call that a major NSV!.

Great job. Keep up the good work...

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If everyone makes the Dec 1 challenge, I hear there will be more postings of mike's co-ed friends.....

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Thanks everyone for the comments and compliments. Ive still got a long way to go, but those are still nice to hear...

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Haha, nice..

I cant say I'll be posting them, but if it helps motivate folks I can say as a photographer I've had many of them model for me. A trend Id like to continue..

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Very inspirational. Thanks. I started early July this year with Nutrisystem and down 41 now from 450. My stretched clothes aren't stretched any more and look a little better now. It'll be a long time before I leave Casual Male, I guess..

Someone suggested that if I lose 200 lbs that I'll need plastic surgery to remove the stretched skin. Anyone with thoughts on this?..

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Well, being 100 down, I can say there is definitely some loose skin. The good news is that you don't see it as long as you keep your shirt on!.

I've asked a couple different Dr.'s if it will retract and gotten as many different answers ranging from "no" to "maybe". The surgery is major, and very expensive, so for me, I'm going to let it hang for at least a year, see what happens, and probably let it go. At a 200 lb loss your decision point may be different..

Compared to the health and fitness benefits and how GREAT you'll look (clothed) and feel, the loose skin is a relatively minor issue IMO, but it is a real thing. Don't let it deter you. Just be prepared for the first time you do a pushup with no shirt on after losing. Don't look down..

Keep up the good work, Gr8Man!.


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On the loose skin issue the key points I've picked up from reading on the subject are:.

1. The younger you are the better chances you have of skin regaining it's previous elasticity.

2. Loose skin will be reduced if you exercise in order to maintain muscle mass.

3. Use of moisturizer actually helps to keep the elasticity and reduce loose skin...

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And I'll add:.

4. Losing the weight in a slow and controlled manner helps..

5. Drinking lots of water will also give your skin more elasticity...

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