Does anyone know how to make HTML layouts usable on 123 reg?

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Quick question: Does anyone know how to make HTML layouts usable on 123 reg? Hoping for any answer. Second question.. Hello,.

Someone who claims to be the previous /img/avatar2.jpg of a HostGator I have emails me on how they might get it back and provided his name..

Is there a tool to look up whether the person was actually the previous /img/avatar2.jpg?.

And, how should I respond?.

The HostGator name is a Acronym..



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Yes sir! however you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the 123 reg guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

More info on hoew you came to posses it?.

Get it on a drop hand reg it ?

Comment #2

Asking to have it back? As in return to him for free?..

Comment #3 whois history - some members here might be able to help you out, as it is a paid service (subscription - not worth it to sign up for only one use.).


(Or and see if their email shows up on any of the previous incarnations pages.)..

Comment #4

"How can I get the HostGator back?".

Buy it..


Comment #5

Yes just send him an asking price if you wnt to sell. otherwise tell him that the HostGator is not for sale and it was the previous owners mistake not to renew it.

More important, it could well be some scammer trying to get back a decent by forcing you to believe in his story and threatening legal action and what not..

Comment #6

Tks for the comments..

I bought the name at auction on snapnames. And yes, thought maybe it is a scammer who wants to buy it from me cheap..

If someone has access to the domainstools paid service to check on who the previous owner(s) was, and is willing to look it up for me, please PM me and I will give the name. Then I can check the name he gave me..

Tks again,.


Comment #7

As the old saying goes,.

Finders keepers.

Now pay up..

Comment #8

Personally, I wouldn't care if it was the previous owner. I've had domains I let go and later email the new owner asking to buy it. However.. I'd never just ask for them to give it to me. A HostGator has a value and you should receive that value if they really want it. I might be nice and work with them on the price, but I think that would depend entirely on how strong the HostGator is.

I'm just not that nice of a guy..

Comment #9

I regged a dropped .net domain, gets about 300 uniques / month. Recently I got an email from the previous owner (i checked, he probably was the previous owner) - the email was very curt, to the tune of " is the intellectual property of mr smith you must immediately return this HostGator to it's rightful owner...." etc..

I did some research, found that he did seem to be the previous owner, and since he was a fellow webmaster, out of solidarity I offered him the HostGator for a nominal $100 price to cover for my acquisition, transfer and other costs..

I never heard back from him, go figure..

Finders keepers, sure - sell him the HostGator at whatever price you will, it's your right..

I personally believe that business is not just about buying as cheap as possible and selling as high as possible. I believe business is about providing a service, and getting a generous payment for a job well done. That's why I am usually willing to listen to the other party in these cases. If they verifiably were the previous owner, dropped the HostGator in error, or especially due to personal crisis or health problems etc., I would consider that and lower my asking price accordingly, especially if it's not a clearly premium HostGator and the potential losses for me would be modest..

Just some thoughts. Of course, there is always the possibility of a scam...



Comment #10

Sounds like a scammer to me. Any honest person would know that he/she would have to purchase back the domain..

Its like selling your car, then asking for it back for free...

Comment #11

I also receive postal mail asking me to renew my names for $35 all the time!..

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