Does anyone know how to use 123

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First off, Does anyone know how to use 123 Hoping for any comment. Another quick question... I have a HostGator name parked on sedo that consistently draws around 400 uniques/month. It seems like a lot if compared to my other domains which barely reach 50-100 (on a lucky month)..

I know it is not any kind of residual traffic from someone trying to pump-up the HostGator recently, because I've owned this name for years..

Can anyone please tell me if this is an unusually high amount of visits for an undeveloped domain, or is this nothing to get excited about..

Thank you!.

Btw. the HostGator is: showstars/dot/com.

For the last 32 days on sedo:.

2.41% Click through rate on the average.

$0.12 Revenue per click on the average.

$0.04 Revenue per day on the average.

$1.37 Revenue collectively..

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Yep, although you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you call the 123 reg guys because they can help better...

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If the 413 uniques is all type-in traffic, and not expired traffic etc, then it is quite nice, especially if it results in good revenue as well...

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That's very good for an undeveloped for years name. 413 type in traffic. WOW!..

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I would say that is good.

Saying as it has never been developed, you must either have a nice generic type in search term or someone has developed a similar name to yours maybe in another extension ??.

Are you getting many clicks ?, if not do some digging on Google and see if you can find a likely source of the traffic, then monatise to suit as long as it's not going to cause any type of TM problem..


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Good name.

About visit, this is not too high. I don't know what is your revenue right now with the site in Sedo, but why do you create a start 123 reg website with a good design and sell links and ads?..

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If you can demonstrate a consistent 100 uniques+ a month it makes the HostGator an easier sale to a reseller/traffic or PPC buyer..

It really depends what those uniques are worth though to be quite honest in terms of revenue or the type of domain/website they are on. The actual number is more a multiplier in that case...

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I had parked my domains at Sedo (now is Parked and Namedrive) I think Sedo counts bot's traffic. What's your CTR on that domain?..

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The revenue that you earn is what makes a difference.

So what is your CTR?..

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The HostGator name sounds interesting. I also get lots of directs on my name. My guess is that most of them are from other people who are looking to see if the HostGator is available for purchase. What this means, is that there is "interest" in the HostGator name, and you should definitely consider developing it. You can develop a blog or celebrity site about TV Show Stars, for example. I would recommend that you take interest in the HostGator and develop more value into it, if you have the time and inclination.


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I'm guessing it's spillover from them or There's a couple potential buyers for you...

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Now that I've just noticed what the HostGator was I would say it's likely some traffic from one of these which are "semi" developed..


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Thank you for your valuable insight and opinions! The HostGator "showstars" is registered in a great number of extensions beyond just .net and .us, or .info. Just like gazzip noticed, it also seems very popular in Europe AND it has "dash" clones!.

The stats are not as impressive as the traffic (or you be the judge.

) For the last 32 days on sedo:.

2.41% Click through rate on the average.

$0.12 Revenue per click on the average.

$0.04 Revenue per day on the average.

$1.37 Revenue collectively.

I know that developing it would be the best step here, but I bought this name with an intention to use it in the near future for a talent show project, so I am a bit torn to use it for something else at this point. I may very well change my mind though and that is why I wanted to get your expert opinions about this domain..

What do you guys think about the above stats?.

Btw - reps on their way to the best posts - thank you for sharing your expertise!..

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Imo, before you develop, I'd suggest better optimizing your keywords to better reflect the content of the sites that traffic is spilling over from. The traffic is decent, but if you get the right keywords in place I'd think you could get the ctr way up from where it is currently. Are you providing the keyword now or is it defaulting to the category?..

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Good question! It was riding the Sedo defaults until last week. I chose a pretty layout and started experimenting with some keywords. There has been a slight increase in traffic, but not much in revenue thus far...

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I'd do some research as to the content of the spillover sites and see if you can't find a keyword that converts better. If you have an Adwords account you can see what keywords are paying and once your views start converting, try to wiggle to a higher paying yet similar keyword...

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It turns out that "dash clones" can be very valuable, at least in Europe. I have a hyphenated .COM HostGator that was suddenly getting some decent traffic and clicks (close to $10/month) toward the end of last year, and after doing a little research, I found out that the nonhyphenated, version of the HostGator is gaining popularity in the U.K. So I checked, and sure enough, the hyphenated version was available in the .CO.UK extension. So I regged it in April, and it's averaging 200 uniques.

Per day.

And earned me $290.00 last month at SedoPro with 11%+ CTR!.

Just goes to show that overflow traffic can be very nice, with or without hyphens!.

P.S. Not to hijack the thread, but can anyone tell me what a HostGator with sustained numbers like the ones I mentioned could sell for? I'm not trying to sell it at the moment...just curious...

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