Does anyone know if Nutrisystem food has an appetite suppressant in it?

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First of all Does anyone know if Nutrisystem food has an appetite suppressant in it? Many thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: Hey guys -.

I am signing up with Nutrisystem tomorrow and I REALLY need some advice. What should I definitely order and what should I steer clear from??? This is a little unnerving to me because I read a lot of stories about how horrid some of the food tastes. So far I was advised to stay away from the eggs, blueberry muffins and now I read the chicken patty. However the grilled chicken patty seems safe. Please put your items you HIGHLY reccomend and the items you HIGHLY advise I do not get. This would be a huge help as I am getting a call tomorrow to start up! Thanks in advance to everyone in here!!!..

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Yup, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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Welcome to the Men's Room, Barry! Listen to Poly. He's got the right of it and has the stats to prove it..

Lay in plenty of good fresh fruit - Gala apples, good navel oranges, bananas etc..

Lay in salad makings and fat-free, lo cal dressings..

Lay in a loaf of Arnolds Dbl Protein bread. An easy default grab for your carb portions..

Like Poly said, the rumors of the food tasting bad are just that - exaggerated rumors from whimps who resist change. Give 'em all a chance and find that your tastes WILL change/adjust after a few weeks. Eat everthing on the planner, check each off as you go. Don't skip. Don't add. Drink the water.

Let me rephrase that.... You can't.


Lose!! It really works..


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Am I allowed to eat breads like Rye Bread? I have not ordered anything yet. Not till tomorrow. I absolutely love salads and eat Fat Free No Cal dressing every night with them. Silly question are pickles allowed? As for the foods, I am still trying to get used to the idea of pulling a hamburger out of a box, putting it in a tray and adding boiling water to it. Just seems a little "different" ya know? I am sorry to be asking so many questions but I just want to make sure this is the right thing for me. I think it is but I am nervous in the same breath because a lot of my creativity with cooking is being taken away from me.

I also love seafood, and on the Basic plan their is no seafood supplied. I love my Salmon, Tilapia or Shrimp (not friend of course - I always bake it)...

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Also are canned veggies like carrots, string beans, canned corn, peas allowed? or only frozen fresh veggies?..

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First off - Count the cost. A big for cost me was determining up front to no longer cook or host dinners for as long as I needed to be On Plan. I too love to cook and be creative. I put it aside for the duration. You've got the rest of your life to exercise that skill. There are a lot of NS-compliant recipes found on the boards, but I'd hang on the basics, at least for the first few weeks.

No more, no less. Consider it part of the cost and determine how serious you really are about succeeding. Don't allow any seeds of excuses to take root. You're in the Men's room, so Rule #1 is No Whining! You won't get any coddling or sympathy here..

Your seafood will be limited to 1oz portions as your extra proteins. You can cook a piece of salmon, but divide it up into 1 oz serivings in little plastic tubs and freeze/refrigerate to use only 1 or 2 a day per the planner..

Canned veggies are allowed, but in very limited qtys. Stick with frozen or fresh recommended veggies you can quickly microwave or better yet, eat raw. The planner will tell you how much of what you can have. If you stick to the green beans, broccoli, etc, it's no big deal if you exceed qty, but no butter (unless you use it as one of your fats). You're banned from corn, limas, etc or any mix that has them in it for the duration. Suck it up and embrace it!.

It really is easy and you'll find that these huge "sacrifices" that appear so daunting now are not that big a deal as you get into the program..

Oh - ditch the soda - even diet. I know some is technically allowed, but retrain yourself to like water with every meal, between meals, and all the time in between betwen meals. You'll thank me later when you successfully kick the soda habit if you've got one. Coffee and tea is ok in moderation, but count any dairy you use and only use no-cal sweetners..

Good luck! Hang around here and join the TEAM!! We're ALL Losers!.


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Good luck barry!.

If you work in an office with a cafeteria, as I do, I make sure I get plenty of lunch "bars" and the ceasar salad. basically, I eat the bar at my desk before I go down to lunch for the monster salad. think fat free dressings on the salad too. altho, I will put extra virgin OO and vineger, but you don't need much oil...or bring the ceasar salad packs with you to lunch...and bring your mid day snack as well! weekends I go for the lunch soups, etc. it does work if you follow the plan and you really don't suffer - but you may need a week to adjust - just deal with it then and you'll be surprised how much you lose the first week...

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Also check out the Food Tips forum. Huge amount of info there and the ladies will totally help you...

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Thank you all for your insights...It has been a tremendous help thus far. Gordon I can agree with everything you said except your final thought. I do NOT consider myself a LOSER. I am and always will be a winner..

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Go for it, man! You've got a great start - love salads w/FF dressing, asking all the tough questions up front, etc. Good 'tude. To be a winner here, though, you've got to be a LOSER!.


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Gordonnot this guy!!! I will NEVER be a LOSER.

Just sayin..

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Bread: Rye bread meets the specs, I think. Might just be a Poly thing, but I LOVE rye bread and it is too much of a temptation to eat the whole loaf. Try the Arnold's Double Protein at least once. The taste is great and you are getting a bunch more protein into your diet which helps with satiation..

I didn't do any canned veggies. Don't see why not. Would just watch any sauces or salt (wash them). For some forms of cooking, they can be more convenient. I actually did a project to try every fresh produce in my store. I started at one end and went to the other and had every single fruit and veggie (collard greens, beets, bok choi, celery root, jicima, ALL them).

The girls on Food Tips had fun helping me and hearing about things I tried. And The Joy of Cooking had good info on each veggie (supplemented by Internet at times)..

Fish: Similar to Gordo, I advise sticking to program, which has almost no fish (tuna salad for lunch). You could grill or steam some fish and cut it into 1-2 ounce portions to use for protein addins. Would stay away from cooking as an entree for now. There is just so much to learn and experiment with from the food they send you and your that first...then mess with flexing and "doing Nutrisystem on your own"..

Salads: If you love salads, this whole drill is easier. (It's like enjoying working out in boot camp.) I had two a day. and both were fill-the-large-glass-mixing-bowl sized (and pretty diverse too). (There's a thread on it somewhere...have some tricks like cutting the whole bunch of celery cross-wise rather than stalk by stalk.) I felt like there was a lot of food at dinner, so I just had cooked veggies with my entree...and DELAYED the salad from dinner to eat late in the evening with dessert. This is awesome at keeping you fed during "main cheating time". And FORCE yourself to eat all the "good food".

Don't "not eat" when not hungry and then go off plan later...this is so's how a lot of people ate every day (no brekkie, small lunch, no snacks....ginormous alcohol-laden dinner with ice cream afterwards...sleep, rise, rinse repeat!..

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Ok now I'm getting crossed messages about the fish - Nutrisystem says it's fine to use and I'm hearing here I should not do it! argh!!! I don't mind giving up most things but seafood I just dont think I can negotiate on. I have no problem eating a 1-2oz piece but I just can't give it up entirely. I wont go with the Nutrisystem canned tuna. Not interested in that. Other than that I think it's going to be a good ease into the program with the fresh and frozen veggies. I will use canned but very sparingly!..

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Barry - No confusion! Fish is OK as your added protein servings. Just NOT as an entre (if you stay on program). Nutrisystem spec for the added protein is 1 oz. Cheating up to 2 oz probably won't kill you, but that's the spec. Nutrisystem does not offer any fish entre's. The whole idea that you're paying for is Nutrisystem provides all 3 entre's for you.

Take a deep breath and don't sweat the future at this point. Just follow the plan, man! It's that simple..


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Thanks Gordon!!!! It explains a lot - I will use it as an add on - not as a full entree'..

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Barry -.

Gordon and Poly have gotten you pretty well straightened out. They know what they are talking about and have had great success on NS..

You asked about canned vegetables. I would caution you to watch the sodium content. You get close to your daily allowance of sodium from the Nutrisystem food. For that reason I like using frozen vegetables. Also watch using mixed vegetables. Peas, corn, beans (kidney, lima, pinto) are considered carbs under NS..

Don't wig about the food. It's not your's or your wife's cooking but remember food is fuel, nothing more. And do not forget to drink your water. 1/2 oz for each pound..

Welcome and good luck..

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So, did you order yet? You haven't earned the right to be called loser yet...

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I will NEVER be called a loser! I am a winner forever and always no matter what anyone here says! I know your all joking around but I seriously do not like the connotation it brings. No, I just ordered it yesterday probably won't get here till early next week...

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On the subject of food gentleman - I have a question about proteins. I noticed I am allowed 2oz. of protein a day. Can I have the entire 2 ounces in one meal or must I break it up over the course of the day like the plan suggests? Reason I ask as Gordon already knows, I love my fish and plan to use the entire 2oz as an add-on whenever possible. I don't see myself necessarily needing the protein in the AM or even for lunch, but would love to save it up for dinner if that is allowed with the program. Any insights? TIA!..

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Break it up. Protein keeps you satiated. If it is the end of the day and you are behind, fine. But don't intentionally sandbag..

Just run the program and don't be so worried and high maintenance. It will be fine. Trust me...

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I wear the moniker of "loser" like I would wear an Olympic gold medal. It's an accomplishment that I don't ever want to forget because if I do I might find myself back where I was before...

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The truth is, that most of this food is horrible. The only reason that we eat it is to lose weight. For dinner I only order burgers, pizzas and mac/cheese. And doctor them up. For lunch, the pea soup and lunch bars are the only thing really halfway decent tasting. Breakfast is little better, the scones and muffins are'nt horrible, the pancakes are not too bad if you add blueberries or bananas, toss the cereal. The snacks and desserts are ok, except for the cardboard chips and chocolate cardboard cookies..

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Not truth. Opinion. My opinion is the opposite. Not cool to publish unsupported discouraging opinions to someone who has not even tried it and then label them as "the truth is". A better thing would be to say "In my opinion", then the vast majority here who do not share your opinion can chime in..


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I'm with you Gordon. I haven't loved everything but I do enjoy all the pizzas, the rotini, spaghetti, lasagna, and the homestyle beef and potatoes. I just tried the new bbq pork wrap, and it was pretty good. I've enjoyed the breakfast and lunch stuff more than the dinner, but the dinner's not bad. For the lunches I've completely cut out all the dried, add hot water, stuff in my past 2 orders. I much prefer the nuke and eat pull-tabs. But I have heard people raving about items I've hated, so it really comes down to personal choice, thank heavens Nutrisystem has so many different choices...

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I agree with gord and rad - I hate the pea soup and I don't like the lunch pastas, but I like the lunch bars and the cereal - we're all different....

Any meal can be doctored up as well. just check out all the pizza recipes in the threads that are good and completly "legal" (still lose weight). don't suffer otherwise you will get discouraged. are there some people that don't like "any" of the food? sure - i've seen it in some discussions. find what you like and still mix it up a bit......

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If the food sucked as bad as RockinDaddio says I wouldn't still be eating it 3 1/2 years after I started. I agree with the rest. When you state an opinion say it's an opinion..

Just because you think it doesn't make it a truth. That is unless you are in a bar or you are explaining something to your wife...

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I agree with Gordon, Mobay, Bob and Bill, I think almost all of the food is good, far better than I expected, and way way better than the crap I was eating before I started NS. I have been off of Nutrisystem food for a few months now, and there are a number of things that I really miss, and have been searching for similar non-NS items. For example, I just found a soup that is very close to the Black Bean & Tortilla lunch. I'm sure everyone has a few things that they don't like, just like any kind of food, but by and large I was very grateful that something could work so well in supporting my weight loss while still tasting very good...

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By the way Barry, have you gotten your food yet?..

Comment #27

I didn't get fat being choosie about what I ate..

I also found out things I didn't like in the beginning grew on me and/or tasted better the second time..

And the old saying is "Hot Peppers fix anything" still holds!..

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Just try everything at least once, as the months go by just order more of what you like while still trying the new stuff at least once. I'm on my hmmm... 5th order and it's mostly of a handful of my favorites..

MY favorites are:.

Breakfast: any of the scones and muffins..

Lunch: minostrone soup (over half my order), the bars, cheesy potatoes.

Dinner: Meatloaf, pizza, burgers, rissoto, mac/cheese.

Snacks: everything but the savory chips..

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Hi all - sorry I have been away from the board a few days but I am back now. Was out of town. Thank you for the continued support. Yea, I was a little taken aback by that guys comment that all the food sucks. I didn't buy into it one bit because as you have all stated on many occasions we are all different with all different tastes and likes. Yes Bill food arrived on the 18th and it's sitting here.

So I am getting those out of the way and starting right after Christmas next week! Very excited!!!..

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Like I told you guys when I first arrived here about 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine at work gave me a few samples (2 soups which I loved Ham and Bean and Chicken Noodle) and some bkfst bars which were tasty and a dinner sample of Rotini with Meatballs and Pasta which I felt was VERY GOOD. Granted I have not tried much and I am sure I will try something eventually that is going to be really not to my liking but thats part of it. Try things and jot down what I feel is good and what I feel is not good as to not order it the next time. I can do this!!!!!!!!!!!..

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Great attitude, Barry! You're going to have a great trip with us!.


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Thanks Gordon My only concern (and I am going to really need some positive insight and support with this) is EXACTLY what the heck I'm going to need to get at the grocery store for my Extras and Add-On's. I know vegetables for salad, fat free/calorie free salad dressings but I'm having some issues finding proteins/fats (that I will like or that will even fit in to my day) from the very short list that Nutrisystem gives. Do any of you have proteins/fats not on the Nutrisystem list that you care to share or suggest? Time is running out for me as I start on Dec 28th and I want to be geared up in full swing by then with my plan fully in place!..

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For my protein I like to buy Land O Lakes Snack'n Cheese to Go. Its small slices of individually wrapped cheddar cheese. One of those at breakfast and my morning snack keeps me straight. The nutrition information is pretty close to Nutrisystem guidelines. They also make low fat versions but it's so close I dont bother..

On days when Im not interested in a wedge of cheddar I usually go with a small glass of milk for my protein. The small serving size of milk they sell at McDonalds works well in a pinch, even if they do look at me like Im crazy just ordering a milk. Deli lunch meats also work well in a pinch. I usually opt for an ounce of turkey...

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Proteins - I buy Boar's Head deli meats (roast beef, pastrami, low sodium ham, chicken and turkey breast)..

Dairy - I use light string cheese, skim milk, FF yogurt or FF cottage cheese. Fats - I use olive oil or low fat salad dressing instead of FF dressing..

Low GI carb - wheat or mutli grain bread, peas or corn (Delmonte in a can from Sam's/Costco).

Veggies - lettuce or spring mix; broccoli or cauliflower (cokked in microwave steamer bags from Ziploc or Glad)..

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2 slices of ham lunch meat and a slice of FF cheese fits as a protein too...

Comment #36

Can anyone tell me if you know of any Fat Free, Sodium Free and Calorie Free Salad Dressings out there? I know Walden Farms but they are ridiculously expensive I think. Does anyone know of any others?..

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I don't know about the calorie free part, but I've found some great extremely low calorie dressings at Trader Joes, I also like the Litehouse brand stuff from local grocery store's cold produce area. I've tried some of the near zero calorie stuff and just didn't enjoy my salads, and I love salad. I think the Trader Joe's brand Ranch, cold produce area as well, is a great 30 calorie choice, at least IMHO...

Comment #38

One more thing, my wife has ordered numerous Walden Farms products and the only good one we've had is their zero calorie chocolate syrup...

Comment #39

Thanks for the insight Bill. Unfortunately their are no Trader Joe's in the state of Florida so I'm out of luck as far as that goes so I guess I'm back at square one...

Comment #40

"Maple Farms of Vermont" has a couple of very good fat free salad dressings. I've seen their products at Shaw's and Roche Brothers. The Wasabi Dijon (40 cal/2 tbsp) is definately my favorite, but they also have a very good very low cal Caesar (10 cal/2 tbsp)...

Comment #41

I bet you could find similar products at other "natural foods" type stores. Most of those type of specialty grocery stores have satisfaction guarantees, so if you try something you don't like you could always take it back..

My wife is a big fan of WishBone Salad Spritzers, it's only 1 calorie per spray, they're available in many different varieties. You'll find those in the regular salad dressing area of any store that carries WishBone dressings...

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