Does anyone know if Nutrisystem food is good or not?

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Question I have... Does anyone know if Nutrisystem food is good or not? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Good morning gents,.

I would like to recognize several of our Men's Room stalwarts who helped carry the flag for men everywhere in our recent battle against the ladies in our battle of the sexes challenge. Congratulations to Acoustic, ApolytonGP, napoleon, DrewWest, rmk66 and Mr. Bungle for sticking it out and nearly prevailing against the very tough women's team. Ultimately our effort was unsuccessful, we were beat by a very slim margin, and as is often the case would have won with just one more week! I do think we were all winners though, since the challenge definitely seemed to help keep everyone focused on staying 100% with their program. For all the newb's I definitely recommend joining one of the challenges, or maybe even starting one of your own. It's fun and it can help you be successful..

Now, you will have to excuse the glitter as I sport this atrocious signature for the next couple of weeks. Such is the price of failure...

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The answer is Yes, but you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

I can't get to the glitter at work, so I will add this to my banner tonight.....

Comment #2

Oh damn I have to put that in my signature? shoot..

Comment #3

Does this pink sig make my ass look big?..

Comment #4

No Poly, your ass makes your ass look big..

Comment #5

Way to "Man Up" and wear the glitter with pride, guys!! No, not THAT kind of pride (of course there's nothing wrong with that)..


Comment #6

So gordo, tell us about the photo shoot you big lug!..

Comment #7

Man, can't keep ANY secrets on the internet!.

My wife and I are both invited to their next shoot in Philly March 3,4,5. I had submitted "our story" last year some time ago and pretty much forgot about it, until recently contacted by them..

The good news is that since our 35'th anniversary is the 3rd, Nutrisystem took all the pressure off of me having to figure out something "special" that day, and they're picking up the tab!.


Comment #8

That is awesome, but don't let your daughter wear your underwear!LOL..

Comment #9

Nice Job, Gordon!.

I'm almost certain that you were the first person who reached out to me in here when I had questions about lifting heavy while doing NS..

I remember sending you a PM, (after seeing your before/after pics) asking if you had submitted a success story - glad to know that the good people of Nutrisystem have recognized all of the hard work that you and your wife have put forth..

Make sure you flex those triceps in the photo shoot!!.


Comment #10

Congrats Gordon! It will be a truly enjoyable experience that you won't want to end. You will meet some great people that will take good care of you both...

Comment #11

Yea, sorry guys. Got sick, had some family issues & totally fell off the challenge..

I agree that the glitter is better than a Hoff.....

Comment #12

Congratulations Gordon (and wifey)!.

Like Sean mentioned, you were one of, if not the first person that reached out to me on these forums and helped me out with the lingo (e.g. BBB) and such. Thanks for your help and inspiration and congrats again man!.

P.s. I agree w/ what poly said haha..

Comment #13

Congratulations, Gordon, I look forward to seeing your photos and reading your story...

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