Does anyone know of any easy snacks with low points on the Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is Does anyone know of any easy snacks with low points on the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Hello Group.

Step Aerobics was so much fun! I know I really got a workout!.

The winner was.

Denise with 305.


Great Job Denise, you are the ".

Wii Fit Athlete of the Week.


New Challenge for this week.

Monday, December 7th - Sunday, December 13th..


Rhythm Boxing.

Let's "fight the fat!".

Who is ready to start boxing?.



PM your high scores to Heatherbeee!.

( thanks Heather ).


*This group is open to anyone who wants to participate! We will have a new thread each week with a new challenge! If you would like to add the banner to your signature, here is the code:.


Just remove the * after the img..

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Of course! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

I know what you mean! I just started doing the Advanced also.. and they make you "dodge" right and "dodge" left.. whatever.. I can never get it right... but it sure is a workout!..

Comment #2

Ohhh, now I'm really going to feel uncoordinated. It'll definetly get me out of my wii bubble LOL. I tried it once or twice but sucked so I moved on. Cool, I will get better lol!..

Comment #3

You can do it.



Some of these are really hard for me too, but I find the more I do them the better I get..

Come on.


.. you have a title to defend.

Glad you like the challenge.


, I like the boxing too, it takes me out of my comfort zone..

Come on Ladies.. LET'S FIGHT THE FAT!..

Comment #4

I want in!!!! this is such an awesome group!..

Comment #5

I''l join the challenge, but you won't have to worry about me as competition! LOL.... I've only done the boxing once, but it was fun! It's time to get this big butt moving. Thank you for kicking it!..

Comment #6

Well of course I'm in! Torturing myself daily LOL..

I keep getting errors when I try to PM. Would it be ok to post scores here?..

Comment #7

Ok.. I am obviously uncoordinated...

But I got my "personal best" last night of 307 !.




Yes we all need to get moving...

"left right block.. right left block" LOL sound familar?.


You can post here if you can't PM. Or you can send it to me, and I will try to PM it to.



Comment #8

Wow Melissa! Good going!.

So far, I've gotten only in the 200's ranging from 230 to 287. I feel like I'm cheating in the last 10 seconds when I rack up points in the bonus. Well, I'm about to start today's workout! On a happy note, I'm down 20 pounds with Medifast today and have lost 50 pounds total since August! Plus, I finally have a BMI under 40...

Comment #9

Great scores everyone.

I have not forgotten about my challenge, but hubby still sick and I have been banished upstairs till he is well. So he has living room and tv lol Im still waiting for my order, really thought it would be here by now...

Comment #10

Hey Cat, I hope your hubby heals soon! It'd be nice to have you on the challenge with us..

Shipping to Italy must take quite a bit! It takes almost two weeks to get to Oregon and waiting killed me!.

I did much better today. Final scores were 302, 305, 302. But, before the 10 second bonus time, my top score was only 212...

Comment #11

Congrats Denise, that is so awesome..

I have been super busy this week with preparing for the holidays, all the kids' activities, and studying for finals next week. So, I am glad there is a challenge with the rhythm boxing to motivate me to do at least some form of workout. The highest I could score was 302, but I at least broke my old record of 271.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!..

Comment #12

Way to go.



Congrats on your weight loss today & overall! That is awesome. Sounds like your doing much better on the boxing too. I never get very high before the bonus round either..

Great job on breaking your old record.


! I am so busy too, but I am fitting it in at night after I cook dinner. I kick everyone out of the living room for at least a 1/2 hour, lol.


, I hope your hubby feels better soon. We need you to box with us !.

Well... I couldn't break 300 last night.. AND.. my shoulder blades are killing me, LOL.., but I am still working on it!..

Comment #13

Oh wii boxing, dangerous for two at a time LOL well when one of them is hubby , gotta move away he gets way into it. But it does work up a good sweat and burns for a bit after hehe..

Hoping my Medifast box arrives so I can get back onto the program soon..

Have a great day everyone..

Comment #14

Oh happy joy joy! New high score! 332!!! Had a 248 before bonus round! Before that I had a 238 before bonus round and the wii controller lost connection and I was soooo bummed. Switched out remotes and did better! My daughter showed me to step and hit at the same time as the bag says it to get double points..

I would feel bad if I won again tho, so please! someone beat me!!!..

Comment #15

On a sad note, the wii says I have gained weight..

Comment #16

Hey people! I hope you all are working hard on your wii's! I tried the expert level of boxing and .... well, it wasn't pretty. Had to give up. Meanwhile I'm still doing free step and love the workout I get on my thighs. The boxing really gives a great workout on the upper body. Then I found doing the yoga sun salutation really helps sooth the back muscles after the boxing workout..

Hope you're having a great OP day!..

Comment #17

I got my highest score the 1st time I played it for this competition. Actually it was my highest score ever. 337. I cannot be it though. I totally stink at the aerobics I hope we have that challege again soon. This is fun!!!! The only problem is getting mii time on the wii with the kids fighting over it!!!..

Comment #18

I'm maintaining my low 300's for points on boxing. The awesome thing is that I'm in a groove where I'm dropping weight every day! I love this!!! My wii is happy with me and I even had a wii age of 23 yesterday..

That's pretty cool since I'm 44...

Comment #19

Don't you love it when you are younger than your real age!!! When I first started playing this I was like 50 and I was only 34. Now I am always younger on the wii which makes me super happy...

Comment #20

Wow, You guys are doing great!!.

Way to go.


On the 332!! woohoo.. I need to try it your daughter's way, and see if that helps.. I only broke 300 once this week. Sometimes the wii says I have gained too, but I try to remember that the exercise will pay off and I do feel much better when I do it..

Awesome Score.


!!! 337 woohoo!.

I am waiting to hear from.


On who the winner is for the week, and then I will post & start a new thread with a new challenge!.


Comment #21

Back from Vacation and excited that the board has been revived!!! Looking forward to getting back on the Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #22

And the winner is....... drumroll please.

Laura ( laurawall) with 337 !!.

Way to go Laura!.

You are the Wii Fit Athlete of the Week!!!!.

Laura.. here is a banner for your signature! Congratulations!.


Just remove the * after the IMG..

Comment #23

This thread is closed.

Please join us at the new thread &.

New Challenge.

By following the link below..

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Ladies: I probably missed it somewhere, but do any of you have the dance programs for Wii? If so, what do you have and how do you like them? I haven't been doing much on mine and probably need to start using it again. I only have the original workout program...

Comment #25

Oops, didn't realize this was such an old thread...

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.