Does anyone know what foods and how much food is on the Medifast Diet?

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Quick question: Does anyone know what foods and how much food is on the Medifast Diet? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... Morning Girls!.

Ewwww, someone is sleeping in this first day of vacation!.

Waiting out the huge storm that is supposed to blow into town starting this afternoon..

Nothing else more to report than that..boring weekend!.

Welcome home Patti, sounds like you had a wonderful time in NY..

Talk to you all later....the countdown has begun to Christmas! LOL..

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Yep, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

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Back to the grind here too, should be an interesting week..

Another storm coming through here but should miss us all my wonderful snow is almost gone already. The wind again today should take care of the rest of the snow 50 to 60 mph..

Welcome to Winter, I may even try and stay up to see the lunar eclispe tonight..


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Hey there is not good from the nephews Dr...the tib/fib fracture is not healing, bones are not aligning with the metal rod that was inserted. If there is no change after the bone stimulator that he is going to start using, they will have to do surgery again to correct what the crap Dr in Indiana did. OMG! What a nightmare!.

No snow yet! Gloomy outside, but no white stuff yet!.

Check back later....

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Ali am so sorry about the nephew he in my prayers. That vacuums.

Sunny and calm here, I'm suspicious LOL..

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Back for a weather update:.

IT'S A FLIPPEN BLIZZARD out there! LOL Ran to a friends to help them burn a DVD on their computer and came out to a white's normally black. LOL I was only in the house 45 min and it wasn't snowing when I went in....doesn't look good for the morning rush hour..

Monica thanks for the well wishes and the prayers..everything helps at this point..

Later gators....

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Ali, prayers for your nephew, darn doctors, would use a stronger word if allowed..

I hope it all goes smoothly. That vacs big time. Poor kid..

Twisted my ankle yesterday at the stable - what an idiot - I mean for 4 days walk all over the City, come home and pivot on my foot and ouch, swollen. Got a few more presents to wrap, seems like it is all too rushed this year..

Okay all of you techies - explain in "laymans" terms how to post a picture on here..

I tried before and gave up months ago. If someone can explain how to get it from.

A file to here without going thru a 2nd party let me know. If you need picasso or fishsnap or whatever that is called, never mind. Too much for me! LOL.

Hello Charly and Charlie - hope everyone sleeps well tonight!.

Hey Miss Monica! Hope all is well with you today!.

NA - Are you travelling again or staying in WA for a while longer?.

Hugs to all. Patti..

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I looked, and walked around to the other side of the house, outside and still did NOT see the lunar eclipse. I so wanted to see the moon turn red......why did I miss it????.

Me sad............

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We had too much cloud cover could barely tell where the moon was. Last time I watched one the moon didn't turn red exactly it got a muddy brownish red. It would have been a great night here, it was huge when I could see it LOL. Had an AMAZING sun rise this morning though that turned everything red. I took a couple of pics and will see if they came out when I get home tonight..

Other then that it's just another day here LOL..

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Good Morning!!!!!.

And that's about the best I can do this AM LOL.

Nothing much here, have the work Christmas party today.

Just biding time till the long weekend, will deal with all the other carp next week LOL.

Have a Great day, Ali where are you?..

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Morning Girls!.

So sorry...I forgot to post yesterday! Thought I did it early in the a.m., guess I didn't! OMG, I'm turning into my Mom..

Nothing new here except the snow! YUCK! We are supposed to get more today, Friday and Saturday. Guess it's gonna be a white one for sure..

Other than that..NOTHING!.

Shout outs to everyone..Charly, Monica, Patty and NA. Hopefully NA will get home with the puppy before that next storm blows into the west..

Take back later!..

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Ali - we're inline for this snow too. It's sleeting now but was only foggy when I went to the gym @ 5a this morning..

Heading out now for my salon appointment then to pickup my flower arrangement at the florist that I told Rob he was buying me then heading out @ 4p today to meet my sister to get my nephews then over to Rob's sisters this evening to do Christmas with them and let the boys play with Rob's nephews. Pretty much in the same ago group so it will be fun for them. Tomorrow's plan? no flipp'n idea (LOL) but winging it when they are here is normally what we do!!..

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This pic in no way does it justice, everything in the house was RED from the reflection.

I need this, I work with some of the most ungrateful people. I'm sitting on 20 tho of Oct bills, no money. The boss gave us a very modest 150 bonus and the shop foreman has the nerve to raise holy heck saying it's a slap in the face to get so little, this is the same guy who complains about how hot it is and turn the ac down to 65, I have 1000 electric bills. He let a mechanic work 40 flippin hours on a $400 generator. He actually takes home $200 more then the boss does and he pitches a fit. I can not believe this guy, all he does is whine about his job and keeps talking about retiring, I seriously wish he would today...

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OMG that's a gorgeous photo!! It needs framed!!.

Christmas Eve Eve is in full swing here, kids are happy, Charlie is happy that the kids are here, Rob is watching cartoons with them and I'm observing all of it and taking it in. THIS to me is what the commercial side of Christmas is all about!..

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Morning Girls! Ewwww Monica that is a great photo! All I can say is Wow! Sorry about the idiot at work, it takes all kinds and he sounds like one of them. Would he rather not have a job at all? People just don't get it in this crappy economy..someone else is there and will take that job..

Well the depression has set in big time. Yesterday I would have been married 28 years, wasn't a good day. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more I just want the day to blow by. The child is sick in CA, hasn't even put up her tree. Oh well, maybe it's getting to her...finally!.

Have a great day everyone! I'm gonna be baking cookies for my nephew and brother..

Oh and I've been eating everything under the sun, so the scale wasn't's actually sickening how much I've gained..

Oh goes on! There is always after Christmas..

Talk to you later......

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Yea Charly the funnest part of Christmas is the kids, I was telling my sis since the kids are all grown up, Christmas is just another day really. The kiddo asked if they should start having kids so we could enjoy Christmas again LOL told her not to give her Mom a heart attack. Since my siblings grew up we didn't really do Christmas, we did Christmas eve, also my Dad's birthday, for our celebration and opening the presents, that way they could spend Christmas with the inlaws. Christmas for me for 20 years or so has always been going to the casino with my Mom LOL..

You should have seen how red the house was inside, it was an amazing sunrise, I don't even think they were that pretty when we had fires going (we get awesome sunrises and sets when fires are burning) trust me that pic does not do the sunrise justice, I just stood there in awe of it. I also had a little trepidation about it too LOL it was so red inside the house I had a bit of going to hell feeling.


One more reason to be ticked off at the ungrateful curs I work with, I now have about 3 hours worth of work to do, pulling out how much fuel and such the boss is paying for, for them. I don't separate vehicle expenses, between vehicles, now I have to go back and do that.

, worse I'll do it and it will sit on his desk and get looked at once. I've been doing it the same way for 5 years now I'll have to change it around and it's more make work for me, like I don't have enough all ready. Worse I know in awhile he will wants totals and not separated so then I"ll have to go back and put them all together, I give up LOL.

Sorry about the bwitch fest, just one more day..

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Ali - hugs from me too, you are in my thoughts. I'll be joining you in that 'after Christmas' thing. Havent been eating all in sight but I've been snacking and for me that's not a good thing at all and I think it's showing........HATE HATE HATE IT!!.

Monica - I would have loved to have seen that in person, it was gorgeous in the photo and I've a feeling the photo didn't do it justice..

Just smack those people at work, if nothing else you will feel better :-)..

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Merry Christmas Eve! All well here, kids go home this afternoon and I'm ready (LOL) to have my quiet house back. OMG have decided we need a new mattress and will be shopping for that next week, can't handle it anymore..

Ali - how are you? sending hugs your way.

Monica - are you off work today?.

NA - what part of your trip are you on now?.

Patti - what's going on down south?..

Comment #17

Morning Girls!.

Ahhh, just one more day and all goes back to normal..

Baked cookies yesterday, long and tedious but took my mind off things..

Charly when you search for the new mattress make sure to check that the mattress can be flipped. They are now making them where only three sides are padded and you can never flip it. Found that out the hard way after spending $600 on the child's Serta and a month after her sleeping on it, went to flip it and found out. Guess they are doing that with a lot of them now. Wasn't happy!.

Monica hope the weather is brighter for you!.

NA, hope you are on your way home..safely with the puppy!.

Patti, have a great day today and hope your weather is warmer also..

Red, if you are out there....thinking of you too!.

Have a great day girls! Will be busting out of here in a few hours to deliver cookies to my nephew and drop off the presents that I wrapped for him, then off to my nieces house for dinner. Shouldn't be too late!.

Talk to you all tomorrow..have a safe and fun Christmas Eve!..

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Ali - thanks for that reminder about the flip, we can't flip ours now so we spun it, made a difference for one nite and that's it. Safe travels today for you, much love and hugs...

Comment #19

Merry Christmas!!!!.

HO HO HO!!!.

Have a great day everyone! It's snowing here, has been since yesterday afternoon!.

Got into a car accident yesterday on the way to my nephew's house. Idiot behind me was going to fast and when I stepped on my brakes because the car in front of me slowed down, the guy behind me was too fast for conditions, tried to change lanes to avoid hitting me and got the back quarter panel of my SUV. It's bad enough, but the front of his Charger is a mess. They are going to have to replace my liftgate this time, there is a huge hole in it. So glad too after I got hit that a cop was two cars behind him as he started to take off until the cop put his lights on. Now I get to look forward to his crap insurance company..Apollo! Anyone heard of that? My brother had to duct tape my light assembly to my car it was just hanging....Oh well!.

Stay safe today as the snow heads east. I get to drive my friend to Midway Airport this morning...I'm hoping they cancel her flight..the roads are a mess! Why is it I take the airport shuttle, but no one else can bother?.

Oh it's one of those mornings already! Have a great day with your families! I got to wish the fish Merry Christmas this morning!.

Later girls!..

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Merry Christmas !!!.

Ali - I'm glad you are ok!! Gosh, people just need to pay better attention..

Have a good day all, love and hugs!..

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All is well here, SIL got in earlier in the week, been busy shopping, riding, and seeing 2 movies. True Grit is beyond awesome!.

Monica - Love the picture you posted earlier - enjoy your time away from that dang office!.

Ali - Sorry about the fender bender, so glad you weren't hurt. Also hugs to you this time of year. My DH lost his dad when he was a senior in HS at Christmas, and he always misses him this time of year, thinking of you..

Miss Charly - HEY!! Hope the snow has melted and you can get out and conquer the world! LOL Hope you and hubby are having a wonderful Christmas too!.

Hello to NA, Sandy and Red if you are reading the post, Merry Christmas..

Missing my son in Nashville but it SNOWED there last night so he is having a blast!.

We are off to church then BBQing, decided to buck the traditional feast and go for.

Steaks and chicken..

Have a blessed day and enjoy the day...

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Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday, it was all good here. Got lots of stuff, didn't realize I had been that good (LOL)...

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Morning Girls!.

It's snowing again! Was going to go out with the crazies this morning, decided against that when I saw the white stuff falling again..

It's funny..yesterday I shoveled my sidewalks and driveway because I didn't want to start the snowblower that early in the the neighbors on either side of me didn't shovel..they are waiting for me to take the snowblower out. Got news for them, I'm going to let the snow build up and shovel again. LOL Good exercise!.

Have a great day everyone! Hope you all had good times yesterday! Be safe and warm! Talk to you later......

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.