Does anyone know what foods are 0 points on the Medifast Diet?

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First of all Does anyone know what foods are 0 points on the Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' SUNDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Yup, although you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

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No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance..


If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking..


Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish...

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Good Morning! I'm off to breakfast with inlaws soon...I'll check back later..

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Morning Capt and Ang..

Ang- Have fun at breakfast..

Wasn't around yesterday as I was busy all day. No letting up today either it seems. Have a great one...

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Morning Lori, Ang, and Lara,.

Ang, enjoy your breakfast. I'm thinking of seeing if DH wants to go out to once he wakes up. Sure was quiet yesterday. Hope you have a nice time golfing today, Sandy. I enjoy our kind of retirement much more than mine but DH enjoys staying home and only venturing out once in awhile. Of course, I do too sometimes but I love getting out with others, playing sports and games, etc.

Wanted you guys to know that I've heard from Lauri and she just has alot going on right now and doesn't want her negativity to bring others down. I let her know we're all here for her and to come back and chat when she can. Hope everyone has a great day...

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Hey Ang - Have a good breakfast..

Hey Lara - Try and take some time for you..

Hey Barb - I heard from Lauri too. Hope you have a happy Sunday..

AFM - Since I'm feeling slightly more human today, I'm going to attempt to put my fat azzzzzz on the TM now. It would surely be about time I did. Don't expect to "kill" it - but need to start somewhere. Last Monday I was 142 and hoping for a way better WI tomorrow morning after a week of DETOX and then wicked JACK..

Otherwise, I have the girl who does my hair coming back at 11:00 to 'clean up' e'thing I don't like from last time. Unfortunately, if we can't get it right today - I'm going to need to find someone else b/c it hasn't been right in a long time now. Finding someone else scaresthelivingshitoutofme. Le Sigh..

I'd like to say that I'll head over to Nordie's...but I know I won't. I hate going to the malls this time of year. Hate hate hate hate..

So, I may just chillax with a magazine until it's time for 4:00 massage/Reiki with Guru..

And that's all I gotz..



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Lori can you send your guru to me after your done- my back is still not right!.

Barb- Hope you can get DH out of the house today..

Darlene- Thinking of you and Timbo. Hope they can figure out the plan of care soon so that it doesn't become an emergency..

Lauri- If your stalking we miss you. Hope everything going on calms down soon...

Comment #7

Thanks for letting me know you guys are hearing from Lauri. I miss her..

Remember to post challenge results today..

Lori - hope you get on that TM. The mental thing..

Barb - thanks for the shout outs..

Hi all and hope you have a good day. I be back after golf...

Comment #8

As it turns out, I did kill it..

467 calories..


Gotz to shower..

Running late...

Comment #9

Thanks, Lara..

I needed that..

As it turns out, hair chica running late, too..


Which is fine, actually..

I'm tring a new tactic..

Washed, conditioned, product, and styling like I do every day so she can see - when my hair is dry and styled - where I feel like it's going wrong..

Fingers crossed that we get it back to good, please...

Comment #10

Quick check in..

Think I ate one too many Medifast meals yesterday but I was so busy I am not sure.I am counting it as not op though cuz I really think I did. Weight is up from last week but I am still figuring put how to work the extra protein and exercise. I know it is a numbers game and I will figure out the right numbers. Plus JACK is kicking my azz right now, 4 days early. So nice that 2 weigh INS will be affected..

On a better note, I had the best coffee yesterday. It was spicy eggnog coffee from my keurig coffeemaker. It was yummy..

Have to take dad to get blood work done..


Comment #11

Next week will be better for you fo' sho', Rockstar...

Comment #12

AFM - Hair is better...still not perfect...but better..

I think we're going back in the right direction and I'm glad I styled it for her - I think it helped us both..

FINALLY just had a Medifast shake..

I haven't had anything up until now..

Joe is off shopping..

Wish he was here so I could drag him to the diner for an egg-white veggie omelet with me..

I mean, I could go by myself but...I don't wanna look like the Diner Hooker..

Peace and mad love...

Comment #13

Lori, go to the diner and show them all what a fine looking hooker you can belol. Just got my Christmas cards done so on to more wrapping...

Comment #14

Morning lovelies!.

More mad dashing today - maybe time later to chat - missin y'all.

Headed for water - later babes!..

Comment #15

Hi Barb..

Hi Andi..

It's so cold, I don't even want to go out right now..

Maybe I'll make my own veggie omelet later..

Taken from my FB page:.

Just made a cup of hot tea..


Why don't I do this more often?.

(For the record, I would rather be drinking COLD tea in a HOT climate!)..

Comment #16

I'm with you Lori on going someplace warm. I feel really cold today in the computer room. Got in the hot tub earlier and then turned on the fireplace in my family room. Guess I'll have to head in there to stay warm (and probably fall asleep)...

Comment #17

Just made some hot tea myself! MMMMM! Just got back from working for a few hours, gotta get some paperwork done while the girls are napping. Will check back later : )..

Comment #18

You are awesome, I think I might need to take a day off from work to wrap my presents. Hmmmm....maybe that is exactly what I need to do..

Comment #19

Sounds way mo' better to me, too! I am in for a hot climate...

Comment #20

Fireplace sounds cozy and so Christmasy. We have gas logs in our fireplace so while it looks pretty, not a lot of heat...

Comment #21

Finally back from getting Dad's blood work done and some errands for him. Think I need to chill under the electric blanket and read a magazine or maybe even a nap..

Mucho love hookers..

Peace out...

Comment #22


Crazy crickets..


So...Guru ROCKED my freakin' world tonight..

I'm limp...relaxed...happy...stress free....

I'll take it for as long as it lasts..

Joe just went to pick me up a salad w/grilled chicken and I'm starving, so...I guess I'll check back later...

Comment #23

Barb - YAY on the cards. They are still on my list of things to get done. I did get them made..

Lori - glad to hear about treadmill and hair. Hair is so important..

Kori - hope you get a nap..

Had fun on the golf course and lunch was super. Tons of things I have to get done today. I like it better when they are just things I want to get done...

Comment #24

Our perception and attitude toward any situation, will determine the outcome........

Comment #25

Afternoon lovelies!.

Had a great day just meandering up and down university Ave - fun place with a young vibe. that said - this ol' lady needs a nap.

Later sexies!..

Comment #26

Hi Lori,.

Have I told you lately I love the quotes. I love the quotes..

Thanks for posting on the challenge thread. We had an up week for different reasons. I think we are all working to have a successful challenge. We can do this. I need a few more Shammies to post and then I can do the analysis. Andi and Kori, you guys are great with your miles.

I am going to do better next week with my crunches. It only takes a few minutes and the fitness ball is right there. Ok, done talking to myself. Need to go practice piano - BBL...

Comment #27


I just ate way too much salad and chicken and my big belly is about to bust!..

Comment #28

Snuggly baby on my chest. belly full of L&G. watching Elf with ODD. love...

Comment #29

Jill, my grandniece from Africa is visiting me mid Dec. She is 15 months. any suggestions on movies for a little girl that age. It is a surprise visit for my Mom and I am so excited...

Comment #30

Hmmm. Something short : ) Honestly I dont think my babe was too interested in TV until closer to 3... We have some baby einstein movies that we would put in once in a while they are terribly boring for an adult but I guess they are educational or something..

Comment #31

Made it in to wish you all a super Sunday night..

Today was a true mixture of good and challenging. Our Timmy is a child of Christmas hands down. He has been begging for the decoration boxes to come down from the raffters and for the outside lights to go up. He shared how happy he feels going to bed and seeing the lights peeking into his room between the blinds. *insert ahhh here*And in case I didnt mention, he still totally is a believer in the big Red Man. It took all the boxes down, 3 trips to the store to replace and add to our lights and 4 hours of mixing and matching but 5000 icicle lights are up on the roof.

I still have other decor I do outside, but it started raining and it gets dark early too. Can I get any credit for exercise for roof and ladder climb?=)..

He was sick all morning, but has been well since. This next week is full of fun and not at all fun. Balance huh?.

Thanks for letting me share and feel the love you sexy rocks always send out..


Comment #32

I have been working on coming up with some goals. Goals to keep me motivated along the way and of course end goals... One of my goals to wear a sweater dress like Captain has on in goal thread!!!!! Super cute! I cant wait to be able to wear a dress!!!!..

Comment #33

Where is everyone.....

Is it bedtime for kids yet? Im ready to watch adult shows... Desperate Housewives is new tonight : )..

Comment #34

(And I can't wait to help you shop for it!)..

Comment #35

I'm here, JillyBean...but off to read a magazine and chill and get a good night's sleep..

This week is going to be Hellish at work..

D!ckbag is back tomorrow after more than 10 days away from the office..

Le Sigh..

Mad love...

Comment #36

Of course you get exercise credit. Thanks for letting us know what is going on with you. You know we worry when we do not hear...

Comment #37

I hate it when Dickbag is around. I think he needs to go on a special assignment for some problem..

Jill - I ready for sweater dress shopping for you also...

Comment #38

Sweater Dress - Not really a sweater dress person - but I just ordered this one.


I loved it last year and hubbie didn't like the sleeves but that was FL and this is not. so I got it - in the Charcoal color! hope I like it as much as I like looking at it..

Comment #39

And I just got the bestest b-day present (no offence to hubbie who ROCKED it this year) but got to Skype with my Bro. he is in Manilla until about this time next year and maybe even Feb or 2012.

With the Navy. haven't "seen" him since maybe August and that was Skype too. was hoping for a Thanksgiving dinner in San Diego in 2011 but looking like that is out... SOOOO good to see him and know he is OK. He's my only sib and we are only 16 months apart... and he's a good man. It was great to see him eating b-fast as I an wrapping up my day..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.